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10 Ways to Get an Anime-Loving Girlfriend!

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Riding on the discussion stirred over over at That’s Not Kanon on how to get a significant other who shares the same hobbies, here’s a list of ways which actually work! Note that this list is engineered for guys to date girls and written in a Singaporean context. But fret not if you’re a girl,because for a female to get a boyfriend, all she has to do is ask some random guy. As for non-Singaporeans, there should be direct equivalents in your own country for the specific stuff I mention.

1. Get a big camera and profess to be a "photographer".

Why? Many of the hotter girl anime fans are cosplayers and hence they like having their pictures taken. Yet they don’t really know much about photography. So get a DSLR, an external flash and some lens, and make sure you add a BATTERY GRIP. A battery grip is like a lion’s mane, not that useful but sure as hell makes your camera look bigger. And from the girl’s POV, bigger camera = better skillz and more professionalism.

But here’s the crucial next step. You will ask the girl for her contacts (email, messenger, phone number) to "pass her the pictures". Through that, you get the opportunity to talk to her. Beyond that, you could request for "personal photoshoots", which is actually a date! Sounds awesome right? BECAUSE IT IS!! Btw, I heard Darkmirage bought himself a DSLR and rented an external flash unit just for Cosfest. I wonder why…

Range Murata rocks.

2. Write an anime blog or be the owner of a website.

In the digital age of today, lots of cyber stalkers prowl the net. To differentiate yourself from them and establish a strong identity, you need a blog or website. The owner of a popular website like, That Anime Blog, would surely not do bad things to you if you go out with him right? I mean, he’s sooo friendly and intelligent online. The bigger your website, the more credible you seem. And if her friends read your website, it’s even better! She’ll have further incentive to date you because it adds bragging rights. Like "Hey, Janice, you love THAT anime blog right? You read it every day right? Well, that guy is my boyfriend…"

The other important advantage of having an anime blog is that it’s a shining resume of your anime knowledge. If you don’t have a blog, you will have to impress the girl within a short timeframe, most likely through your oral communication skills, clearly one subject most otaku fail. But with a blog, you can slip her the link and if it’s a good site, she’ll read it and be impressed.

He should work for a major clothing line. Victoria’s Secret sucks compared to his designs.

3. Be an active member of forums where youngsters (who wants to date old people right?) with similar interests to you congregate. Like SGcafe.

First I must clarify that this method works extremely well if the forum is also sorted by geographical proximity. Think the Well, Craigslist. But the problem with such anime forums, especially here in Singapore, is that they tend to be fucking retarded. Like half the people there are 12 year old (mentally) and think they are soooo awesome because a) they cosplay (regardless of merit) or b) they have large post counts (gained by spam). I know it’s painful to have to lower yourselves down to that level, in order to participate in the forum. But love is about PAIN!! Quote by Sa-chan of Gintama.

In terms of SGcafe context, you can join a cosplay team, flame war clans or just show up at some offline gatherings. The girl ratio there is rather high, because the place has a huge cosplay slant.

He can also rule the children’s clothing industry.

4. Trash the SOS-dan, Da Capo and other COSPA merchandise. Or at least wear them only until the collar stretches. And the shirts should remain the original colour. Make sure you change your shirts daily too! No, just because you wore it for a mere 5 hours does not mean it’s in "half-clean" mode.

In other words, appearance is still important. Would you date the FYG drooling at her yaoi? No. So why would decent girls date an otaku drooling at H doujin?

For the price of one Haruhi cospa shirt, you are probably buy 3 nice-looking normal ones. Cool jeans cost only 20 bucks at Bugis Street. 20 bucks gets you ONE anime magazine. The key is to seek out good deals to avoid tapping too much into your hobby fund. A good hair cut costs 10-14 bucks, and with longer hair, you can afford to go to the hair dressers’ less and it may even prove to be money-saving. We don’t need to be fashion divas, just at least average would suffice.

Personal hygiene would be important. Wash your hair daily, use deodourant and anti-perspirant. Change your socks often. Wash your face. If you have a bad complexion, see a dermatologist at the Skin Centre. It’s quite inexpensive.

