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Q and A! Find Out What You Need to Know About the Never-Ending Odex Saga!

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Remember this song from some kids’ show called "Lamb Chops" or whatever?

This is the song that never ends,
It just goes on and on my friend.
Some people, started singing it not knowing what it was,
And have continued singing it forever just because
It is the song that never ends… (repeat forever)

It pretty much sums up how I feel towards the recent Odex fiasco, currently in chapter 2351. The whole affair has been a downward spiral of doom, particularly for the anime freeloader. I wouldn’t say "anime fan", because I don’t really consider the people who just download and not do anything as fans. There have been 4-5 articles on this issue in the newspapers, most recently in today’s national tabloid, the New Paper. It must have been a slow news day, for the headlines were screaming, "Online Row Over Illegal Anime Downloads Turn Nasty as Odex Director Gets Threats, ‘We’ll beat you up and burn your house!’". Talk about sensationalism!

Anyway, I shan’t scan the article beacuse it’s basically a repeat of what other local anime bloggers have already covered, namely the local forums flaming Stephen Sing for his careless comments.

I know I haven’t really commented on the whole issue as I promised. There are a few reasons, one of which is school, and the others being a total boredom of this subject. But today I shall.

Remember how I said it was shameful being an anime fan? This is exactly why. Anime fans (ok let’s just use this term to describe those who like anime) are immature, childish, juvenile and spoilt, in this age of free downloads. I read about one page each of the various threads on the local forums pertaining to this topic and I’m disgusted by almost all the responses. Either Singaporeans are all really stupid in general, or just the stupid ones like anime. Oh yeah, the guys over at Odex claim to be anime fans as well, so please infer.

From what has transpired, Odex does not seem to be stopping their letter-machine-gunning. In fact, they have now broken down the barrier that is Starhub, and the previously-safe hubbers will probably start getting the papers of death. Each of these letters result in the receiver having to attend a mediation session, where the Odex gang will attempt to make you settle the matter with a payment of 3-5 thousand dollars. The money, allegedly, goes to the lawyers, tracking company, stamp fees (courts etc) and admin staff used to process the claim against you. That I can believe. There are lots of people saying that Odex is profiteering from this, but I don’t think so. Odex probably gets a huge kick out of this, but not in the monetary sense.

It’s like you’re a famous sportsman, but the spectators hurl abuse at you all the time. One day, you decide to give them the middle finger in full view of the TV cameras, and then the spectators file police reports, complain and all that. If you follow football (not the American type), you’ll see this often. If people blatantly flout the law, copyrights, sling mud at the Odex, it is fair to say that they will harbour hatred at you and one day, find some method to seek vengeance. Odex may be a commercial firm, but that doesn’t mean they can’t piss you off AND take your money. LEGALLY too. The law will always side with the party who doesn’t break it.

The sad thing is that all the masses of anime fans just mouth off and talk big online, spreading vitriol and hate on forums anonymously. Do you think any of these fans will still maintain the air of defiance when faced with the dreaded Odex letter? Will any of them fight the court case? All these fans can do is give the whole community a bad name, through cyberstalking and terrorism. The most ironic thing is, many of these stupid fans constantly pump letters to the newspapers and mass media, demanding that Odex’s insolence and "illegal invasions of privacy" be punished. This causes the newspapers to pick up on the issue, take Odex’s side and proceed to spin their articles such that anime fans are painted as cyberthugs who are too cheapskate to buy their anime. Why would they pick Odex’s side? It is because they, the big O, are officially in the right and downloaders are the ones infringing on their copyrights.

As much as we hate to be persecuted, you can’t deny that. The facts are, Odex have not committed any crime, their methods are 100 percent legal. Singapore just has such an efficient control culture, where if a party in power has the law on its side, it can eradicate what it deems as unlawful behaviour. To all those people who want to migrate just because they can’t get free anime, you need a big FUCK OFF from all of us.

I’m genuinely annoyed by the amount of stupidity on the net these days.

From here on, we’ll have a question and answer session. I shall start with a few common ones.

1. Oh, holy mother of Buddha, I got the LETTER! What should I do?
You should arrange for an appointment with Odex and head down to their office at International Plaza. It’s beside Tanjong Pagar MRT. There, the staff will brainwash you and scare you into paying the 3-5k settlement. So far, everyone has done that. After you agree to pay, you and them will sign a letter stating that you must not download any more anime, and they will disregard all the evidence they have collected thus far against you. You will then go home a lot poorer and pick up a new hobby like knitting.

2. I want to fight the court case and be a hero! Can I?
I want to see what happens when you do so. As some people, the older anime fans, will point out, Odex’s case is not stonewall. It may be fightable. You could at least die trying I suppose, or be a true hero and win it for us.

3. Are only Singnet users vulnerable to the death?
As of now, only Singnet users have been dealt with. Official reports state the Starhub put up a fight and lost, so expect to see Starhub people getting pwned. But think about it, there are thousands of downloaders here and probably a vast majority are being logged by the tracking company. Odex only has that many admin staff handling the letters, so it’s quite the probability game. Odex claims they can log streaming, IRC, Chinese/Russian/Italian/whatever subs, P2P and all that… allegedly.

4. Odex are just trying to profit. How can they do this??
People who say this are obviously either kids or beggars. The money paid goes to covering their costs, which includes paying for the tracker, court orders, lawyer fees, admin fees and other stuff. Odex claims that the Japanese studios originally wanted the downloaders to pay the full sum, i.e. 10 x the value of each item, which would’ve surely resulted in the downloader being bankrupt. Odex claims they, for the sake of the fans, begged the Japanese Studios to just accept the letters of undertaking as the end result of the hunt. Allegedly of course.

