Detailed Exhaustive Analysis of School Rumble Relationships Through Application of Real Life Dating Mechanics

I reckon most of you guys would’ve read my previous two articles on dating otaku girls. Particularly the second one which talks about boyfriend and friend material. I was reading School Rumble volume 16 just now, when it suddenly struck me that Kobayashi Jin’s manga is quite realistic in the application of such boy-girl dynamics.

School Rumble (I read till chapter 202) has finally begun gearing up for the end it seems. There’s much talk of future aspirations, class reshufflings for the final year, and many of the relationships have been made concrete or obvious. Here’s a list of all the relationships that are plausible, meaning not lame fantasy ones like Eri x Yakumo. The following relationships have all been developed to different degrees by Kobayashi. I shall comment on each of these, and apply the theories we learnt in the previous articles.

  1. Harima and Eri
  2. Harima and Yakumo
  3. Harima and Tenma
  4. Karasuma and Tenma
  5. Asou and Mikoto
  6. Hanai and Mikoto
  7. Hanai and Yakumo
  8. Hanai and Akira
  9. Hanai and Yuuki
  10. Imadori and Ichijou
  11. Tanaka and Nagayama
  12. Madoka and Shigeo
  13. Shuji and Mio

Harima and Eri (Flag)
Easily the main conflict in the whole story, the Harima and Eri connection is hands-down the most popular SR pairing. As of chapter 202, Eri is now very aware of her feelings for the mustache man. She starts imagining romantic scenes of them together, engineering opportunities to be alone with him and other pro-active behaviour. Eri has many fans, including me, and we’re glad that there is much progress.

There are real people in life, who are like Eri. She’s rich, rather independent, confident, demanding and is used to being treated like a princess, by both her servants and the many guys who attempt to woo her. Why would she like Harima, who treats her rather badly, compared to most other guys? But this is exactly it. She likes Harima BECAUSE he is the only one who doesn’t make any attempt to treat her well at all or even be pretentious about any gesture. Everytime he complains about her or ignores her, Eri feels like he is different, special and a challenge. A guy with a spine, so to speak.

Right from the start, Harima’s relationship with Eri was different from all the other girls’. The girls, especially Tenma, classify Harima as a Friend material. Eri has never considered Harima a friend at all. This is always a great foundation for romantic feelings to develop. Harima does 5 annoying things to Eri and then 1 really small nice gesture and the latter just adds so many attraction points exactly because of its perceived scarcity.

Eri, like most other popular and good-looking girls,  are used to people showering them with attention, gifts and praises. They are quite numb to it. One differentiates himself from the crowd of other guys by doing the exact opposite, like what Harima unintentionally does. Once in a while, Harima does something which makes her think he likes her, and this makes her even more interested as she sees opportunity. Being a rather reserved and passive girl at first, she had to wage an internal war between the part of her who wants to take the initiative and the passive "lady" part who wants to wait, as it’s "the right way".

Harima, on the other hand, is fucking stupid but has hit the jackpot. Sometimes you, as guys, really like a girl. But that girl somehow doesn’t ever like you. But other girls like you but you don’t care about them. Have you wondered why this happens? No, it’s not a cruel joke of fate, it’s the same situation as with Harima and there’s a proper explanation.

Btw, a girl like Eri in real life, is extremely hard to maintain a relationship with. Creating one is not that difficult but maintenance is a killer. She will never want to eat at cheap places, she expects you to not talk to female friends, she will drag you shopping and expect you to carry the bags, she will be jealous often and throw lots of tantrums. She won’t tell you what she’s thinking but expects you to know it. When she feels emo or lonely, she’ll expect you to drop everything and meet her straightaway. She won’t help you much with anything that you’re busy with. She won’t like your hobbies. She will have male friends who you cannot get jealous of. That is why my Eri is a body pillow.

Such girls are really attractive before the relationship begins. They are a challenge which confers a strong sense of achievement when overcome. They are never boring or dull and your friends will envy you immensely.