Girls who are into anime tend to be a bit weeabo. They despise the traditional manly body for… girly thin pretty types. Even Lenneth, the Ignis/Kino/Saya/Diva cosplayer, has explicitly stated that she prefers girly men. Since we know our target audience’s tastes, we might as well work on it. It’s like using the Sense materia on the boss to see that it has a weakness to Lightning elemental, and then using Bolt on it. If you choose to follow the girly man path, you will probably lose your chances of dating non-anime-loving girls though. They will think you are too metrosexual and girly for them.

And put Santa out of business.

5. Do not show any girls your moe collection, doujin or hentai series. And don’t talk about them too, at least not too much. By too much I mean anything more than a passing sentence of the "Yeah, every guy has them" type.

Many otaku tend to be rather garrulous about anime. We talk non-stop and don’t care if the other person is disinterested. Many of my otaku friends are like that and even I as a fellow kind can’t stand them at times. There is great benefit in reading social cues and noting only to speak when your listeners are actually interested.

Some otaku have no qualms about showing non-otaku girls even, their hentai CGs. I know one guy who puts a CG sex scene as his MSN avatar picture, which means you’re basically forced to see it. Imagine if you were talking to an FYG and she just keeps showing you pictures of Naruto having sex with the THIRD Hokage.

Basically, my point is that, in conversation, it’s better to avoid treading on topics which the other party might be offended by or disinterested in.

6. Be open-minded towards yaoi and other aspects of female fandom, such as cosplay, screaming and bitching.

"Huh? Didn’t you just say in the point above that we can’t show the girls our hentai? So why can they talk about yaoi to us?" Because there are a lot more girl-seeking guys than guy-seeking girls. Girls can get away with tonnes of bad shit because of this. Many of them are ok with not having boyfriends while most guys are actively seeking one. This demand and supply disjunction contributes to them having a lot more leverage to make… such mistakes and still get our forgiveness.

But nevertheless, you should know that yaoi, cosplay and other aspects of female fandom are still considered very niche (the correct words to use are actually "fucking retarded") in mainstream society. Many of these girls cannot date regular guys because of that. Hence they would much rather date men who understand their hobbies. This is where you come in. If you show openness and understanding towards gay sex and girly men in love, you get extra points. Quite simple right?

7. Research girl-hunting techniques from experts online and offline.

It’s like when you get stuck in an RPG, you need a walkthrough from gamefaqs.com right? Life is such a game. But it’s a game without savepoints and loading.
There are many dating manuals out there, many of which are tried and tested. The fundamental concept in the most effective manuals are always the same - you differentiate yourselves from other guys and make your target chase you instead. I’ll leave you to read up on this yourself. I hate to share secrets.

Btw, what happens if you meet a high level Emerald Weapon and you’re only level 20? You grind on suitably leveled monsters of course. Infer from this my true meaning please.

8. Read up and be informed of the world beyond anime.

If you’re a hardcore otaku, chances are there will be few girls who are as hardcore as you and they will certainly be scared off by your knowledge. By showing you have great knowledge in other aspects of life such as politics, science, ethics, philosophy and sports, it helps to balance out the otakuness so you won’t appear to be fucking useless and retarded. Knowledge is a tangible meter through which you can exude your intelligence. Skills are another aspect, like knowing her to fix her computer, advice on her career and school etc.

But a word of warning. Do not overhelp or show off too much. Overhelping spoils the girl and gives her an impression you’re just a dog. Showing off is bad in all situations.

9. Be funny.

Humour is seen as a sign of intelligence. It also has the benefit of relaxing the girl and making her feel good. Owen S vehemently denies the usefulness of humour (because he doesn’t have any LOLOLOL) but I feel humour is the SAUCE OF LIFE. French fries without sauce don’t taste as good as those eaten with sauces. This applies to all sorts of relationships actually.

Perfect attire for small-chested Asian women.

10. Finally, get to know as many girls as you can.

Biology explains why. Men can ejaculate often while women can only get impregnated by one man. This fundamental difference shapes the viewpoints of each gender. When a guy sees a hugely popular girl, chances are he won’t be interested in her anymore unless he’s really confident in himself. He’ll start thinking of stuff like "oh she’s too good for me." or "Meh, she must be a slut." This is because subconsciously we know that she can only accept one guy due to the pregnancy thingy. It works in a negative feedback mechanism.

