Hot Discussion: Is Anime Good for Us? Are We Proud of Liking It?

Remember Impz, the esteemed animeblogger, who was recently featured in a local newspaper? That article was basically an advertisement for his college, the Nanyang Technological University, and listed his stellar academic glories. One of Impz’s loyal fanboys was so impressed by that article that he created a post on a local forum, proclaiming the following:

"Well, this proves the smart, mature ones appreciate anime, and the dumb, narrow-minded ones are stuck to their dramas and movies.

More evidence is of course from another animeblogger, who is arguably the most popular one now internationally, DarkMirage, a RJC student that has already attained JLPT 1. His blog is of course and one of his posts managed to hit 400 over comments.

I’m not saying I don’t watch dramas and movies, but I always hold the view that it is inferior to the anime sub-culture (including manga, light novels and visual novels).

I encourage everyone to try and embrace my point of view and stop thinking that you are weaboo. I for one will never stay in Japan and I think the Japanese are quite crazy, but I believe this subculture is definitely superior. Its the truth, face it.

Anyway, the article is very badly written. ImpZ is clearly quite an Otaku (and quite lolicon) if you follow his blog enough. Shoddy journalism, but one step forward for Otaku-kind."

His thread inspired quite the response, ranging from "I THINK ANIME IS SMARTZZZ" to the "FUCK YOU ANIME IS RETARDED!!" types. Oh yeah, yours truly responded with a "ANIMES IS TEH SHIT". Or something like that.

Now, much as I would like to congratulate Impz on his stellar grades, we all know that the little trap only started watching anime in his honours year. In other words, the evil anime did not have the chance to destroy his life, not until he reached year 4. See how from a normal blogger he has since degenerated into behaving like a prissy little green haired loli online (look at his real picture and link it with his posts especially on IRC, can you?). Anime is a toxin! It corrupts, it sears the mind, it destroys one’s perception of real life!!

Ok, I digress. What I would like to talk about in this post are the following questions, "Are anime fans actually smarter than the average person?", "Is being involved in anime beneficial to our lives?" and "Are we proud of our hobby?"

Dkiwi seems to have a strange mistaken notion of superiority because he is an anime fan. The worst part was that he posted it in a forum where people scream insults at each other because their cosplays are lousy and others are horrified at their favourite characters being sullied. A quick scan of the threads in the forum yielded a post screaming about how EVIL ODEX is going to arrest them all, right under a post about where to get Darker than Black fansubs. Lol, not the brightest bunch are we? Anyway, I think you can’t really classify people based on their hobbies, but if we take the average, it can be concluded that anime fans are actually worse off than the average person in another hobby.

The average anime fan is a teenager or young adult. If he’s a male, chances are he will like giant unrealistic robots, cartoon girls pandering to fetishes, cat girls, maids, blushing, Naruto and Bankai. If she’s female, she will most likely like gay sex, gay sex orgies, straight characters making love with other straight characters of the same gender, girly men, boys who look like girls, androgyny, Naruto and Bankai. Seriously, and you tell me that anime fans are smart.

I’m not sure what’s the definition of smart. IQ is a possible yardstick. School grades are another. Monetary success in life, career advancement, prestige and wit are other measures. So the otaku who is hikkikomori, jobless, didn’t finish school, is probably not considered smart, despite him knowing all the names of every character in the Gundam universe, and having the ability to recite out the various seiyuu lines in near-perfect pitch and tone. Ok, let us dissect the various sub-species of anime fans and see if we agree on whether they are smart.

  1. Narutards run around shouting "RASENGAN! BANKAI!" and wear ninja costumes.
  2. Animebloggers sit at home and spend long hours writing about their anime experiences, for no rewards at all besides e-penis.
  3. Cosplayers spend a lot of money dressing up as anime characters and then strutting around pretending to be one in a public place.
  4. Figure collectors spend a lot of money buying little overpriced overvalued pieces of PVC, the cost price of which is probably 5 percent of the retail price.
  5. Gothlolis spend a lot of money buying expensive branded clothing which cannot be worn normally outside without looking like a freako.

Smart? Only if the word SMART actually meant Supremely Masochist Anime Retarded Toads.

Anime is probably one of the dumbest hobbies. Anime viewers are not above drama or TV viewers, we are probably the same. A common line of argument is that anime has deeper plots, multifaceted developing characters and all that mishmash which live-action doesn’t. This is bullshit. Everytime an anime fan throws out these arguments, he will compare Evangelion with Survivor or something. The problem is, he compares the best of anime with the worst of other media. For example, Dkiwi says, "Light Novels like Suzumiya Haruhi are definitely much harder to write than a draggy novel…" Right… light novels are harder to write. I laughed.

Light novels are just like the dime novels/pulp fiction of the past century. They are entertaining, easy to read, full of fanservice. To say that they are more intelligent than other media is ludicrous. I would accept if one brings up scientific papers, journals and all that and said these are deep. But saying stuff like Zero no Tsukaima, Inukami, Haruhi etc are intelligent is like smacking your newborn child and shouting "HEY JESUS is BORN!!"

The vast majority of anime storylines are the same, the characters are all from the same mould, the seiyuu appear in many typecast roles. It’s just once in a while you get a legendary series (like Gintama of course) and people use that one to justify how clever their hobby is. It’s self-deceit and they know it deep down. Anime is for losers! It’s for escapists, people who are nerds, people who can’t do sports, people who have no other talent and other social misfits.

People who are fans of anime always get too defensive about their hobby. When people suggest anime are cartoons, they rave and scream about how anime is superior to cartoons and all cartoons are childish and all that. Look, I don’t care if anime are cartoons or cows, the vast majority of it is still aimed at youngsters or even kids. I’m 21 this year and still watch and enjoy anime about how a little creature appears from a fridge and makes noises like "HANI HANI" for the whole 23 minutes. She has a friend who likes snacks and shoots LASERS from her hair. Dkiwi also talks about Potemayo, "Would any of your normal friends pick up Potemayo? I don’t think so. Yet alot of anime bloggers have commented on it positively. And Potemayo is Seinen as well, which means it targets the 18-30 male crowd."

Doesn’t he realise the irony of that statement? Does he think that bringing up Potemayo will make us anime fans seem more intelligent? Buddy, you held the gun the wrong direction. The truth is, the vast majority of anime out there is juvenile, one-dimensional and so simple that kids slightly above the age of 12 should achieve the same level of comprehension a 21 year old would get. When I was 13, I watched Kenshin, Flame of Recca and Ranma. Now at 21, I watch Kekkaishi, School Rumble and ugh Monster Princess. I find this stagnation does affect my emotional growth.

Anime is a very escapist hobby. It is quite fantastic in nature, leading one to dream and imagine lots of impossible scenarios through which we can avoid facing up to everyday issues. Many an anime fan looks at his lack of social life, and goes "Well, in eroge I have 2014 girls already. Who needs these real ones anyway?"

The all-encompassing nature of anime is also quite dangerous. Being an anime fan more or less automatically makes you inclined to the other subhobbies, like perhaps figure and merchandise collecting, meeting other otakus, cosplay, doujin, eroge, manga, AMVs, drawing etc. Chances are that a serious fan will fill his/her life up with all these and leave no room for other avenues of growth.

I know many losers in real life. And a lot of them come from the anime community. Sure, anime fans generally don’t do drugs, smoke or perform criminal acts (except DOWNLOADING of course, oh and porn is still illegal in Singapore) but if you’re like, 24 years old and in college yet do not have any friends in it and have to hang out with the people 5-6 years your junior whom you met in an online anime chatroom, you probably qualify for the L club.

Now, this is already quite the rant, but to top it off, I shall ask you guys and myself the following question, are you proud of being an anime fan?

For me, the answer is a NO. Unless I know the people I’m talking to are anime fans, I’ll never bring up the subject, admit I watch or have any merchandise on it which would betray my identity. It’s not exactly the most glorious thing to admit to, the fact that you’re a certified adult and still watching cartoons of cat girls in maid costumes.

I met up with an old friend last week. We met when we were 15 in Japan. She liked Hamasaki Ayumi, dressed like a kogal etc back then. Now she’s a 3rd year dentistry student, vice-president of the college’s Dentistry society, dresses sharp and business-like with high heels and plays golf. I liked anime back then and after six years now, I love anime and run a website where I talk about anime. I dress about the same, perhaps slightly better. So she asked me if I was still watching anime after all these years, I said I was and she was seriously shocked. Apparently, I never grew up. So I made some lame excuse about always wanting to retain the boy in me.

Thinking back, perhaps being involved in anime was bad for me. Perhaps if I didn’t watch anime, I would be more driven in life, perhaps doing a degree in Medicine or Law and wearing spiffy suits. It’s a big "what if", maybe I’ll be selling pirated DVDs on the roadside too.

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  • Hell no. I don’t have any real life friends who I discuss anime with, thank God.

    I don’t put anime as one of my hobbies in my resume, and I think that proves how much I’m ashamed of it.

  • “Well, this proves the smart, mature ones appreciate anime, and the dumb, narrow-minded ones are stuck to their dramas and movies.”

    Let’s dissect this for a moment. Assuming that smartness/maturity can be linked to a high IQ, and that same IQ is the one measured by Mensa, then those who appreciate anime have a high measure of logic, because Mensa measures that for their tests. If this is true, and Dkiwi claims to watch anime, this means he is claiming he has a high measure of logic, which then means all I need to do is disprove his statement.

    Now, breaking down Dkiwi’s argument:

    Impz watches anime
    Impz is smart
    Therefore, all smart people watch anime.

    This can be expressed in the following:

    I is A
    I is S
    Therefore all A is S

    If we substitute Dkiwi’s argument with the following:

    Dogs are four-legged animals
    Dogs are mammals
    Therefore all four-legged animals are mammals

    It becomes clear that he’s talking a lot of rubbish. tj you noob. I could tell from the first line. And you dare to ask if I’m proud of being an anime fan.

  • In the Philippines, being Otaku-y is totally okay. I’m not overly proud of being an anime fan, but it’s just one of those hobbies. If I hadn’t gotten into this business, I probably wouldn’t have gotten a blog, opened up to other people online, or be as computer-literate as I am today.

    Like Lupus, I wouldn’t put “anime” as a hobby in a resume, but I’d instead put something like “Japanese Pop Culture” or something. Yeah, that works.

  • @lupus

    I have RL acquaintances/friends who I can discuss anime with. But I’m probably the most ‘engrossed’ in it @_@

    Anyway, I also won’t put that into my resume too. But if asked, I’ll probably admit to liking it–casually. =p

  • @Lupus Which is sad actually.

    @tjhan Well, anime is anime, and it should not detract you from your said purpose in life. Unless of course, you don’t have one and look to anime to fill the void. If it’s that way, then it’s your fault for not having a purpose in the first place.

    What’s wrong with labelling anime as a cartoon? Well…. I guess it’s the stigma carried forward from western cartoons whereby the animated versions of the comics are usually dumbed down. No one dares to call the Civil War series, or the Sandman series kiddy, so why should manga/anime be viewed the same way, given that there definitely are equivalents to those titles mentioned earlier?

    In any case, who gives a fuck to what people think of my hobby?

  • I pretty much never discuss anime, except online, and typically in text only. I agreed with most of your points, and it seems silly to make such gross generalizations on such a tiny sample size while using faulty cause-effect logic. Ironically, the poster’s comments seem to reinforce the counter-argument that anime fans are actually dumber than a typical person who is not an anime fan.

    I think having a hobby (of any kind) can expose you to things you wouldn’t learn before, and can broaden your horizons. However, to think that a hobby can actually make you smarter seems like a flawed argument from someone looking for a reason to be better than the majority.

    So she asked me if I was still watching anime after all these years, I said I was and she was seriously shocked. Apparently, I never grew up. So I made some lame excuse about always wanting to retain the boy in me.

    Ugh, this excuse is soooo bad! It sounds like something Michael Jackson would say while sipping Jesus Juice and bedding a young boy. You should have just told her that if she had kept up with anime, she’d be smarter and probably have gotten the PRESIDENT position by now.

  • Well I can say I’m not proud of it, nor I feel any quilt of any sorts. I am what I am even if 95% of the time it goes to being cynical smart-ass infused with gelatin of elitism. Some sort of annoying know-it-all silent guy with sunglasses. And I’m going towards the degree in Medicine or degree from Humanities by being a fusion between program coder and businessman.

    Meh, I don’t think anime and the sub-culture has harmed anything or anyone in my life. I still have the same nerd/tech club around me in real life and only one of them watches anime. And we respect others hobbies as they come and go or stay permanently.

    And yeah, I can say the average and below anime fan is rabid craving lunatic beyond redemption, sure I was one too at start but you *must* outgrow it, you can’t stay “Japan=Superior@Everything” level too long or you damage your brain permanently. And this is what happens to 90% of fans over here. They just get dumber and dumber and drool everything that has “Japan” in them.

    I’d never move to Japan if it wasn’t for work appointment from homeland but yeah, I can say I love this sub-culture and won’t be giving it up in the near future, but who knows 10 years from now? I think not, I have shitload of untouched eroge’s that I’ll be playing in the elderly care center with this speed of mine.

    And yeah, seeing all those badly done cosplay suits and cheap “j-rock style” clothing on the streets, makes me want to lament for all of those poor retards and start going gun maniac with trigger happy syndrome.

  • Heh, guess I could put up a brave front and pretend to defend liking anime, but nah, I’m not that unintelligent.

    Same as Lupus, you won’t catch me writing anime as one of my hobbies… and I rarely discuss it in detail out of circles I know like anime too.

    Still, the problem is that whether or not it directly benefits me, I still like it. I guess this is the true meaning of… erm, passion, is it? Doing something regardless of the costs and benefits.

    Oh, as for Potemayo, it’s not like you watch it for the intellectual value, do you? You watch it for the humour… I pity whichever idiot who tries to dig up something deep and intelligent out of Potemayo…

  • I’m proud of watching and liking anime. I’m not proud of what that represents though. :P

  • if someone brings up the topic.. i’ll say yes… i’m not ashamed of being an anime fan… but if the topic doesn’t come up in a conversation why go there…

    most of my RL friends either don’t watch anime or are casual fans who watch mostly bleach and naruto, and i dropped those shows so there’s nothing to talk about… none of my RL friends even know who haruhi is… but sometimes they do ask me for suggestions and i’ll suggest anime that’s suited for them… but i do occasionally make a mistake in suggesting an anime like when i suggested shana to one of my friends he just found it boring and ii just had the “wtf?” face and didn’t delve too much on the topic…

    anime and the like are a form of entertainment just like dramas but it does offer a wider range of genres that cater to wider niche audience… most of which can’t really be depicted properly in dramas unless their budget is bottomless…

  • “Anyway, I think you can’t really classify people based on their hobbies, but if we take the average, it can be concluded that anime fans are actually worse off than the average person in another hobby.”

    As things stand, you can only watch anime through an electronic medium, either a computer or portable mediaplayer. I agree that anime fans are worse off by default in the sense that not everyone has the time and in some cases, money to enjoy it, unlike other hobbies that can be more easily accessible such as sports. Of course, we also cannot neglect the fact that watching anime gives you no real physical benefits unlike sports.

    “Anime is probably one of the dumbest hobbies.”

