Breaking: Cosfest 07, Pics of Hot Cosplayers!

So today was the final day of the annual Cosfest in Singapore. Unlike previous years, this year’s event was spread over 3 days rather than just one solitary day. I went for the last day only as I’m not so otaku as to travel 2 hours 2 days in a row just to see cosplayers.

I can’t say I was as excited as I was last year, perhaps because this is my 3rd event since starting the site. Hence, I did not bother bringing any DSLR, since I would’ve had to borrow one. My trusty figure camera, the Canon Ixus 800, would suffice. Darkmirage went to the extent of renting a large external flash unit for his spanking new DSLR, but turns out the little guy didn’t know how to use it. Haha.

Anyway, turns out that my little camera was enough. Instead of the scattered shotgun approach I utilised last year, taking pictures of everything in a costume, this year I was a lot more selective and only photographed the cosplayers who I felt were impressive. This means a lot less pictures but you don’t have to worry about any … blinding ones.

Having the Cosfest over three days, with the first day held in the middle of the hippest shopping street in Singapore, had several ill-effects. The first day was pretty bad, I went but did not take any pictures at all.  In fact, that day’s Cosfest was sort of a tagalong for some other community-based event and just a minor portion of a larger fiesta. But it did create some major history, as explained by the picture below.

Probably the greatest Singaporean to have walked the face of the earth, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who single-handedly created this country just like how I created this website. His Majesty and anime characters in the same picture has only happened once in the history of the universe. Picture ripped from some dude in sgcafe yeah, nice shot.

And then there was the 2nd day, which focused on a karaoke contest. I did not attend, because I was busy attempting to watch the latest Harry Potter movie. I booked tickets for Saturday but at the counter, realised that I had in fact booked FRIDAY and my 18 bucks got eaten up for nothing. I heard the karaoke was good. Oh well.

That’s enough of recap. Pictures are probably what you guys want right? So here it is.

Darkmirage wore his trusty "Hi, I’m Darkmirage" shirt and got spotted by a large horde of his fanboys. I bet he secretly hoped for this effect, despite his protests and diva-like fits. Just like how Britney Spears lashed out at the paparazzi, Darkmirage pouted a lot but deep in his heart, he must feel like a true celebrity. The fanboys approached hesitantly at first, unsure of whether DM was a fellow DM-worshipper or the real deal. A polite "Are you REALLY the DARKMIRAGE???" was asked and when DM nodded, they went wild with ecstasy, and started giggling with delight.

DM fanboys giggling with delight at a face-to-face session with their idol.

Enough about nerds. The other ill-effect of the spread out event was that there were less cosplayers compared to last year. On the flip side, there were also less photographers and this allowed for more breathing room, more standing space, less shoving, less otaku stench and certainly more fun for the cosplayers.

I will only show you and talk about the cosplayers I personally prefer. The others who are not on this list, try harder next year I guess.

Hmm, if it was a cat instead, its fur would’ve been all over the costume.

+50 points for use of real animals as props. I like animals a lot. But I think dogs are inbred, useless and genetically defective versions of wolves and you lost 10 marks. Cats should’ve been the right choice. Anyway, I don’t really know the character so just ignore me. The interesting thing is, the doggie woggie was noticeably uncomfortable with the huge barrage of flashes and struggled to escape. The cosplayer very responsibly let it go to a nearby friend. How thoughtful.
Nice costume too. If only I knew where it was from.

The number of Bleach cosplayers did not decrease, as earlier reports by other bloggers mentioned. A large and rather good cosplay group, called the Kuroichou (Black Butterfly), were the Bleach and Naruto cosplayers in last year’s Cosfest and EOY respectively. This time round, they abandoned the lameass Shinigami for the fresher Vaizards and Arrancar. Good for them.

Wanderveiss, Luppi and HIrako Shinji.

I know some of the members in the group personally, so I may be a tad biased. Personally I think their group is pretty good, in particular the Luppi (octopus guy who got killed already) looks really like the real character. This girl was Sakura from Naruto in the EOY last year and I couldn’t recognise her until someone told me. I like this picture a lot, Hirako (aka Michiyo) looks cool in that squat. I bet most of you won’t be able to recognise who the character in the top left is.

Wanderveiss, the child-like Arrancar.

The team leader, Chibified Kitsune, is cosplaying Risa. The ero-doujin reading spectacled high school girl Vaizard. She really does look the part doesn’t she? The doujin she’s holding is bloody risque. Weird chick.

Death to Ichigo!