For girls on the other hand, the  more popular a guy gets, the more girls will like him. This is because the girls are programmed to seek quality assurance. If so many girls like this guy, he must be good (ie have good genes) and since he can ejaculate twice a day, there’s plenty of him to go around. This is why you see fangirls screaming at concerts of boybands, fanclubs for handsome jocks being formed in school. This is also why a guy gets uber popular with girls the moment he gets attached, but when he’s single, nobody wants him. Girls operate in a positive feedback loop, much like how breast milk is made. The more you drink the breast milk, the more is produced.

Thus, what you want to do is to know as many girls as possible, so that your real target will be attracted to you more. It also allows you to grind your levels, if you get what I mean.

Popularity: 13% [?]

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61 Responses to “10 Ways to Get an Anime-Loving Girlfriend!”  

  1. 1 Impz 21 comments


    *runs from wifey*

  2. 2 kristalyamaki 7 comments

    Number 10 owns, especially the “Meh, she must be a slut” part. I’ve always told myself that.

    …and maybe that’s why I’ve never had a girlfriend. Bah~

  3. 3 Melonpan 20 comments

    I’m a 25 year old Lolicon Hikikomori and never had a girlfriend, not even a childhood friend. Never gave any pinky promises.

    But I ll try my best, deshou! Ganbarimasu! Thank you masta.

  4. 4 Sasa 81 comments

    I think Melonpan’s problem is that he’s german. There are no anime loving girls in Germany who are not FYGs or lesbian or really stuck up. (Or all three of them, I know one specimen of those.)

    Anyways, good job, TJ! I should prepare an answer post later…

  5. 5 maglor 10 comments

    I have to be a party pooper. Here is the list of things my wife, who likes anime and is considering buying Utawarerumono game when we have some spare money and time, wants me to be.

    1. Be nice and kind to her: Rudeness never works

    2. Pay attention to her words and acts: You must alway keep her in your sight.

    3. Help her out whenever possible in things she wants, in ways she tells you: There must be real benefit for her to be hanging around with you.

    4. Be prepared: You must be prepared for any unexpected event. This can really impress the girls.

    5. Build up good resume: In end you must have the money. There exist only one thing more powerful than money when it comes to winning girls’ hearts, and you have no control over that ( It is called ‘Luck’ )

    Trouble is, how can you find time to enjoy all the anime and games when you do the 5 things I listed?

  6. 6 Crest 99 comments

    I sense.. that Riuva is going to overtake DarkMirage on the otaku popularity polls with this.

  7. 7 jinyamato 97 comments

    this is so weird…. coming from tj hmself…but he must be an authority!!!!!! since he’s so tjish and stuff

  8. 8 Melonpan 20 comments


    ZOMG, I’m swiss cheese and no tsundere german combat meido!

  9. 9 AOJ

    Wow an amazing post, I’m sure many people will find it as interesting as me :D
    Love the camera trick! I’m usually taking lots of photos in all events I’m going, but using a very small but capable digicam -> lots of features, but not spectacular.

    I’m planning to buy a Canon DSLR, because I want to get rid of expensive developing photo rolls. But I never thought I could use a camera to meet girls! Way cool! :D
    PS: Now I’m seeing Densha Otoko dorama. Comments of this blog are like 2ch alike :p

  10. 10 LianYL 697 comments

    I wonder how you get away with such posts.

  11. 11 Zeroblade 157 comments

    “Btw, what happens if you meet a high level Emerald Weapon and you’re only level 20? You grind on suitably leveled monsters of course. Infer from this my true meaning please.”


  12. 12 DrmChsr0 177 comments

    Mark of the Beast LOL

    Also, funny post.

    It’s rather general information, from the fourth tip onwards…

  13. 13 Owen S 126 comments

    Bullshit. Fries taste superior on their own.

  14. 14 David 1 comment

    What a nice read.

    What Sasa said is true though. I just read your previous post with the Ignis cosplayer and scimmed through some of the galleries of that event. Singaporian otagirls are way hotter than german otagirls (I’m german, well an asian living in Germany) I’m often scared when going to Otaku events because there just so many FYGs running around. Plus, asian cosplayers just look better, but that’s another topic.

