AnimeBlogger.Net’s Mascot Contest. I Am Joining with this Entry!!

The headloli of, Maestro, has finally realised that no site is complete without a mascot and hence is looking for one. He has started a contest, which promises kind-of attractive prizes for the participants. The catch is, he set out a few guidelines which we have to abide by. But that’s ok because through my artistic wizardry, I have come up with the perfect character which he will surely love dearly.

First, let’s take a look at the guidelines for the mascot.

  1. A cute, young adolescent female character.
  2. Neutral hair color (brown, black, blond).
  3. Their outfit should include the letters AB on it visibly using Georgia as the font, with weight bold.
  4. Digitally colored.

Taking into account all of the above, we here at the Research Institute for Unicultural Visual Arts (specialising in the beauty of visuals of course) present…

Poly-penile Oranger!!!!!!!!!!!! The O-word is pronounced "Orange Girl". Since the full name is a bit too long, she has kindly agreed to be called "PPO" or "Pippo". Or just "Polly". Pippo fits all the above criteria, and even aces the aesthetics test with flying colours. Not only is she pretty, but also functional. Standard lolis can’t do shit except act cute, but our Pippo is a capable fruit in her own right.

"Call me Pippo" X3

With her long flowing mane of brown penises, Pippo is a young orange not yet fully ripe, like what Maestro requested. She hails from Florida of course, where high quality oranges come from. How can we tell she’s female, you ask? That’s cos she has long hair duh!! And a cute wink on top of that :3 smile.

I got my inspiration from Sousei no Aquarion, the great anime featuring the god of the Sun, Apollo. Doesn’t Pippo/Polly remind you of the Sun, with her bright orange skintone and her outward-shining rays of penises? Of course, there’s also some influence from contemporary moe anime like Lucky Star, where the characters have similarly cute faces :3.

So, Maestro, when’s the cheque arriving?

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