An Embarrassing Confession…

I actually am liking Nanoha Strikers.


I identified a few factors to account for this strange phenomenon:

  1. I’ve seen the original and A’s. The constant references to it make for an associated sense of superiority, where you think you know more than the new characters about the old characters. It’s the same reason Gundam Seed Destiny was so popular at first, because they kept referring to Kira and Athrun as some godly beings and us viewers feel good because we’ve watched them grow up to that state. The same applies for StrikerS, particularly in episode 7 where Teana talks about how all the captains and sub-captains are so mysteriously awesome and she did not know why. We know why and we thus feel good that our old friends are more powerful than these young up-starts.
  2. There’s a Rider chibi version. Lutecia has the same hairstyle, the same mark on her forehead, and similarly-colour-schemed clothing. Rider is the best thing in Fate/Stay Night. The introduction of great antagonists who aren’t merely robots or brainwashed clones have raised the story level quite a bit too.
  3. The large amount of action is what made Nanoha watchable, not the silly over-the-top friendship. In recent episodes, the action sequences have been immense.
  4. Angry little girls who shout are funny. Especially those who shout in a manly manner. Vita is hilarious.
  5. The grown-up Nanoha, Fate and Hayate look so ridiculous in their gowns. I do not like them and am pleased when the 3 main charas look bad.

For your information, here’s the list of shows I still watch, ranked upon the criteria of most anticipated + how quick I watch it after obtaining the episode and how much I like the series:

  1. Gintama – When I get a new ep, there’s a mini-celebration.
  2. Oofuri – Good sports series are always watchable and addictive.
  3. Kaze no Stigma
  4. Lucky Star
  5. Kekkaishi
  6. Kenichi – I get this on Sunday along with Major. I never sleep on Sundays before I get to watch these two series and sometimes that can make me wait till 3 am.
  7. Major
  8. Bokurano – Sometimes I put off watching because the mood isn’t right.
  9. Darker than Black – the 2-episode arc style makes it less addictive.
  10. Kaibutsu Oujo – Nobody likes this show except me it seems.
  11. Heroic Age
  12. Towards the Terra – Used to be pretty low on the chart until Jomy vanished and we got Shiroe and Keith.
  13. Nodame Cantabile
  14. Gurren Lagann
  15. Claymore – Climbed the chart significantly with the flashback arc of Teresa.
  16. Seto no Hanayome
  17. Airantou
  18. Seirei no Moribito – It’s slowness is a turn off at times so I don’t watch it at night.
  19. Strikers
  20. Shining Tears x Wind – Great example of how not to write a story. Unintentional comedy gold.
  21. Gigantic Formula – This is the most racist and culturally-ignorant show ever.
  22. Moonlight Mile
  23. Naruto – The fights are interesting at the moment.
  24. Bleach
  25. Dennou Coil – How can a kids’ show have this much technological depth? It’s only here at the bottom because of the solitary episode.
  26. Hayate no Gotoku – The anime version is watchable because lots of new references are added. Like Tengen Top****.
  27. Kissdum – It’s shit.
  28. Skullman – Slower than my pet turtle. The exposition alone takes longer than the movement of tectonic plates.
  29. Sisters of Wellber – Crap.

Not sure if I missed anything, I don’t really keep an official record of what I watch.

24 Responses to “An Embarrassing Confession…”

  • You should be more embarrassed for liking Kaibutsu Oujo

  • Kaibutsu Oujo is to be appreciated like shit. It’s top-grade shit.

  • Well I can’t say I watch as much as you and that we have the same priorities, but I must confess that I’m watching Kaibutsu Oujo too >_>

  • Well, Kaibutsu Oujo has its moments, like when hiro tried to save Hime in the first ep. I was sure that it would be something annoying like she would fall in love with him or some crap like that, but he dies.. and she says “Nice corpse”. But other than Hime using her chainsaw and the ending( Ali Project is nice), the rest is crap.

  • LoL yuck lucky star!

  • @LianYL Just like how yu should be viewed too. Like a troll. LOL.

  • homeless_homo

    So you don’t watch Romeo x Juliet?

  • Man… Nanoha StrikerS’s first couple of episodes bored me to tears. Where would ye recommend a fellow fan to start at?

  • Lucky Star ain’t #1? Now THEN you should burn in Otaku Hell >_>

  • its ur lolicon side..its acting up!! lolis!!

  • Suzumiya Haruhi

    anyone notice the 2739 votes on the poll up there?

  • Glad to hear you are coming over to the side of normal people, and liking StrikerS! hahah

    I *almost* dropped Kaibutsu Ojou after the third ep, but I’m glad I stuck with it now. More recent eps mysteriously improved again over two and three. Also can’t wait for the show’s OST to come out, the music is awesome (yay Ali Project).

  • Anyone noticed the out-of-topic comment up there?

  • Agree so much with you on…
    Skullman – Slower than my pet turtle. The exposition alone takes longer than the movement of tectonic plates.
    Sisters of Wellber – Crap.

    Skullman – what a waste. The animation was quite good.

  • >>>Gigantic Formula – This is the most racist and culturally-ignorant show ever.

    This is so true.

  • Now I need to watch a comedy besides Lucky Star and Gintama…
    *watches Shining Tears x Wind*

  • Suzumiya Haruhi

    lol nice impersonation… juz remember to remove e website link too :D

  • lol..owned

  • Obviously you all failed to notice the sarcasm once more.

    And you all have the audacity to fap your epenis hard. Hopefully you’ll find out that the lubricant used for e-fapping is superglue.

  • Actually what’s there to impersonate? That’s not your name chui.

    And Hahiru is a well-known porn flick.

  • I love Kaibutsu Oujo and anyway…a friend of mine is an exact copy of the main caracter….when i watched this anime for the first time i was scared because Hime and this girl friend of mine…are the same person…same personality, same face, same body, same hairs…damn….if i get her to make a cosplay…she will be better than the original :D

  • why everybody only complain about kaibutsu ôjo, if he like it then shut up, I like kaibustu ôjo and i don’t like Sport. everybody have his own preference

  • Major and Oufuri? I like them too but thought most back home wouldnt get baseball.

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