Liking girls in anime is totally different from liking girls in real life.

Harima and Tenma (Oudou)
Why does Tenma find Harima such an easy person to talk to? That’s because she considers him friend material. Harima showered her with praises, agreed with everything she said, did many nice things for her, even to further her relationship with Karasuma. Realistically, Tenma will now never like Harima. All the concern she shows for him is merely out of friendship. For most inexperienced males, this situation will sound familiar. It happens when you try too hard to be nice. The two will share a cake, a drink or even go out together but the catch is, it’s all in the name of friendship.

Harima got Eri because he wasn’t too concerned. He lost Tenma because he put in too much effort. Too bad Eri doesn’t realise this and gets mindblowingly jealous of the two.

Harima and Yakumo (Onigiri)
People say girls love men who are like their fathers, especially if they were close to their dads. Yakumo is shown to have a liking for Harima, but she, being always so selfless and thoughtful, would always back out of any competition. Harima obviously treats her like his own younger sister and she quite enjoys that too. There’s a special type of bond which appears when the friend and boyfriend material categories get a bit muddled up. Yakumo’s is quite similar to this. In such cases, the girl does lots of friend-like stuff with the guy and still has romantic feelings for him. Such girls almost always are in their first crush or have yet to have any relationships. But these romances are always the sweetest and pure. Man, I think back at my own first love, it was something like that.

Karasuma and Tenma (True Oudou)
Karsuma is just weird. For normal guys, if a girl professes her love for you and you’re single, chances are, you’ll give her a chance and see how it goes. Karasuma isn’t a typical guy obviously.

Asou and Mikoto (Basketball)

Now this is a complex one. There’ll be spoilers in this. Asou and Mikoto were officially attached but have since broken up. I’m at volume 16 and while not everything has been revealed, such as how they broke up, it’s possible to infer the reasons. Asou is reserved and shy, tending to keep to himself. He isn’t comfortable in large social groups. Mikoto behaves like a guy, grew up with guys and loves to be in a large rowdy group. Asou may be good at most stuff, but Mikoto is better at almost everything. People say opposites attract, but I disagree.

The two of them obviously love each other even after the breakup and both have explicitly said so. But why the breakup then? And what of the aftermath?

The problem lies in their inability to properly communicate. Asou doesn’t even say much in the first place, yet he does have quite a bit of manly pride. Mikoto beating him at everything is quite sapping to his confidence and he won’t like it. But he surely won’t complain about it to Mikoto, who’s so dense and insensitive that she won’t notice in the first place. Mikoto thinks Asou would be happy if she introduced him and made him join her large extended dojo family, but obviously that is not the case. Such forced situations make him unhappy and leads him to think that they aren’t suitable for each other.

Mikoto is also the type of girl who always hangs around guys. Back in school, my clique of guy friends had two girls. Yeah one was extremely similar to Mikoto. Hell my own older sister is practically a Mikoto clone. While these type of girls hang around guys and are very comfortable around them, a guy like Asou who doesn’t understand, easily mistakes all her platonic relationships as romantic ones. Furthermore, he’ll feel that he’s restricting her and it’s his fault. Asou then cooks up some excuse about him wanting the best for her and wanting her to be happy, and thus initiates the breakup, "for her sake". The sad part is, Mikoto never even saw it coming and thought everything was alright, and was even making resolutions to be the best couple ever.

The problem with dating classmates is that if anything happens, you’ll still have to face them every single day in school and even maybe work with them for projects. They thus face this awkward situation now, where both Mikoto and Asou still love each other but don’t really know they both do and still have to meet up every single day.

While both parties are at fault, I feel Asou has to take a bigger share of the blame. They may have their differences, but it wasn’t something which couldn’t be overcome with effort. In any case, perhaps this relationship isn’t dead yet and could be explored further in future volumes.

I think Sara is better though.

