Please Watch Oh! Edo Rocket.

How this excellent show slipped under the radar of English-speaking anime viewers, we’ll never know. Even the raw watchers didn’t mention this at all. Actually, we all know the reason – no subs!

Not anymore though. Do check ER out, you will like a show featuring the setting of Ayakashi Ayashi (same voice actor for Torii too!), a somewhat Eureka-styled female lead, an interesting cast of characters resembling old school comedy shounen like Kochikame, and sleek monster battles. Oh and it’s hugely educational as well, about the Tenpou era and firework mechanics.

The OP (ED for first episode) is brilliant as well and the BGM is big band bluesy! For some reason… an cool disjunction though.

And for the moemongrels, Kugimiya Rie is in another major supporting role.

No, this is not Rie. She is a huge white Pokemon and you get to see her bare breasts full frontal.

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  • I don’t see how you can consider Junpei “moe” – he is the younger brother of Seikichi. (g) Once again Rie Kugimiya is playing a younger brother, a la FMA. And Romi Paku is in the anime too, but in this case also in a supporting role.

    BTW – as a heads-up for potential viewers – Oh! Edo Rocket is based upon a stage play and has a number of very play-like aspects to it. I think that it is absolutely brilliant and it is one of my favorite anime series of the year (I’ve been watching the raws since the beginning), but it definitely isn’t your run-of-the-mill shounen historical action series.

  • Yes, more people should be raving about this show. It’s funny, arty, and I love the chibi older characters and the character design in general. Everyone should watch it!! It’s visually enjoyable even if you have no idea what they are saying. I loved the episode with the projector and the *spoiler* guy hiding inside it. Made me laugh so much.

  • Oh I’ve only seen one episode and have absolutely no idea where it’s from and what it’s about beyond that. So hence the sketchy writeup. Thanks Dave and Hazel for the input!

    Btw Dave, sarcasm doesn’t translate well over the internet. Moe mongrels = dirty otaku who watch nothing but moe anime. So with this definition, read the sentence up there again.

  • Your review was kinda uninformative for those who haven’t seen or heard of Ayakashi Ayashi, Eureka, and Kochikame, which means that all I understood was “sleek monster battles” and “highly educational about the Tenpou era and firework mechanics.”. Maybe you could elaborate a bit more on what you liked about the first episode or something?

  • I stand by my earlier statement that the reason why the english community missed this is because till now it has only come out in raws or Chinese subs…

  • This show needs more English love (both subbing and blogging). Only PSGels blogs is afaik, and that’s a shame, because it’s so much better than it initially appears.

    Don’t let the childish appearance fool you (I personally love the way they’re dealing with the artistic side of things), this show has depth.

  • It’s about old fireworks? Sweet. I’ll check it out.

  • I just watched the first episode. I thought you said it was about Fireworks; it’s about Pokemon!

  • > Even the raw watchers didn’t mention this at all. Actually, we all know the reason – no subs!

    Err… What ? Have you ever heard of AoD, Animesuki ? Checked their anime sub-forums ?
    Not many people bothered to watch it raw, true, but those who did loved the show and kept talking about it. Sad that nobody bothered to listen to them as there was – right – no subs.

  • What’s Big Band Blues?

  • Sadly, there is only one chinese group subbing O! Edo Rocket so far, and as far as what my friends who follow the group, they are somewhat guesslating their way through the subs.

  • this show is hilarious and engaging, a good lightweight series to enjoy. occasionally the humor is particularly off the wall like Excel Saga, where they purposely talk about modern subjects or use items that didn’t exist in the Edo period, like laptops, etc. Shinsen-Subs has fansubbed the entire series, get it here:

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