StrikerS Observations

After watching Nanoha StrikerS 12, I am pleased to announce my findings.

1. Not satisfied with making Nanoha, Fate and some others have chests the size of bowling balls, this anime introduced several new characters in episode 12, one of whom had an arse the size of Nanoha’s boobies. And rock-hard too. You have to wonder how many chairs she has destroyed so far?

2. The franchise is famous for incorportating shounen formulas into the magical girl genre, and one of them is the character multiplicity model. Season 1 had two characters 1 on 1. Season 2 pretty much made it 5 v 5. Season three now has at least 15 v 15. This is due to the evil characters repenting and turning good, and to accomodate these new characters in fight scenes, more villains have to be introduced for balance. Cue vicious cycle.

3. The new enemies are rather uncreative though. A team all numbered, wearing silly armour? With typical powers like… the ability to pass through matter? Large bowling ball ass?

4. I can’t help but realise that this anime is sort of like DotA. You know that custom Warcraft 3 map? The way episode 12 was choreographed seemed like a Dota game, what with gangbangs, miraculously ingenious escapes and complementary abilities. You have support heroes like Caro, speedy opportunist Erio, heavy tankers like Subaru, hero-killers like Vita, summoners like Lutetia and so on. I don’t play Dota though but I watch the younger brother once in a while, and it’s a bit like watching Nanoha.

5. I used to like Tamura Yukari. Galaxy Angels is one of my favourite shows ever and Tamura played Ranpha, a man-hunter. She was really funny in the role and her unique twangy voice made her the very first seiyuu that I could recognise just by ear alone. But after she did Nanoha, I never did like her again. You know how you drink undiluted syrup and the sheer sweetness is disgusting? The fakeness is like drinking two gallons of concentration aspartame!!

Overall, I quite like how this series is going. I like it more than the first two seasons really.

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