5. What the fuck is AVPAS? Is it not Odex?
Ah, this is an interesting issue. Odex is the creator of AVPAS, but it is not AVPAS. AVPAS consists of many Japanese companies, such as Sunrise, TV Tokyo who have pledged to support Odex in their quest against piracy. Remember in the old days, there were tonnes of Japanese bootleg drama VCDs out in retail stores? Odex asked the Japanese studios to support them in sweeping the bootlegs out and from there AVPAS was born. It was quite the snowball effect as more Japanese studios saw the benefits of joining this alliance and the positive feedback loop just makes AVPAS even more effective. The monopolistic nature of the local legal anime scene just further makes Odex’s anti-piracy mission easier. Look at Taiwan and HK, where there are a few bitter oligopolies out to kill one another, they wouldn’t join forces and fight piracy together, which results in the latter running rampant. In Singapore, due to Odex being a total force, they enjoy much economies of scale when it comes to ridding pirates. In short, AVPAS is like the mecha on which Odex the pilot rides.

6. Can I download the anime not on AVPAS’ list? Will I get caught?
You can download!! In fact, it would be highly likely that Odex would want you to download those because the unlicensed series would belong to their little competitors. Examples are Naruto, Keroro and Deathnote. But the catch is, if Odex ever licenses this series, they do get you on backlogged episodes.

7. But but! This is invasion of privacy!! Odex should go to jail!! Wait, if Odex is tracking torrents, doesn’t that mean they are downloading too? They should give themselves the letter!!
They have a court order, which here in Singapore, means they have the right to do as the court says. This point is so laughable that sometimes I pee in my pants when I see it on forums for the 200th time. Seriously. 12 year olds. Sheesh.

8. Odex products are shit!! I won’t ever buy them. BOYCOTT!!!
People need to stop comparing VCDs to fansubs. Obviously the former is shit in terms of quality. Anyway I think Odex products are quite shitty too but this is due to a variety of factors. Some of the subs need to be tweaked, because incest, homosexuality and all that is totally disallowed here. The censorship board is quite particular and Odex, which rather depends on the CB for a living, does not wish to get into its bad books. Odex thus plays by a "better safe than sorry" strategy, which can be frustrating to anime downloaders used to the cavalier attitude of fansubs. There are stringent rules set by Japanese studios on date of release, product packaging and all that, which is to prevent reverse importing by the Japanese. We all know how bloody expensive Japanese DVDs are. As for why Odex are still dubbing and using VCDs, it is because that is what the market in general wants. Sales figures show that. People online talk loudly about wanting subs, hating dubs, and using DVDs only, but sales figures do not reflect that. It is because they are merely the vocal minority and not the ones with the purchasing power. In a free market economy, everything is powered by the dollar and not by decibels. Btw, if you haven’t bought ANY products from them, you cannot boycott them for obvious reasons.

9. Henry Jenkins said that fansubs are promotion, not piracy!!

Only for a certain small group of anime, which solely are not enough to sustain the economy. Once again, I attribute this to the rapid paradigm shift. Japanese studios are holding back progress in the anime world because of their out-dated business models. The board of directors on these companies are old men who have more grey hairs than you have penises, and they do not comprehend the power of the net and how it has changed the face of commerce. There is however, a strong distinction that has to be made, between the internet and fansubs. I agree that the internet has to be used in the promotion and distribution of anime. But I do not agree that fansubbers should be the ones doing it and returning no benefit to the studios. Thanks to BT, the amount of downloaders at the moment has been increasing exponentially and this has now gone beyond the buffering capabilities of the anime market. This has directly affected DVD sales in a negative way, which worries studios, licensors alike. Anime, in the end, is a rather labour and capital intensive good, which requires a large company to produce. If there are no monetary benefits to making it, it will die.

10. If Odex people claim to like anime, what series do they like?
Apparently, the head honcho, Peter, likes Honey and Clover, Yamato Nadesico and Basilisk, at the moment.

11. How are the letter targets chosen?

Randomly. It does not depend on the volume of download at all. This is because Odex wants us to realise that ALL forms of downloading is bad and ALL should be stopped, so even if you’re just downloading one a week, you’re still at risk. But if you are a chronic downloader, it just means your chances of winning any case are slim obviously.

12. Oh Shit, I got the letter. But I’m quite poor and my family cannot afford the money.

If you submit proper documentation of your financial status, Odex actually does provide some leeway, either lowering the fees or something else. You must submit proper evidence though, not a down-on-your-knees-sobbing tale of poverty. There was apparently some kid who got his fee lowered through this.

13. Come, let us all quit anime together and do better, more glorious hobbies like chasing girls and boys.
Sure! I think we should all just stop watching anime. It’s not essential, it’s not a necessity. You will not DIE if you don’t watch it. Anime is a hobby which can be dropped easily because the series released don’t disappear. In fact, you can then marathon them, for better enjoyment!

14. But without the latest anime, the local merchandise stores will suffer too!
They will, but Odex obviously does not care. Btw, Odex actually holds merchandising rights for many anime, such as Dgray Man. So logically, Odex themselves could paint giant Dgrayman figures and sell them here. Though nobody would buy of course. The local merch stores are just too small in scale for the AVPAS dudes to care about. In theory, Odex and Chuangyi, for that matter, can actually persecute the local stores which sell counterfeit merchandise, such as Comics Connection and Tenchi. But they just don’t care because the management feels authentic Japanese merchandise does not yet have any market in the main stream, especially at their original prices. CC can sell stuff because their counterfeit ones are so cheap.