    Only if you allow it to be, anything in excess is bad. Besides, the worth of anime merchandise such as figurines cannot be just determined by its monetary value. If you feel that spending money on overpriced and overvalued PVCs makes you happy, then I seriously do not see the problem behind it. Hell, you can even treat it as a form of investment and resell it later, just like any items with trade value.

    “Anime is a very escapist hobby. It is quite fantastic in nature, leading one to dream and imagine lots of impossible scenarios through which we can avoid facing up to everyday issues.”

    While it can leads to dream and imagination, I believe that it is the viewers’ responsibility to differentiate reality from fantasy. Blaming everything on anime is being irrational and irresponsible at best. Guns don’t kill people, those who pull the trigger do.

    “are you proud of being an anime fan?”

    While not necessarily proud of being an anime fan, I certain do not send myself into guilty trips over it either. Sure, the society certainly does not shower anime fans with shining compliments or bathe them in the spotlight of glory, but everything has to start somewhere, don’t they? I can however, hope that it will go towards a positive direction, everything has two sides and there are always bad apples within the community afterall.

  • Toads?

    Keroro Gunsou is cool!

    (I don’t get why people take your post seriously.)

  • I’m in the best spankin’ shining class in my school.

    I’m the only anime freako in it.

    I’m near the last.

    That explains a lot LOL

  • …anime it isn’t a hobby, it’s entertainment. A hobby consists of actually doing(or collecting) something for the purpose of recreation and achieving personal fulfillment. Watching anime is simply like listening and looking at a story(or joke book), hence it isn’t a hobby. What would be a hobby is cosplaying and collection merchandise. ^^;

  • I prefer to keep my drama-watching and manga-reading hobby a secret from friends because of the many similar shocked and weird looks I’ve received from people around me. The consistently shocked replies I’ve received made me realise that this indulgent side of me that should remain a secret.. forever. Hahaha.

    “You actually read such stuff?! Comics?!” (typical stereotyping)

    “Yes I do, as much as I don’t look like an avid manga-reader irl.” -shifty eyes-

    I’ve been trying to cut down on my manga purchases lately because I’ve realised that it is a hobby not worth spending on. I read them once, twice, thrice sometimes maybe for the fourth time… and then its stashed forever in the shleves, forgotten till god-knows-when. There are no endings to collecting and purchasing the latest mangas.. >_> New series pop up time after time, books get accumulated on the shleves… and.. the holes in the pockets just keep increasing.. Hahaha. Er, I digressed. >_> sorry.

    Like majority of the people, the only time I’m discussing such stuff is when I’m in the company of like-minded friends. Otherwise, it remains a topic I’ll never broach on.

  • Such a question brooks the question of credibility, regardless are we referring to social credibility or intellectual credibility. Let us compare the anime culture to what I would say an unfair labelling to her American “counterpart”, do fans of Marvel/DC comics and visual novels go around blowing their own trumpets? Or go around canvassing support for it to be mainstream? Tabletop games like miniature wargames like LOTR Strategy Battle Game or Warhammer 40k.. are those seen as socially credible to put on one’s curriculum vitae of life?

    The start of this post stems from the statement by one person that anime are for the intellectually superior, granted it’s very naive to propagate a stand from simply one person which is far too small a sample size to make any good ideas about yet one must wonder has they seen the first of such kinds? Not just on anime but on any habits particularly those that are niche. It’s likely to be what many call the “alternative” attraction, the wave of anti-establishment makes people going against what seems to be perceived mainstream for the sake of earning brownie points in the social game.

    If we are to associate and compare anime with other niche habits, is anime any less socially credible then her counterparts? This is my personal opinion, but I think that societal environment plays an important role in it. In the West, being perceived for having such hobbies can give one an alternative “coolness” feel to it. Naturally it depends on how entrenched you are in those hobbies, the image of comic readers as fat comic geeks are not very far from the ordinary mind.

    However, the nature of anime viewing can easily be solitary-inducing because it’s in front of a monitor and the subcultures of anime can easily lead to more compulsive monitor staring. How many of anime fans here have not spent time at imageboards surfing and looking for pictures? Eroges, figurine, light novels and more, to quantify anime as an hobby is perhaps not accurate enough. Anime is more like a way of living then a hobby for it’s much more expansive across many mediums then most niche hobbies and it requires minimal social connectivity in the real world.

    tj_han’s opinion that anime fans, regardless of subclasses are losers in general is one that I will like to raise an objection to. What he raised are symptoms and characteristics of specific groups but are intelligence and such characteristics mutually exclusive? I personally find the opinion of it not being true quite unpalatable yet we are forced to remove our prejudices so it won’t colour our opinions. To say that the anime lifestyle and her representation across the different mediums are superior to others are definitely silly because it’s subjective and there’s no good basis for comparison but those are opinions of those living in the lifestyle.

    It’s perhaps easy to blame peripheral reasons around us for failures in our lives yet the involvement of the self in such events cannot be denied.

    What will lead to ruination of one’s life? It’s possible that not being connected to reality is one, or being haplessly stupid is another.

    Let us all be stupid for stupidity’s sake.

    P.S: I personally see no need to perpetuate social perceptions by going around telling people that I watch anime.

  • JS: Did you just contradict yourself? “A hobby consists of actually doing(or collecting) something for the purpose of recreation and achieving personal fulfillment. Watching anime…” So watching something is not considered performing an action (ie doing)? How is watching anime not a hobby?

  • impz is most probably the exception to the norm.

    If DM had enough sense in him, he’d have realized long ago that his obsession won’t make him any more respected than the average man in the street. It makes him worse.

    Heck, I get strange looks from normal people when they do find out. It’s not exactly something to be proud of, hence that is why I keep my hobbies and means of entertaining myself SEPARATE from my personality.

    Being otaku does not make you smarter, or anything. In fact, it does the reverse. With incredibly devastating results.

    Then again, I could say the same thing about 4chan, but the effect is instantaneous, and slowly becomes permanent.

    If you act proud and haughty in front of people, people aren’t going to like you at all. And if they find out more about you, it reflects badly on your beliefs and hobbies.

    Retards flock together like birds of a feather. I’m glad I’m not the only one ashamed of liking animé, especially with bigots like dkwiki and DM around.

  • Both me & JP still watch anime and both have full time real jobs and our own apartment. It’s a matter of whether you put anime ahead of everything or put your life ahead of anime.

    When I was looking for jobs/apartments, anime was the last thing on my mind. It’s just a himatsubushi activity to do after I get home from work. Instead of watching some cable tv show (I dont have cable) I’ll watch anime.

    I’ve been dropping many shows lately because they are too low for my brain to handle. Maybe you’re right like 6 years ago I might have thought Nagasarete Airantou, Hayate no Gotoku & Potemayo were the most fucking awesome thing in the world. However now I just watch it, if it entertains me I continue, if it kills my brain cells I drop it.

    I used to take the whole anime hobby seriously and defend it etc but yea that was when I was a teenager or freshman in college. You don’t have to “stop” watching anime to grow out of it, you just have to see it as a “form of entertainment” like “watching tv”. Watching Grey’s Anatomy over Anime doesn’t make someone any more mature btw. (I think all American sitcoms are retarded as hell because they only live on adult sex jokes. At least anime has some variety to choose from.)

    Plus nowdays one reason I only draw Naruto is it’s what racks in the cash. I look at it from a business POV rather than “I’m gonna draw naruto cause im a fat yaoi fangirl!!”

  • sesshomaru_haku

    oi. i’m in the track and field team. and i really don’t think it’s fair to say that anime fans don’t have other talents.

    yes, i’m proud of being an anime fan. what anime is is one matter. what it does to you is another. you control the latter.

  • Great post.

  • Well, you dicks who are ashamed of your own hobbies should just fuck off. No one is going to respect a hobby when the enthusiasts themselves despise the hobby.

    Heck, if you all are ashamed of it, then why watch anime in the first place? Why not just go on to something you can shout about proudly like porn or something.

    If you think I’m referring to you, then yes, motherfucker, either stand up for what you believe in and/or like, or just shut the fuck up.

  • I hate to say this, being an anime fan, and someone who reads fanfiction, manga and doujinshi, draws anime-style, is currently learning to read and speak japanese, drools over yaoi and yuri, idolizes seyuu, doeas karaoke on japanese songs and is practicing the Hare Hare Yukai – but you’re right.

    I started out in fandom with fanfiction – which did improve a lot of things, including my english, my reading comprehension and my maturity in a lot of issues (like, say, sex or abuse). Then I went over to anime because it was interesting. What started out as a small hobby (catching anime on TV or taping it, being nostalgic over series I watched when I was 10), pretty much took over my life. My grades dropped drastically and I can’t be arsed to learn anything or set them straight because I’m too busy doing other things, most of my friends think I’m associal and I’ve been a hikikomori (as you put it) for two years.

    But I still enjoy anime, I can’t help it.

    I won’t admit this in public. It’s embarassing to tell people you’re obsessing over something like this (be it cartoons, dramas, a certain book or movie – or anime). I explain liking an anime opening song as ‘well, I don’t mind what language the song is in, if it’s just fun’ or ‘I’m keeping it for the crack’.

    Although, I’m trying to change again, without removing any aspect of anime from my life. I won’t go out to clubs and stuff (just boring), but I’m trying to pick up with studying again (starting my final highschool year, I’m 18), lose weight (which isn’t because of anime, but because I’m a glutton – anime actually helped me here) and buy some sharp clothes. Okay, it probably won’t work out. But I’d rather be seen as a nerd than as an otaku.


    All these doubts have been in my mind for a time now, but overflowed when I watched Episode 2 of Nanatsuiro Drops – “I’m not doing anything to get into college, ditch my friends, live in a proverbial rubbish heap and dress like the geek I am because of useless cartoons like this?!”

    And then I stare at the idiots who can’t type english properly, reminding myself than my own english is shit right after I watch an anime, who failed their Bacs and go to private colleges… do I really want to be like that? At least I still, occassionally, read books and well-written fanfiction and let my inner nerd instead of anime-geek take over to google things like physics (…inspired from Noein…) or psychology (…and half the time applying it to anime characters…). Reading all that above, I wouldn’t want to be friends with myself either.

    At least living in a country without an anime market or pay-pal prevented me from spending money on anything beside monthly bills and blank DVDs.

    I’m glad someone touched this subject.

  • Interesting post! I must say I’m quite proud of being an anime fan, I even gush to my friends about it sometimes. But I wouldn’t go so far to declare that we r0x and you sux. That’s quite idiotic… -.-”

  • Nice. Personally I don’t really mind liking anime, but i would never go up to my friends screaming how this series is better than that. Hell, even if they were discussing anime/manga i wouldn’t even join. It’s actually embarassing sometimes to know that you’re addicted to this stuff, but w/e.

  • I agree that most fans put anime on a pedestal where it doesn’t belong.

  • Ooo. I love this entry.

    You already know my answer. Lol.


  • @tj
    There is a very singporean mindset of what success is, from what i read. Getting a medical degree? getting good grades? Are those the benchmark of what smart people are? Intelligence is not measured by how you do academically. Oh yar sure im in a course where only ‘smart’people with good grades can get in, but i see people that are seriously retarded. Are you gonna let people judge how successful you are in life, im getting the vibe that alot of the people are letting societies perception of what is right and what is wrong get in the way. Hell i am an otaku, i play d&d i play magic, i am an avid gamer, i play table-tops, i watch porn. Hey i have done so many unsavoury things to the ‘normal’ society in singapore. I am proud to admit it, i am who i am why must i deny who i am. If i do not do well i do not blame the huge amount of times i spent watching anime, playing c&c and participating in friday night magic, i blame myself.

    @aniime fans
    The fact is, some people have this superiority complex(supcon), they think just because they have participated in a particular form of media it makes them all cool and the non-believers must burn in hell. When i say media i mean all form including papers and books. Those with this kind of supcon rejects everything and everyone unless they conform to what they want. Anime fans are stereotyped as retards is due to this over-zealous proclaimation that anime is the holy grail. For example HP fans go around saying that HP is the best fantasy that ever was, obviously they have not read LOTR. Then there are the LOTR fans who say that LOTR is greatest book ever written but have they read Shakespearian works? Plato’s works? No, they limit themselves to what they know and stagnate themself. The problem is not watching anime, it is watching too much and only anime, there is a world out there go explore, it doesnt make you any less of an anime fan.

    Replace anime with another obsession and the results will be the same, look at tsu. He replaced anime with GE but is he better off? (Sorry tsu but you are too good of an example to not use)

  • It’s one thing enjoying it privately and wanting to spread the love.

    It’s another when you declare it the end all be all of entertainment and worship it like some deity.

    Which is what a fair amount of people are doing. And it’s spiraling out of control.

    Scratch spiralling, it’s literally out of control now.

  • Elydis: As much as I tell myself that, the truth is that most of society still places expectations on you. And you are what society deems you are, not what you think you are. I can think I’m superman, but society thinks I’m a mere student. And my course in uni? It only accepts people with 3 As for Alevels of course. But nobody thinks it’s prestigious though. But that’s not the point.

    My point is that anime is not all that great as some people say, it’s quite a shameful hobby.

  • I get 3 times as much flak, and it’s all because of religion.

    However, since my hobby is about to be pummeled into the ground and then buried and forgotten, I can’t just sit around and do nothing, for that would make me a hypocrite.

  • Society and hardcore hobbyist identities do not work together. One is pragmatical, the other extremely aesthetical. While I am proud to be an anime fan, I believe the majority of the society are retarded idiots. How do I know this? I work in the society because I need money to survive (i.e. for my hobby). While I strive to appear as a slighly above-average Joe and would, at the same, like a place where I could discuss my hobbies freely, perhaps among a group of people that feel the same way, there’s bound to be social differences even among that bunch anime fans, so keeping your hobby in the closet would be the best approach for your average anime fan. At least until you start making money with that obsession of yours–then it becomes pragmatical and thus a valuable proof of success.

  • First we could all try to appear intelligent and busy by writing less verbose…

    As with any medium there are smart as well as dumb anime, so I’d never be ashamed of my hobby. Tell people you like learning languages, are very informed about some industry and have a blog. Remarkable! Add that it’s somewhat related to Narutards and watch their regard drop. So I rarely mention it because most other “fans” for some reason (probably age) are idiots.

  • I’m proud to be an anime fan because some series are so beautiful and well written they move me to tears. Anything that makes me cry with happiness, leaving me glad to be alive, is worth being proud of.

    However, on my CV I will mention I received a first for my dissertation on Modern Japanese Art…not Mecha Science Fiction Manga, since the average person will think, “weird girl”, and I’d like to get a job…so I can buy more anime/manga and continue to be happy forever! :)

  • Haha, it was an entertaining and very well-written post, but honestly I can’t really understand why you’ve actually bothered with writing about such an obvious thing. (Then again, it might not be obvious for everybody.)

    Seriously, I don’t think anime has a bad influence on me. I would not get better degrees if I didn’t watch anime, but then again, I don’t spend that much time and money on it – it’s basically a very recreational thing and among my hobbies, it’s the one that entertains me the most. That’s actually the only reason why I am watching so much – 20 minutes are very easy to slip into a tight schedule unlike movies that last 2 hours. So the effectiveness of an enjoyable break is much higher for anime than everything else. I also think that during exam and stressful times, I need something as mindless as Umisho.

  • That thread was so inane that I shat myself.