Hanai and Mikoto (Flute)
Purely platonic and nothing more. Both of them are like siblings, very close both emotionally and physically. Yet because they aren’t, most people around them do not realise how platonic they are and this hurts their other relationships. But I strongly feel it isn’t Mikoto and Hanai’s fault and they should always strive to maintain their best friends status. It’s much easier to find a new lover than to find a new best friend who you grew up together with.

Hanai and Yakumo (Dream Come True)
This is a great example of why overly showy declarations of love scare the girl. From the girl’s POV, you’re a stalker and thus you are creepy and will not even be placed under friend material, but in the secret 3rd category of "junk". Yakumo is just too nice though.

Hanai and Akira (Kite)
Hanai, despite his power and pro-activeness, is more an uke than a seme. Akira is an ultra-manipulative seme. This is why they work well as a couple. Akira decides everything and controls everything, while Hanai has no clue. Akira loves being in charge and a man like Hanai fulfills this desire easily, which is why she tends to place lots of attention on him. Hanai is so idiotic that he needs someone to put a leash on him. Akira did give her Valentines’ day chocolate to Hanai though.

Hanai and Yuuki (Glasses)
It is said that a man is most attractive when he is seriously doing something. Such was what attracted Yuuki to Hanai in the first place. Pity the guy is an idiot. I don’t think they are very compatible though, despite both wearing glasses. Yuuki needs someone who understands her and can look out for her. Hanai does not understand anything or anyone. The best guy for her is obviously Fuyuki.

Imadori and Ichijou (Apple Juice)
Despite all girls knowing that playboys are bad for them, they still love playboys. It’s not the sluts who love the playboys, it’s the nice girls, particularly the inexperienced ones. They always think, "Oh I can change them". Too bad, they never will. Imadori isn’t that bad a person however, and he does get along great with Karen and her brother. In most cases, when you’re close to your own siblings and your crush gets along very well with them as well, you’ll obviously add 1000 points of attraction. In SR, it looks like Imadori is starting to shed his playboy persona for Ichijou’s sake too. I kinda like this couple actually.

Tanaka and Nagayama
They are the 2nd official couple in SR. The two of them got together during the Battle Royale arc, according to the Suspension Bridge theory. How it goes is such, when two people are in a situation which makes their hearts palpitate faster, such as on a moving bridge or in a dangerous situation, they tend to fall in love with each other due to them mistaking the same heart thumping for lovebeats. Both Tanaka and Nagayama are quite sweet though and have many things in common. You know how in school, you see the conscientious and good students suddenly pairing up for romance? It feels like such and these normally are quite strong.

Madoka and Shigeo
These two are interesting. Madoka is a popular, confident and self-driven girl. Shigeo is a pessimistic guy who tends to overthink. This is a recipe for disaster. Madoka appears to be too good for Shigeo, it’s like Bart and gang trying to defeat Id in Xenogears. Shigeo will live in constant fear of losing Madoka. She does not care much about him and her main priorities are on her studies, university admission and track. She’s the type who’ll probably wave a happy farewell to him if she has to go overseas for further study.

Shuji and Mio
Fast forward 5 years and we’ll have a harem school comedy series. Typical Osananajimi.

One thing I love about School Rumble are the wide variety of relationships. These have much grounds in reality and are quite believable, perhaps even more than self-proclaimed realistic romance manga like Suzuka. And the girls are hot obviously.

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  • tl;dr.

    Sukuran is boring now anyways.

  • It’s precisely posts like these that make me question whether are you truly a genius or showman. Perhaps both.

  • 16 volumes already… Huh…

  • The Asou Mikoto relationship is by far more interesting than the Eri Harima relationship.

  • ha, i hope harima goes with eri.

  • After you damage a girl and capture with your pokeball, can you trade her to your friend for a different girl? Please advise.

  • This is quite the post. Unfortunately I only read about the pairings and your thoughts about them. Personally though….I think Shigeo x Madoka is one of the most intriguing pairings in Sukuran. I think everyone wants to know if Madoka is really cheating on Shigeo or if she just has some other plan in mind. Or maybe she’s testing his faith

  • harima and yakumo pls

  • to quote under flag section

    “But other girls like you but you don’t care about them. Have you wondered why this happens? No, it’s not a cruel joke of fate, it’s the same situation as with Harima and there’s a proper explanation.”

    so what would that be before u hit the “btw” part

  • The elaboration is under the Tenma x Harima section.

