15 February Shipment

This is back from 15 February. Ok, I officially need the glass display cabinets from IKEA. I don’t even have any tabletop room for my new stuff, Natsuki is standing on the base of KOS-MOS with their groins grinding. Not that Natsuki would mind too much. Here’s the list of the latest shipment. I opened up the megasized parcel, and removed half of its contents. Nothing but packets of air. Hobbylink really does overkill packaging. Shipping the air probably costs me an additional 1000 yen. In spite of that, I was glad to see:

  • SR DX Aika
  • Kuga Natsuki 1/10 PVC
  • Nao 1/8 PVC
  • Nirvash
  • SR DX Hitotsubashi Yurie

Nirvash is the only “old” model, the rest were February releases. Through Latendo, I also got the Overman King Gainer, by GSC, and the only series whose gashapon and trading figures I still fervently collect, Ichigo Mashimaro. This time it was the kinky bathtime set. If they added more detail on the butt, chest and genital area, I would probably have been busted by the FBI for being a paedophile. I have yet to do the review for the Éclair and Luminiere by Kaiyodo. The one I bought during the gathering with our MINDEF eforum otaku. And Alter KOSMOS too.

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