15. Odex sure has shitty PR and a bad website!
Very much so. I hear a new website is in the works though. The leadership at Odex have a top-down, "We smart and you masses are dumb" mindset. They have a tendency to withhold information rather than release it. They also do not like revealing plans before they come to fruition. It’s all shroulded in secrecy CIA style. Let’s say they were doing a secret project trying to bring a certain anime series via Video on Demand. Would you prefer they tell us they are trying to do it, or would you prefer they keep it under wraps until it actually goes through? Odex believes in hiding it because they don’t want to raise expectations and then get panned for failure. I find this rather strange and against the common norms of PR. Generally when it comes to information, no news is equals to bad news and this mindset is exactly why they have so much bad word-of-mouth publicity, from people who just spread rumours and deceit.

16. Are you Odex?
No I’m Riuva.

Any more questions?

Popularity: 29% [?]

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92 Responses to “Q and A! Find Out What You Need to Know About the Never-Ending Odex Saga!”  

  1. 1 Impz 21 comments

    I also want to add that I get E-penor now for being quoted twice by two different newspapers in the matter of 1 month. I win.

    Ok, that was a parody for those in the know, and for all who aren’t, too bad :P
    On a serious side though, it’s a good job with the coverage of the Q&A. I think many people will find it extremely useful.

  2. 2 JS 81 comments

    Yes, why do they claim that they’ve lowered the prices of VCDs to as low as $10 when I still see them all priced at $29.90 in stores everywhere I go?

  3. 3 LianYL 452 comments

    Those were student prices at roadshows you moron.

  4. 4 Mitsuki_Hayase 174 comments

    You know what’s the problem with the whole issue? The total lack of evidence to back things up. As things stand, both sides can claim all they want, and they can jolly well continue doing so, and they’re absolutely right in the vaguest sense, because there simply isn’t enough evidence to prove either side correct.

    Are DVD sales really affected by piracy? Or is it just a global trend of reversals, where sales of such media are generally dropping? What about the relation between the increase in number of fansub downloaders, and the decrease in DVD/VCD revenue? Did one really cause the other? There simply isn’t any statistics to prove logically beyond the doubt yes or no. In fact, numbers thrown up on either side are simply discredited by the other side almost immediately.

    I rest my case eternally on this case. In fact, i propose a cold hard look at the world economics around the world is being conducted. Odex is just the tip of the iceberg.

  5. 5 tj_han 896 comments

    Yes, as Lianyl so politely said, the 10 bucks pricing was a student promotion which was not publicised much. Obviously, it was done merely as an excuse which they can now use to fall back on with regards to pricing.

  6. 6 freddie 13 comments

    I see u’ve been applying some JC economics. yeah a much more carefully thought out post than those n00b rantings in newpaper and forums…

  7. 7 Zeroblade 77 comments

    I love how the Philippines doesn’t actually have a local anime distrbutor. I think.

  8. 8 l-lawliet 17 comments

    I dont know if this will get into the heads of those in HWZ.
    Some of them expertise in selective reading.

    Anyway great post!

  9. 9 mushi 1 comment

    Well, good luck then to those involved. I hear knitting seems to be a growing hobby these days….

  10. 10 kokanaden 174 comments

    @tjhan The “reverse leakage” touted by the Japanese companies does not hold water, especially if the so-called increase in pricing includes better covers, goodies and a whole lot of other stuff. In addition, the “so-called” barrier is artificial. Why not tear it down, do a global release instead? Solves all the problems.

    I also take issue with the amateurish explanation given on the clampdown on fansubs. I do not need to elaborate on how with the advent of file-sharing, the number of people watching anime (one way or another) has increased exponentially. In addition, I believe the bulk of revenue should not come just from sales of DVDs and VCDs. In fact, the aces held by the Japanese companies are that of TV licensing, and the sales of rights to the various manufacturers of various related goods. Those are the cash cows, not something that has an inconsistent demand like DVDs and VCDs. The key to maintaining high profits is to start an empire of related products and music; develop a genre, a fad etc.. Admittedly, I’ve no figures to back my argument up, but I’m offering a different perspective on the issue, and it does bear some weight, definitely.

    In addition, claiming that the spread of fansubs has had no benefits to the studios is completely false. Just look at how the merchandise-related industry on anime/manga products are booming worldwide as a result! What about the increased awareness?

    What about the argument that first rule in counting the number of consumers is that they MUST be willing to pay for the good in the first place? Rather than think of fansubs as a bane, why not think of it as soft advertising instead?

    In addition, I would think that fansubbing is something new altogether, and cannot be considered in the same league as piracy. After all, to start off, fansubs are free, as compared to piracy.

    In any case, I believe someone (Odex/Jap studios) is definitely not telling the truth here, but I don’t want to speculate though.

  11. 11 Bridge Bunny 50 comments

    Screw those dumbshits at EDMW. Trying to drag a game shop into the whole matter just because Stephen plays there often is stupid.

    The 10 dollar per VCD pack was on offer at the recent Taka toy clearance sale. The Shana half season DVD pack went for 20 bucks a piece there as well.

  12. 12 CherylHew 15 comments

    Yay for Malaysia being dumb and not care about illegal anime downloads :D Our BELOVED pirated DVD sniffer dogs can’t sniff us out LOL But seriously though, if Odex VCDs were shit, Malaysia’s would be a blended smoothie of shit, scum, mud, manure and so on LOL I remember back in my Naruto fangirlism days where I got a kick out of reading subtitles that say “Hyuuga clam” LOL

  13. 13 hitoshura 7 comments

    thank you, tj han, great piece of work.

  14. 14 kwok 10 comments

    Ha. So you have been reading Henry Jenkins. Ha.

  15. 15 Silverwolf X 27 comments

    In summary, Singapore’s Anime market will bomb, never come to maturity because MDA/BOFC is screwing it on one end and ODEX is dunking it on the other. I forsee Anime vanishing from Singapore all together, then next will be manga, then collectables then games. Indeed, knitting will become a national hobby. That or snot digging from our noses. Its free, unlike knitting.

    I don’t remember where I heard this comment, but someone mentioned how Singapore was like a 1st world country with a 3rd world population.