  • I take exception to this I am not a loser I am a failure. I tried… ;)

    Even if you don’t consider anime to be a hobby, hobbies are for your own personal enrichment and have no bearing on your job. This however differs from obsession. Honestly there is little point in being a doctor or lawyer if you are no happy or passionate about your work. Yes you may have a six figure income, but I am perfectly fine simply giving my all and letting the chips fall where they may besides I actually have health care in the US. Its all too easy to look at your neighbor and envy his/her success, but if you are never wanting for food or shelter you can be content if you so choose to. The way I see it anime fandom is diverse there may be losers in it, but the number of them is only the result of how people define a loser.

    I have no doubt dashed my parent’s hopes of their first born being a doctor or lawyer I just was not cut out to be one big deal. Its not like a doctor or lawyer by default contributes to society more than an average grunt like me, I am an all round nerd and feel completely unashamed of it, I like videogames, anime, table top miniatures, and military history. Incidentally a lot of people in the US military are all round geeks as well though anime fans are still in the minority in the pecking order of soldier nerds. Sure I hang out with the 25-40 crowd more than people my own age, but since when did age determine how true your friends are and how enriching a friendship can be? I picked up anime because it was more portable form of lazy entertainment that could fit easily on a portable hard drive, the only cable network I really like to watch is the History Channel, but only for certain things. Being part of this fandom has allowed me to become more adept at fixing software issues than before. Sure I could have tried reading a manual for fun, but having a driving force helps immensely.

    You sir may be ashamed of anime and your excuse of being labeled a child by a member of the opposite sex whom you have not seen in many a year. However I am too busy enjoying the childhood I never had. So what if a girl labels me a loser? If such is the case I am sure the feeling is mutual, besides girls are gross and icky. I am a member of US military garrisoned in a very liberal part of the country while working on a degree. By default my job means I don’t have many chances of finding love or other such nonsense because I want to graduate. I knew that the day is signed up that this was going to be case given the geo-political conditions at the time then, now, and the foreseeable future. I don’t have an inclination to always act my age, life is too short to be spent pretending to be older than you are. Growing up is overrated, trading anime to yell at kids to get off my lawn is a very poor trade IMHO.

  • While I agree with many of your premises, I’m not quite as willing to go so far with your conclusion. Then again, watching anime doesn’t take up as much time for me as many others; I’m very selective about the anime I watch, and never follow more than maybe 2 or 3 series a season. I guess I could also be considered rather successful for my age by societal standards…but I never really placed much trust in such things anyway, lol.

    Since I’m selective about anime, I guess you could say I’m not ashamed of the anime that I watch, although I probably can’t say the same for all of anime. Anime is quite a diverse medium, comparable to books or movies. There are classic novels and trashy stories, Schindler’s List and Dude Where’s My Car. In the same way, there’s anime as vastly different as Mushishi and Potemayo. Perhaps it’d be more accurate to say I only like certain genres or types of anime, and avoid others. In this sense, I’m proud of some anime and ashamed of others.

    Although more than any anime itself, perhaps, I’m more ashamed of many aspects of the fandom. Then again, almost no hobby is exempt from such a rule; the anime fandom is merely more obvious.

  • I’m still not sure if I’m proud to be an otaku or not. However, in place of saying ‘I like anime’, I say, ‘I like Ghost in the Shell’ or ‘I like Fullmetal Alchemist’, and I try not to bring up the subject of anime when around non-fans. I don’t know if I can be called an otaku or not. I do not like Haruhi Suzumiya. I do not like shojo anything, and I especially do not like yaoi. I’ve only cosplayed once (as Riza Hawkeye from FMA). Gothloli or even loli is still very foreign to me. I have other hobbies besides anime that I’d rather pursue. You seen to be blurring the line between fan and fanatic, and I also noticed hints about anime fans, in general, being highly immature and child-like. I have yet to meet someone like that, mainly because most total-otaku don’t get out of the house too much (my opinion). Although I like anime, I have a life outside my computer. I do agree that most fans over-glorify anime. I can tell you without hesitation that Deadliest Catch is much better than most anime series. I can also tell you that Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is better than most any American television series you can name. My point is that both American and Japanese television has their masterpieces and their failures. I’m not sure what’s the definition of smart. IQ is a possible yardstick. School grades are another. Monetary success in life, career advancement, prestige and wit are other measures. Why must wealth, grades and power be a measuerment of intelligence? I agree that there really is not an exact definition of ‘smart’. I believe thinking ability defines ‘smart’, and rote memorization to pass a test does not. You cannot be taught to be intellegent, you can only be born that way. Thus, I completely disagree with your point of view.

  • I don’t really hide it – if someone asks me I won’t lie about it and if someone asks me what my hobbies are I won’t leave it out – but I’m also not proud about it and I wouldn’t go around telling people or, heaven forbid, let on how big of a fan I am (learning Japanese because of it, watching tons of fansubs, buying a decent amount of DVDs, blogging about it, etc.) if they assume it’s just a casual, “Yeah I catch some things on TV every now and then” thing. From what I’ve seen, anime isn’t the most highly esteemed hobby around, and I don’t want people judging me because of it. For instance, I don’t want to be taken for a loser with no other hobbies, because that’s not true. I don’t want to be taken for an idiotic Japanophile either, because that’s also not true.

    Basically, as long as idiotic stereotypes abound, I don’t want to be associated with them.

  • *Sobz* Thank you my otaku friends, now I feel so much better and am ready to tackle the rigours of Science Camp. I am not a loser!! Lol.

  • Anime Fan and VERY proud of it.

    Since, this whole argument is about stereotypes especially the ones that are most often seen it does not seem really relavent because the other side, casual people who have some kind of common sense are not really represented and factored into the argument.

    I find the points for the various “subspecies” of the anime community very limited and not fully represented. Since most of the points focuses on behavior and money, there are other parts of society that are equally dumb and expensive. Such as why the hell are people buying jeans and other clothing apparel at $80 US, where the production costs are virtually 1/5 of the price and are made by cheap labor in developing countries. At least many cosplayers MAKE their own cloths. A good example of one of the stupidest people i have seen believe it or not comes from a classmate, where she wore a $100 US pair of jeans to Ceramic class and wound up ruining her jeans and would not stop bitching about it for the rest of the day. Many of you if you bother to read my response is probably wondering why she wore such expensive jeans to class and my only answer is that she is an idiot. No, not from being an anime fan. In fact she is in the niche of popular students that are in the school. So, does being popular make her really dumb, No, and does being an anime fan make you dumb/loser, no. It is just a personal thing and people are far too diverse to believe just a single factor is the sole influence that affects IQ, personality and interests.

    Also, many of the behavior that is described above is portrayed into an extreme absolute twisting and portraying information in a way that seems to somehow justify points later on. Sure, there are people who do act like idiots but there are also many who do not. I present this fact because, I personally know them, all for more that a year at the least. I being 17 at the moment have known a 27 year old friend for some time already. He is an intelligent individual who works hard and, to be blunt, DOES have a life outside of anime. He regularly pulls down 3 jobs at the same time to support his family, have trained to fight (kendo), and have more Bachelor and Master degrees that i have personally seen(way past 4). Much of his spare time is spent reading online medical journals just to be able to communicate with his cousins of which many are doctors. This may be an extreme example but, seems to be one of the best example to counter the illusion that all people who watch anime are losers. That’s to say he is am extreme case and the other people that i know and like are also very intelligent but, just not as to that extent.

    I reiterate that i am an anime fan and that the only true point that i can see at the moment is that we are no different that many other people in the world .That we have our own likes and dislikes too and that we (especially me) will not take shit when it comes to things we like and enjoy. (Yes, all you people that think that we are losers can go fu*k off now.)

    P.S. Just so you know people change and it may just be that you have changed other aspects of your life that you have not reflected on yet. Why let the appearance of your past friend bother you?

  • My god you really didn’t have to do that. What the hell. But the purpose of Information Technology is to dissipate information so heckz.

    I just came back from guard dismount and I have not read finish the comments (which I will do soon) but just indicating that I am aware of this blogpost. I need sleep first.

    And btw I am proud that I’m an anime fan. I’ve influenced some soldiers here and there by lending them light novels and some of the deeper anime titles. When done properly and in a non-elitist manner, they do admit that they thought that anime is all about Bleach and Naruto. But hey that’s real-life, online its different. We dissipate information, not knowledge or values. That’s why its called Information Technology, not Knowledge or Moral Technology.

    They share the same mentality as you as being ashamed of liking this stuff. I don’t blame them because females control society (linking back to ladder theory, which I have spent 4 hours reading on also because of reading this blog) and anime isn’t exactly “cool”. But my sex drive isn’t that high yet so my pride still holds.

    A ton of soldiers don’t believe me but I have not watched any porn, and have seen scarcely some hentai scenes from visual novel demos. Have not even read an issue of FHM yet, and survived BMT and Military Police basic without much contact with any females. But don’t worry, I’m not gay.

  • I’m studing Medicine and i have many friends
    and i enjoy anime more than both of them
    i watch dramas and movies but i enjoy naruto and bankai aloooooot more than them nothing make me happy more than anime
    yes more than proud to be an anime fan

  • sorry for double post
    animation is also a form of art like any other art you could enjoy it for it self
    and there is no one better at it than japanese
    and there is no point in saying anime fans are smarter than others they are normal people some are smart some retard some average
    do you become smarter if you watched deathnote (anime) than when you watch deathnote (live action)
    dramas movies and anime are the same it depends only on the show that you are watching
    but for me i find anime better because i love animation

  • @dKiWi This teaches you the importance of posting properly, be it the forums or just comments. Look where your “elitist” comments took you. In another way though, now you’re famous. A famous NSF. Perhaps the SAF should run an article on your net fame or something.

    @tjhan Wah lao you have to get out of the rat-race mentality la. Just because people conform VERY well to society doesn’t make them a winner. Seriously, if I were you, I’d shrug my shoulders at your friend’s comment, and demote her from friend to acquaintance.

    This really reminds me of Densha Otoko. Just that in this case we’re dishing shit advice to tjhan prior to his Orientation Week Camp.

  • @qwertypoiuy : GAHHH!!1111 I said it in sgcafe and I’ll say it again… watching anime does not make u smarter… that’s bullsh!ttzzzz. Smarter people appreciate anime better. Dumber people think anime is juz for kids and analyse it in conformance with society instead of taking on more critical views. For example, I did see this guy in another forum say that some parts of Suzumiya Haruhi “are quite deep, but not necessary.” Suck my dick lolz.

  • Not sure if I’m considered to be in the “smart” class, but after 15 years of watching anime, I can understand and somewhat speak Japanese. Education by osmosis, if you will.

    Conversely, I don’t think I’m a dork/’tard either, by nature of being:

    1) Happily married
    2) Earning enough money to be comfortable (and still be able indulge in anime!)
    3) Have a social life beyond fellow otaku and immediate family.
    4) Being reasonably fit and take swordsmanship as a hobby

    Over-generalisation is a seductive trap to fall into; it offers a simple solution to an overly complex world, but then again the world is never easy, is it?

  • @Elydis

    Actually, I gained more from GE then from Animes. I’ve made more friends, and gained and insane amount of virtual power. Lol.

  • @tj han – Yeah, I just noticed I contradicted myself. orz

  • I is Animu fan and proud of it.
    is you a communist?
    you is are too weak to accept that anime has taken you over and is now integral to your lives.
    who gives a shit what others think? as long as you is happy loving animu, no one can stop you from your hand drawn girls. not even a fine.

  • @dKiWi
    i said what you said Suck my dick lolz.

  • Well, its how we handle anime i guess? Like smoking, anime can be really addictive and end up taking most of our lives if we allow it to. If you take it as just entertainment, to burn time when u’re free etc, then i guess it’s completely fine? but when you start getting obsessed with it, you become a Fan of a “name” anime, into a fanatic, which will lead to all the other stuff u mentioned above.

    i for one have become deeply committed into Sch Rumble. but that’s only because i am waiting to enlist and have plenty of free time in my hands. i guess for many of us, the important thing is to not lose sight of our priorities.

    and to be not biased, being a Anime fanatic is completely fine, if u’re able to convert that hobby/passion into a way of life that can support your lifestlye. e.g. hardcore gamers competing in competitions and earning chunks of prize money to maintain themselves, and their lifestyle.

  • @Spiritsaint : Don’t worry… you’ll have tons of time after you enlist as well. I think that’s the pattern alot of us Singaporeans are following. When I was in JC I didn’t think about anything but my studies so I thought anime was bullshit (was a fmaths 4 subber). Made a mental promise to myself to check it out after my ‘A’ levels… and well. Major paradigm shift. And now I’m 6 months to ORDing and I’m REALLY INTO IT lolz.

  • Don’t you think you’re just too harsh on cosplayers? It’s all in good fun and they spend alot of effort in it too….anyway, i definitely don’t agree with Dkiwi. i don’t feel any smarter after watching anime nor do i feel like i’m gonna succeed acadamically.

  • I read through most of the comments and I guess alot of you don’t understand me. Clarifying those comments will take forever so I’ll just point out one that I found exceptional.

    Anya said:

    “Society and hardcore hobbyist identities do not work together. One is pragmatical, the other extremely aesthetical. While I am proud to be an anime fan, I believe the majority of the society are retarded idiots. How do I know this? I work in the society because I need money to survive (i.e. for my hobby). While I strive to appear as a slighly above-average Joe and would, at the same, like a place where I could discuss my hobbies freely, perhaps among a group of people that feel the same way, there’s bound to be social differences even among that bunch anime fans, so keeping your hobby in the closet would be the best approach for your average anime fan. At least until you start making money with that obsession of yours–then it becomes pragmatical and thus a valuable proof of success.”

    I agree with this alot. I also believe the majority of society are retarded idiots. In fact I’ve wrote alot about how Singapore society is flawed and prefers fucked-up mindless drivel as entertainment. This is one of them:

    Lets look at the gaming scene as an analogy (I have gaming elitism as well I guess). Right now everyone in Singapore is infatuated with DOTA. I’ve played WC3:TFT to quite a deep level and I can tell u 15 mins of WC3:TFT gives u more satisfaction than 2 or 3 games of DOTA (around 5 hours). But the skill barrier is there, which discourages Singaporeans from picking it up. I typically have to play WC3 everyday to keep my skill level up in the past. Not the case for DOTA. The skill level is like 5 of 6 times lower than WC3.

    That’s the problem with Singaporeans in general. We are generally quite shallow and go for mindless drivel. Japan isn’t like that, the correct and deep anime become popular (specifically, Haruhi and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni). In Singapore it is Bleach, Naruto and Inuyasha, because they match mindless drivel TV shows and movies. So to draw an analogy with gaming, Korea isn’t shallow as well. They recognise StarCraft is good stuff (which it is) and thus devote time to it. Microing and build orders in StarCraft is infinitely more complex and satisfying than DOTA’s item builds and what, 1 (at most 7 or 8 for Chen and Necromonicon) unit micro. Oh, and I’m really into SC now to prepare for SC2 btw.

    I mean I juz came back from the movies (I watched The Simpsons) and the 3 trailers that they showed didn’t impress me at all. One is for the local production 811. Now what the fuck is that? It decays your brain incredibly rapidly, but I’m sure alot of Singaporeans will watch it. Next is the latest Pixar flick about the rat that ones to become a chef, and then the one about the successful businessman that meets God and has to build an Ark. How can this kind of shit compete with alot of anime that I’ve watched?

