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Eye Pain! Heroes Caused it!

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I haven’t posted for a couple of days because my eyes hurt. Why? It’s because I’m doing a biology module about genes, biotech and the related ethics. In preparation for it, I marathoned season 1 and 2 of Heroes. Since we all know Heroes is a realistic portrayal of genes, as Prof Mohinder Suresh is a geneticist.

But here lies the problem - each episode is 42 minutes, TWICE as long as an anime episode. I saw five episodes in a row and unlike anime, which is bright coloured, comes with subs and has seiyuu talking in a comprehensible manner, Heroes is an American live-action that is not only dimly-lit in comparison and subless.

Kagami is my Hero!

I have to strain my eyes to differentiate those pesky American faces. The Haitian and DL look the same to me!! Peter and Sylar look the same to me. Oh well, it’s not like anime which has different coloured hairstyles which can easily set characters apart. And how come Ando and Hiro speak bad Japanese?

I have to strain my ears to catch the dialogue, cos I don’t have subs to read. Did you know that watching a show with subtitles takes 54.5 percent less effort than a show without it?

The average anime fan has an acquired attention span of 23 minutes. This is obviously because we more or less only watch shows with 23 minute episodes, so an episode of Heroes always tires me out in the latter half.

I assume a different viewing posture when watching live-action shows. It’s this weird one where my face points downwards but my eyeballs are looking up, sort of like L in Deathnote. This may be fine for short periods of time, but the 5 hour marathon pretty much gave me some painful eye strain and now I can’t rotate my eyeballs without feeling like the fires of Hades are in them.

Ok I admit the last paragraph was the one that was truly relevant.

Anyway, I preordered the SV-51, the Ivanov’s valkyrie from Macross Zero, as well as Fasalina just now. I also received Alter’s Hanamoto Hagumi from Honey and Clover. I’ll be away for the whole of next week for some camp where the guy to girl ratio is apparently 1:2, so no updates next week.

For readers here matriculating into university locally, remember to sign up for orientation camps if not you won’t make any friends and will stay a loser!!

Popularity: 9% [?]

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12 Responses to “Eye Pain! Heroes Caused it!”  

  1. 1 bj0rN 153 comments

    why not just sit straight and look ahead. >.> it’s better than way.

  2. 2 DrmChsr0 190 comments


    Nothing about the time-traveling dude?

    Like how he became his grandfather or something?

  3. 3 LianYL 778 comments

    I shall remain a friendless loser.

  4. 4 JS 82 comments

    Stopped watching that due to time constraints. Couldn’t resist saying “ZA WARUDO!” whenever Hiro stops time.

  5. 5 tiny Red Man 149 comments

    i haven watch mine..it’s sitting in my hard disk for ages now…should i delete it?

  6. 6 Skh 20 comments

    I still have the last 6 episodes to watch. But strangely, I don’t have a problem watching Heroes in batch, even if the episodes last 40 minutes, because it’s that good. Usually with TV shows, I have problems to sit through episodes of that length without problem. The same goes for movies.

  7. 7 Necromancer 1 comment

    “I marathoned season 1 and 2 of Heroes”

    Do you have a time machine? season 2 doesn’t start till later this year

  8. 8 Beowulf Lee 29 comments

    He means the second part of season 1, since the show went on hiatus before showing it (or so I believe). Whatever the case, watching something new takes getting used to. When I first started watching fansubs, I couldn’t read the subs fast enough so I had to keep rewinding back and pausing. And since I was too busy reading, I’d rewind back and watch the actual animation.

    It’s true that generic black and white people look the same, as much as it is true that all anime characters look the same.

  9. 9 homeless_homo 39 comments

    After years of watching anime with subs….going to the theater and trying to understand wtf people are saying without subs is a horrifying experience.

  10. 10 Fishy 4 comments

    I haven’t watched TV in about a year but I’m a special kind of anime fan. I have 45 minutes of attention-span since I’m trained with Japanese dramas but actually listening to what the people are saying (without subs) is something I don’t do.

  11. 11 Kurogane 121 comments

    American shows are best watched on TV so that you can rest during the ad breaks. I’ve tried to watch on my PC, but I always get bored halfway.

  12. 12 Priya 1 comment

    show a picture

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