    Kabitzin: Yes you can. But you have to re-tame the beasts.

  • You probably would have had a much easier time of this if you had read up to Ch.134 or so, first. Most of the minor pairings get fleshed out between Ch.118-134.

    Harima x Eri: Eri is fairly low maintainance, actually. It’s the ones who are just on the fringe of being wealthy who tend to be high maintainance. In Eri’s case, she’s so ridiculously rich that she doesn’t *need* to date a guy to get what she wants. Also note that she talks about setting aside her family wealth to try to achieve something on her own as a hairdresser, during career planning – she’s not the type of person who wants to be provided for.

    One of the reasons for Harima’s success is because he allows her entry into a world outside of her own. He has no expectations of her (unlike most people that she is used to dealing with), so she is free to let her hair down around him (which is why everyone thinks that the pair behaves more naturally around each other). As far as Eri is concerned:

    Picnic in Scenic spot/Home-made Dinner >>>>> 5 star restaurant
    (I’ll let Volume 17 elucidate this idea a little.)

    Novelty is always important. That means experiencing things that you don’t do every other day. In Eri’s case, an expensive date lacks novelty, and things that normally might run the risk of being called cheap come across as being “creative”.

    Eri does have fairly high expectations as far as emotions and love are concerned, but Harima shares those many of those same ideals. Most of the problems that Eri has regarding jealousy are there because Harima doesn’t give her anything to feel secure about, to begin with (since he isn’t trying to have a relationship with her). She’s not all that possesive – she does temporarily give him up to Mikoto, Tae, Yakumo, *and* Tenma, but she becomes frustrated when he doesn’t take a stance with regards to two girls, since she doesn’t know who he really is dating. It’s more of a communication issue than anything else.

    Her biggest problem early on was her pettyness, but she definitely overcomes that in the later stages of the story. Overall, that’s high levels of win for low levels of effort/resources.

    Harima x Tenma: Harima’s mistake wasn’t in trying too hard to be nice. His mistake was in trying to “win” her over when she wasn’t interested to begin with. As long as she’s busy fantasizing about Karasuma, nobody else has the slightest chance. Harima just didn’t choose his battle properly.

    That being said, he can’t go wrong by having Tenma as a friend.

    Harima x Yakumo: Volume 17 tells the real story on this one. Simply put, never trust first appearances – that Yamato Nadeshiko might just turn out to be a Yandere in disguise. Of course, it’s not like there weren’t warning signs throughout the story.

    Prior to that, this pairing shares many of the same problems that Mikoto x Hanai has – it’s probably not a good idea to decide to date someone just because everyone around you expects you to.

    Asou x Mikoto: You’re right about the communication part. If you go back to around Ch.157 or so, you’ll see that the cause of the breakup has it’s roots in Mikoto’s relationship with Hanai. Asou has an inferiority complex towards Hanai, which worsens when he sees how Mikoto gets along with Hanai. As a result, Asou simply gives up.

    Hanai x Mikoto: This one seems fairly popular, but it seems like the driving force here is the pressure on Mikoto from the people around her. There’s no romantic attraction here at all, but Mikoto seems to feel as if she “should” get together with Hanai, rather than considering whether she *wants* to get together with him.

    I like Nagayama x Tanaka. They’re probably the most stable couple overall.

    I was expecting that you’d talk more generally about the relationship ideas and attitudes that the series comments on, but this was an interesting read too.

    @Kurogane: They sure don’t make attention spans the way they used to, eh? ;)

  • I was thinking of luring in a Swampstorm comment when I wrote this. Mission accomplished? Anyway, I love your Eri analysis. It totally is spot-on. Now I can’t wait for SR 17. There was a period, probably vol 14-15, that SR started being a bit dull and contrived. But it’s picking up again.