    Why do I possess elitism? Its not because I want to look down on people. Its because I don’t want to waste my life doing inferior stuff, even if everyone else is doing it. I can say I was somewhat a Bleachtard before and after I watched anime like REC and Haruhi, and I experienced intense pain when I realised Bleach was really a huge waste of time. I told myself, ok for social reasons I don’t mind watching movies or playing DOTA, but hell wasn’t I going to do it in my own spare time. I have too little time out of camp as it is.

    Why do I make provocative posts? Its to help people wake up. Watching anime does not make you inferior although that’s the general social pressure. Like I said before, females control society. I think females invented the word “loser” not males. The definition of “loser” is basically someone who does not conform with society. There are many other crap like “nerd” and “geek” to apply societal pressure, which makes most of us afraid of liking something that isn’t societal. Logically, alot of anime is superior entertainment, but females are generally not logical unlike males. But to get them, most males become illogical as well. Guys, if left unchecked can go off the societal tangent very quickly. Its females that pull us back. That’s my basic argument.

    In the end, pride of being an anime fan (or saying DOTA SUCKS BALLS) is all about societal sacrifice. Most feel as long as they have fun with their friends and ok with societal pressures, life goes on. To me, you are wasting your life. Not many people are willing to admit they are really into anime/manga it, but for those who do, kudos to you. For the rest, remaining closet nerds would suffice I guess. Which means a balance between consuming inferior crap for social reasons, and finding time for the really good stuff.

  • Why must anyone have pride in all their hobbies? Just axe the “pride” shit and the problem is solved.

  • Yer f****** damn right, all of it Teej!

    I’ve attempted many times not watching anime but it’s just like breathing fresh air. thus, I will more likely suffocate if not watching one or two episodes/ series a day. Another alternative for anime is playing Tales of the World on my PSP or read newly released manga…

    After landing a proper job, I most probably stop watching anime, buy figurines but reading manga still on my list.

  • When I first read what you said about figures I sort of started to have a couple mixed feelings (I just started collecting them this month…and…my last figure that i’ll by ordering for quite a while will arrive today or tomorrow). I’m not someone who likes to spend money, but I like the figures that I bought and i’m happy with them (Plus, it’s not like I spent an overtly large amount of money….$100…plus, I got one for my birthday). I say, do whatever makes you happy in life.

    I don’t go around telling people I watch anime, but if it somehow comes up I don’t deny it. I guess, I have enough other qualities and reputation that if someone finds out I have seen a ton of anime they aren’t going to think any less of me. The only thing that I always feel awkward about is when someone asks me “What are you listening to” considering a large ammount of the music I have is Japanese….that, for some reason, makes me feel more awkward than anything. But, I guess, I don’t really care. I like what I like.

    As for any sort of obsession I have…I probably am not as obsessed with it as some of the other commentors (though…I may have seen more anime than a lot of the commentors :-P ). For example, this Summer I thought I was going to be watching lots of anime…instead, I’ve spent two months watching Honey & Clover and will just now finish up the series (When I switch to my next series though, I’ll probably go through it in a half a week…it depends on the series and how much I get into it…not necessarily how good it is, but how much it makes me want to go on to the next episode.).

    As for maturity….this is an interesting question in my case. I love The Fairly Odd Parents and I watch other cartoons every so often plus I love watching anime and I just turned 18. So…I watch kid’s shows (Though, referring to the Fairly Odd Parents again, there are a lot of things that are funny in there that your typical kid wouldn’t get or care about…There have been jokes about the IRS in there for example).

    I’d rather just stay a kid anyways :-p.

    Well….I’m bored now of writing my post that probably doesn’t contribute too much nor was it overtly well thought out, but oh well. Just to add some statistical data though, as for anime fans and intelegence, I’m in the bottom of the top 10% of my High School and my Senior High School Year consists of classes such as AP Chemesitry, AP Calculus, AP English, and English 102 (distance learning college class). No more explanation needed ;-)

    Now…I have to go get ready to play some Tennis ^^

    Maybe I’m not a hardcore anime fan after all :(

  • @Tsu
    Ok maybe GE was not that great an example, online games give alot more social experience and interaction compared to most media, i was basing it too much on the fact that if anything was an obsession it would not be good so apologies =D. Have not tried GE yet, heard it was a grinding game so i decided to pass. There are some good mmos coming up , like age of conan and warhammer online but they are p2p.

    Hey its good that you are trying to have provactive post and all but the problem all started because of miscommunication on what you wrote and what we perceived it as. I agree totally that most singaporeans are semi-retarded or worse. The main problem like i mentioned in my earlier comment is the fact that singaporeans are not open enough to accept ideas that is conflicting. Ok saying that females are less logical than males just put you on the ‘to kill list’on pro femnist factions. Ok joke aside, i do not think that it is the females that causes all this hoohaa about losers and hot guys. It is society and the media, media is a reflection of of society and thus interlinked and woven deeply. In todays media desirable traits are shown in ads may it be male or female. Media portrays what beauty should be, in dramas you always see the hot girl and up with the hot guy and the hot guy is usually some lawyer/doctor, basically the man are portrayed to be a success because of certain traits and career. This is just a very summarised version of society and media, if we went in deep we could write a book. And i salute you for trying to slap awake this authistc country call singapore, cause i have given up on it. Regarding gaming culture why dun you set up a discussion post on sgcafe, ill be glad to participate.

  • Ok double post, i cant stand seeing my spelling mistakes so here is the amendment

    Hey i love fairy odd parents too and nickelodeon’s in general. It may be blasphemy for saying this here but i love spongebob, alot haha lets go jellyfishing.

  • I know it sounds rather silly, but I still put anime above any TV show and a lot of movies. To be honest anime is a lot more appealing visually, story wise, character wise and story wise. Of course, I’m counting out the generic shonen. Anyways, my point is that once every season or half-season at least we get one jewel among anime, like Sayonara Zetsubou Seinsei and Gurren Lagann this season. The music, the stylized animation, the silly-yet-somewhat-”deep”-and-hard-to-follow plot, the photography and the characters are really what get me. When I watch TV the only shows I consider worth watching are Heroes (despite the incredibly shitty story, but the direction and the photography are quite praise-worthy) and Nip/Tuck (no complains about it). Those are like the only two shows on TV right now that I believe that hold any value.

    When it comes to movies, Hollywood is really rotten. Copypasta stories, copypasta soundtracks, bad acting, horrible scripts, cheesy lines… There’s just no end to it. Only movie/art festivals have something worth watching. We get a decent movie from time to time (ie Grindhouse) and it just bombs in the theaters (though 300 did pretty well).

    My point is, all media has its jewels and its trash. Anime, in my opinion, just tends to have more jewels more often. It also happens to be more innovative and it seems to take a lot more of risks. Saying that anime fans are more intelligent is completely idiotic. When I go to conventions I HATE 90% of the people there. The other 9% I want to punch in the face and the remaining 1% I can tolerate (that’s why I don’t go to conventions anymore).

    The best thing about anime is that there’s always something for someone. People quite often ask me why I like anime; all I do is just show them something that I think they’re ought to like and that saves me from some explaining.

    Saying that smart people like anime is like saying reading makes you smarter, especially when people read shit best sellers and Harry Potter.

  • *laughing* Oh wow, look at this – so many people are so quick to validate why they watch anime. Yeah, I’ve been into anime for almost ten years now since I was fifteen – I’m almost 25 now. And quite frankly, I think I’ve got what I wanted out of anime now. All the new stuff is geared towards another generation – it’s time for me to bow out of it. I’ve spent nearly $10,000 over the past almost ten years on my anime and looking at that…#_# yeah, that’s 3 years of state college tuition right there.

    For me, anime was an escape from life mostly. That and I was pretty weak-minded back then. So I watched lots of shounen-geared anime – y’know, the ones were the main characters have to conqurer nearly insurmountable odds in order to beat out the baddies and save the day. Truthfully, I was inspired by all that (still am, actually). Even though I spent so much time and effort into it, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    Yes, I’m proud of my anime watching but I won’t do it for much longer. I got plans to see through and life to get on with. Anime, as my generation knows it, won’t last much longer.

    If we want to validate all this time that we spent in watching and collecting it, we should definitely make something of ourselves out in the real world. It should be easy for us to do. I mean, how hard have we looked on the web for that ultra-rare collectible that’s hidden away on a Japanese-only website when you know that the only Japanese you know is ‘baka’ and still manged to get the order for it through? :D If that’s not determination, I don’t know what is. Put that same drive back into school and you’d probably be amazed at how quickly you can blaze through this stuff. And not just for becoming a graphic designer or an artist – honestly we have waaaaay~ too many – the market’s overflooded with such.

    Like the tech/mecha anime and such – become an engineer or an architech. We need those for real. Modify some of the ideas rolling around in your head to re-design existing things to make them more fuel-efficent or safer.

    Computer techs should already KNOW what they can do thanks to Ghost in the Shell primarily. :D and not just l33t hax00r skillz either.
    Networking skills? Look at the animeblog community – we’ve set up some good connections already.

    There’s a host of other things that can apply but I’m not going to list them all. ^^ But I seriously think that some of us should get into politics, if not for anything else than to get the real retards out of our governments. Although you probably shouldn’t make an ammendment to change the name of your country to Konoha… >.>

    We can change so much about this world but we’re too busy staring in front of the screen, wishing that the world will change for us. Forget that – hell, I pity the fools who get in the way of what I want to do with my life right now :D . The world has yet to face the wrath/determination of otaku who have a one-track mind/drive to succeed in life. :D What’s really stopping us from doing just that, eh?

    Again, I’m not bashing anything or anyone or calling into question why people got into anime but I don’t want to see an entire generation take something that is actually really good and do nothing with it. We can all say that we’ve learned a lot from our experiences with anime. The world/society wants proof of that – I’d say let’s shove a Bankai down their throats, Dragon Slave Osama while we’re at it and Rasengan G.W. Bush and CO right out of Washington DC as we go higher than any of those high’n'mighty cultural anaylists could ever dream of.

    Again, this is my view so take it with a few grains of salt and live with it. BTW, can you tell I’ve watched a LOT of shounen? ^^

  • Shounen IS escapist in nature. Seinen/Josei is not.

  • “Anime is for losers!” I’ve been saying this for years. Really, anime fans are generally the bottom-feeders of society, the way I see it. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s all in good fun, and I personally enjoy the camaraderie among us losers.

    Am I proud to be an anime fan? I wouldn’t say that I’m not PROUD, but I’m just not obnoxious about it. I also never bring anime up with random people. And really, why should I? The average person tends to think that being an anime fan means being a fantard who regularly squeals in pidgin Japanese while wearing a forehead protector. I really would rather not be associated with trash like that, even if it’s a common stereotype. However, if someone happens to recognize my GitS shirt or the wings on my backpack, that’s a different story (but then again, that person would be an otaku, so that’s really a different point entirely).

    I’ve got a life outside of my hobby, and although I’m not ashamed to say that I like certain anime series and that I collect figures, I do not glorify Japanese cartoons (many of which suck, IMO), Japan, or this silly hobby of mine.

    @DrmChsr0: Agreed with everything you’ve said so far, TELL IT LIKE IT IS, MANG.

  • well its depend on what u think.
    if u think that the anime figure is worthless to them then is same for others who
    bought dvd for just a disc that can be played and produce moving pictures.
    Also for the person who likes read book, they only bought a heavy paper that have words
    and pictures…
    Basicly, we shouldn’t say that other hobbies is worthless or stupid, its all depend on what
    u think.Its no suprise that hobbies will become weirder these days cause human move
    always moving forward and discovering new things.

  • I still dunno why some people are comparing themselves to others to find that they are doing “better” in life therefore, more successful. Why no just do what you like and not care what other people think. I mean, lets just enjoy ourselves and be happy with what we got.

    You never know what might happen, anime is already becoming very mainstream in entertainment and i personally would hate to swallow my pride and start re enjoying anime after renouncing it due to the fact that it is considered to be “dumb and for losers”. Heck the same thing happened to he Wii, where i had just gotten one since i wanted it. I got criticized by my peers for buying it, but since it became really popular, they have shut themselves up! And for some reason this exact same scenario happened to my DS, man seems like i know how to pick em eh?

    So you never know what might happen, and since i watch anime, it might become super popular all over the world too! HERES HOPING!

  • I love how so many people on here are in such a rush to explain themselves. I’m talking specifically about comments stating that even though people watch anime, it’s not something that they spend too much time on or consider a hobby. And they then deny all sorts of things, such as how they aren’t like other anime fans who are crazy and anime to them is little more than a current interest of sorts. But the thing that really gets me, and this is the big one, is that so many people are trying to convey that they are not LOSERS.

    And I wholeheartedly agree. Granted, too much of any one thing is bad. But that applies to everything in this world. Not just anime. The point I’m trying to make here is that people should stop being so self-conscious. So what if anime isn’t main stream? That doesn’t make you a loser for liking it.

    And I know the question posed at the end of this post was “are you proud of being an anime fan?” Personally, I don’t think that question is important. You don’t have to be proud of watching anime. But at the very least SHOW SOME PRIDE IN YOURSELF.

    If you’re confident in who you are, you shouldn’t have to worry if someone, most likely someone who isn’t too familiar with either you or your interests, labels you a loser. Because you’re not.

  • @DKiWi It’s all about preference. Having a preference for a particular form of entertainment over another DOES NOT make one a retard or not. You become a retard only when you become so obsessed with a particular hobby that you think all others suck in comparison.

    There is no such thing as a BETTER hobby, or a LOUSIER hobby. In fact, this applies to all modes, genres, and sub-genres of entertainment. As long as one enjoys it (which is the aim of entertainment in the first place), I don’t see why there is a need to stop him/her from watching/listening to that particular mode of entertainment, or even despising his/her mode of entertainment.

    I think I better stop here before I get too worked up over someone’s perceived greatness of himself.

  • i like anime… i talk about anime… i quote anime in real life… i make sure people know i like anime… im a loser… and im proud of it…

    gg kthkz

  • “I met up with an old friend last week. We met when we were 15 in Japan. She liked Hamasaki Ayumi, dressed like a kogal etc back then. Now she’s a 3rd year dentistry student, vice-president of the college’s Dentistry society, dresses sharp and business-like with high heels and plays golf. I liked anime back then and after six years now, I love anime and run a website where I talk about anime. I dress about the same, perhaps slightly better. So she asked me if I was still watching anime after all these years, I said I was and she was seriously shocked. Apparently, I never grew up. So I made some lame excuse about always wanting to retain the boy in me.”

    Nice made-up story.

  • @anonymous. Nice quote…. I mean, nice comment. I almost didn’t see the comment there.

  • @Elydis – About the gaming thread, nahz. Just don’t play the steaming pile of crap games which are DOTA and Maple Story. Yeeecchhh. I will label such stuff as “social traps” now.

    About beauty, I got another essay for those who have the time. Its my ‘A’ level essay (so its rather heavy), and discusses beauty somewhat:

    @Mitsuki_Hayase -

    Obsession? How far do u have to go to become obsessed and how do u define it? I only watch 3 or 4 shows per season, and sometimes end up dropping 1. That’s very little if you ask me, and I go out to watch movies and expose myself to local tv shows, if just to laugh at them. Is that obssessed?

