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Observational Journal on the Virtual Community of Anime Blogging

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For my term paper in the New Media and Society module, I was given a rather interesting task. Read it below.

Topic: Surviving in a Virtual/Online Community

Purpose: Students are to experience dynamics of relationships and interaction among members of a virtual/online community for a month and are expected to write a report on their experiences in a virtual community.

a.    Join a virtual/online community. Since you will observe how members interact with each other while you participate as a member, it would be desirable if you joined a new community. This way, you will have a more objective view on the assignment. Try to join a rather well established community because it is easier for you to observe active interaction among members in such community. Please do not ask us whether a community is a good one or not. Since there are so many, we cannot possibly answer that but this is a good guide for you to judge.

A virtual community
*    Has a relatively large number of regular members (more than 30)
*    Has a relatively long period of history (more than 6 months)
*    Has visible interaction among members. (you can read threads)

b.    At least three times a week, visit your community and observe what is happening. You are encouraged to participate as well. Refer to the list below as what to observe and keep a brief journal every time you visit.

c.    Submit an interim report on the 30th of May to the lecturer. Your interim report should be no more than 5 pages.

 What should be included in the interim report
§    Description of your community: type, purpose, activity, members…..
§    Description of members: any particular members such as leaders and interaction among members
§    Description of activities: particular activities by members
§    And more

d.    Continue with your observation and a journal

e.    Submit a final report on the 11th of June to the lecturer (at the end of the lecture). No late submission. Your final report should be no more than 10 pages.

My first reaction to this was, "Hey I can play the anime blogging game and call it homework!". But then I would have to be a new member, which I’m obviously not. Or at least, pretend to be a new member. If I do decide to pick the aniblogging circuit as the virtual community, then beware, I will be logging you guys. (Logging is not striking you with a flailing erect penis, but rather the act of recording your articles)

Some of the other ideas I have include 4chan, sgCafe, Adult Friend Finder, Granada Espada, IRC and local porn forums where men bare their souls (Sammyboy and Tok Kong lol).

Putting a bit more thought into it, I have narrowed down the choices to two - 4chan or Anime blogging. Both have very interesting concepts at work, far more than the average forum and hence would probably make it easier to write a paper on. The former has anonymous posting  which is quite a new concept to everyone (by everyone I mean the technoidiots in my class). The downside is that half the bloody forum is full of loliporn and tentacles and I think writing about it would make everyone think I’m a lolicon who loves tentacles up the papaya of a 5 year old girl.

Anime blogging is on the opposite end of the spectrum. You get your own piece of land and reveal your identity almost completely. A blogger has to be politically correct to a large degree and be socially responsible.  Each blogger is also a lot less networked and connected than the average forummer. There is the wave phenomenon, where new bloggers replace those who have run out of steam and then recycle the same posts to new readers. RSS aggregators  are also an interesting coagulator, through which drama and conflicts can occur. An anime blogger can increase his status in real life via the net too.

So what do you guys think? 4chan or Anime blogging? If it’s the latter, I hope to see you guys creating some drama so I can watch from the side lines and make academic commentary.

On a side note, I intend to buy a PSP for the sole purpose of playing Final Fantasy Tactics where I can PvP. Yet the entire package (memory card,games etc) will cost almost 500 dollars. This is daylight robbery. So the question is, should I buy one?

Popularity: 8% [?]

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30 Responses to “Observational Journal on the Virtual Community of Anime Blogging”  

  1. 1 Kurogane 121 comments

    So do you like getting buttsechz’ed at the front gate of your house by a stranger?

  2. 2 Owen S 144 comments

    So 4chan’s “description of members” would be Anonymous x9000, and one or two tripfags? Lurking in /a/ would be the best I assume, most SFW (although that gets out of hand occasionally) venture.

    Also, isn’t there Final Fantasy Tactics Advance coming out for the DS sometime this year? Unless you’re one of those who preferred FFT over FFTA.

  3. 3 scottfrye 17 comments

    I think both ideas would be interesting but I think if you wanna go in safe manner anime blogging would be better like you say. Not sure how much blogging drama will be available to you to do that.

  4. 4 Kabitzin 94 comments

    I think 4chan would probably make for a more interesting paper, with a larger sample size. Just the analysis of the birth, life, and death of a meme could be intriguing.

  5. 5 tj_han 1439 comments


    Kabitzin: True that. But I am not prepared to sacrifice myself in the name of “immersion observation”. I suppose digg would be an alternative as well, though that could be picked by my classmates due to its popularity.

    Scott: How about I engineer some?

