Lucky Draw for the 1000000th Visitor…

The previous post, which sought to achieve a screenshot from the 1000000th visitor, was a resounding success. In fact, thanks to my batty counter, I myself got the 100000, along with 9 other lucky individuals.

They are:

  1. Kouji
  2. Impz
  3. Moy
  4. Kurogane
  5. XD
  6. Jinyamato
  7. Luz
  8. Shikaze
  9. Boshy

Now, in an awesome demonstration of probability, I will draw one lot from a bag containing all their names. The winner will get a prize, which is pretty good I hope. He gets the chance to name 3 of his favourite series in order, and then I’ll get him some goods from his named series!

Now if that’s not an attractive prize I don’t know what is.

So here goes….

Ok I’ll be contacting the winner, Mr XD, via email! Too bad to the other 8…. try again when it’s 2 million.

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