They actually look pretty undetailed… but who cares? SR fanboy here.
Scans courtesy of Toy News International’s Anime News channel

Basically, I’m pissing myself with excitement from the combination of the start of School Rumble 2nd Semester and this piece of news. If you can’t already tell what this picture is, you must be shot.

For those who need to be, this are the things used to hold books/DVDs upright on desks or shelves..whatever you call those. Bookends? Wonderful, FUNCTIONAL figurines at last. I really need to tidy up my desk, so I’ll get a few of these. Yeah right.

On a more serious note, each of the two types costs 5040 yen. Set A has the Tsukamoto Sisters and Sara, while Set B has Eri, Akira and Mikoto. Note how they cleverly spilt Eri and Yakumo up so that I’ll buy both.

The scene is that of school dismissal, and everyone’s changing their shoes. It’s a diorama. Wow.

Vital Stats

  • Maker: Movic
  • Release Date: June 2006
  • Material: PVC + ABS
  • Price: 5040 yen each
  • Height: 17 cm

5 Responses to “Figure News: Let’s Celebrate SR2 with a new set of Functional SR figs!”  

  1. 1 kwok

    The sets both look pretty plain. Are you sure you’re going to buy both?

  2. 2 tj_han

    Argh I fear June. Seriously.. there are wayyyy too many things to buy. I’m really starting to get worried here. I’ll normally get SR stuff no matter what, but I may have to see clearer pictures before I decide. Hey how often do you get function figurines? I’m pretty sure I can study better if the SR girls keep my books tidy.

  3. 3 kokanaden™

    I think the defining factor for me would be how their faces would actually look like.  For example, if there are like no features at all, I wun consider buying.In any case, I find it mildly amusing that there are so many posts on the gundam figurines but so few on the others.

  4. 4 kwok

    fuck those blue red and white robots.The fact that those SR figurines actually DO something other than look pretty is pretty amazing, but I think we must first establish the fact that they don’t look very pretty at all. Buying these figurines means you support poor quality work and effectively debase the anime-manga that you love so much.

  5. 5 tj_han

    It must be the poor picture quality. I do not believe something SR related can look ugly! Maybe except the swimsuit trading set..

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