    And I do not think all others suck in comparison and never stated that. You just inferred wrongly, and usually I don’t reply to these kind of comments but heck.

    I have a favourite TV series which is Band of Brothers. My favourite movie is The Pianist (ownsss). If u have not tried these, u shud lolz. Ok I may sound like a WW2 freak now, but the point is most movies and dramas are mindless drivel compared to most anime. I gave examples for movies, so examples for dramas/tv series would be what you see on TV now and before. Yes, Ugly Betty firstly, is another something that will rot your brain. Desperate Housewives isn’t too far behind either.

  • @DKiWi Who ever said you were obsessed with anime? I never said that, please go read again. What I took issue with was with your self-perceived greatness; that whatever you watch is superior to the rest, so the others who watch the so-called “inferior” shows, or entertainment are retards. I take issue with that. Who cares if you’re obsessed with anime (or Haruhi) or not? It’s your own preference anyway.

    You don’t mention about the others being inferior? Dude, you just did it in your comment; last paragraph. In fact, the very point where you declared yourself to be elitist confirmed that fact.

  • You just lifted a big stone off my heart tj_han. I completely agree with all you said. The anime I’ve watched were few and rare in-between.

  • I don’t feel pride or shame about reading a book or watching a movie. So why should I feel any differently towards anime?

    Pride only starts to become an issue when you think of your fandom as an identity – at which point everything becomes polarized into “us/them”. Once you start thinking that way, you’re bound to feel defensive (after all, the “them” side appears much bigger), whether it be by feeling obligated to explain why you have such an “uncool” hobby, or by arrogantly flaunting your refusal to conform with the “them” group.

    The easiest way to make something normal is to treat it as such.

  • it’s interesting to explore the realm of otaku-ness.

    i guess everything has pros and cons and it really depends on us how are we dealing it. like eating papaya is good but having it too frequently it makes the skin orangy. same goes to anime. or someone likes playing scrabble. the person can be obsessed with memorizing the vocab and not taking a note of everything else in the environment.

    i like watching anime to be frank and not afraid to admit that i LIKE watching anime. but i know there’s always a limit to it like not being obsess with a gorgeous character from anime because they don’t exist. so in short, watching anime to me is like watching movies or series. no difference at all. i might doodle a picture of naruto but doesn’t mean i’m crazy and obsess.

    i might have seen like 100 anime but that doesn’t mean it’s impeding on my personal development growth. in fact, i’m looking for avenues to grow. and i have big dreams and currently working towards them. so it is all depending on an individual.

    what if u didn’t watch anime, u might be more life driven? i really feel that it doesn’t matter to me whether i got hook with anime or not in the first place because I’m the DRIVER of my own life and the farmost thing I know is I know what I want to achieve in life. That’s my life driver and I don’t blame anything or anyone for not driving my life. What’s the point of saying watching anime makes him/ her lazy if she/ he doesn’t know what to do in life?

    Is being involved in anime beneficial to our lives? hmm … it is because it’s my free entertainment. >.

  • your very much right about the escapist part… well to be truthful, i too am ashamed of my addiction to anime…

  • @tj_han : Hi. I read up abt your posts regarding your course in uni. Are you enrolling into NUS pharmacy? Cuz yr description pretty much sums up that course. if you are, we will be coursemate.

  • I’ll post up double’s blogpost its another significant opinion but he doesn’t seem to be brave enough to propogate it. So anywayz I’ll do it:

    My responses:

    okok i get teh point, u think I’m a loser IRL. But the fact is I got grades ok enough to get into a proper course in uni. I completed full combat BMT and other combat courses without chao kenging and waiting to ORD in 6 months. I’ll probably study hard enough to get at least a 2nd upper.

    Most anime > most movies and dramas. Its the godawful truth. The truth hurts. People don’t want the truth. They siam when I offer them links to blogs and stuff. They don’t wanna get hurt. Suit yourself I say. You can’t take pain like a man, you’ll never be a man. You guys are the real losers sadly lolz.

    I don’t like to refer to myself as an Otaku but rather an appreciator of the Japanese Unicultural Modern Visual Arts. It isn’t shameful at all, and requires adequate intelligence and capacity to learn to fully appreciate.

    oh yea about the part abt friends, I do have true friends that go out with me frequently even though they HATE ANIME lolz!!! I truly only have one friend that is something like half-Otaku, and when we open up anime and stuff the rest ask us to fuck off. So uh, we keep it down. And actually that’s good enough for me because one important thing in life is true friends. Not everyone can be your TRUE FRIEND and want to be with you for no good reason.

    And IMO the only time u can make true friends is in secondary school. JC is too hectic, army is full of backstabbing. Primary school is when you’re not mature enough and dun really understand the concept of a friend.

    That makes my life pretty much complete but I’m not satisfied, so I go out converting people who are not my true friends lolz. Its fun to feed them anime and see their reactions. Damn fun.

    Feeding provocative statements work too.

  • Mediocrity….that’s what anyone who think being an anime fan is bad suffers from. The cancer that grows from the doubt of one’s relevance. What matters most is you wear your otakuness proudly on your sleeve, for anyone can see the confidence that you have in what you believe in. That is, inherently, recognisable by your peers and respectable. You and what you have, anime, that’s all that matters.

  • No one is telling anyone else to shut up. We’re just telling the relevant personnel to stop being such a fundamentalist/extremist and just shut the fuck up about his/her own tinted opinions/preferences, that’s all. It’s destroying the reputation anime has built up (if any) over the past months/years, and all of us here do not want to see that happen.

    It’s not making things better by putting yourself on an imaginary pedestal, so just shut up already thanks.

  • I usually don’t like to argue(even if I do, its for fun) because this picture holds true but today, i’ll be a retard.

    dKiWi, seems like you have a pseudo-superior inferiority complex, keyword is “seems”. Just because you are fit and hardworking doesnt mean anything in regards to being or not being a loser, but it means you take life seriously and you are a valuable asset to society. I applaud you for that. That aside, what the hell are you trying to prove?

    “Most anime > most movies and dramas. ” is a an opinion, not a fact. Get it right. Its like me saying, “Im more handsome than Mitsuki_Hayase, its the godawful truth” or “People who use ‘lolz’ are fucked up, really man!” see the point? We respect opinions here – most of us at least, but not when people mask opinions as facts. That is just bigotry.

    1)Otaku -what you dont refer to yourself as.
    2)Anime fan -what tjhan refer to people who like anime.
    3)An appreciator of the Japanese Unicultural Modern Visual Arts -what you say you are.
    Fine, to each his own and I say, call him the office boy or photo-electrical utility mechanism specialist, he still photocopies my notes.

    The paragraph about your friends makes me wanna just send you a teddy bear to hug. Sorry but I cannot be objective any longer, but I feel really sad for you. I love anime and transformers and I never have to shut up about them. True friends don’t ask you to shut you, but I never talk about anything inappropriate for the time and location in the first place and I never have to hide nor proclaim it, I don’t rant or rave about it, but its a known fact that ranting and raving about anything in the first place is not good to begin with. Before you think that all my friends are interested in the same things as me, I have a wide social circle from primary school, secondary school, JC, army and now UNI. I love my NSF years – they taught me a lot. And I keep in touch with people both from my unit and other units who may or may not have ORDed. I hang out with my friends, male or female, each of various interests and we enjoy each other’s company. Its sad and perplexing that you have to find a good reason for your friends to hang out with you, discounting the true friends which you state. All in all, quite confusing, I must say.

    Its really sad that you say “so I go out converting people who are not my true friends lolz. Its fun to feed them anime and see their reactions. Damn fun.” What a sad hobby or entertainment that you enjoy, regardless of the context of any discussion here.

    And your statements are not provocative per se. Tjhan writes well and sometimes provocatively. Mitsuki_Hayase writes provocative comments. Kwok has a provocative site. The only provocation your statement produces is altruism in helping a person who has fallen so deeply into hypocrisy. To everyone else who is reading this especiallyy Mitsuki_Hayase, yes, I am aware that typing so much about his statement actually fuels his purpose, whatever it may be, but please allow me to indulge myself; dKiWi likes to feed people anime to see their reaction, I like to argue with ludicrous people. It entertains me.

    and in response to tjhan’s post, I have to say my answer is not No or Yes – its NA. I have never considered that question neither am i proud or shameful. I believe life is transient and we all each live for different reasons. Do what you like, as long as it is not illegal, immoral or inhumane – fine by me.

    And before any of you forget, I am still a retard.

  • Excellent rant dude!

    Btw, I got something for you from Akihabara.

  • Haha I like this post.

    I do like anime and if people ask me if I watch it I won’t dissagree and I won’t curl up in embarrassment when someone laughs at me for doing it, however I will not bring up the conversation on my own will.

    So in the end I guess it’s how you conduct yourself with this so called “hobby”.

    On another note…You might feel that when people say anime is superior to TV dramas and such that they just don’t watch the good stuff…well…maybe thats true but since I started watching anime…well…hardly any movies or tv shows can keep me interested. The most recent movie that actually gave me a laugh from a joke was Little Miss Sunshine. Now that was an awesome movie…but that one out of the tons of movies that came out…and thats kind of sad.

    //Could be just me though

  • @homeless_homo : Exactly my point. I also found most movies really uninteresting after I watched the really good anime titles. It then slowly sank in that they were inferior. It was not an overnight thing and was rather painful, but I accepted it instead of blocking anime out of my head.

    If u think its just u, think again. HARD.

    Everyone is being closet nerds about anime. Heck I just found out my section commander is a closet nerd and I was like wtf. I thought he only watched Bleach and Naruto, then he quoted stuff like Kanon and… it took me 2 hours of detail to fully recover lolz.

    But he would never talk about this kind of stuff in front of other sergeants. Figures.

  • Interesting post. I’m not particularly proud of being an anime fan. Like you and a lot of commenters, I don’t mention anime or related stuff unless I know the person I’m speaking to is a fan. While I don’t actively hide my hobby (I carry notes in anime files to uni, for instance), I don’t speak about it unless someone recognises it. Does that make me a bad person / hypocritical / unsupportive of the anime community? I don’t think so. I simply prefer to keep my interests segregated and only bring them up if it’s a topic of mutual interest. Another thing I’m perhaps even more passionate about is music – and I don’t go around proclaiming the latest album releases or how I own a limited pressing single of XYZ artiste either. I just head to communities which share my interests and muck away there. Like someone else mentioned, running your mouth off everywhere to everyone about the stuff you love just ends up annoying more often than not.

    Anyway – while I don’t try to hide my appreciation of anime I can understand why some fans go to lengths to hide their hobby. The stereotypical negative associations that come with being an anime fan, the even more negative perceptions of “otaku” – they’re there for a reason. Stereotypes don’t evolve from complete bullshit. Unlike interests such as music or tennis, anime is rather niche and let’s face it, some of the subculture is just bizarre. People have enough trouble fathoming the obsession over Japanese cartoon characters, what more stuff like futanari, loli and yaoi.

    As far as whether anime has been beneficial to my life – probably no more or no less than my other interests. Watching anime finally got me to start learning Japanese, an endeavour I’d been wanting to take up for practical reasons years before I even knew what Cowboy Bebop was about. On the other hand, I question my sanity everytime I plonk down US$50 for a piece of aesthetically pleasing plastic – similar misgivings when I decide to spend what a non-enthusiast would consider ridiculous amounts of money just to travel and see a band. There are always points where I wonder if passion for something is bordering on ridiculous, lol.

    Are anime fans actually smarter than the average person? The only way to find out would be to run statistically solid research, but I’m hard pressed to imagine why that sort of research is worthwhile in the grand scheme of things and besides, it’s much more fun throwing out opinions and watching the sparks fly – look at the amount of comments generated for this post already! Some of the stupidest things I’ve read in my life have been courtesy of people from the anime community. Fandom wank is sometimes full of lulz but often times stupid to the point of being sad. I often find shopping experiences frustrating at anime-related stores, either because the staff are absolutely unhelpful (bopping to Hare Hare Yukai takes priority over helping me find something, apparently) or I’m subject to the Stupid Fangirl Experience (e.g. fangirls who spend 5 minutes squealing over the latest Ouran plushies, obliviously blocking my access to the Hikaru which I just want to buy without fanfare … only for them to look at the price tags and spend the next 10 minutes bitching about how expensive they are while STILL blocking up the shelf). Given experiences like that I find the idea of anime fans being intellectually superior rather hard to stomach. There are morons in every community, but often I wonder if there are more morons than average in the anime fandom….

  • I’m proud that I actually paid good money to support my anime hobby (R2 stuff none of that Odex nonsense) unlike lots of freeloaders who just download and then claim that they are anime supporters. They’re probably just supporting your ISP not the anime industry.

    So what if I’m an adult an still watch anime it’s not a crime so I have nothing to be ashamed of. It sure beats other vices like drinking, gambling and womanizing. Besides there is really nothing much else to do in Spore. Local free to air TV is crap and so are most movies showing in cinemas now. Bring back good movies like Brazil, Godfather, Citizen Kane, etc and maybe I will return to watching movies.

  • I am 25 years old. I have graduated from a technical university and now I’m an engineer. I can say now that I have a steady life. But for your information, I’m an otaku, and I love doing this kind of hobby since I can remember. I also do sports. But watching anime and reading manga are two of my way to spend my leisure time. Does that make me a looser?! Hell no!!! Why? Because I love it!!! I’m a person who not simply gonna change my mind if I’m already into something. Not like someone who I think that he/she felt inferior because of his/her friend status or way of thinking and now curse his/her life for it. So immature! Where’s your pride? I don’t know about your country, but we accept democracy in our country and we can do what we want with our life and who do you think you are to say other people interest like no value at all? What to be ashamed of? I’m so proud of it because it make me for what I am today. For resume, haha… why do you guys want to put your hobby in your resume? It’s not like the employer hired you because of it. Just put your skills, experience or what you can do for them! So what I’m trying to say is, respect other! If you don’t like these kind of hobby anymore, it’s okay. But don’t force other to agree with you. What do you feel if I am saying that all Singaporean (if that is your nationality, if not please forgive me) is so ‘kiasu’ about their country and like a frog under coconut husk? It hurt your feelings right? Same for me and the rest of otaku out there. Please think what are you saying and doing before making a statement. This is what adults do!!! For me I LIKE ANIME, I AM PROUD OF IT AND IT IS GOOD FOR ME!!!


    1. Kurogane and the rest of otaku out there, I am proud to be among of you~
    2. For this blog writer, if you feel offend, don’t be angry with me, you are the one who start the fire!!!

  • Hmm. I’ve been watching anime since I was at the age of 7 (and I’m 22 now btw) and I’ve never once thought of hiding it from others. Why should I? I love anime and everything else related to it (manga, light novels, etc). Last I checked it wasn’t a crime to love anime so I don’t limit the discussion of or hide the fact that I’m a fan of anime. That doesn’t mean I’m not aware of what “normal society” thinks about it but I ignore their ignorance completely. There’s no way I’m going to say “I don’t like anime and I’m not proud of it” to satisfy those who don’t understand it and view it as a “messed up” and perverse culture.

