My Very First Attempt At Cosplay. PICS INCLUDED!

So can I be considered part of the elitist cosplay clique now? I R A HOLLOW. I forgot to hold my kitchen knife Zanpakutou out, so I’m not currently an Arrancar.

I am a Grand Fisher. Anyway it really does look weird on the front but the back is where the magic is. I couldn’t self-take a picture of my back though.

On a more serious and happier note, the factory has delivered the t-shirts at last! The 300 of you guys and girls who ordered will be receiving it shortly if you have already paid. Those who wish to collect from me in person shall shunpo to Sunshine Plaza at 5.30 pm on Saturday 14 April. Apologies for the massive delay, there was some… technical issues.

Due to some crippling issues, the Tripeman shirt was never made despite a flood of requests. Actually, it’s due to the sheer magnitude of manliness which would’ve cost like almost 25 dollars to produce. Nevertheless, here are a sample of the designs on the shirts!

For those who have been enthralled by my delightful and realistically gritty cosplay, feel free to order my shirts.

Oh btw, how many of you guys would wear either a "I Hate Nanoha" or a "Kyo-ani Sucks!" shirt? LOL.

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