  6. 6 Owen S 144 comments

    What the hell was I thinking, nevermind. I remembered why. Are there going to be any upgrades for the PSP version, like graphics or voice?

  7. 7 jpmeyer 99 comments

    I did a similar paper to this and I talked about Second Life, and by Second Life, I mean stuff like furries having sex and people throwing dildos at each other. Everyone in the class laughed at it and had a good time.

  8. 8 tj_han 1439 comments

    Owen S: New job classes, new items, new movie, new cutscenes, new battles, A PVP FUNCTION, new characters and fixed bugs. Plus loads of lag.

    JP: Second life lol. That is quite true, I think tentacles and lolis are funny too. Well I’ll check out who’s in my tutorial class tomorrow. If there’s any hot girls, I shan’t talk about loli tentacles.

  9. 9 Slayze 8 comments

    Why not an anime forum or something similar instead? That might be somewhat more interactive and interesting… Or did you strike it off due to certain reasons already?

  10. 10 Anonymous 2 comments

    The downside is that half the bloody forum

    half the bloody forum

    bloody forum


    Kill yourself.

  11. 11 Anonymous 2 comments

    Dear fag,

    4chan is not a forum


  12. 12 Mr. Mercurial 33 comments

    If you really want to join a community different from the aforementioned, you could try something like slashdot.org. Or not.

  13. 13 tj_han 1439 comments

    Anons: Virtual community. This is why the primitives are worth observing.

  14. 14 LianYL 777 comments

    I’m amused people actually appeared to correct you of your description of 4chan. Do 4chan, I’m for it, then go on to the 2ch vs 4ch battle which didn’t really take place but you guys hyped it up.

  15. 15 Kabitzin 94 comments

    If you really want to write about the anime blogging community, you can do like a to 15 best/worst whatever list, and talk total smack about a lot of bloggers. Just make up false accusations, and/or get personal. That will incite massive blog dorama, and counter-posts. Add a poll for interactivity.

    Everyone loves lists, and if you assign a ranking, people will be able to debate miniscule justifications for each spot on the list.

  16. 16 DrmChsr0 190 comments

    LOL 4chan

    Also, do 4chan. I dare ya.

  17. 17 TheBigN 75 comments

    It would be interesting to do 4chan, but it also seems like a hassle. :P
    Kabitzin: Blogging is Serious Business. :3

  18. 18 Owen S 144 comments

    /b/ sounds good, you could take the opportunity to write academic bullshit about the memes there, and also bring a printout of Cockmongler to class for everyone to see.

  19. 19 Tsubaki 518 comments

    Do 4chan.

  20. 20 super rats 105 comments

    It really depends on the professor. I think the 4chan one would be more interesting, but the subject matter might negatively overshadow anything you have to say no matter how good your observations and analysis would be.

  21. 21 Corydorf 2 comments

    tj: One inportant thing to note:
    FFTA kicks the shit out of FFT for the PSP anyday. Seriously, no way is that sony hunk of shit worth anywhere near $500.
    Oh, and FFTA also had PVP, I used to battle my friends all the time, it was awesome.
    Seriously, just wait for FFTA2, it’s amazing so far, and only getting better.

    PS. I wouldn’t do around saying “I’m a lolicon who loves tentacles up the papaya of a 5 year old girl.” Someone like ikimashou might link to you, and then EVERYONE will know you’re a lolicon. Not that it matters, becuase most of us know it already.

  22. 22 tj_han 1439 comments

    Cordorf: Are you crazy? FFTA was horrible, half-assed, poorly written piece of crap game which tarnished the franchise’s name. I didn’t play its PVP mode so I’m talking bout the single player.

  23. 23 bj0rN 153 comments

    LoL! You could sort of do both by slightly linking them together. 4chan would damn interesting for those technoidiots of yours in class while anime blogging seems to be more of the safer side.

    Or~ You could resort to your sammyboy if there isnt hot babes in your class. LOL!

  24. 24 tiny Red Man 149 comments

    do wat u do best: anime blogging.

  25. 25 impz 21 comments

    anime blogging, I guess. I can help with academic writing if you need any help with APA and the likes. I am sure you are required to write in a certain style. ^_^

  26. 26 Mitsuki_Hayase 336 comments

    What’s 4chan.

  27. 27 klazyguy 38 comments

    lol.whatever floats your boat. Just dont stir up a big commotion with the 4ch

  28. 28 Suzumiya Haruhi 81 comments

    lol… i heard u got PWNED for PSP

  29. 29 homeless_homo 17 comments

    4chan Lol

  30. 30 hiutopor 1 comment

    Hi all!

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


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