Spoiler alert! Orihime in her Arrancar suit. The girl, Diane, is one of the rare ones with the assets to look like Orihime.

Part of the team.

I don’t think this girl is part of the group, but she’s kinda cute. Hinamori?

Just like at all other events, there were goth lolis strutting around acting pretty. Some were burningly hot! Remember my article on the subspecies of otaku? I still can’t tell which ones are the true lolitas and which are the faux lolis. By generally, I decide based on appeal.

Umbrellas are bad luck when opened indoors. Except by gothlolis, then they will attract much attention, in a good way of course.

I’m quite curious as to whether the incredibly long hair is real or just a wig. I’m guessing it’s a wig. or wait, is it even hair or just some scarf? I can’t tell at all. Why? Because I tried not to stare lest I be mistaken as a pervert stalker. There were quite a lot of pervert stalkers at the events. I can’t help but notice the bikini tan lines though. Some people love tanlines because it denotes a certain "forbidden zone" unleashed. But I’m ambivalent.

One of my friends proclaimed the above girl the hottest one at the whole event. I suppose he has a strong case.

I think the leftmost one is a Nana cosplayer.

There were performances, booths, stalls and other stuff. With the exception of the song by some girl, accompanied by dancers, I can’t say any of the performances were any good. There was some competition, to decide Singapore’s representatives in some International Cosplay Summit. Last year, it was won by Ferlyn and Julia, the current owners of the Maid Cafe (Cosafe). They went to Nagoya where they competed with other cosplayers, almost Gigantic Formula-like. Honestly, I thought they were the poorest out of all the countries. Brazil won, with their shockingly elaborate costumes, sturdy enough to withstand an intensely choreographed fight scene. Italy was awesome too, as was the couple of Japanese ones. How do we know this? The Cosfest organisers played a video of course.

This year, a Sakura Taisen group won. Note not all cosplayers at the event joined this competition. Anyway, out of those who did, I felt this Sakura Wars group was the best. But there was a really hot Mikuru Waitress, whose pictures I did not manage to get. I think some stalker otakus will pass them to me in the near future and we can all oogle here on the net.

Haruhi group doing the Lucky Star dance.

I observed one thing about cosplayers. They all can’t dance for nuts. Even in school, we have to dance sometimes and it looks like even we are far better. Maybe it’s just their young age and lack of experience. Or their costumes being in the way. Or shitty music. Or stage fright. Many of them are also unable to articulate clearly in English. And even worse in Japanese. I wonder what language they speak normally? I must commend the Tales of Eternia cosplayer, the one with the exposed tummy and quite cute despite the lack of sit-ups. She’s probably the best speaker out of all the cosplayers and with a sweet voice.

 On to other cosplayers now. There were quite a few comic cosplayers like the ones below. Spiderman, the Thing, Star Wars etc. Not bad, not bad. Just like Day 2′s Champion cosplayer, Delibrium from Sandman, some of these guys are pretty good. It helps that western comics do not have the same insane facial perfections as anime. Or just loads of masks.

Leather is in fashion.

Speaking of which, I looked through many pictures of Day 2, the karaoke day and came to two conclusions. The best group for Day 2 was the Hunter x Hunter group and the best-looking individual was the Delirium girl. Here are some pics I stole from other photographers without permission and I wish I could credit them because it’s rude to not do so. It’s on the watermark though.

The HxH group were essentially, members of the Genei Ryodan. There’s leader Kiroro, Hisoka, Feitan, Machi, Shizuku, Pakunoda and Kilua’s sister.

The thread girl, Machi. She looks like Maggi Q.. who acted in Die Hard 4.

The excellent Feitan and Kiroro. Both of them came with really well done props.

The rest of the gang. Shizuku’s vaccum cleaner, Deme-chan, was really nicely done as well.

I’ve only read one book of Sandman and I don’t know who this is. But people are saying she’s "Delirium from Sandman", so I assume they are right. Googling that phrase turned up lots of pictures, none of which looks like her. Whatever, she’s still hot anyway. Anyone with related information to share?

Back, I’ve digressed to day 2. Let’s get back on track for Day 3.

The belle of the local nerdhorde, Umehiko, cosplaying as Hanyu of Higurashi. I think. At least that’s what her burly gang of 5 bodyguards (Bjorn, Xak, Rdrake, Zelfi and Eugenics) said. The bodyguards were immense and formed a protective meat shield of jealousy. You guys need to stop this motherhen mentality! Ok I jest. Cute girl eh? Cute as in the Imouto type.