    Everywhere now is argue here argue there about this pissed up issue. People start taking sides, people start going extreme ends to find solutions or to make a bigger mess.

    In the meantime, forumers in Japan and the US are laughing at the stupidity going on here, both due to ODEx and the very ‘eloquent’ forumers.

    Way to go people, we’ve just become the laughing stock of the world. Oh wait, the fact we needed a courtesy campaign to tell our people to be courteous and a ban on chewing gum because people here can’t take a simple message of not sticking the gum all over probably made us the clowns of the world LONG ago.

    Singapore is a FINE City indeed.

  16. 16 Spiderpig 12 comments

    ./salute for the article! Good stuff.

  17. 17 Tiny Red Man 86 comments

    nice one there. let’s all sit in peace and wait for D-Day. and ya, childish people (like me) can cry all they want on the net and be labeled as cyber terrorists. IT’s fine..

  18. 18 Zer0 70 comments

    *looking for more ODEX VCDs to burn as Seventh Month offerings*

  19. 19 Silverwolf X 27 comments

    Also people, I like to point an interesting fact out to all of you. Bringing in R1 and R2 DVDs is actually not as legal as you think.

    Most of us bring in from shipping methods like EMS that don’t go through MDA/BOFC. By right though, all film/aural media that is imported or locally produced has to go through them and get their Seal of Approval (aka Ugly Sticker of Death). Film media with some scenes deem inappropriate to them will be edited, scratched or cut off before the product is sent to you. if it contains material deemed inapprpriate as a whole, they’ll just confiscate your BD/HDDVD/CD/DVD and let you ROT IN HELL.

    In the past I had some ADV Anime VHS tapes confiscated this way and I never got a refund. Since then I’ve wisened up and have resorted to ’smuggling’ through methods that would not go through MDA/BOFC.


    Anime in Singapore is doomed unless Odex bucks up, says its gonna stand on our side and refuse to give in to MDA/BOFC’s panel of geriatic’s decisions and release all good Anime with M18 ratings with non-eye bleeding subtitles and 100% effort involved subbing work.


    I’d strike TOTO by then and have left this control hell of a country if chnaces of that happening came true.


  20. 20 Kouji 38 comments

    This is the QnA we’ve been waiting for? What a rip-off.

  21. 21 alafista 26 comments

    Nice write-up. Kudos

  22. 22 tueac 7 comments

    according to source, the new website have been in the QC phrase for the past 2 weeks. It might be ready soon.

    And hell the WIKI article on ODEX is so written by children sia…

    DVD quality video is like youtube? hell freeze over if they are right..

  23. 23 Pear 3 comments

    … Actually I’d support a motion to go chasing skirts instead of hikki-ing at home watching anime. Or read more. Or destroy more paper targets. Whatever.

    But I’m not stopping my song translation efforts. ^^

  24. 24 feng 8 comments

    What a sight for sore eyes, alt-tabbing over from EDMW.

    On the PR front, I think Mr. Sing just scored another ‘Odex 1′ with our local papers and their audience.
    Meanwhile, forum’ers are still flaming away. It’s true, what they say about a mob.

  25. 25 Silverwolf X 27 comments


    And the insults, jabs, warring goes on.

    Sinkapore’s screwed

  26. 26 AsouKai 62 comments

    This is good stuff? HAHAHA OK.

    I’m sorry, but whoever thinks that this “good stuff” makes a lot of sense means you’re either:

    a) too lazy to give a shit about changing one simple thing in their lives
    b) as the article said, you are stupid.

    Even as half-assed as I am at following the news on what’s been going down at Od*x (and in general as well), I’ve already read enough of the estrogen-filled whines and moans to infer both the questions AND the answers.

    This isn’t a Q&A, and it certainly isn’t informative (I don’t give a fuck about Peter’s favourite anime), it’s for the dumb tarts who only now have realised that,”oh noes im doing sth ilegal!1!!!”

    And I still laugh at the dumbass who sent the letter to ST when the first report of the clampdown came up. roflmao.

  27. 27 Blurmage 2 comments

    This is sad. . . I wonder when will the ‘Odex’ thread on HWZ ever end.

  28. 28 tj_han 896 comments

    I had originally planned on doing more formal and informative articles but no way do Singaporeans deserve that. The information contained in this article may be stuff common knowledge now, but a month ago, nobody knew it. Pity I got held up by other stuff. There’s the other half of the info still safely in my notepad, which I don’t think I’ll write about because it makes Odex sound good. Stuff like their final dream, current plans and so on.

    Asoukai: It would be a Q and A if people actually asked questions wouldnt it? Rather than just relying on my pre-emptive ones. Wasn’t the guy who sent the Mr DKIWI, who in a totally unrelated incident, said anime fans are a superior lot? Lol.

    Feng: I suppose you could say that Odex are like Man U scoring goals for fun while the opposition, maybe Newcastle, fights among themselves.

    Pear: Do take my advice on the dating. I have two articles written on it.

    Kouji: I agree. But it’s up to you to ask the bloody questions damn it. Have you seen a Q and A session where the panel asks the questions? Is this why you guys are anime fans?

    Silver Wolf X: Yes that is correct. Another reason why Odex doesn’t mind us importing from Japan and the US. The few of us who do will probably lose bout 5 percent of our shipments to the censors. Ask Bjorn.

    Kokanaden: I know, I’m with you. But the old men don’t see it that way.

    Impz you weak shit. You’re not supposed to say “oh it’s a parody” because that kills the joke. That’s why you’re never funny.

  29. 29 Silverwolf X 27 comments

    When ODEX ceases to exist most probably.

    The majority of the people at HWZ have a deeply etched hatred for ODEX at the moment and live to bring every skeleton out of their cupboard to ‘destroy’ them.