    However, #8 is quite important, since girls tend to be intimidated by too much knowledge. It’s fine to know a lot, but always let the girl be a part of it and don’t be too much of a smart-ass. #8 combined with #4 already pose a nice foundation for being attractive to a girl. While most non-otaku girls with a “real” hobby tend to point out #9 as the most important factor and are able to handle sarcasm, otagirls often are intimidated by it (not including the combat meido that Melonpan is looking for^^). Don’t overdo it.

    All in all, I enjoyed reading your article. There is a reason why I keep visting your site, tj =)

  15. 15 Lynx 32 comments

    *Blinks at #1*

  16. 16 CherylHew 18 comments

    … *blinks* I see not a single girl commented on this LOL Sad =P In the unlikely “once in a multi-coloured moon” event I actually want to get hooked up, I’d look for an anime-loving guy too LOL I wonder if not being yaoi-crazy will be a good point LOL

  17. 17 Sasa 81 comments

    @Melonpan: I see, sorry for jumping to wrong conclusions *feels bad now* So that makes you a swiss cheese tsundere combat meido?

    @David: I also have never seen an asian girl cosplaying in Germany. Then again, I have never attended any convention except for one, just seen a bunch of (bad) photos.
    I agree with you on no.9 - it really depends on the person. Humour shows intelligence, therefore only intelligent people can understand it AND it must be a similar kind of intelligence, so to say. Basically this qualification is never met on both sides anyways…

  18. 18 Dan 5 comments

    This had better work.

    Thanks for the lulz.

  19. 19 Arakan7 5 comments

    Otaku have such a diverse gateway to RL knowledge, it’s almost scary.

    Mecha shows - robotics, aerospace tech, GitS - criminalogy, pyschology : just to hit the ones I can come up with right now. Use it to get interested in the RL counterparts and how they are applied. Go forth and design a Veritech young engineer - and land the hottie test pilot too. ^_^ b

  20. 20 Elydis 32 comments

    I loled at point 3. But sadly i think it is pretty true that sg gals are a bit retarded. Love the FF refs

  21. 21 Alice 1 comment

    As a female, (although not singaporean, I am american) I agree that some of your advice is pretty spot on but some of your comments are a little off. You have to be careful with #1 and make sure not to come off as a creep or stalker, don’t seem OVERLY interested when you ask for her information. And #10, girls aren’t always looking for the “most popular guy” only shallow girls, that you shouldn’t be interested in are like that. People are interested in boy bands because they are attractive, not because they are popular. Really, just at least PRETEND to have some sort of confidence when approaching a girl (but not arrogant, you can still be shy) and you will already be doing pretty well!

  22. 22 jpmeyer 94 comments

    Similar to #1, if you join Japanese 101 class at college, you get to find weeaboos of the opposite sex, and since it’s the first level class, you spend the whole time asking each other (in Japanese) questions like “What’s your phone number?” and “What are you doing this weekend?”

  23. 23 kaei 3 comments

    Or, you know, you can just try … being nice, or considerate, to genders of the opposite sex. How about that for starters?

  24. 24 kaei 3 comments

    Um, oops, “members’” of the opposite gender, that should be.

  25. 25 tj_han 1271 comments

    JPmeyer: You fool, we otaku do not take level 1000 courses in Japanese. We skip right to the advanced levels.

    Alice: Actually, all my advice is 100 percent tested and proven effective. Number 10 is a bit contentious because most girls do not realise it themselves. Part of the boybands’ attractiveness lies in the fact that all your friends like them as well.

    Elydis: It’s not SG girls who are retarded, it’s people in SG cafe. There’s a big difference.

    Arakan7: That is true. I learn about lots of stuff via anime, but some of these aren’t exactly accurate. Like through Prince of Tennis, I learn that Japan produces middle-schoolers who can defeat Roger Federer.

    Cherylhew: Actually Sasa is a girl.

    David: I added you to my blogroll btw. Your site’s great as I said in one comment.

    Owen S: That’s just you. No wonder you’re single.

    Sasa: Looking forward to your post from a girl POV lol.

    Maglor: Your advice is very typical of a married man. It’s quite girl-centric. But we here at Riuva prefer to be the dominant party in the relationship.