    But one point I have to state about Eri is she may feel like it’s fresh to do all that commoner stuff, what if the freshness runs out and she gets tired of it? Many a rich person says they would like to do commoner stuff but only for a while. It’s like folks in developed countries going to Africa on humanitarian missions, most don’t go there forever.

    And about her giving up in the beginning, that was that. Since then, she has become more open and aware of what she wants and probably won’t do the same.

    But then again, I’m only at 202.

    I don’t agree about the Tenma x Harima point though. Tenma loves Karasuma based on basically nothing. It would be possible for Harima to win her over, using the methods he used unwittingly on Eri.

    I wrote the title before I wrote the post. I guess breaking it down using your Wiki as a guide as far easier than actually writing an article from scratch.

  • You’ve lured in several Swampstorm comments elsewhere too. It’s just my laziness that’s holding me back. :P

    Commoner stuff is still fun while it still has its novelty. Anything becomes boring when it’s overused. I’m not suggesting that it become a routine – simply that it makes for a good surprise when timed correctly.

    Attraction doesn’t need reasons. We know that Tenma likes Karasuma – that in itself is enough. Her interest might be shallow and it might disappear after a while, but so long as she is fixated on him, it’s fairly difficult for Harima to just step in.

    Being sparce with your praise really only works if that person wants your praise to begin with. That in turn requires a certain amount of interest to begin with.

    I think it’s a mistake to start limiting your options before you’re actually dating someone. You can’t build something out of nothing. Tenma wasn’t interested in Harima to begin with, and so he has nothing to work with – she isn’t even willing to give him a first chance (just check back to how she handled his letter in Ep.1 S1). Eri does have a slight interest in Harima from their first meeting, so there is room for that relationship to grow from the outset.

    In theory, Tenma might start to become attracted to him at a later date, but he can’t force that to happen. So why waste time before then?

  • “Being sparce with your praise really only works if that person wants your praise to begin with. That in turn requires a certain amount of interest to begin with.” – not true! When I mean sparse with praise, it’s generally a differentiation technique. Since most guys are just going to gush over you, why not at least pretend to not be as fanboyish as them? Many a time, this makes the girls more attracted to you rather than to the fanboys. So it does work in most situations, even if the girl had no interest in you.

    School Rumble world mechanics are a bit different frm real life, granted. Man, you’re really making me long for volume 17.

    As for S1 ep1′s letter, a love letter is pretty stupid in the first place. Seriously, would anyone in his right mind date someone he has never seen, just because she wrote a letter expressing interest?

    I’m not sure what you mean by wasting time. I assume you’re pro-flag and hence wish Harima to devote himself to Eri haha. You know, if SR ends without a flag ending, I’m going to be disappointed too. I agree that in recent volumes, the whole Tenma x Harima thing is starting to get quite absurd and Harima needs to bloody move on.

    And finally, I’m a firm believer in all attraction needing reasons, be it psychological or physiological. Tenma must have a reason for liking Karasuma. IIRC nothing has been said on that yet?

  • “They always think, ‘Oh I can change them’. Too bad, they never will.” This is SO TRUE, emphasis on “they never will.” And damn, I need to watch/read/whatever School Rumble.

  • @tjhan Wasn’t it Karasuma’s looks that attracted tenma to him?

    Where all else fails, we can always pin the attraction down to looks.

  • Maybe Tenma just likes Kappas?

  • Karasuma is just hot. woohoo.

    Harima is getting too many of the attention for a man with a moustache.

  • Please, Harima X Yakumo !!! I want some of your perfect analysis on these charas.

  • Love your blog tj_han. I’ve been lurking here and on the wannabefansubs forums for a while now. I’ll introduce myself shortly by saying that I’m not an anime fan per se, but I’ve watched my share. Except for School Rumble which I’ve watched and read recently, it’s been years since I saw my last anime. Someone’s Eri avatar on another forum compelled me to watch it.

