Breaking News!! Big Brother’s Watching You…

For those of you wondering about the ODEX fiasco and claiming that they have no ability to find out what individuals have been downloading, think again. Oh btw, Edo Rocket’s quite good really. But is it worth jail time? Possibly.

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  • Then LL liao loh…anyway, guys check out today newspaper, home section, there’s a report on it and the way they interpret it, seem like we are the ‘bad’ guys not them…..

  • Yep, appeared in today’s Straits Times, Home H2. Also in this morning’s Lianhe Zaobao, page 3.

  • anyone else besides me notice that the article in home purposefully stated that i was a singtel user?

  • ya..i read “singnet”………and let’s give a hand of applause for the anime fan who said the great words in the article!! *woot. you go man/girl….and hey..i have no idea ODE* had a sale of “3 DVDs for $9.90 trial offer” going on……..*mosquitoes flies past…

  • ‘GG NO RE’ for the poor dude. The rest of us who are still unscathed, please just lie low for a while for this shit to blow over. BTW, AVPAS website got a list of licensed anime, do go take a peek.

  • Oh Some anime are not inside. That means we could dl them? LOl

  • The ‘sucky’ thing abt the list is that its not accurate, like nanoha, its not even licensed in the US….WTF

  • Seriously speaking, why was the letter signed by ODEX and not AVPAS? They are not longer selling Anime Boxset and become the law enforcer?? Reminds me of Bruce Wayne.

  • im so afraid now.. T_T are we still in trouble? i dont wan get the letter!

  • Hi My friend, I do not know how you get hold of this letter but it’s my son’s and we are in the mist of negotiating for a solution. I sincerly hope you can remove the letters.

    God Bless

  • I like point 5: “Should we not hear from you before 25 May 2007 from the date of this letter (16 May 2007)[...]“. Sounds like they’ve decided to count years from the sending of that letter instead of from the conventional year of birth of Christ, so the deadline actually corresponds to 25 May 4013 in the Gregorian calendar (assuming the Obex calendar also lacks a year 0). You can relax!

  • we have people getting away with knocking out other people’s teeth, whacking others etc…

    and now we have people facing fines of $10,000 and imprisonment of up to 5 years… just for downloading anime…

    so, who does our law really protect?

  • I think they only target those who download like 20 and above, i don’t think they will be targeting those who downloaded like less than 10.

  • There are some instances that they tergeted even 1 unpopular anime episode download.

    there is some organised reverse odex movement going on.
    Join xedo!


  • 1. We are writing to you in connection with various instances of online piracy that appears to have committed by you, based on the evidence we have procured. In this connection, please be informed that we have been authorized by various Japanese animation licensors and members of the Anti Video Piracy Association (Singapore) (“AVPAS”) (as listed in APPENDIX A annexed hereto) to represent them in connection with the protection and enforcement of their rights in their Japanese animation titles, a non-exhaustive list of which is at APPENDIX B annexed hereto. Such protection and enforcement powers include the institution of proceedings leading to the execution of search warrants and raids, as well as the commencement of civil and criminal legal proceedings against infringers.

    2. We have gathered and are in possession of clear and independently obtained evidence that you, ____________________ have been downloading copyright titles belonging to our principals, licensors and AVPAS members illegally. For reference purposes, a sample of such evidence can be found at APPENDIX C hereto. This sample represents just a minute portion of the totality of evidence we have procured which show that you have been engaged in illegal downloading activity. We will, if necessary, adduce evidence of the full extent of your activities at the right forum and time – e.g. in the course of any legal proceedings which may be commenced against you. Such evidence is currently being preserved in accordance with formal legal requirements as to the admissibility of electronic evidence.

    3. Please note that the infringement of copyright may constitute a criminal offense, which are punishable upon conviction by fines of up to $10,000 PER INFRINGING ARTICLE and/or imprisonment of 5 years.

    4. We have been authorized by our principals, licensors and AVPAS members to commence legal proceedings against you in relation to your infringing activities. Should you wish to enter into discussions with us with a view to resolving the matter before we instruct our lawyers to issue proceedings, you can contact the undersigned at Tel : 6223 3126 or email us at before 25 May 2007.

    5. Should we not hear from you before 25 May 2007 from the date of this letter (16 May 2007), we will proceed with our intended legal action accordingly without further reference,

    Yours faithfully,


    Stephen Sing
    Enforcement Division

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