  26. 26 tj_han 1271 comments

    Kaei: Being nice doesn’t work. Seriously. Anyone who thinks that obviously is either a) a girl who wants to be treated nice or b) single.

  27. 27 bj0rN 150 comments

    ugh~ reminds me of the old times where friends keep talking about being a don juan. >.

  28. 28 HalcyonDF 54 comments

    @ Lian : Trying to be as neutral and objective as possible while trying to answer your question, you are single, he is not. Ta dah, mystery solved. sad but true.

  29. 29 Marmot 18 comments

    An alternate way to go about nabbing cosplay girls would be to actually pick up some cosplay knowledge yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask her what materials she used, or what stitching she used, where she got her wig, or even if she made the costume herself. Really, it’s not that hard to strike up a conversation. Unless she’s a total bitch, but then she wouldn’t be worth the effort anyhow.

    I definitely agree with a lot of what you brought up, though, especially the parts about having a sense of humor and cleaning yourself up. And honestly, my boyfriend and I are quite aware of the porn the other has, but we kinda recognize that your porn is YOUR porn, and as such, it should generally stay as such. However, I think girls perhaps need to be more confident in regards to if your boyfriend is with you, he wants only to be with you and that porn really isn’t on the same level at all.

  30. 30 Owen S 126 comments

    Only recently. I don’t know what gives you the impression I’ve always been single. Noob.

  31. 31 JS 82 comments

    Except for 1 & 2…CHECK!

  32. 32 ToooP 7 comments

    1 TOTALLY DOESN’T WORK IF YOU’RE A SHITTY OR NOOB PHOTOGRAPHER. =D and cosplayers who have been in the scene for quite some time can roughly tell the difference between an aesthetically pleasing photo and one that looks shitty, even if it was taken with a DSLR camera.
    hey ! but the rest of it are true

  33. 33 ToooP 7 comments

    but theres nothing wrong with this

    5. Do not show any girls your moe collection, doujin or hentai series. And don’t talk about them too, at least not too much. By too much I mean anything more than a passing sentence of the “Yeah, every guy has them” type.

    I mean girls do watch porn, do watch hentai. Some pretend they hate it but I bet they’re curious about it actually =D

  34. 34 Kouji 48 comments

    Hold on. There are hot non-slutty, non-bitchy, non-show-offy, loli-licious-like chick in Singapore? Omg?!

  35. 35 41nano 16 comments

    Oh can you be the best writer of the whole anime blogger community!
    Such a great article, nice dude, nice

  36. 36 xJAYMANx 2 comments

    Hmmm, combine these 10 ways with the 8 categories of “Anime Elitism”, and you could create a probability matrix! Which means that successfully wooing an anime-loving girlfriend would simply ADD to the “hierarchy of losers who think they are less loser than others”, wouldn’t it?

  37. 37 Wreckidigidy 13 comments

    Certain as a full-fledged or closet otaku/maniac/hikkimori, I think it would be always ideal to have your other half to actually appreciates what you like…

    I am a figurine maniac and my wife (who was like 3-4 years my girlfriend when I got into PVC-fanaticism) understand my dire needs to appease my figurine addiction on weekly basis..she even get into the act at times…

    The rule of the trade seriously is not too be overbearing with your “otakuness” in front of your special one…
    It’s fine to go ballistic with your passion for the latest episode of anime or the latest figurine in the market with your fellow chums, but leave her out of it
    Only when she inquired, then maybe you can show her a bit of your world…once again gotta catch that pace and not scare her off…

    As tjhan said, hygiene is important…being fashionable helps but it’s always what’s within…
    And have a bit of confidence, cos the ladies always like man with confidence…and of course a thick sense of humor never hurts…

  38. 38 Ee Ling 1 comment

    Well I dont quite agree with the last way….If my boyfriend gets to know a lot of girls, I will keep a distance from him. Cos Jealousy KILLS and sense of insecurity!! I would not mind him getting a lot of figurines but I am SURE mind if he gets a lot of girls surrounding him. ^-^

  39. 39 Maje 4 comments

    #10: you forgot to mention the highly popular girls who every guy fantasizes about. Platonic enfatuation for women, either famous women or high school girls, is pretty common in men too.

