Figure Review: Mirei-san

You know, as one ages and moves into his twenties, he starts finding women, rather than girls, more attractive. Perhaps a select few (increasing in number) would still vehemently prefer the pre-pubescent tightness of a young teenager, but I’m sure the vast majority tend to like the mature ones more. At least that is how the non-anime-cultured-imprinted society is. Can’t say the same about the otakusphere, where 16 year olds are the dominant driving force of the industry.

I like girls in high heels a lot more because they tend to have far better posture and hence look sexier. Yamashita Shunya’s Mirei-san, released a couple of months ago in June, is one such sexy lady. She’s sultry, even to the extent being quite slutty. Her PVC figure, sculpted by Houjun Otoyama and produced by Kotobukiya, quite awesomely captures that sexiness, and even has some useful optional parts.

Standing figures have never been as stable as sitting ones for obvious reasons. Sitting ones, however, normally suffer from the problem of boring posture. Mirei may be a sitting figure, but she’s sitting in the way you’ve always wished the hot secretary would. Her unbuttoned blouse oozing out the Grand Canyon, the crossed legs, the phallic pen caressing her lips are all examples of classic men-seducing techniques.

I prefer tied up hair. But I know many who prefer long hair let down. So Koto gives us the best of both worlds, by having both of them. Normally, optional parts create more seams, and very obvious ones too, but thankfully for Mirei, this problem doesn’t seem too big.  the headseam blends in well with the hairstyle and is not obvious at all.

Besides the hair, she also comes with two right arms. One of which can hold her pen, the other rests on her thigh. The pen one is better because there is SEXY INK in it.

Some have expressed concern about the face. I personally like it, even though it’s probably inferior to Shii Arigasawa’s. BUT! Shii leans like crazy, she’s currently oscillating between front and back leanage. Mirei will obviously not lean.

Just look at the pictures below for a good idea of what this figure is like. Costing 6800 yen and seemingly sold out in most places, this figure is hugely popular and it is obvious why. Perhaps otakus aren’t into the teenage girl thing as much as we thought.

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