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Real Life in Anime: Write Your Own Anime Script

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There are quite a lot of manga, novel and anime that were created with elements borrowed from the writers’ or their acquaintances’ lives. Prime example is the emo high school puppy love series Suzuka and of course, Kubo Tite’s childhood experiences while holidaying in Mexico and the US led him to create Bleach. The latter is quite funny because as a small yellow boy, he met all these big burly monstermen chowing down immense volumes of Big Macs. So in a fit of panic, he interpreted the big mac as human meat, the stench of these monstermen as Reiatsu and their blubber as thick Hollow Armour. Is it no wonder that all the Hollows are WHITE in colour?

SO write your own anime story now… here’s mine. There’s actually an annual Animax anime script-writing competition, the Animax Awards. Do check it out… quite a few of us are joining it. Below is my entry, I hope to win first place.

Perhaps there could be a whole 26 episode series based on anime blogging. This is fiction. lol. See if you can spot the references… there are a shit load of them. Answers of the bottom of the page.

The main character, a young lad codenamed Goblinz, ventured into the professional animeblogging circuit, with the hope of making it big and winning the title of "AB KING". Goblinz, with huge tenacity and a never-say-die spirit, makes up for his lack of polish with sheer grit and boldness.

The series follows an episodic feel, with Goblinz challenging and defeating many other professional anime bloggers each week. Episode 1 sees Goblinz win a much-sought after blogging platform device, christianed the "Sono Anime Blog", from a charitable landlord named Maester. Goblinz proves he has the discipline, willpower and desire to maintain it and this impresses the elderly Maester. But unskilled as he is, Goblinz did not know how to utilise the Sono. Other professional anime bloggers in the World Tour worked alone but Goblinz decided he needed a backroom staff.

So off he went, scouring the Terra for suitable teammates. It was not long before he found himself like-minded peers skilled in the arcane arts of website design and the team began their first challenge. The rules of the Animeblogger World Tour are simple: Talk about anime in anyway you can.

The first challenge was a dangerous livewire nerd infamously known as Orihime’s Hairclip, who piloted the AnimeDarouDarou craft. Using his tactical abilities, Goblinz outthought Orihime’s Hairclip, not known for his analytical depth, with a series of articles which expounded on the Psychoanalytical Side of Moe Moe Akiba Girls. This first victory brought Goblinz and his team much confidence.

Goblinz realised that that the more his blog challenged, the faster he could climb up the ranks of the pro circuit. If he challenged once a day instead of once a week, he could fly up the table. But this was way too energy intensive… he needed more teammates for this Full-Week Press strategy. He had to gather 108 stars of destiny, each armed with a special skill. Using his charm and seduction, he enticed seasoned warriors without masters (Ronin) to his cause. Some notable fighters include the Sun Wolf of Oceania and actual girls.

The Sono Goblinz team next challenged the BlackIllusion, a highly-rated and ranked blogger hailing from the Island Federation of Singapore, Goblinz’ hometown. Unfortunately, the Blackillusion proved too strong. His quick wit, extensive knowledge and mastery of the Japanese scriptures overpowered the entire Sono squad. Goblinz, to avenge his defeat, sought out the Legendary Commenter, Jihader. Jihader crushed Blackillusion with maturity, intelligence and sheer experience.

By now, the upcoming Sono team were garnering a horde of fangirls and boys. Everyone loves the new underdog. The next battle was against a Machiavellian Champion funded by the totalitarian State hell-bent on mindcontrolling the world through anime blogging. This was the final battle, one that would win Goblinz the Animeblogging World Championship. Their opponents, the Research and Mindcontrol Institute of Universal Anime Thought Process (RMIUAT), were government-backed and had control of 1000 000 brainwashed zombies.

Led by the Brave Goblinz, the Sono team fought with their keyboards, pens and even panties to no avail. RMIUAT was too powerful.

So Goblinz decided on a bold, revolutionary new plan. He got himself a love interest who liked anime and his blogging abilities. That turned all the neutrals Goblinz way, since he had a girlfriend, so he must be totally AWESOME and LOVELOVE. The Goblinz team defeated the RMIUAT by a slender margin, thanks to the positive energies created by the power of LOVE.

But it was not a happy end, as Goblinz was celebrating his championship when one of his followers, Beejohn, got all jealous and stabbed him with a sausage.

Till this day, all on Earth will remember the brave Goblinz who won the Animeblogging league in one season, with love and bravery and his selfless sacrifice, to a chicken sausage, to bring us all salvation. God bless animeblogging.

Hidden references to: Episode 00 of Haruhi, Impz, Crusader, Lupus, That Anime Blog, Grander Musashi, Animeblogger.net, Maestro, Tsubaki, Animedeshodesho, Suikoden, DarkMirage, the Bible, Bjorn,

Popularity: 9% [?]

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16 Responses to “Real Life in Anime: Write Your Own Anime Script”  

  1. 1 TedFox 85 comments

    I’m totally bowled over by all the references

  2. 2 RDrake 21 comments

    Sorry, laughing too hard… Need to stop first… Too many references… Too funny…

  3. 3 impz 21 comments

    I laugh my head off. Seriously.


  4. 4 Tsubaki 510 comments

    Lol. I got all the references, but I don’t understand why Orihime hairclip is just a mid-boss. HE SHOULD BE LIEK TEH ULTIMATE BOSSU.

  5. 5 JS 82 comments


  6. 6 LianYL 657 comments

    All the past winners have been Japanese.

  7. 7 TheBigN 58 comments

    This is truly awesome.

  8. 8 Tiny Red Man 142 comments

    30 mins of script..lol…….and it gets animated..lol..gd luck…..

  9. 9 Mr. Mercurial 33 comments

    Yes, good luck animating that.

  10. 10 Suzumiya Haruhi 69 comments

    am i e onli one who got the suikoden link… :P
    maybe when Aisen shikais his zanpakotou… u’ll see it in the shape of a big M… haha

  11. 11 Ashram 29 comments

    That got me all doki doki!

  12. 12 Model_X 21 comments

    This is Grade A OVA material!!

  13. 13 Lupus 67 comments

    I lawled.

  14. 14 Crusader 10 comments

    I am no longer eating out of straw…one good turn deserves another.

    Oh jihader, how subtle… ;) Thanks. He’s my new alter ego. Hopefully the Feds won’t arrest me for using it.

  15. 15 latifah 1 comment

    all i wnt top do is to write a good anmie show just like dradonballz

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