Exciting New Articles to Come @ Riuva.com!

This post is just a friendly teaser. I just returned from a 4-hour interview with the CEO of Odex, the alleged bad guys in the whole downloader arrest saga. Through the interview, he answered many of the questions I asked, dispelled many myths floating about, explained the MO and rationale behind the letters, shared his vision for the future, and predicted the industry trends internationally. Quite a mouthful that was.

I shall be dividing the content into a few posts. Tentatively, these will be classified according to:

  1. Impact of Fansubs on the Industry
  2. History of Odex and AVPAS
  3. Vision of Odex for the Present and Future
  4. Factors aiding Singapore’s suitability as a Piracy-free zone
  5. A step by step breakdown of the Warning Letter Process and Where your money goes to

Expect balanced and fair articles because I haven’t been brainwashed and I get no rewards. Everything will be written in an impartial manner for you guys to judge and decide on. To quote the putrid O’Reilly, "It’s a No Spin Zone!"

Beyond the serious issues, our dear Yin Cosplayer has also kindly agreed to share her latest pictures from her private photoshoot and a loooong interview, how exciting right!!

I also have about 4-5 figurines piling up unreviewed. Haven’t really had the time to take pictures of them. I’m doing monthly figure reviews for a local magazine, Playworks, as well.

Finally, I’ve officially gotten into the National University of Singapore’s Food Science and Technology Department, where the girls outnumber the guys 45:3! I was thinking of adding a new category of food-related articles here as well, we’ll see how it goes. Next week, I’ll be away for yet another freshman orientation camp, after which school officially begins.

Exciting times loom…

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