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Gurren 6 is MADNESSS!!

LagannGurren LagannDai GurrenArk Gurren LagannDaiginga Gurren Lagann! (No Ratings Yet)
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It’s actually really shit. Most of the show were recap footage, followed by a climax of 4 minutes of barely comprehensible limited animation-style battle culminating in Yoko becoming naked fully along with the rest of the gang. Gurren Lagann is dropping fast down my list of new anime. Or maybe I don’t get the artistic aspects of it.

The only interesting part of the episode was this…

Can you name all the 5 Gainax Heroines who guest-starred in this episode?

Popularity: 3% [?]

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10 Responses to “Gurren 6 is MADNESSS!!”  

  1. 1 hayase

    I just finished Gunbuster 2 last night, so those two familiar-looking ones must be Nono and her onee-sama. Or are my eyes playing tricks on me? Or is Rei and Asuka there (or their look-alikes?)?

  2. 2 ryuuu 3 comments

    2nd from left is mahoro from mahoromatic. I think 2nd from right is asuka and 1st from left is rei ayanami from evangelion.

  3. 3 Danny Choo 17 comments

    Was afraid this was going to happen. At least I still have idol master. And Claymore. And Romeo X Juliet.

  4. 4 Legendarymagic 3 comments

    Left to right: Rei Ayanami, Mahoro ? , mid(unknown), Asuka Langley, Love Hina (Indian GirL - forget the name ) lol

  5. 5 tj_han 904 comments

    Legendarymagic: You are pwned. You obviously did not watch one of the best shows Gainax has made - Gunbuster and Gunbuster 2.

    Danny: There are far better shows than those. Check out Bokurano for one.

  6. 6 LianYL 458 comments

    WHAT?! You noob. They compensated the recap with total awesomeness. Remove it off your list, I just pushed it up mine.

  7. 7 LianYL 458 comments

    BTW it’s from left: Ayanami Rei, Mahoro, Nono aka Buster Machine No. 7, Asuka Langley and Lark.

  8. 8 jon 1 comment

    dont you think its kinda amusing that mahoro actually has …. er a larger chest than normal? i bet she’d be happy. but nothing kills a show than a recap episode so early in the series (say…6th). even if the recap episode is a hot springs episode. however its still on my list.

  9. 9 The-O 2 comments

    Didn’t think it was that bad, I’ll agree the recaps were unforgivable. Anyone else notice the hot spring resembled the one from Spirited Away?

  10. 10 Flash 1 comment

    now as the Final eps is out. what do u think of the Series?

    every eps just make me cry

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