It hasn’t escaped my attention that more and more cosplayers are referring to figurines for inspiration. You’ll see why here and later. Above, we have the girl who cosplayed both Saber and Dark Saber last year… as maid Saber. Good reuse of wig I guess. Next event will we see Fate Zero Saber? I like Fate Zero Saber.

Chobits? Right? Awesome costume, in any case.

Final Fantasy cosplayers annoy me, because many are pretty good but I don’t see the point of having so many of the same charactes parading around. It reeks of wasted effort. Anyhow, the following girl was a good Yuna. I got shitty pics of her. I blame myself.

Unfortunately, we’ve all seen a zillion pics of Yuna cosplayers.

I don’t know where she comes from.

This girl was sooooooooo tall, at least 190 cm. I was afraid that she was a "he", only because of the height. Maria Sharapova maybe 1.88m tall, but that’s a special case. She’s Russian what.

A Chise from Saikano. Her large gun-arm was very eyecatching. In fact, her picture was taken right at the start.

Even has nice details on her back.

One thing that attracts otakus like dead meat does to flies, is the Haruhi. Especially good ones. Like the following.

Someone needs to teach her how to hold a guitar though. Her right hand is soooo wrong.

Not the most flattering picture, but I assume Haruhi didn’t look pretty when screaming "God Knows" as well.

It takes quite a fair bit of courage to wear such a skimpy bunny suit in conservative Singapore. Especially at an event with more cameras than penises.

Rei and Asuka from Eva obviously. Along with two fanboys. Personally, I would never ever take a picture together with a cosplayer because I think it reduces them to funfair mascot suited characters. Also, I hate to take pictures with girls I cannot put my arm around the shoulder/waist of. Oooh I am so naughty.

Amusing! This family is totally 100 percent cosplay gened. Last year, Kwok from now-defunct Lolicontrol went berserk upon seeing the young child. Berserk with lust obviously. Otakus are dangerous beasts.

I think this is Kagura, in winter dress, from Gintama. In the ED Yuki no Tsubasa, she was wearing this.

I never figured out what this was, but the details and sheer elaborate costume and weapons were great.

Every cosplay event needs some Ouran guys I guess.

There was a graffiti wall of really high standard. How the hell can people draw on a vertical surface? I can’t.

Wtf? Vertical wall, time constraint, pressure from prying eyes of onlookers? Someone is skilled.

Ok, some of you guys may have noticed a certain cosplayer missing from the list above. No doubt the one cosplayer who got the most attention was Lenneth, who always produces costumes of the highest quality. Remember her Kino, Saya and Diva cosplays featured on this site? I took a lot of pictures of her cosplay today, so many that I can’t fit in with the rest. I shall post all of hers tomorrow.

One teaser picture though.

1:1 scale Orchid Seed PVC figure of Ignis from Jingai Makyou.

No wonder she was popular with the cameramen. But hers may be totally awesome, she wasn’t my favourite cosplayer of the day. The honour goes to….

the really cute YIN cosplayer from Darker than Black. Of which I have just one overexposed picture. Darkmirage has a lot of her on his camera and I shall steal. Oh you fansub downloader! Anyway, her hair was a bit wrong. The ponytail was too low. But whatever! She’s cute. Chelsea~~~


Oh, btw this is me. Next time if there’s an event, try to fanboy me too if not Darkmirage will get all haughty.

And Happy Birthday Tsubaki, you’re 20. Old shit.

Poor Analitez got his face blurred out because he was shy.

Btw I saw TWO!!!! people with the same shirt as me today. That was fucking embarrassing. My shirt is so common. I wish I’ve worn that Hollow Cosplay shirt instead. What’s with mass-produced clothes these days?

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  • @Rakugakid Aren’t you a DM fanboy yourself? Weren’t you the one laughing in that picture?

  • The trick about photography in such condition (where there are hordes of geeky, sweaty otakus jockeying for positions), is to get in quick and get out quick. Don’t spend time doing adjustments while taking, you should have made most of the adjustments already and just need to step in, fiddle a bit, snap, and get out. It’s a cooperative dance, where everyone gets a go, and the poor sap who fouls up get all the evil eyes…

    Having the right equipment is a big deal — that’s why you see pro photographers with two or more bodies at a wedding shoot. They don’t want to have to switch lens, change from B/W to colour, etc on a single body; those bodies are dedicated to one aspect and typically one aspect only, and he just grab the appropriate one and take photos.

