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Riuva Releases an Expansion Pack! Get it Now!

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After one and a half years, Riuva.com is finally expanding! I’ve been thinking about it for some time but never got down to asking people. Until recently. If you’ve noticed, the updating rates have been slowing to a crawl no thanks to my being away from home, out of  touch with the community, and not watching anime or even buying figures in general.

I’ve stopped caring about pageviews and all that a long time ago, but I do care about the survival of the site. So I saw the only viable way foward was to share the joy (and work), much like how Impz outsources the writing of his articles to 3rd world countries like Australia and the US. Unlike the esteemed trap however, I just opened up places for people who are in the same college as me, the National University of Singapore. Right now, we have 4 new members, each of whom have different job classes and unique special skills.

Let’s just do a quick introduction.

Name: Ascaloth
Job Class: Swordsman of Water
We stole him over from another website. Ascaloth is a freshie from NUS’s arts faculty as well, intending to major in sociology. Ascaloth will be solely responsible for the live-action branch of Riuva, because I don’t watch real people on my screen. He has only picked up anime only recently and liking weak shit like KANON. I thought Kanon was boring but apparently Ascaloth likes it as much as I like Gintama. Ascaloth will be providing reviews on anime series, both old and new, as well as commentary on the latest happenings and trends of the anime world.

Name: Hynavian
Job Class: Female Warrior Monk
This 3rd year NUS History major is well-armed with the ancient martial arts of Tae Kwon Do. Her favourite anime is Claymore and apparently, that’s all she’s going to talk about. Yeah we all like Claymore don’t we? She plans on talking about each and every Claymore, from their boobage to the power levels. Team Riuva has lacked an indepth analyst on specific series thus far, because I tend to jump from one to another faster than the speed of Phantom Miria. So Hynavian (manly nic) will add a new dimension to the team in terms of series-specific posts.

Name: Kokanaden
Job Class: Rogue Berserker
This man is so emo, his wails of anguish can be heard from miles away. His favourite series are the sissy ones, like Nodame, Honey and Clover, 1 Litre of Tears and all that. Kokanaden is quite my opposite in that he is not manly and cool like me but rather, sensitive and emo. Readers who have been turned off by my huge amounts of testosterone will like Kokywoky. He is, in fact, a 1st year arts student from NUS just like Ascaloth. Apparently soon-to-be a double major in economics and political science. Kokanaden will write sensitive posts for Riuva, on tear-jerking series. Oh yeah, he has a hidden side though, when he gets upset, he morphs into Berserker and smashes people with words.

Name: Crest
Job Class: Bard
Remember he wrote a Gatekeepers 21 post the length of  tripeman’s penises combined? Yup, that’s him. While Crest is not officially an NUS student yet, he will be entering next year. Yet another from the faculty of arts, his favourite weapons are the smoke screen and the flash bang. He actually has his own blog but it’s dead. Or playing dead. Crest has the role of writing the really long articles in a serious tone, complete with music and dance. I can only write long articles mocking others.

Expect to see more of the same posts by me, as well the additional  variety of styles and interests thanks to these newcomers. If you’re an NUS student and interested to contribute articles to this blog, feel free to email me at tjhan86 AT riuva dot com. If you’re not a student here, it’s fine as well actually. Strangely, all the above are arts students. I’m from Science though. Can’t help it I guess, most Science students can’t even string a coherent sentence together in English.

There are only 2 criteria: Good English and interesting content. I hate poor grammar and Singlish.

Popularity: 8% [?]

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23 Responses to “Riuva Releases an Expansion Pack! Get it Now!”  

  1. 1 Mitsuki_Hayase 336 comments

    I love Claymore

  2. 2 Crest 99 comments

    Hey, the blog that I am under is just inactive. yea. I am going to squirrel articles I write here to some secret storage place to clone unlimited smoking essays for there.

    And…… song and dance is not as good as parodies.. many many parodies.

  3. 3 Owen S 144 comments

    >>I’ve stopped caring about pageviews and all that a long time ago


    That was probably the funniest part of the post. GOOD JOKE!

  4. 4 Kouji 49 comments

    Kanon is awesome and not weak shit, dude.

    What’s a “bard” class?

  5. 5 Ascaloth 200 comments

    I’m not going to apologize for liking Kanon. And I’m certainly not going to apologize for spamming RIUVA with CLANNAD posts when October 4th rolls around, either. :p

  6. 6 Kouji 49 comments

    You have my full support, “Swordsman of Water”

  7. 7 double 115 comments

    Why don’t you get Tsubaki to blog on RIUVA?

    Oh wait,all he would be blogging about would be Grando Espada.

  8. 8 Ascaloth 200 comments

    …..and I have no idea why I got saddled with the element of “water”, either. Personally, I prefer fire or thunder myself, although my Taurus sign suggests that I’m closer to earth than anything. :p

    Oh BTW TJ, Hynavian is actually a 2nd year. A mistake on my part. Sorry about that.

  9. 9 kokanaden 336 comments

    I think we ought to meet up, as in the co-writers.

    In any case I’ve never really word-bashed anyone…………. Not yet.

  10. 10 tiny Red Man 149 comments

    plan to open a “RIUVA” club in NUS? so fellow worshipers can join in the sacred work of writing for riuva.com?

  11. 11 TheBigN 75 comments

    Have fun with this. :P
    Looks like I’ll enjoy posts from Kokanaden. :3

  12. 12 Marmot 18 comments

    Righteous, I’ll be looking forward to the new content!

  13. 13 Crusader 10 comments

    What the heck no Onion Knight? This is the worst expansion pack ever. Where is my free level 70 Death Knight?

    I’d make a jibe at your ivory tower mentality, but I’ll just deal with my third world status by screwing up your tech support… ;)
    Have fun comrades.

  14. 14 Orochi 27 comments

    “If you’ve noticed, the updating rates have been slowing to a crawl no thanks to my being away from home, out of touch with the community, and not watching anime or even buying figures in general.”


  15. 15 Ascaloth 200 comments


    TJ’s already planned a RIUVA gathering…..has he told you yet?

  16. 16 waista 10 comments

    …and so ends the Kyoto arc.

  17. 17 Hynavian 34 comments

    Nice introduction but….

    Im a female warrior monk!!! Noooo….Im a monk…. =’(

  18. 18 Lupus 67 comments

    Need more epic mounts.

  19. 19 Tsubaki 518 comments

    What? You’re selling yourself out and outsourcing like Impz!

  20. 20 Pear 3 comments

    Can’t be helped. Outsourcing’s a global phenomenon. One’s got to keep up with the times (and the schoolwork and dating).

  21. 21 tueac 11 comments

    How can you call NODAME and Honey and Clover Sissy titles, they, especially Nodame, are my Favourite.

  22. 22 mushi 3 comments

    I wonder why you got writers from your own country, especially at a time when you all can’t watch most anime, heh.

  23. 23 Crest 99 comments


Do not use any < and > for your own sake. It will end the comment there and then. Also, there is an automatic IQ filter which weeds out comments made by those who accidentally got transported from the stone age.

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