    “One thing I love about School Rumble are the wide variety of relationships. These have much grounds in reality and are quite believable. And the girls are hot obviously.” (tj_han)

    First of all, I’d like to say that SR is a great series of great humor and surprising depth of character later in the series. I was very surprised to see something like that; in this regard Jin Kobayashi is a genius.

    Now then, on to my own analysis of the relationships… I’ll try not to repeat what you said.

    Harima & Eri (Flag): This is my favorite pairing as well. I like Yakumo a lot to and the main reason for choosing this pairing over Onigiri for me is that Eri seems to have much deeper and intense feelings for Harima. Both Harima and Eri are exceptional characters. Some say Harima is “dense”, but unlike Tenma he is only naive and I don’t blame him for not noticing Eri’s crush on him, after all Eri is a tsunderekko. Now, I understand that this is an archetype of character and while I don’t like it, it sure does make their relationship much more interesting. I couldn’t imagine SR without Eri’s tsundere personality. But I’m positive that Harima will fall for Eri as well sooner or later.

    Harima & Yakumo (Onigiri): A sweet pairing. Harima and Yakumo would make a nice couple as well. Alas, Yakumo’s feelings for Harima are not as thorough as Eri’s. I suppose that one of the reasons Yakumo has feelings for Harima is that she can’t read his mind. And Yakumo doesn’t seem that eager to get with Harima. Overall, this pairing hasn’t received much development, partly due to Yakumo being introverted and her loyalty to Tenma, especially after noticing Harima’s Crush on her.

    Harima & Tenma (Oudou): Why Harima began liking Tenma in the first place is explained early in the manga and anime, but why he still likes her later on is a mystery to me. I mean, he does notice that she is “dense”, he gets a taste of her cooking and mst importantly Tenma is behind the other girls in the looks deparment. She is cute and friendly, but that’s about it. Harima, you really are a fool for Tenma, get over it!

    Tenma & Karasuma (true Oudou): An interesting and I say fiitng pairing. Tenma is friendly, cute and “dense”. Karasuma is just weird. They seem to be making slow but steady progress. Not much else to say, I wish them the best of luck.

    Mikoto & Asou (Basketball): The only things that I want to add here is that I personally don’t like Asou and I think Sara is better for him. Sara is a nun on the other hand, so that might be a problem.

    Hanai & Mikoto (Flute): I agree, they should stay friends. But friends can marry too you know.

    Hanai & Yakumo (Dream come true): Hanai is a good guy but he’s too obssesive. These two are too much alike in many ways, I mean “right-doers”. Not a pairing with too much potential.

    Hanai & Akira (Kite): Now this is a pairing I’d love to see. Unfortunately nothing seems to have happened or shows signs to happen between them in a romantic way.

    Hanai & Yuuki (Glasses): Awful pairing, they have nothing in common except for glasses. I never liked Yuuki much and in the latest chapters we can see a nasty twist in her personality regarding her crush on Hanai. And yes, Fuyuki is much better for her.

    Imadori & Ichijou (Apple Juice): My favorite SR couple so far. Yes, I would officially consider them a couple. Imadori reminds me a lot of myself. Karen is a sweet girl. When I first witnessed the beginnings of their relationship I was rather skeptic and supported Imadori and Mikoto more. Beginning with episode 20 of season 2 and chapters #144-#145 of the manga I have changed my opinion. From there on Imadori seems to be falling for Karen. *SPOILER* This is especially evident in the Kyoto arc and chapters #228-#230, where strangely enough Imadori passes two golden opportunities to kiss Karen. *END OF SPOILER* I find this strange for such an outgoing and seemingly experienced guy like him. Kisses seem to be rare and very special events in SR…

    Nothing else to add about the remaining relationships, except a spoiler.

  • @tjhan: I agree that it’s a bad idea to praise anyone too much (regardless of whether you are romantically interested in them or not) because it undermines your credibility.