    You nor I nor any person trying their best to stay neutral (even though we all agree ODEX’s partially at fault for this mess) can say or do anything to change their minds.

    Its the same situation at SGCafe too, just not so out of whack as it is at HWZ at the moment. Yet. -.-;;

    I admit I hate ODEX, but as far as I am concerned, they’re screwing themselves up. Stephen Sing is at fault for his own predicament and Peter Go can continue being sad and wondering why alot of people aren’t buying his company’s products.

    I’ve said many times, there is no end for this madness anytime soon, the hatred is gonna continue, the flaming will just get worse and tempers are breaking all over.

    Singapore isn’t gonna by a country of smiles for a while… well, those smiling are those gaining from this. Those getting burned are obviously gonna be grumpy and moody.

    In the meantime, fans in our lovely northern neighbour are mocking us and Odex (mainly Odex), openly declaring they’re FREELOADERS and Cheapskates and taunting Stephen ‘Sue Happy’ Sing to catch and sue them. Forumites in the US and Japan and all over the world are laughing at the stupidity of our situation while at the same time offering their symphaties and views. Our government is ignoring this event going on (How smart, its citizens are getting sued left right and centre via strongarming and they keep quiet. Yay.). MDA/BOFC are still being run by people with values dating back to the lost age and no matter what views we present, there will always be someone out there who will shout:

    “Odex suckz Ballz!!!”

    Humans. We are such wonderfully idiotic creatures who live to find ways to destroy one another. No wonder it is said that “the extinction of Humanity will be brought about by Human hands.”

  30. 30 omo 57 comments

    “To all those people who want to migrate just because they can’t get free anime, you need a big FUCK OFF from all of us.”

    I think any excuse to move out of Singapore is a good excuse. It’s not exactly a great place to live IMO. I just have a bone to pick with this kind of authoritarian government. Heck, this way people can actually learn first hand, the high cost of living.

    That said, nice write up (as usual). Loved #5 and disagree with #9 and #2.

    I think the final word on the “fansub = promoooootions!” discussion ends when we realize that copyright is rooted in property theory where as only modern econ care about the bottom line. Odex is doing a ton of things to screw themselves up in terms of financial outlook. Nixing fansubs is not going to hurt them compared to suing their meager customer base.

  31. 31 Seth 70 comments

    It’s okay kids. I promise America will continue to provide you pirate goods! If Japan tries to stop us, we will just invade. And don’t worry about money. We don’t need it! We’re all fat and rich already!

  32. 32 Seth 70 comments

    Oh but if your country won’t let you you’d better move over here quick because we’re building a giant dome soon to keep terrorists out.

  33. 33 Wreckidigidy 6 comments

    Well the ODEX-lawsuit fiasco has certainly escalated to a very national stage, maybe worth a mention in the Parliament or something…

    On the serious note, I have seen the posts on HWZ and it does look like the work of some 12 years-old just doing mindless ranting without actual consideration of the consequences for their blatant flaming…

    Seriously I love my anime and it certainly catalyzed my passion for collecting figurines from those series I followed closely which remain my 1st love…
    I had been off the regularly anime addiction for weeks now and don’t feel the pinch…
    In fact almost all the good ones have had their run, those that on the market seems a rather cheap clones of their predecessors…

    Zero mentioned that fansubs are basically taped Tv shows which shared between friends which is true…
    Seriously if you don’t use that for profit, I rarely see it as an infringement issue…
    Then again it’s really the merchandises that profits the anime series rather than the authentic anime DVD itself which is a common fact we all grow to know…

    ODEX is not wrong to prosecute freeloaders for rampantly do their downloading but seriously they seems like on another agenda of vendetta all together…that only they will know and the recent turn of events surely don’t do their publicity any good at all..
    On the long run they would surely feel the wrath of their actions but at least they made their point known and sucker-punch those that had mauled them vociferously over the years on all major local forums
    Seeing some of the scathing attacks, personally I am not surprised they are offended…
    Then again they seems to be kind of petty but we wouldn’t know and shouldn’t label them just on our personal impression

    Finally the entire fracas also shone a bad light on the anime community no doubt; although there were only a few black sheep, we should all just be law-abiding and let the events tide down…
    Be responsible for your own actions, if you are caught, cest la vie, afterall we reap what we sow…

    If need to, just get your anime dosage from other proper avenue like R1/R2 DVD and shared among friends like the good ol days…

  34. 34 Elydis 30 comments

    Singaporeans are stupid. I seriously do not understand their self-righteous claims to download when obviously it is illegal. Seriosly singaporeans are too fucking pampered and spoilt especially the kids now. “Boohoo big nasty Odex sued my ass cause i broke the law, Mommy you are gonna kill them for me desho?” Grow up please. Even trying to reason with those ‘anime fans’ or at least get them to look at both sides of the coin is impossible. It is like trying to reason with a wall of stupidity 10.

  35. 35 Beowulf 8 comments

    Just wanted to comment on this statement.

    “Look at Taiwan and HK, where there are a few bitter oligopolies out to kill one another, they wouldn’t join forces and fight piracy together, which results in the latter running rampant.”

    There’s not much point comparing the S’pore market to HK & Taiwan because their anime culture and market are more developed than ours. Ever been to Tsim Sha Tsui, HK? We have KKnM, they have buildings dedicated to Japanese subculture (anime, manga, games). Taiwan even has an Animate building. The 7-11s in Macau have Keroro dolls (bought 1).