    Also, having the big bulky equipment tends to shut the other photographers up — it doesn’t matter whether you are pro or not, people automatically assume if you walk up with a big hunk of glass attached to the SLR, you gotta be a pro for somebody. So less crap talk. (Basically, you pay the money so that people will just get out of your way.. :) Worth every cent.)

    Having the confidence in your equipment plays a big part too. Once you get to a certain level of tech, you just need to practice with the equipment until you can close your eyes and know which controls you are manipulating. Quick in, quick out requires that level of familiarity. It’s a bonus too, in that you have the confidence in the equipment and you can then concentrate on composition and other factors.

    As for the live-subject thing, nothing much I can say, but in this case, think about it — these subjects are costume-playing, and part of that is that they WANT to have their shots taken (otherwise it’s a waste of their time and effort). So no need to get too nervous about it — just concentrate on getting the good shots quickly.

  • Wait, crap. Kheldar? As in Kheldar Blackmane?

  • When I went for the EOY, I had a huge Canon EOS-30D, a range of lenses and a large flash. People gave me respect. Especially because of the huge battery grip which make the camera look like godzilla to the less discerning photographers. So I understand what you mean haha.

    But too bad I no longer have easy access to it, so I’ll just have to make do. I don’t see myself investing in a dSLR anytime soon.

  • If there’s no need for it then don’t sink the money into it. I happen to like fiddling around with big glass so I got a DSLR. If you’re going to do mainly miniature work, then you can squeeze the performance out from something a lot cheaper than a DSLR..

  • Hey, I was talking to you on the forum, but I suppose I should leave a message here as well since I’m supposed to be your, uh, favourite? *squints* Anyway, I can sure use a prize, like plucking that overexposed pic off your site? Tee hee… thanks!

    To the Winter Kagura cosplayer > Ah, so that was who you were cosplaying! I thought that what you wore looked familiar, but I was scared that I’d make a mistake if I asked and said the wrong anime. XD You were great btw!!

  • Yup, Hoshi, you’re our favourite. We normally pick Lenneth as our favourite but yours was simple, elegant and cute. It’s also because I like Darker than Black a lot more than Jingai Makyou. You should see more Gintama anime though heh.

    Sourcheese: You know, most of us were like, “Is that Kagura? Yeah it is. Should we ask for a picture? What if we are wrong? But surely we are right. It must be Kagura.”

  • We’re not DM fanboys. Thanks for the feature though.

  • Is that so? Lol, thanks for the compliments. This goes to show that I shouldn’t leave things to the last minute. >.

  • Gaaarghh!

    It was a slow day at work, and I made the mistake of browsing clubsnap. SO MANY PHOTOS OF THE EVENT!!! My eyes are bleeding….

  • eto .. im that hinamori cosplayer . i am from chibified kitsunes’ team kuroichou anyway ^^
    cheers !

  • Wow! Gotta admit that the Yin cosplayer is really cute. More pics of her pls? :)

  • Big glass is heavy. At least that’s how I feel when I tried out my friend’s 1D with a 70-200 F2.8L lens slapped onto it…

    Any cheap DSLR with a decent flash should cut it in such indoor photography, just depend on how you set it lar…

    PS. I am not using any DSLRs at the moment -_-

  • Usagi: I normally run with a D70 with a 70-200 F2.8. It’s about 2kg, give or take. It’s not really heavy, it’s just that wrists normally don’t take 2kg of weight that keeps trying to twist the wrist every which way..

    And there are no cheap DSLRs. (There are cheap DSLR-like cameras though.) Yes, you can take photos with a decent flash — almost any camera can, not just a DSLR — but your odds of having a good photo out of the whole series you shoot decrease proportionally without adequate gear. Good gear increases your % chance of getting a good shot in tight, time-constrainted situations.. like squeezing with 20 other photographers for the same subject.

    But let’s go back to discussing the cosplay, the technical photography stuff, there are other forums to pick things up from.

  • jesuke is a good cosplayer lol…neva mind if u dunno her lol

  • Thanks for bluring my face.


  • Erm… “DM fanboys giggling with delight at a face-to-face session with their idol.”

    Gosh, dare you take a picture of me behind my back! D=

  • I guess singapourian (i’m not sure how to write this sorry) girls can be hawt too!
    I never liked south east asian girls because their skin is too tanned I thought, but I might be wrong..

  • ahahaha! ROFL! this has been one of the funniest blog posts I have ever read! DarkMirage shirt FTW! XD

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