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For the longest time, Maxfactory have been whetting our appetites with news that they would be releasing a 1/8 scaled PVC figure of the downright sexiest woman in mecha anime history. Note when I mean sexy I mean the normal definition, not the sexy that you lolicons refer to 8 year olds as.

With her ex-vocation includes such skills as stripping, pole-dancing and pleasuring men, Fasalina even manages to seduce the Kira Yamato-spoof in Gun x Sword. This figure attempts to capture the overflowing sex appeal of Fasalina but somehow I think there’s something not quite right.

Maybe it’s the crazy 6800 yen price tag. WTF. Insanity, figurine prices have officially doubled since two years ago. Anyway, it’s an October 2007 release. I should be getting it. While the mind says "BOYCOTT" the heart doesn’t follow.

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14 Responses to “Figure News: It’s a F-F-FASALINA!!11oneone”  

  1. 1 Kouji 38 comments

    You can preorder this from KKnM and HobbySearch. Though I’m not gonna get it; she has too huge of a pair of breast.

  2. 2 jinyamato 72 comments

    it’s sexy………………………*nosebleeds…..should iget or should i not get???
    *mumbles to himself

  3. 3 kinslayer 20 comments

    Pass this one because i m really broke after pouring about $500 to E2046 for the pre-painted Shii Arisugawa and Asuka figurines.

  4. 4 JS 81 comments

    Hmmmm….not my type. ^^;

  5. 5 super rats 92 comments

    Good god.

    I agree with your assessment of the fineness of Fasalina.

  6. 6 ChronosAI 22 comments

    Now those are one fine pair of… you know. But that price tag is frightening to say at least.
    Well, pre-orders never hurt anyone, at least I got myself a job to get some more cash into this hobby of lunatic materialists.

  7. 7 LianYL 477 comments

    The something that is not quite right is her expression. Rather than looking high, she looks more of wtf-am-i-doing-omg-this-is-gay.

  8. 8 AS 10 comments

    Mmmm…sexy but not something to keep around when the younger crowd shows up.

  9. 9 James 5 comments

    What a massive… price tag.

  10. 10 baka

    I really really want this…but I’m in a situation where I have to choose between buying this, or the 1/4 SOS-dan bunny girls. I think the answer is obvious.

  11. 11 Sector6 6 comments

    is it just me or does anyone else don’t like the base?

  12. 12 Priss 2 comments

    for this price the face and breast needs to be reworked and it’d better be a strippable

  13. 13 SolitaryDragon 1 comment


  14. 14 Kamugin 17 comments

    Not loli! Pass!:) Just joking…
    Too big boobs for my tastes. She is cute and sexy indeed, but doesn’t woth the price. I like her base, the effect of concentric waves in the water is something different.

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