    I don’t think that there is a consistant approach to create interest when there is none to begin with – everyone is different, and it’s probably near impossible to isolate a single quality that is commonly attractive to everyone at once.As such, I think your time is better spent by trying to not destroy someone else’s interest in you once you have it, rather than trying to generate that interest from scratch.

    In Harima’s case, this means that he would do far better by figuring out which girls are already interested in him, rather than trying to impress a girl who isn’t interested in him. Tenma might develop an interest in him later on, but he has no control over that. So there’s no reason for him to wait around in the hope that it may happen – he’s better off working on a relationship that he knows will work.

    As for Tenma, there still isn’t any explanation as to why she likes Karasuma. It’s clear that she’s built a pedestal for him, but there doesn’t need to be a sensible explanation on the how or why – crushes are built from fantasy. By sheer luck, Tenma’s expectations of Karasuma seem to have been consistantly met, so a relationship between the two seems to have survived intact.

    The typical shounen romcom seems to perpetuate this idea that you can make a crush who isn’t interested fall in love with you if you do all the right things. One of the reasons that some people find SR irritating is because it doesn’t give us that sort of instant gratification – every time a character tries to create a plan to make someone fall in love with them, it always goes awry. There’s a certain wry humor in SR that you can really only appreciate if you’ve seen and experienced that same sort of immature/selfish mentality for yourself. I sometimes wonder if the people who complain the loudest about this aspect of the story don’t stand to learn the most from it. ;)

    @BgMn78: Everything falls under some archetype if you look hard enough. It’s not a problem for a character to show tsundere behavior, so long as they aren’t behaving that way just for the sake of being a tsunderekko. In Eri’s case, she’s grown to the point where she openly admits to her weaknesses and works on them, rather than waiting for the hero to come to terms with them.

    From a plot standpoint, the reason why Onigiri doesn’t recieve so much attention is because the material isn’t there to begin with. It’s more stable and static, and as such it lends itself much better to friendship than romance. As such, Yakumo’s main goals regarded Harima ended up being more about “preserving” their relationship as it is – the only time Yakumo feels compelled to take action is when she recognizes that Harima is changing.

    I hope that her issues with Tenma get some sort of resolution before the end of the story, though.

    Imadori and Ichijou’s more recent interactions have been legendary, but I wish the events were spaced more consistantly throughout the story. It feels strange to come back to them suddenly after the story abandons them for an extended period of time.

  • Damnit isn’t tehr a good source to watch the Manga other than buying the books in volumes? It’s so frustrating, cuz im sitting here waiting for the anime season 3 to begin, but i realloy just wanna get to the point of the main plot in a few days or smthing. Cuz Im pretty sure that even if the anime came out it would take forever to rlly start approaching the part where the romantic relations go deeper and deeper.

  • Also i actually mentioned this somewhere b4 but seriously don’t get ur hopes raised too high. From my experience from past japanese mangas/animes where romance was often hinted between characters – no matter how that developed or conflicted – in most cases it never becomes as fully “opened up” or conclude in a firm way that we would all favor so much… it just never happens. They either make the ending “romance happy” – in a little sense, but in a very indirect, and sloppy way; or they tend to just pretty much ignore that romance issues when it comes to the end :( . This manga/anime will have a harder time trying to wide open evade the romance issues though considering its actually thematically comedy/romance type – but if u guyz have realized: its pretty much becoming obvious that in the end its all gonna fall out to be either the option of “LOVE” or “FRIENDSHIP” – and clearly, it should be doubted that the latter will be totally tossed off the plot ending. Thus meaning the love component of the plot will have to be diminished by the end, and the author is gonna go on about how: “Friendship is so good, the friends love each other, play, they are happy and getting along – whee!! isn’t that all nice? There are a bunch of hot girls and guyz and they are all good friends!” But WAIT!! We wanted some “resolution” to all the romance and mixed feelings of relations between the characters no? And we all had our hopes, and fanatasies about the story and who would be the best couple (for the most of us, including me – I “was” hoping so desperately for the most at least a happy ending for harima, and even better; he’s getting hooked up with eri)