    Piracy may be rampant in HK but I’m not sure if the situation is that bad in Taiwan. I do know that despite the “rampant piracy”, their major anime distribution companies are still around and the market has not collapsed. That means that despite the “rampant piracy”, the anime companies still manage to survive. How? By good old marketing I guess. Here are the URLs of 2 of the major anime companies in Taiwan, Proware and MightyMedia:

    Look at their products and their DVDs. Compare them to the Odex products. Strictly speaking, piracy is wrong but it also creates product awareness for these companies. It also allows them to gauge which are the popular series they should license. Maybe anime piracy is a necessary evil in these developed markets in order to sustain the anime market itself? That could be why they tolerate it to a certain extent and instead of suing the pants off the offenders, they focus on marketing their products to the customers by throwing in DVD-boxes and the DVD bonuses that are released with the R2s.

    It’s easy to pin the blame on piracy for wrecking the Singapore “anime market” but IMO, there was never one to begin with or it’s a very insignificant one . Odex basically shot itself in the foot the moment it decided to license anime in Singapore and faced with declining sales, it decided to embark on its current course of action.

    It’s easy to based the argument on a meta-narrative and assume that all anime markets are similar and the effects they suffer are similar but persoanlly, I think distinctions should be made.

    Incoherent rant over. Oh and Man Utd apparently has problems winning now and I still maintain that Odex products suck as bad as Spurs.

  36. 36 LianYL 452 comments

    VHS tapes or HDD recorders’ main purpose is for personal entertainment, not mass distribution over a high-speed medium. Not to mention that most “recorded anime” you are watching are recorded from paid cable channels. I’m so sure you paid money to be able to record Kanon 2006. People should stop harping on that point. Maybe that would make you look less of a moron.

    But Zer0 wins for sending stuff to hell. You’re not Zer0, nor would a repetition of his actions give would a bigger e-penis..

    On a sidenote, I have no idea what’s a double-six. It could be a newly coined term in the gaming community which I recently abandoned, or it could just be a further butchered version of “GG”, as in GG66GG66. So maybe I should start using double-nined. gg99gg99gg99.

  37. 37 Chraen 9 comments

    “There’s the other half of the info still safely in my notepad, which I don’t think I’ll write about because it makes Odex sound good. Stuff like their final dream, current plans and so on.”

    What’s wrong with making them look good?

  38. 38 exalt dragon 124 comments

    “Singaporeans are stupid. I seriously do not understand their self-righteous claims to download when obviously it is illegal. Seriosly singaporeans are too fucking pampered and spoilt especially the kids now. “Boohoo big nasty Odex sued my ass cause i broke the law, Mommy you are gonna kill them for me desho?” Grow up please. Even trying to reason with those ‘anime fans’ or at least get them to look at both sides of the coin is impossible. It is like trying to reason with a wall of stupidity 10.”

    How rude of you. How many S’poreans did you see doing that? Your fucking sweeping statements do nothing to help the situation. How much do you think you know about Singapore anyway?

  39. 39 Ascaloth 67 comments

    Because what TJ actually means is that the “other half” comprises of Stephen Sing’s and Peter Go’s justifications for their actions, and what they say they’re going to do in the future…..allegedly.

    (Stole your favourite word, TJ :p )

    You’ve seen them all before, and we all know just how “truthful” their words can be. Trust me, you won’t have an interest in that half of the article.

  40. 40 Silverwolf X 27 comments

    To sum it up even more: The other half is all CORPORATE Viewpoint BSING.

  41. 41 fraggleroc 1 comment

    I am your average, kinda stupid Singaporean, who happened to enjoy watching animes. I started couple years ago. Took a break between and only got back to watching animes again recently- talk about good timing! Being stupid, I was much confused by this phenomenon known as Fansubs when I started out. Again, maybe I’m really stupid or something, but I had the impression that it was okay to download these fansubs. “There’s no such thing as free meals!” But I guess a part of me wanted to believe that maybe, just maybe, this time I’ve found that truly ‘happy place’ I longed for- a good hobby to kill time lol! It does not help when you read stuff like “This is a free fansub, not for sale, rent or eBay.” while watching. That kinda reinforced the idea that fansubs are legal in my thick skull. It was only later that I found out what fansubs were all about and the deal about licensed and unlicensed anime. Anyway, I found this great anime Cowboy Bebop back then, and had since bought the dvd.

    Anyone else who were confused by this Fansub deal when they started out? And even believed them to be legal? Am I really stupid and hopeless? :D I’m intended to think that among those odex-ed were kids who had no idea about the legality of fansubs.

    I don’t think I will ever regret that faithful day I downloaded the fansub for Cowboy Bebop though.

  42. 42 kokanaden 174 comments

    To all those who blindly declare the illegality of downloading fansubs, I’d suggest that you read up a little more about the copyright law; or at least read the review section of The Straits Times today. Andy Ho pointed out a loophole, or a grey area, in the copyright law which has yet to be tested to date. Which vindicates my previous point on how fansubs in this case should be viewed separately from piracy. Don’t go around spamming “downloading is illegal stop whining n00bs” just because it seems cool. It just makes you sound like a fucking lapdog.

    To all those demeaning the Singaporean culture, I’ve this to say to you (Yes, you SilverwolfX): Just fuck off already, won’t you? I mean, if the “free” United States of America appeals so much to you, go ahead, leaving this “fucked-up” country which you grew up in, and never return. We would be that much better without people like you dissing just about anything and everything Singaporean while planning to migrate. Wow, so Singaporean culture is “third world”? Why not prove to me then, that you, as a Singaporean yourself, CAN ACT LIKE A FIRST WORLD GENTLEMAN?

    Seriously, I’m sick of the Singapore bashing. While criticism is good, this constant tirade on how Singapore and its associated cultures and entities suck is going way overboard. If you don’t like the state Singapore is in; there’s two forms of action you can take:

    1) Run away to another country, hide under the guise of another nationality, and continue bashing the country you were born in, grew up in, got your education in, your cynicism in etc.; after all, you no longer have a stake in Singapore, and whatever backlash happens subsequently will not affect you.