    Anyways, I’ll just continue to embrace anime as one of the things that both provoke an unlimited amount of thoughts within my mind and one of my favorite forms of entertaiment. I like it and I’m proud of it.

  • disgruntled med student

    yeah but dentists are fucked. ~5 yrs of study to remove teeth good. rich bastards. trust me, any group, no matter how elite, has pockets of ubernerds shunned by the rest of the group who escape to anime for validation. take me for instance

  • I am EXTREMELY proud to be a fan of Japanese animation.

    Unlike 80% of the anime-lovers out there, I discretely choose the series I watch based on; (in no particular order)

    1) animation fluidity
    2) complexity of plot
    3) characters
    4) character design
    5) landscape design
    6) innovation of ideas
    7) practicality

    Now, 95% of the anime out there in the world do not fit in two or more of these categories, but fortunately, 5% does.

    Two of them is Evangelion and Death Note, which everyone should know, another is Ghost in the Shell, while a third is Denno Coil, a current Summer 07 anime. I have LEARNED from these series, yes, actually LEARNED. Vocabulary is one of the things I’ve learned, but beautiful ideas, mainly, and the purpose of life, are some things I cannot have ever grasped without these series.


    j/k, i luv animu, i just hate being placed in the same class as “otaku” (especially the self-proclaimed ones). i fucking hate otaku, but i hate “fake” otaku even more.

    i also buy anime figures, but not because i’m an animu toy collector; rather, i choose to call them “memorabilia”, kind of like band posters and shit i guess. so, uh, suck my cock..?

  • Anime is indeed not exactly the most intellectually stimulating hobby, nor are its fans Rhode Scholars. But the question arises, as others have posted, why do you enjoy something that you are so ashamed of? And why the hostility towards people that would say: “Yes, I do know the dance steps to Hare Hare Yukai” if asked randomly on the streets.

    While you make a decent point, aren’t you merely being a foil for the rant that started this firestorm? Anime certainly isn’t for intellectuals (certain exceptions aside), but neither is it dumber than, say, wearing body paint, going to a ball game shirtless, and jumping up and down, now is it? Going from one extreme to another is rarely going to sway any views.

  • @mitsuki: No point being so offensive yourself right?

    To expand on the discussion, I agree with some of the views of expressed here….anime just a part of Modern Visual Culture (nihaha genshiken), which is becoming more and more of an academic study. Just check out Susan Napier, the head academic in this field who is spearheading the academic approach to anime.

    I am doing my Independent Study on anime too, and I believe that anime is very readily analysed and studied…it has a special kind of “soft power” that accompanies pop culture. The only danger I must warn of is that some anime tend to lead to heavy fanboying/fangirling, which is extremely undesirable. Fanb/ging blinds reason with infatuation, and is a distraction from intelligent academic discussion. Any academic wouldn’t be caught dead screaming “**** FTW!!11!one1!!!eleven!!1″ because it reeks of informality and lack of substance…

  • I don’t understand the point of this discussion. Animes are like movies, dramas and book. They are literary works. You are stereotyping all anime watchers and make them feel as one he/she should be ashamed.

    If one likes anime good for them, having high obession over anime is no better than having obession with dramas. Then should you be ashamed of being a fan of dramas?

    I think you and others who have created this labelling as “anime watcher” is just plain dumb. Drama watcher? Movie watcher? book reader? Cocktail Drinker? ??
    Sure there are people who are obessed with it, Thats their business. Because some iraqi’s are terrorists, are you saying all iraqi should be looked out for possible terrorism?

    Stop stereotyping
    Animation is simply a literary work, nothing more.
    No need of labelling.

    Honestly, how many of your friends are from western countries watch DBZ or sailormoon? Probably alot of them.

    Did they watch this because they love anime?


    they watched it because they liked the plot, the charcters. To them it was just a cartoon. It wouldn’t have made a difference if human actors played, was a game, manga series or a movie series.

    Open your eyes, anime is nothing more than your favorite childhood story book made into a motion picture.

  • Anime being put under the microscope. cool.
    And the battle to try make some sense.
    Is this a Battle of Egos or just trying to make your thoughts heard over the net?

    Thank ODEX.

  • well to be honest fair enough if you like anime but….yeah its been known for nerds etc to like….if youre considered to be a cool person you would usually keep the fact that you watch anime to yourself….i kind of agree that anime fans are esapists…..thats refering to people in their age and social status…for under 16′s i reckon it’s alright for that age group to watch anime but over that age it’s kind of lame because after the age of 16 you should’ve out-grown from being anime fan and should be focusing more on your life….etc….people with no social life or low social life watch anime…..well a majority who watch anime are like that….im 16 and i stopped watching anime like 3 years ago…the only animes i watched were things like draGonballz/gt…..just stuff that were already on television….anyone whos over like 16 or whatever who watch anime are anime freaks…..anime cANt be compared to reality and its stupid if people see it as reality…thats hilarious…..anime is just enterainment to kids , well thats the way i see it….

  • @exaltdragon snorts. Ever heard on how stereotypes are formed? It all starts with the minority of the dicks in a particular community/grouping acting like dicks in prominent places, like under the media spotlight; or in front of influential people. Throw in the lack of, or inability of the media and people to obtain a balanced view of the group/community through interactions with the harmless majority, and tada!!!!!!! WE HAVE A NEW STEREOTYPE DUDE.

    I’d rather go down harsh (and violent if necessary) on that one guy who taints our image, and in the process, show PROMINENTLY to the others that the majority actually are HARMLESS, NORMAL and RATIONAL, rather then let the stereotype fester intro discrimination and genocide.

    In addition, are you really aware of what I’m decrying here? I’m decrying the fact here that elitism is at work; preferences are preferences, claiming a totally different sub-genre as inferior is WRONG, just like how negative stereotypes are WRONG.

    Of course, if anyone would like to get into a philosophical argument with me on the nature or right and wrong, feel free to; I’m itching to get some practice.

  • I totally agree with Mitsuki Hayase. Kill the 1 to save a 1000. Some people need a real tight slap to the face before they can wake up. Everyone needs this form of rude awakening at some point in time. Pacificism will not work, look at how WW2 started. We all need to grow up and look at things not from only 1 stand point but multiple.

    Right and wrong is a human perception that is governed by society, culture, sub-culture and nature. Your philosophy of right and wrong is as warped as mine for in the end it is all perception. The only difference is where we perceive it from. The truth is there is no truth and that is the truth, a paradox? Am i right? Am i wrong? It doesnt matter, what matters is which cosmic spyglass we choose to look through.

  • @Elydis Damn you. You killjoy. I was hoping to be drawn into some nut-busting argument on that, and you conveniently ended it. :(

    I’ve got to find another spot to stir up controversy again. Sigh.

  • Haha apologies, but was my argument not in its own right a philosphy?

  • I discovered anime after I failed high school (Due to my lack of motivation and downright unwillingness to Cooperate – I am Not proud of this fact whatsoever) so I find it funny when people say that Anime will ruin your mind.
    There are alot of animes out there that, given the chance, friends of mine could turn around and say “Mate, I don’t get what’s going on”, these freiends happen to be following one anime at a time, jumping in and out of Otaku-ness. Maybe it’s just my Superious Knowledge of the Japanese compared to my friends, but I find that after watching anime, I have been able to understand and evaluate to my fullest potential. There are some, Like Evangelion that stir up controversial issues such as Life, Death, the meaning of Life, and what Humans could accomplish – and others such as Death Note, which require you to use our head to keep track of, and ultimately, attempt to predict the outcome (I knew it would end the way it did, but the means of achieving this end were marvellous, and drastically different from my hypothesis).

    Oh, yeah, and, ANIME IZ TEH SHTI!

  • i was just looking for a source worth of qouting for my arguement paper about the significance of anime, and i saw this-piece-of-s**t.. anyways thanks for writing this kind of opinion with what anime is to you. you shall now be quoted at my paper for being such a one sided person.^^

  • Firstly, I would not consider myself an anime fan, yet, although I have watched and enjoyed a few series, and checked out anime regularly while channel-flipping. I have often wondered why I enjoyed the few series that I have watched, but did not really enjoy dramas, and justified it to some extent(things that cannot be portrayed in dramas, and different subject matters, among other things). I am greatly into Japanese music though, more so than English and Chinese music, and have tried to justify that as well. I would not as a general rule tell people that I watch anime, although a very large number of my friends happen to watch it as well. I do tell some people that I listen to Japanese songs though.

    After reading through this post and the many replies, I now realise that the hesitation that I face is due to my fear of being stereotyped as a Japanophile, and indeed this stereotype is quite a bad one, possibly due to the image of otakus in Japan. Most people would probably have some sort of prejudice against such a group of people, which is why it is safer socially to distance yourself from this group first until people can see that you are different. In reality, people who fit into this stereotype in Singapore, at least as far as I can see, are rare, and watching anime has become such a common activity, so perhaps there is no need to feel ashamed of it. The important thing is that if you enjoy what you do, but not to the extent of fanaticism, then it is fine.

  • Actually I agree with most of what was said here.
    I started to get into anime long ago, starting with pokemon as I was a pretty nerdy kid.
    I’m not going to use any means to show my intelligence in this post being Because I could careless.
    what really kicked off my anime watching was when I met a girl when I was in jr. high.
    She was really hot, But somewhat an outcast I later found out that she liked anime, I found out that her dad ran a comic shop in town and we started to date. That was when I found out how much I loved anime. Or maybe it was her.
    anyway I moved we never met again.
    After which I moved to the typical japan>anything else point in my life.
    Well I leveled up a little bit, got into gaming started to smoke pot, and get drunk on weekends and got the girlfriend and stopped watching anime.

    Well about when I was 17 It hit me I actually hate these people. these typical and predictable people who I’ve filled my life with, who are so worried being like everyone else that they lose who they are.
    so I said fuck them.
    and I started to watch anime again.(which I found out was so much better when stoned.)
    Now I’m 18 still watch anime(not as much these days but its still fun for me to watch)
    And guess what I’m good looking have a job, I’m taking classes. DON’T GIVE UP DUDE!
    I have a girlfriend who hates anime and gaming but loves the shit out me,got a shitty car and my own place. for real no bullshit and friends who I eat out with and still drink with, friends who run around screaming “BANKAI!” and stab me with fucking toothpicks.
    and I love my life.
    Lifes not about living. It’s about having fun while slowly dying.
    remember that.

  • Well, obviuosly this guy is not so smart at all.
    First of all I do recomend you to go to school, so you can learn some things about logic and people like Owen won`t make you look like a real stupid person.
    Then, open you mind so you can see further than you nose. What kind of conclusion is: monetary succes in life is a yardtick to know about smartness. Of course you do not know anything about being a philosopher.
    Just ask your self, was Einstein as rich as Bush?
    And… I don´t have to be proud of everything in my life. I do like anime and that´s all. I watch it and I cannot find relation between being proud and watching anime.
    May I ask you: Are you proud of brushing your teeth?

  • No, we’re all gonna die and go to hell for this hobby because we cannot get laid, talk to anyone without getting angry at them for making fun of us, and we’re too fat.

  • Wow.
    Theres things I agree with and theres more that I don’t. OK yes,some people give up everthing just to watch and collect anime merchandise, but then there are those who like it just becouse they like it.

    Personally I’m one of the biggest anime fans I know, I’ve seen every episode of several anime, I didn’t even know what it was not to long ago. I’ve always loved to draw and tried drawing things like pokemon type characters when I was little, when I got a bit older I started to like to write, mainly fantasy and stories about heroes. My mom and sis, moved around alot, so I never madeany freinds.
    But the characters and heroes in the cartoons I watched kept me going, and taught me to be strong like what I like and not be ashamed of it. Sitting on the outside having nothing to do bt watch the other kids I learned the older you got the more you hide who you really are, the more you pretend to be someone else and begin to care more about fitting in or being popular. People don’t like you for who you are.
    Anyways when I finally moved to my current school after about a year I actually made some freinds, they introduced me to anime. I started to read manga and watch different types of anime. I found the perfect mix of my hobbies, I could draw and write at the same time!
    Anways, when I got to high school, I had two intrests archeology and animaition and I decided I wanted to be in cartooning or something similar . Now I’m working on publishing my comic or manga, i’m still the same and yet Iv also matured.

    Oh, ad most of my freinds who like anime, have the higher ranking grades in the school, plan on going to college and living successful lives in different carriers.

    I am a proud amie junkie, and love to cosplay, dress in lolita and colect stuff.

  • @Elydis: The truth of the matter is that re-modernism is here, and postmodernist(i.e. your view) views fail themselves by the very same doubts that they preach. It is not enough to say that “to each his own”, or that perception defines questions of right or wrong. To embrace such postmodernist views is to deny the existence of objective truth, which is in sharp contrast to the very “feel” of truth. If postmodernists are right, then why can life still progress? Why does convention or agreement exist if we all we have is subjectivity?

  • Three months ago, I had to stop watching anime when I realized ~20% of my waking time was funneled towards something that was counterproductive to getting into college and going somewhere for the rest of my life.

    I hope it’s not too late.

  • No point watching anime if you’re going to be ashamed of it and blame you’re life problems on it. I’m not pround of ashamed, I just like it.

    @Exaltdragon: I have no idea what you’re talking about or what it has to do with anime…OK, maybe it’s stubbing my mental growth a little bit. >>

  • some anime is good, some anime is bad. i.e. bobo bobobo bo however the fck you spell it is a horrible anime. full metal alchemist was an amazing anime. this article is in the end meaningless because you try to generalize anime and the people who watch it. i’m a soon-to-be 21 year old in college and i watch naruto, bleach, and one piece. i just picked up bamboo blade because i was bored and couldn’t sleep. do i talk to friends about anime? sure. do my friends who don’t watch know that i watch? yes. do i have a life? YES. i still go out and drink with my buddies when i feel like it. i still hang out with cute girls who don’t think worse of me for it. a lot of anime is more mature than american cartoons whether you want to admit or not. for example, naruto has some VERY childish humor (which i love, hence one piece). at the same time, a lot of what happens and will happen in the storyline is much more mature than many american parents would want their 12 year olds to watch. i happened to run by this blog on accident because i thought you might have an interesting point. but you’re just another fool who is easily pressured by the culture that surrounds you. “cool” people say anime is for geeks, so you hide the fact that you watch it; you should instead try to show them that you’re not such a bad person and that some people can actually watch anime and carry on respectable lives. i might add that my girlfriends tend to be a lot hotter than me, which amazes some people who can’t get past their superficial mindsets that hot people have to marry/date hot people. so yeah. i’m asian, i get respectable grades in college, i have a life, i have cute female friends that i fuck, and yes. i watch anime.

  • Steve Stevenson

    I don’t really understand your argument, are you blaming your own short comings in life on Anime? Growing up and becoming an adult has nothing to do with watching Anime. Maybe me and friends from school just weren’t into anime as much as you think ‘anime fans’ are, we watched anime, smoked weed, played DnD, went to parties, played Magic, I had a girlfriend when I was 11, didn’t get another till I was 16 but that kind of put me in the ‘cool’ crowd. I can’t say I’m a huge success now but whatever small impact watching Anime had/has on my life I’d say it was positive. Oh and no one ever did cosplay or anything, that seems nerdy even for a DnD nerd like me.