    The thing is, it may be true that women have a greater tendency to love popular guys they can’t get, but that is mostly becausa they are.. special, more attarctive than the others, the “Ideal Type”. Women more than mean are given to fantasies about the Perfect Guys (who most of them are, obviously, impossible toget). It’s a trait of Fantasy, more than Alpha-Male-following, lol.

  40. 40 Maje 4 comments

    spelling correction:
    “Women more than men…”

  41. 41 Maje 4 comments

    It should be also noted that women are induspitable more envious or other girls, and bitchy about betrayals, than mean. lol So, basically, women WANT the gus that other women have, and NO, they don’t have them to be shared around the table, so to speak. XD

  42. 42 Maje 4 comments

    fuck these speeling erros, lol.
    “It should be also noted that women are induspitable more envious of other girls, and bitchy about betrayals, than men. lol
    So, basically, women WANT the gus that other women have, and NO, they don’t have them to be shared around the table, so to speak. XD”

  43. 43 John 1 comment

    my girlfriend doesn’t like anime..she hates when I watch anime.. >:(

  44. 44 Usagi 29 comments

    Thanks for the laughter, man.. hahaha

  45. 45 Cute 1 comment

    This is a hoot. Especially #10. Doesn’t work that way.

    I also love #6 - it’s a good thing that yaoi/slash is becoming a lot more popular these days, so creepy tactics like this will fail.

  46. 46 AnferTuto 1 comment

    Hola faretaste

  47. 47 Bridge Bunny 53 comments

    Talking about dating women and it happenes to be post 666? Co-incidence?

  48. 48 reiz 1 comment

    congrats on the accuracy of biological content~

  49. 49 Toast 1 comment

    …i do want a girlfriend…not easy

  50. 50 Alex 1 comment

    That is so kewl man. I’m a kid who everyone considers emo because of my “emo” black hair(bangs,etc.), being skinny pale(with a baby face). I like to shave my entire body and always wear high spf sunblock. A girl came up to me who looked cute(to me) because she noticed that I was reading Twilight(a romantic fantasy with vampyres) and again another time when I was reading Tithe(A Modern Faerie book of fantasy and love). Since then she has repeatedly come up to me and talk about anime and manga(i’ve probably seen a bit more than her though). I met a friend of hers who was also into anime and manga. Anyways, she even put me as her 15th place on her myspace out of 81(i have like 14 myspace friends but i never used myspace until now). I think she is really cute but I’m not too sure if she likes me. We are always mesaging/commenting eachother on myspace. I recently had a gf but I broke up with her because I was sure I didn’t really like her too much(im a wimp so i don’t ask people out. she asked me out and i was confused). It’s not even likely I’ll see/talk to her other than the frequent myspace messages because I only saw her in school. That makes me sad :(

  51. 51 Mike Paahana 1 comment

    japan girls like us Hawaiian ‘local’ boys, we make um laugh an they think i’m so cute, i just like score with as many as i can

  52. 52 Justin 1 comment

    First off i am a Otaku/Lolicon, or anime freak with a taste for younger women (but not kiddies, but if you saw my girlfriend you might think other wise.) Look, I didn’t read most of these tips, and I don’t truly plan to. If you read any kind of a dating manual you are sad and you fail already. This is the only advice you will get, be your self. If you fail then you fail. If you fail, don’t do it again, solve the problem. It is simple, change. “I don’t have a date”, then get one. “I try and they reject me”, then your asking the wrong people. “I think it is me” then change you to what you think will work. “It didn’t work” then try again, you fail try again, you fail try again… get the idea, or fail and give up on life and be alone and shut up. Fix the problem and figure it out yourself… humans are basic easy things to understand and control, but the trick to master others is to master ones own self. If you can’t make your self what you want to be then you can’t make anybody else something you want them to be. If you don’t believe me or tell me I am wrong. I guess your right, and that is why I am happy with my life and haven’t changed for anyone but myself and have had a girlfriend/lover/best friend for 3 years now. Put it this why, you don’t have friends… look around these people are just like you, make friends. If you think you can’t find a girl then you are just brain dead, there is roughly 3 billion females on this rock we call earth, figure it out. Oh and for every ones information, I found this site when I googled “non girly anime radio”… that is just funny to me.

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