    2) Stay, and try to do something constructive. Which starts first by having some pride in Singapore, its achievements (however miniscule it is), and even if it’s just you, to act like a first world gentleman. Continue critisizing all you want, but the very fact that you’ve chosen to stay proves something.

    This is going out of hand. Way out of hand.

  43. 43 Beowulf 8 comments


    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”


  44. 44 Silverwolf X 27 comments

    Nope. I’m a 3rd world Singaporean Barbarian and there I admit it. Prove it? Sure. We need a courtesy campaign. Our service standards fell so low they had to be told to buck up, Alot of Singaporeans kicked up a fuss because they have to pay for bags on ONE Wednesday of a month. Chewing gum got banned because Singaporeans can’t follow a simple “don’t stick your gum all over the place” message. Singapore likes to be called a Green City, look at your drains and see whats floating in there now and then! Recycling is like a death threat to most Singaporeans, alot of people still don’t learn to keep left of escalotors and saying EXCUSE ME still gets you weird looks and grumbles, racism does exist still in our country, a minority of our Taxi drivers behave like goddamn hooligans, retards will always park in places they shouldn’t AND as you say, most of us prefer to sit around and wait for how things turn out rather then do something.

    VERY first worldy of us indeed.

    AND for your information. MIGRATING isn’t easy. I don’t recall saying it was an EASY WAY OUT did I? Maybe I wasn’t to clear in my posts, FINE. First in your new country you will be treated as a 2nd class (or lower) citizen, jobs will be low end for a while unless you’re VERY qualified and you will experience culture shock and lifestyle shock. You kokonaden are being a BIGGER jerk for calling people, who choose a choice B rather then your Choice A, cowards that run away. Why not you wake your fucking idea and do your Choice B (Staying and doing something) as well instead of acting all high and mighty and just assume people will migrate to simply escape and immediately get a BETTER LIFE from the start? If things were so EASY, Iraq and North Korea would have been vacated ages ago!

    I CHOOSE to stay, because my friends, my family my job and the fact that regardless of how messed up things are getting, a solution will come up sooner or later, whether said solution benefits just one party or both is anyone guess though. Being first world gentlemen got us kicked around and ignored, “so why bother anymore?” - as some would say nowadays. I’m just a skeptical asshole who is annoyed with things going on in the country. So what? Sue me for being critical and semi-pessimistic?

  45. 45 loltechnos 11 comments

    “I had originally planned on doing more formal and informative articles but no way do Singaporeans deserve that.”

    Not talking about myself here but it’s not just Singaporeans who are here leh. And not all of us are like the retards over at HWZ and so on…
    Can’t you just provide the full story, please. We - or well at least I - want to know more about what ODEX thinks, even if it sounds like corporate BS or weird or whatever. I want to know what they want to do since we hardly hear anything else from them anyway. Seriously. Please?

    Also I don’t necessarily agree with every single point, but although I didn’t really feel your shameful sentiment of being an anime fan, I fully understand it now. That New Paper article was the last straw. Plastered on a paper like that making anime fans look like dorks… I don’t want to be publicly known as an anime fan among so-called polite company anymore. It’s not worth the effort of hurried explanations that I’m Not Like Them or whatever. What the hell, I’m a pirate anyway…

  46. 46 wth 2 comments

    you know what guys? I think odex is SOOO laughing at us now.

    He gets the settlement fee and he gets to watch a dam show of nerds fighting each other.

    Brilliant, so in the light of events now, instead of telling each other what good import sites there are, you guys flame each other for hating singapore, for being on the this side or that side.

    Yes, elydis, we may have done something wrong, but maybe your family happens to be richer by 3 to 5k, but alot of family sure as hell doesnt. And yes, that comment was very rude. people may have resigned to their fate, but it’s still a worry that hits them every minute, and they are given every right to rant about it as long as they pay in the end. Your kind are the worst, along with drmchsr0 with his similarly sweeping staements that only serve to make even more people pissed and depressed than their current state while trying to show your utmost righteousness and strong stand.

    I’m not even gonna rant on how stupid and childish drmchsr0’s posts are at his blog… that is scolding us how stupid and childish we are, secondary school kid style. No matter how neutral and god-like he appears to be.

    I know tj_han is one of the “these guys are retarded” blogger now, but i appreciate his much more intellectual thinking compared to some other blogger who calls his readers “pricks” right off the bat.

    Shit, ive ranted and joined the argument. Look, just stop downloading NOW, it won’t kill! Tell this to your frens as well. and if most of the ppl you know stop, it could mean there would be probably a huge drop in downloaders. But if the letters doesn’t slow down at all after that, it could be either:
    a) those crazy fags are aiming for a 0% downloading rate in the entire sg population which is impossible.
    b) the dling value is still high
    c) ulterior motive *wink wink* *taps pocket*

  47. 47 Chraen 9 comments

    I doubt they’re laughing right now.

    More likely either seriously pissed, or scared for their own safety. Either way, I wouldn’t be surprised if they went after every last downloader just because they were pissed. We did, after all, threaten to attack and burn his house. And whoever actually tries deserves to go to jail, because threatening them is not going to help, beating the shit out of them is not going to help, it only makes both sides angrier at each other.

    And in the end the issue will never be resolved because a good 80% of us are still flaming away in the forums.

  48. 48 kokanaden 174 comments

    @SilverwolfX Now you’re speaking. I apologise if I had gone overboard with the attack, because, I admit, it wasn’t purely directed at you.

    Still, to your first paragraph, point out to me which country in the world does not suffer from the problems you mentioned?

    And yes I agree with you, I’m staying in Singapore for the very same reasons, which explains the apology above. I am very, very, very, very touchy about people taking the “supposed” easy way out though, which is: Migrate as soon as they can, or as soon as they strike Toto. Of course, for these people, as soon as they encounter the very same problems you listed on moving to a new country, they’ll whinge and whine again, and they find another method to wriggle out of it without taking any responsibility or initiative at all.