  • I emphasize with post and believe that would it asserts is generally true. Anything that is escapist can be potentially hazardous.. I mean look at the recent controversy that has sprung up due to mmorpg’s. When a fantasy world can provide you with the basic human needs that real life cannot, what else is there to do then opt out of reality? Millions are doing so already irregardless of the chosen medium. Anime happens to be quite emotionally involved and as the post indicates leads to the adoption of other sub-hobbies. Then all of a sudden your involved in a complete way of life. Fascinating but nevertheless frustrating and disappointing. I care…

  • Honestly, I’m actually proud of being an anime fan. There’s a certain allure about someone who can recite the roles of certain seiyuus, rant about how great or horrible a series is or strike up a discussion about any series under the sun.
    … or perhaps that’s just the friends I hang out with.

    The thing is, I don’t think of it as anything more than a hobby. Anime is nothing more than Japanese cartoons, and it shouldn’t be thought to be any better than your average American cartoons. And I agree, some people are just too crazed with the subculture, and will use any argument to justify themselves( obviously choosing the wrong arguments in the process, and sounding quite stupid). But it’s commendable that someone can be so passionate about something.

    Since anime is a hobby, it’s simply a matter of what an individual makes out of it. They can choose to take it at face value as a form of entertainment, or use it, as you’ve mentioned in this post, an escape from daily troubles. And I hardly consider someone who has friends in anime chatrooms, or lives everyday on the net talking about anime a loser. If they like what they do, if they like having friends 3, 4 years their junior, then how are they losers? In fact, I find it quite admirable for someone who can make friends on the net, around the world; after all, they can’t be talking about anime ALL the time, can they? I myself have friends whom I met on anime forums; while we do discuss series and latest chapters, we also talk about our own lives.

    Of course, I don’t go around talking about anime to anyone. Obviously, if I’m meeting someone for the first couple of times I wouldn’t be “proclaiming my love of anime” and mentioning the latest chapter of Naruto or anything. It’s only natural to avoid the topic, especially if it’s a meeting between strangers. You’d want to find common ground, establish some type of relationship before mentioning something that not everyone would know or find interesting.
    Though, if anyone asks, I won’t deny being an anime fan. It is, after all, part of who I am.

    As someone had suggested in her/his reply, there’s no use in watching anime if you’re ashamed of it. And there’s definitely no use in blaming your shortcomings or wondering about how your life might’ve been different if you didn’t start this hobby. I have friends who are anime fans, and are studying law, working towards being teachers, etc. I hope to be a doctor one day. It all simply comes down to choice.

  • Yes and No
    I don’t hide the fact I watch anime although I don’t necessarily blurt it out to the world however all my friends know I’m an otaku and they full a few jokes on it and damn it hurts when they do. I’ve always watched anime like a little bleach, naruto, and one piece here and there but once I hit 8th grade the breaks went flying and I went insane. I found myself on the computer for like 10 hours a day watching anime, reading manga, ordering figurines. Honestly it’s not something one should be proud of and they should make a rehab for us otaku. People wouldn’t be able to tell I’m like a otaku with my outward appearance since I still do little exercise and don’t have a nerdy appearance. I also am a Honor student and have a 4.0 in highschool. Watching anime, reading manga, buying figures are all what we call a “hobby” but isn’t that just a cover up? I say it’s my hobby but to me it’s more like a drug, if I don’t have my 3 hours a day I’m like a fucking robot. If it was just a hobby I wish I took up a sport or something none the less I love anime and I love tsunderes~~tsun tsun

  • Damn@ Hei

    *Gives Hei a Hug*

    I AM G-Man!!

  • wtf, anything that is too much is watching anime depends entirely on the person. unfortunately for me, i dont have enough time on my hands so i mostly watch anime during weekends and holidays. i usually comes home drunk from after school coz i hang out with different groups of friends/people which i have to balance out evenly coz i see them everyday and i cant shut them out of my college life coz they have some use to me, somehow ^^..i already have a hard time keeping up with my high school REAL friends and that somehow makes me real sad..

    and if someone asks me if i watch anime, i always admit that i do LOVE and i do watch anime. its who i am, why feel ashamed of it? but im not like opening it up to other people, it just happens if you know what i mean. and hell im also a fan of UFC, i watch every single fight there is. and i root for couture, silva and penn. there’s nothing wrong in that, is there? you see celebs watching inside the arena doncha?

    there is one time when we’re drinking at a friends house and its time for naruto, so i borrowed the remote and switched the channel. and there’re also some guys there watching naruto. so we talked abt it for a while. nice topic while drinking. about my academics, so far so good. 2 yrs in a row without a single failing mark, how about that? and if you’re wondering how, with that kind of lifestyle, it’s because i’ve a high IQ so i dont need to study that much, lucky me. i guess i belong to that special group of people who picks up a lot faster, esp when cramming for an exam – which i does, a lot.

    btw..just found this blog by accident and yeah, its interesting. just thought to share my insight abt anime though. oh well, i guess it all comes down to what your priorites in life are and how you act on it is what affects your outcome. so dont go ranting about how miserable your life is, coz this aint a perfect world. its just how you make the best out of it. live life to the fullest and do what you enjoy the most. we’ll all die anyways^^. btwif someone also asks me if i watch porn, hell yeah! any guy does anyway..generally^^

  • wow. This post has been commented on for a whole year. But, it really does make one think. To be honest, I’m one of those people who pretends that anime is all great when really, I’m nothing but an isolated loser with a limited social life (and anime is nothing but cartoons, awesome cartoons but still animation that is very looely based on real life for the most part). I tend to read more manga than watch anime, but I still spend way too much time on the stuff and it does sometimes distract me from my studies. I’m not proud of liking anime, though I’m not particulary ashamed of it. It’s a hobby that I can easily detached myself from, I think I choose not to. Who wants to study when they can watch anime or read manga? :P I do tend to hide the fact I like anime, as most of my friends have either never heard of it or really don’t care- which is probably the worst part. It would be nice if I had some animanga liking friends~~

  • Anime has made me smarter, indirectly, through blogging. Not like I’d ever mention anime IRL, though; and it’s a minor hobby that doesn’t cost any money (yeah I’m a downloading bastard so what). All forms of art and all mediums have their representations, and none are immaculate. It’s stupid to say “stop caring” because that’s pretty much impossible – impossible to neglect the society which is imprinted into the mind – the looking glass self. But it’s not like mainstream anime does any justice to its representations within other (sub)cultures; and so in this sense, we’re helpless since it’s always about money. You get shitty American TV/movies and shitty Japanese TV/movies that bastardize entertainment-as-art and reterritorialize it as entertainment-as-brain-raping-cash-crops. It’s not a 100% personal problem, don’t blame the otaku entirely, and don’t forget to look at the society/structure in which every medium and its audience is situated.

  • Im proud to be an anime fan. Its a hobby like any other. Why is it ok to spend money building model airplanes but its not ok building model robots? Anime is a hobby and I dont think there is anything wrong with it. Luckily, I have many friends who are into anime as well.

    I dont think being an anime fan necesseraly makes your smarter. That doesnt make sense. I think of myself as a pretty intelligent guy, though, and watching anime hasnt dulled that intelligence.

    As for wearing spiffy suits and studying law or medicine, meh, if you are interested in law or medicine, youd study that sort of thing. Being into anime wont keep you from studying what you want. Im going to be studying Computer Science (as soon as I get this general ed. out of the way) and watching anime hasnt kept me from that. Sure, I could learn programming on my own and all, but thats just a general laziness on my part. Anime is just one of the things I do to procrastinate, it dindt make me procrastinate in the first place. :D

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  • My email address is – Oh Noe Toes rules!

  • ghostlightning


    wooh. i agree with most of the points, as i believe myself to be an exception that proves the rule.

    i’m 31 and i have an awesome job evaluating/creating business and investment opportunities, and i do have many friends. i’m a geek about basketball (yes i love slam dunk) although i don’t have the skill and athleticism (and height) to play it. i play tennis 2-3x a week (yes i love tennis no oujisama) and work out at the gym 2-3x a week. i’m married to a lawyer.

    i’ve watched anime since i was a toddler (mazinger z, gatchaman, choudenji voltes v, tosshou daimos) and i was hooked on mecha immediately. i truly fell in love with it when sdf macross came along (i watched the original first as a 6-year old before rediscovering robotech in college).

    i love anime now more than ever with titles such as gurren lagann, code geass, and macross frontier (i love haruhi and lucky star too).

    so am i an otaku success story? have i integrated?

    yes and no.

    yes, because i consume more manga, anime, and related merchendise than ever before, and yet enjoy a well-adjusted social life (i go out on occasion, enjoy physical activities all with friends).

    no, because i don’t get to talk about anime and manga except to my other otaku friends. even in gatherings i host/co-host no one talks about anime. when my otaku friends get started, no one else gets in (or would want to). my otaku friends are professionals too, and like me, they don’t geek out unless in the presence of similar company and obvious context.

    my wife likes anime and manga too and not just the shoujo titles. we watched code geass together and she’s become quite the lulu fan.

    however, i don’t hide my being otaku. i wear mazinger z shirts whenever i want to. my non-otaku friends don’t mind (whose ages range from mid-20s to late 30s). it’s just that my identity isn’t defined by my being otaku, even if i really really love the objects of otaku love – not even considering it a “guilty” pleasure.

    in the conversation of quality of media/is anime art/high v. low culture… it’s all deculture to me. i’m a literature major and i read lots and lots of books with nerd abandon. i enjoy reading dostoevsky almost as much as i enjoy reading urasawa. i enjoy listening to brahms’ 1st symphony really deeply, and at the same time i play yoko kanno’s “wha’bout my star?” 5 times in a row grinning ear to ear.

    if i could give any advice (just because i’m older than most of you… and most anime characters), it would be this:



  • It’s okay to be a loser as long as you’re a happy loser.

  • Well what I have meant is that, while Anime isn’t neccessarily a glorious thing for some of you, I believe intelligence is something that transcends all. Mother Earth, for example, is an intelligent being. A group of collaborative idiots may also be intelligent.

    What actually matters is if one can be happy pushing a giant rock up the hill. Is Sisyphus happy? Is Bill Gates happy? Is Donald Trump happy?

  • haha, your blog post is amusing but has a ring of some truth to it. Makes me recall my college days where I thought most of the people in the anime club were a very weird. Some were socially adept, but most were not, to say the least – so it was great when digital distribution became more common and I could just enjoy anime from the comforts of my home. Admittedly that’s the only reason I went to those clubs anyway. I’ve been to only one anime convention.. sadly that was enough for me.

    But I’m 30 something, married, work in the cg visual fx/animation industry and I immensely enjoy anime.. only what I consider the “good” stuff though. And these days there’s just too much horrible crap to wade thru. “Good” stuff I’ve enjoyed includes Ghibli/Miyazaki, Koji Morimoto, Satoshi Kon, some Motoko Shikai, Gainax, Madhouse and others. I personally will only watch anything that has good to excellent artwork, and a good story. I prefer dark storylines, sci-fii, top-notch fantasy and good romantic comedies. Memories, Love Hina, Mahou Tsukaitai, Raxephon, Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop are a few that come to mind and of course I virtually love all things Koji Morimoto. I haven’t watched anime in a while now though.. so busy these days.

    I’m hardly ashamed of my interest though. and my wife will watch anime with me but only if it’s good. She sometimes prefers the ero anime though lol.
    I grew up on robotech/macross, voltron and starblazers. Then in high school thru a new club I discovered the newly released Akira, and then Miyazaki. It wasn’t until college though that I met the real obsessive types who would obsess about what’s-her-name from KOR, or mimic characters, sing their songs and buy seyuu CD’s, posters, toys, and actually think crap like Shin-chan or some other dumb frenetic comedic stuff was good. Ugh. Sure, everyone has a different preference, but some of those aim a bit too low for me.

    Anime is just another form of entertainment, and people can be drawn to it for different reasons. For me it’s the art, the animation, the cinematography, and the story telling. For others it can be the guy-surrounded by a harem of girls situation, a form of escapism, the voice-actresses, or it could just be meeting like-minded people. The thing with anime is that it encompasses so many genres, from fantasy to romantic comedy to dark sci-fi. There are historical ones (Count of Monte Cristo), there are sport ones, car dramas, erotica, you name, anime has got it. People can really get into it just like any other hobby – polls on the prettiest girl, the anime guy you’d want to sleep with, why some spaceship in some scifi anime isn’t logical, etc, etc. Not personally something I have any interest getting into, but it’s no different than fencers or swordfighters passionately arguing about the merits of the historical katana vs the longsword.

    Any type of person can be passionate about their hobby, from any aspect. Just as any type of person interested in any hobby can be a loser. Have I met anime fans who could be qualified as a “loser” as most people would understand it? Sure! But I’ve also met people would fall into the “loser” category in many other hobby clubs, gatherings, interest groups, etc.

    I also have a few hobbies that are tangential to my interest in anime – building figure garage kits (a natural extension from my interest in scale models and miniatures); collecting some gashapon (only quality ones w/ dynamic poses though); animation, although I was interested in animation long before I got into Japanese animation, but no doubt growing on Robotech and Smurfs helped; a side degree in Japanese, japanese language, popular and traditional culture are quite interesting; I read manga, but please, only good artwork! I draw and paint quite a bit, rarely in the anime style though

    But really, the drive must come from within. “Getting off track” in your life with anime could easily be replaced with “video games”, “alcohol”, “any obsession”, etc. Hobbies should revolve around the person, not the other way around.

    I whole-heartedly agree w/ ghostlighting above who says

    I would add that not getting hung up on others’ perceptions and having the self confidence and self esteem to collect what you like is the beginning of the road to badassness

  • i do like anime and i have a lot of friends that watch anime i am not ashame to say that i am a fan
    i just love to watch and read anime. at the moment I am doing my “sinor exhivition” or as i call it my big project
    and i am going to preset it to my teachers and it’s going to be about anime well i don’t know much about anime
    but i think it will be good if you what to read it go to *_* ~_~ -_- love ya

  • Lemme Guess….you are one of those Popular Preps …….you know what ….I DONT GIVE A CRAP…..cause if you think Anime fans and Otaku’s are Nerds or losers….you are stereoTyping….think about it , would you like retarded Popular Peoples classing you in a group because of what clothes you wear or what TV show you watch. BY THE WAYYYY……i am very fashionable and i wear skinny jeans and black suede Boots. IM BRITISH !!! SO DAMN GET A LIFE SHOVE THAT UP YOUR ASS!!!

  • BTW……I am not ashamed of being Otaku ….TO LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT I LOVE ANIME!! Everyone knows and im popular …….though most of the otakus i hang round with are not that popular……but still……….DO I CARE NOOOO! THERE YOU GO!!!!!!!!!PREPS XDLOL…….2 words GO NARUTO!!! Anime fans are not losers and never will be and i would gladly UP YOURS ….but have a nice time being the snobs of your school….DEI OUT!


  • I think animes are not good for me,I spent most of the time watching animes than revising my work.But I like animes,but I don’t think to the point of an otaku^^||

    I pretty much don’t want to bring up animes to my friends because they mostly don’t watch the animes I watch.I may be a girl but I don’t like yaoi and yes,Naruto and Bleach.Maybe I’m strange,I like traps and lolis.^^

  • I will say now that I’ve seen the opposite end of the social spectrum. I live in Zeroblade’s country, and I know how social circles here are oriented. They’re all upwardly-oriented (social climbing). There’s a rooted desire in so many people to screw and backstab each other just to get on top and being the queens of their own little world. But what does that get us in our country? The likes of the scandals of rich ladies like Celine Lopez and her Gucci Gang, Malu Hernandez, and of course extremely recently, Tracy Isabel Borres. There’s class bigotry with these people who are being Little Paris Hiltons in a small pond full of so many many people, who hate them.

