Burst Angel OVA: To Infinity… And Beyond!!

The 2003 series Bakuretsu Tenshi, or Burst Angel, was a futuristic Charlie’s Angels clone with the added element of mecha. But unlike the Charlie’s Angels who are over-the-hill old women who think they are really hot, we have four girls who are! The original series lived off a single formula – Meg gets kidnapped and Jo charges in with all guns blazing and the occasional ride on the roller-skating mecha, Jango, saving the day. So what has changed in the OVA?

Their clothes. That’s all.

"Take that, costume designer!"

While I welcome the release of the BA OVA, Burst Angel Infinity, my head tells me it’s crap while my dick says it’s great. At the end of the TV series, Jo was supposed to have gone missing if I remember correctly, with Meg donning a cool costume similar to hers and dual pistols too. Meg was supposed to have grown up and gained some fighting ability. ALAS the OVA dashes our hopes and begins with Jo and Meg already back together just with different clothes.

Edit: Apparently this episode is a prequel of the TV series and at this point Meg and Jo have yet to meet Sei and Amy. This explains why it doesn’t tie in with the conclusion of the TV series. Read my later post for more details.

Jo now has extremely long hair and a really weird tentage as her jacket. Meg’s outfit improved considerably though, but she totally waltzes around unarmed. I’ve seen the first episode of the 3 part OVA so far and the cute part is, at the end of the episode, Jo gets her hair sliced off and a new jacket so she now looks like her TV series version. Great.

The rest of the episode was totally BA generic, with murderous cyborgs kidnapping Meg and Jo destroying it. Of course there’s some conspiracy involving the top brass of the city.

The whole point of the show is to see Jo in action. This lesbian girl must rank alongside Tatiana and Kaoru as the top 3 GONZO Girls.

Finally got rid of that ugly new hairstyle….

Gate Open!! Gate of GAR!

Ultra Shinpu GIRI!!!

I suppose if GONZO is making a sequel OVA to one of their less successful franchises, does it mean that Gatekeepers 1985 OVA is no longer a far-off dream but a real possibility? I will do a sex wee if the much maligned studio announces plans for it.

Yuri is not really my cup of tea but Jo is GAR.

Enjoy BA for what it is, nothing but a Jo fanservice vehicle full of style and sexiness. And that’s not a bad thing!

24 Responses to “Burst Angel OVA: To Infinity… And Beyond!!”

  • Hey… doesn´t Amy appear? I´m such a lolicon. LOL.

    BTW, the BakuTen series was shit. Except for:
    - That fight between Jo and the other one in a robot, was it Mario (male name)?.
    - Amy.

  • Even if the original series followed that distinct basic formula, it was still “tolerably enjoyable” for me. At least that much I see the OVA as “let’s see”, even if it would be the same dance again with only Jo & Meg around.

  • I saw the first picture and was like wtf Inuyasha?

  • LOL Tourbillion! That’s totally spot on!

  • Damn, Tourbillon beat me to it. I saw that first pic and thought. “WTF Inuyasha with a Desert Eagle?! Where’s the Tessaiga and when did Kagome become an inter-planar gunrunner?” Or maybe it’s just the Tessaiga’s hitherto unseen ultimate form.

  • dammit, and to think i was expecting meg to “take over” jo’s role as shown in the tv ending… tsk.

  • When I first glanced at the screenshots, I thought it was Inuyahsa Reloaded.

  • At least she gets back to how she looks in the TV series, because I don’t find Inuyasha hot. Jo in the TV is hot, so was Meg, so was Sei. Hot babes blowing stuff up is a good genre.

  • …any possibility that the events depicted happened before the series…sort of a prelude…

  • i like how u dont show a single pic of Meg’s new outfit….cept for the teaser where she’s hiding behind jo…..

    it’s like a girl wearing a floor length skirt and u just showed me a bony ankle….hahah

    now to find the ova!

  • your sick and need mental therapy u hav discraced all who hav enjoyed burst angel and hav been lookin forward to ova (u sick fucked up perv) u deserve to hav a Penectomy yes i said Penectomy

  • jo rocks, so she its tho only that rocks, on the bakuretsu tenshi anime, and i think then in the infinity ova, she is going to be the best to, and you know, i love jo san, jaja, sorry for the bad ortography, but, i am mexican and jo is the best, not meg, not amy, and less sei, just jo, and thats it………………….

  • Joooo!!!! x333 Yeah, Burst Angel’s like my favourite anime of all time. I’ve been waiting for the OVA for pretty much forever. xD And Jo makes Bakuten awesome. x3 *Jo love* I really like these screenshots of the OVA, they’re awesome. Can’t wait until it comes out in the US! (Doesn’t it come out in, like, July or something like that? >.

  • burst angel is the best anime ever and the OVA rocks!

  • Anyone know where i can watch BAkuretsu tenshi OVA online >

  • I would like to know how I can watch it as well, prefferably in english. But, I will be more than happy to watch it in Japanese format. Thank you ahead of time. And yes, I speak fluent Japanese and Spanish, but I am an American, odd isn’t it?

  • you can watch some of the OVA on veoh.com and bakuten was good. nothing more. just good. and meg pissed me off cause she wouldn’t stop getting herself kidnapped. biatch.

  • I absolutely love this show. Definitely my favorite. I love the shoujo ai hints between Jo and Meg and I wish it was a little more of a love story with them. overall this show is great. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Omg This is a disgrace to Bakuretsu Tenshi Infinity … hell Bakuretsu Tenshi in general.

    You make Infinity sound so bad but personally I loved it, I think jo looked better with long hair and i saw all this online but still plan to buy Bakuretsu Tenshi Infinity regardless of seeing it before hand.
    Bakuretsu Tenshi Infinity is a single prequal episode with about 100 min. of extra’s
    It is a nice collection to any Bakuretsu Tenshi collection and an amazing episode as it explains their past a bit better than just in episode 15 of the series when jo has the flash back.

  • hey ppl! can i ask…where do u guys watch that OVA? both this and “the red phoenix meg rises”?
    can u tell me the web..so that i can watch it online?

  • They just have to create a decently long 2nd season or at least a 90-120min movie

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