  • Perhaps Yakumo will break out of her shell?
    and MEEE email me at if you want a good source to read

  • wow I just read chapter 215, Yakumo I think cracked, she *spoiler* stated to Sarah the real reason why she slapped Eri (apparently it was because Eri insulted Tenma out of jealousy over a dispute about Harima that Tenma was clueless about but we were proven wrong here) was because she knew Eri loves Harima, and it is heavily implied that she still has these feelings and she said how she keeps everything bottled inside. Hopefully there is more to this, because we’ve all looked at this from Eri’s view how she loves him, but Harima really hats her, especially on what happned after chapter 214 I think. Seriously if you want to the source email me if you don’t have one.

  • Sob sob, I’ve been too nice, too nice.

    Crushes don’t need to be rational, they can be highly irrational and not based on specific likings. Love is never rational and can exist even without clear points, just a “I like him/her” will do for a reason for love. Which is why there isn’t much explaining to be done over Tenma’s liking of Karasuma, its just love, and what in chinese is called 缘分.

    But otherwise, Harima&Yakumo yay.

  • I really like Tenma and Karasuma. They look good but the problem to me is their relationship is so slow!! God, get to kissing or something

  • a girl in real life like eri hmmm ,,,,

    well here is a shot for how she should be :
    she will always try to act cool, she loves jokes and doing some intresting things, she knows alot even in the street life but not about how aggressive it can be, she is a very carfull person when it comes to formal things and she loves enjoying time with friends, she will take every bit of lame if she mistakes in a formal thing and will crush pepole who do bad things to her, as a lover i think that she is a very smart girl who knows how to talk and make friends with ur friends, she will tell u whats her opinion on ur clothes and make u obey her, the one she loves must be alot of a cold person on the out side like harima (i can call him a tsundere man imo), she will prove her self to those who thinks that she is not worthy and if she is in a group she will work pretty damn hard just to be in the 1`st place and if she didnt she will bring up an escuse true or false and gratz the winner, and yes she dont like to be seen in bad resturants, but i realy dont think that she will refuse for her lover to make female friends, she put her trust in him but if he betrays her she wont trust him evar again, she talks big about pepole who are good and sympathy pepole who are not good, she knows how to have fun she love kids ,she is a very nice person once u know her, she will give the poor and try her hardest to make the world a better place not as alot of other rich pepole

    its just my opinion tho :) hope i was right

  • AdamDuffield

    Looking back, its quite disapointing the lack of knowledge we get about the couples, whats comfirmed is
    Hanai and mikoto get married
    Kanji and Eri get married
    Immadori and Ichijo get married at quite a young age
    Madoka and Shigeo continue dating well into the future despite a very unhealthy relationship

    Nothing else is revealed, and all the above is revealed in literally one page per pair. I wouldve liked a less rushed more developed ending to the sieres than what we got

  • this is why I love emo boys

  • Here is what i think about the Couples

    #1 I love Harima and Eri! Harima may not know it but he so belongs with Eri! I heard that in School Rumble Z they get marryed! YAY!!!

    #2 Harima and Tenma i never thought would end up together. Too Different.

    #3 Harima and Yakumo are my 2nd favorite Harima couple (1st is Eri!) they’re rally Cute!

    #4 Hanai and Mikoto are like PERFECT for each other! I mean they have shown some physical and mental attractions. Think about it!

    #5 Hanai and Yakumo aren’t my favorite couple. hmpf. Hanai is way to cliche.

    Tenma and Nara are like my FAVORITE Tenma couple! No one remembers Tenma+Nara cause Nara got practically kicked out after the Beach part of SR. I still love Nara though! Remember Nara+Tenma!

    ~ The Yuki Anime/Manga View (Tee Hee)~Yuki

    P.S. I only did my favorite or least favorite couples.

  • Fundamentally, the human soul is in search of experiencing one of the great spiritual truths of our existence. That truth being “We are all one.” This is why people are concerned with finding true love. A love relationship allows us to experience oneness with another human being.

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