    So many urbanized people are being cutthroat with each other quietly just to be like them. Admittedly, the mass media who we people in the country end up having to take in, some way, are actually controlled by them. Even our basic necessities like water and electricity, are owned by them alongside big-spread magazines.

    What I am saying is that, with the opening post and everyone commenting about trying to fit in with society, you have to subscribe to the mass-media values being put upon people (and you) as a whole. There are various individual variations but the mass culture is still the same. If you’ve heard of the Frankfurt School theories, then the connotations of social climbing and most of all, self-image are reflected very well. In this sense the so-called audience and producer feedback in my country is manipulated-well because of the existing monopolies.

    When I USED to be in the hot crowd, I ended up realizing how shallow they could be sometimes, and now long after I got out of there like a hot potato, I ended seeing how these people could sink so low, like Borres.

    I was thrown headfirst into Japanese visual culture much younger than most (3 years old). Of course, how did I meaningfully and constructively cope with this? I just had my on and off periods, trying to be constructive, trying to make the most out of myself. Of course, when I DO come back to anime, I realized then that I became more discerning, like that guy right now who’s cg/visual fx industry. An extreme way of describing it would be, a fine wine taster, yeah.

    In one of my off periods I got into graphic design and photography. Yes, the most important parts I learned from getting into it stayed with me. But sadly, even graphic design and photography are swallowed very hard into this socially-oppressive mass culture in my country. Graphic design ends up being far too self-indulgent (from what I witness in Graphika Manila 2008). There are “artists” in graphic design, who end up joining this spiral of social climbing. It’s sad, really.

    The answer I do, is graphic design going against the grain of those values.

    But in the end, it’s not right to use anime as a sorry excuse for one’s escapism or one’s failure trying to be part of the “in crowd”, or not being able to navigate this strange spiral, this strange void of mass culture. One way to cope with our own indulgencies in our hobbies is sometimes to take the things as they are, as Husserl would put it. Like with my experience(and admittedly, it is small) of the part of social-climbing through graphic design, the answer to these things is to truly take a step back and to take the thing as it presents itself.

  • Hey, you’re making lots of inaccurate generalizations which are insensitive. Your argument is too childish and not balanced, pls grow out of your narrow mindset.

  • Well. To answer your question: I’m 15 and I have been watching anime since I was 13, I dont discuss anime with anyone unless they bring it up first because theres no point otherwise. It’s like walking up to a fisherman and asking if he’s caught any birds today. I’m a lazy guy and I don’t go to school often but thats not because of anime, it’s my own choice and it’s my own fault because I dont think im the type of guy to fall for subliminel messages. I like video games, anime, manga etc Dosn’t stop me from kicking a ball, watching a movie or sitting down and reading a book. I don’t see why I should be proud of watching it as much as I should hate myself for watching it, should an old lady sit down in her living room watching the hallmark channel everyday and feel proud about it? Yes, id be real proud of myself for doing nothing *Cough* The main difference between anime and cartoons is probably the fact that Anime teaches more moral values be they bad or good compared to american animation, i’m a hardcore anime fanatic but I like watching shows like the simpsons and south park. I don’t hate either. When I watch or try something I can like things about it as much as I can hate things about it. If people think im childish because I like to lie on my bed watching an animated show then I guess to them I am childish but that dosnt bother me because it’s not my problem. In short, no I am not proud of watching anime but that dosn’t mean I hate watching it or anything of the sort.

  • Well, I am a teenage girl, I like anime, and I sure as hell am not stupid, lol.

    I don’t think that anime affects your intelligence in any way shape or form. What it does do, is affect the way that you perceive the things around you. In that way, I agree with you. It gets deep down into your brain and interferes with normal thoughts. I’ll be sitting in class, listening to a lecture, and some stupid word will trigger my little anime brain. Then I am forced to sit in class for the next hour or so, trying not to find a way to connect every word that the teacher says to some type of anime related thought…

    This doesn’t mean that I’m stupid though. It doesn’t mean that I do badly in school. It doesn’t mean that I have no life. It doesn’t mean that I can’t function properly in school or around my “normal” classmates. I’m a weird girl who’s been weird long before I started watching anime (although the pink hair came later, and WAS inspired by an anime character lmao)

    Anime is something that I have liked for a very long time. My mother use to hate it when I watched Dragonball Z. I didn’t even understand what anime was then, I just knew that I really liked the way it looked and how it was a lot more violent and “grown up” than all the other cartoon shows. I use to stay up late at night and wait for adult swim to come on so I could watch anime, though even at this point, i still didn’t even know that it was called anime. When “Spirited Away” came out, I was so excited. I finally understood what anime was and even my parents liked this movie. It wasn’t until a few years later that I began to really start exploring the internet, and found the online world of anime. I later found manga… and I hate to admit it, but my first thought was… “Hell YES! They have anime in book form too!!!”

    In the past four years, the worst grade that I’ve gotten on a report card was an A-

    I am in the “talented and gifted” program, which is for people who need extra academic stimulation outside of the normal honors and AP classes.

    I have more talents and hobbies than just anime. I play the oboe, cello, guitar and piano; I write, and recently won 1st place in a fairly well known contest (I got some cash out of that one ^^); I play softball (A sport! I know!); I rock climb; I like to hike and go backpacking; I read constantly; I love to draw and paint; i make digital art-videos.

    I am in high school, but I go to the local university 2-4 times a week where I work under a paleontologist doing research and identifying specimens.

    All of my classes are either AP or honors designation

    I have plenty of friends, the vast majority of them being completely “normal”…
    Yes, I am the weird little girl with pink hair who hangs around the basketball players who shop at Abercrombie and American eagle. AND YES, I am their friend; I don’t just follow them around, lol.

    The few people that I do know who like anime are all just casual friends.

    I realize that I am spending a unnecessarily large amount of time writing this…

    I do like yaoi, so yah you win there, but that’s because I am a girl, not because I like anime. Guys usually think girl on girl stuff is hot, so why should girls like guy on guy stuff? not all girls like it either, there’s a lot of female anime fans out there who don’t like it at all.

    I AM proud of being an anime fan. For me, it’s one of the things that makes me, me. It’s part of who I am, and I am proud of having such an unusual and underappreciated hobby/love :)

  • I’m not proud of being an anime fan at all x_x I keep my mouth shut and don’t dare to ever talk about it unless I’m with a group of kids who actually like it too… My friends got me into this whole anime thing quite a while ago and I liked it ever since.

    I don’t perchase manga because for one, I don’t want to waste money on them, and two, if I want to read manga, I can read all the manga I want at:
    (I suggest you people go check that sight out if you’re uncomfortable with buying mangas but want to read them all the same.)

  • I don’t see anything wrong with anime. It does not effect intelligence at all… I’m a proud anime fan. I buy the cosplay and the books. There is nothing to be ashamed of. No one has the right to judge…

  • how can anime be a hobby? i watch anime and read the manga, but that is it. I dont waste my time dressing up. to me that is weird. i mean i love the art and the story, but i wouldn’t go so far as to dress up. my friends dont watch it, so i dont discuss it with them. watching anime is like watching any plain old tv show. it is not a hobby. if you dress up for it, then ur weird. i hate when the fat people dress up though :( thats creepy.

  • *Sigh*

    This is a good discussion, but has long been stagnant. There’s really no point anymore.

  • I found this article rather illogical… You only cover the effects on the average hardcore anime/manga fan who doesn’t have a life. In reality, most of us are preoccupied with other activities and jobs besides just anime/manga. I could probably fit in that category.

    For me anime/manga has made a very positive impact on my life. Some stories emphasize good morals and beliefs, while others may spark your own natural emotions (the series that I have watched at least). Also, I can thank anime/manga for improving my artistic abilities. I found out that I am actually very good with video editing (I have made a few AMVs) and that I have the potential to be a professional cartoonist. That will help a lot when look for a job :) Just spending a lazy day-off watching anime can be beneficial for you too. I watch all of my anime in Japanese (with subtitles) so you could imagine that I have started to pick up on a second language. I currently know close to 300 different Japanese words and customs from watching anime alone (I have been watching anime for about 3 years) and I am still rapidly learning. I may end up taking a Japanese class sometime soon thanks to anime.

    In conclusion, the effect of anime depends on the person. We are all different, and it is very naive to think that anime/manga will make us all stupid and fat. Please only speak for yourself if you think that.

    Well, it is 12:29 AM over here in CA so I need to get some sleep. Thanks for reading, and I hope that all of you put your anime/manga hobbies to good use!

    Proud to be otaku,

  • Being an Otaku is painful at times. I mean i have a shelf filled with video games and I’ve watched over like 30 animes. i admit that i play video games and watch anime to fill my hole of depression. Yet i have few friends, my parents are divorced, and i have problems talking with anyone at school except with people I know. (only like 5 people)I usually have paranoia about everyone around me thinking I’m a freak of nature, since they say I eat dogs knowing I’m part Chinese and it makes me pissed off!!! But you know i could have been a full fledged hikikomori but my mom would take away my computer and xbox 360 if i never went to school and stay inside all day, even though i want to deep inside my heart, to stay way from all them damn hippo critical people who say “oh look at that guy he plays video games and watches anime”!! LOL! when you know they probably have something they like to do and hide it from all their friends.And the fact that people think i’am some kind of wannabe gangster when I usually wear polo shirts with a short sleeve sweater and some jeans. That’s the main reason i hate school because it’s filled with Fucking NIGGERS and GANGSTERS who think smoking weed, cocaine, cigarettes,and drinking alcohol etc. is cool, when really ALL THAT SHIT KILLS YOU SLOWLY!!!! The reason I still live this Borderline Hikikomori Life is the fact of well you know the saying of “Just be yourself don’t ever change”. Well being an Otaku is the real me!!! *Sigh* Life is a Bitch!!! but one day maybe just one day everyone will Understand each other. LIKE HELL!!! NO ONE IS PERFECT!! FTW hey this a message to all otaku/hikikomori YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! There are other people like you out there including myself.BTW Anime and Video games are addicting But just face it, we all might just have to suck it up and face reality one day when life becomes more difficult or become full a fledged Hikikomori and Die as one.

  • If you want to send a message back to me just send me a message to on my email address or add a comment on my youtube account channel at :)

  • Ehm , a lot of stuff you said there isn’t really true. Not ALL anime watchers are losers – in fact, one of the most popular girls in my class likes Naruto.

    I dont really like ‘anime’ in general – I like one anime in particular. To be honest, most animes are quite strange ; the one i like is an exception. The only exception.

    So the bestestestestestest anime in the world?

    Dragon Ball Z – obviously :G .

  • No doubt, putting something decent together has gotten pretty simple.

  • É bem simples é por ser duas escolas bem diferentes. apensar
    de achar que o traço dos animes é melhor que o dos cartoons americanos o roteiro americano as vez é
    melhor que o dos animes e é voltado mais para o publico que gosta de comedia se bem que na área de comedia os Animes também tem bons representantes.

  • nice discussion. i spend hours reading all those comments. i’m 21 now and still studying soon to be an engineer. i love anime. still watching and will always be. i never regret i choose this path. not that i’m so proud of it but to be ashamed of it is kinda sad. i got critics from my friends but who give a shit. it’s your life after all. ANIME FTW…

  • it is same as everything. if you do something extremely it might hurt you. and it is also same for animes.

  • Hi superb website! Does running a blog similar to this take a lot of work? I have absolutely no expertise in computer programming but I was hoping to start my own blog soon. Anyway, if you have any ideas or techniques for new blog owners please share. I know this is off subject but I simply needed to ask. Thanks a lot!

  • hello,

    i’m from holland and i’m studying to be a biomedical analist. the typical thing about my school is that there are a lot of students that have a bad social life and a lot have authism. they don’t speak much about their mind and when they talk all they speak of is (GUESS WHAT?) anime or games…. now i don’t hold a grudge against people watching anime… but if your mp3 library is 90% OST from anime episodes i think something isn’t quite right….

    Here comes! i used to watch dragonball z when i was 15.i have seen litterally every episode and movie and when a common 19 year old guy from my school talks about dragonball i could barge in his conversation and tell him things only a fan could know. but i don’t…. i think that anime is an escape from reality and there is nothing wrong with that. everyone needs to forget the hard-knock life we all live. the one person smokes and the other one does cosplay in a pikachu costume….

    it should be clear that the vast majority of people never will understand that anime can be fun to watch and the story of a cartoon can really suck you in. the problem is that i think that most anime watchers make a big mistake by watching cartoons where everyone normally looks cool or beautiful and try to asociate ther life with a character like naruto. (because he is stubborn like hell and likes to do what feels good.)anime should be just for watching for fun in a moment you totally have a lot of time on your hands.

    keep watching cartoons when having spare time but please try to connect with society even if it is against your (I’m special and i don’t follow the crowd like a lemming) mentality)

    Most people are lemmings and most things work because we live in a structural world where it’s being expected that you fit in.

    if you can’t beat em…. avoid em…. (BELIEVE IT!)

    oh and i’m sorry if my grammer isn’t the way it should be.

    i was lazy and wanted to type this bullcrap the fastest way possible.

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  • I m the PROUDEST OTAKU that has ever walked on earth. I write about anime everywhere, I love anime, I watch shows, I read manga and everything. But TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH; I am really great at school, top of my class, a Straight ‘A’ Student, with loads of great friends(otakus or not) and I have received many awards for my performance too.
    ALL THIS HAPPENED BECAUSE OF ANIME. Which made me try harder for my goals and yes, I m a NARUTARD and BLEACHER.

    I think you fail, because it is actually making me recognize my true talents. I would also like to say that writing a whole blog about something you don’t like is a complete waste of time. Do you have a job or not? You make me quirk with disgust, loser.

  • I don’t think you can say anything about anime or its fans in general. It’s too varied. It’s like saying all movies are unintelligent and so are their fans. Also, you don’t have to be a freak to like anime. I would consider myself a huge fan and say that it’s a major part of my life, but I’m not obsessed and I wouldn’t let it control my life. I can act like a normal person, hold normal conversation, etc.
    I’m not saying anime is all intelligent or all dumb. I’m not saying all of its fans are intelligent or dumb. I’m saying anime can’t be generalized in any way.

  • I do admit that I’m not the smartest guy in my class, but I wouldn’t say I’m dumb either. I am proud to be an anime fan, and I dont hide it from people. Hell, recently I did an Engineering project on Gundam. Sure I dont completely smother people in random anime chat, but not because i’m ashamed, but because they just dont like it. Its the same for any other interest, you dont bring it up often if someone isn’t particularly interested. All this “I wouldn’t talk about it near friends” thing is ridiculous! You hating yourself about your hobby is probably why you think nobody else likes it either, hiding your interests is what turns you into a socially awkward loser. People are always saying you should express yourself, but I never heard anyone say “unless the hobby is related to anime”. Please people, just dont get overbearing, because people talking about something constantly that you dont give a damn about is just plain annoying.

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