    Once again, I apologise for the sudden outburst. Honestly, it wasn’t really directed at you, especially now that you’ve made your point clear.

  49. 49 tj_han 896 comments

    An individual is far more rational than an angry horde, which is why calling them “retarded” is perfectly fine. Though I wouldn’t label any individual as such without proper analysis. Unless of course, you prove it outright.

    Kokanaden: Majulah Singapura!!

    Silver Wolf X: Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light. What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?

    wth: Drmchrso? Lol.

    loltehnos: I’ve actually been told by Odex not to share their dream, strangely enough. But I guess there’s no harm in showing the more optimistic side of them. Stay tuned.

    Beowulf: Is this the same HK that is so flooded with pirated goods? I was there for 2 weeks just last year where my local otaku friend guided me around the hot Japanese cultural spots.

    Anyway I don’t think Singaporeans are stupid per se, the average intelligence of every nationality is about the same. It’s just that because there are so few of us, the loud and idiotic ones get their voices heard a lot more.

  50. 50 Silverwolf X 27 comments

    Well, look at it this way, its impossible to do essay long posts with the full picture on your thoughts on a comments section. I’d rather be playing Persona 3 and reading my manga then waste more time giving my input on a very stupid and very Uniquely Singaporean event going on. Oh and you’d be surprised, though Japan has its own problems, they don’t suffer from all the bad habits we Singaporeans have in our tiny little island. It was a very pleasent visit there last I went 3 years ago. Of course, to each their own experiences.

    Nope. I’m not a morning person. Low blood pressure doesn’t help in that aspect either. >.

  51. 51 kokanaden 174 comments

    @SilverwolfX Okay, we agree to disagree on that point.

    @tjhan I AM FRIEND.

    @all others NOOB.

  52. 52 Silverwolf X 27 comments

    Tomorrow’s another day folks. Lets see what appears in the papers tomorrow and what more insanity follows. Sigh.

    In the meantime though, the folks at CSI… err HWZ have unearthed more personal details of Mr Sue Happy. Their skills are digging up dirt is impressive, but I feel its being used in the wrong direction. if they really want to ‘destroy Odex’ that bad, they should dig up for any instances where the company can be accused of poor business practices (knowledge of shoddy products, lack of offering interaction with community.. etc) and use it against them in the court of law. Sure, you’d most likely still be implicated for downlaoding copyright material, but if you can prove that it was due to ODEX in the first place that most of the community had to resort to illegal means to get their Anime fix, they’d be in a lot (and i mean ALOT) of trouble themselves and for once, the community affceted will actually have a chance to fight back, or find a solution and Senioer Writer Andy Ho has already pointed out a possible path to take if you get a love letter and feel you want to take it.

    Let there be a Hero. The rest of us will remain chicken shits who are all talk no action. For the meantime… :P

  53. 53 Kratos_GoW 1 comment

    With regards to this recent Odex & illegal anime saga crap. I will admit i dl few animes illegally and resent to the fact that i did wrong.

    However from my knowledge, it seems i only juz recently find out that Odex’s 1st action to dlers (even those in the dark abt copyright and licensing laws like me) are to send shockingly heavy fine of between SGD 3-5k.

    Now this is really an unfair act to us and instead of fining 3-5k (which evry1 in SG knows itz nowhere close to minor sum for a 1st action taken), they could at the very least send 1st time offenders like us warning letters and let us know that if we are caught again… ( i dont give a damn if the fine is $1m second time round ) then it would be better to fine us.

    Has anyone not noted this fact?

    Itz a very true statement as i myself (though i hate to..) believe tat odex is doing the right thing on taking action on illegal dlers.. wad i feel is a fine as a 1st action instead of a 1st time warning letter is pretty unfair and injustice to us.

    3-5k is (to me even $500) pretty damn harsh on 1st time offenders. I think only repeated offenders who have been warned are then entitled to such punishments, otherwise… i think Odex & Mr Sing are being jackasses for not understanding wad is $$$$ in terms of the thousands mean to average incomed (and innocent i might add..) families in Singapore. I know u CEOs are pretty rich f**ks and thousands r like peanuts to u guys but to us people who r struggling to make even 1-2k a mth… i neednt say anymore…

    Summary of my view : Wad Odex shud do is send out warning letters as 1st wave action instead of fine. Period.

  54. 54 blauereiter 3 comments

    Thanks for the informative Q and A. I’m based in Japan so my understanding of the Odex episode is murky at best, but I am interested because I work in the anime industry, and I am Singaporean too.

    The recent Straits Times article written by Andy Ho does indeed raise some questionable points as how anime downloading actually constitutes to an illegal act, and while I do not condone piracy Odex’s actions are undeniably too heavy handed - if any action should have been taken, its against the people who are distributing the anime online rather than the folks who are downloading it.

    I hope Odex will relax it stand on this matter, earning hopefully a little reprieve from the Singapore anime fan base, seek it improve it products and releases, and move on from there.

  55. 55 Silverwolf X 27 comments

    That point has been up alot of times, both offline and online. ODEX however, is IGNORING it.

    People are aware of it, but all their complaints and views are falling on deaf ears. ODEX is playing dumb and the courts won’t give a damn unless someone files a lawsuit about ODEX using unethical business practices or someone in Parliament realizes something really wrong is going on in his/her country and his/her citizens are NOT happy about it.

    But as I said. You need to gather rock, solid proof first. Ones that can be used against them. Why not go ask the guys at HWZ to unearth such details, instead of continuing their pointless ‘romance’ with Mr Sue Happy? I mean, I think everyone with simple common sense in Singapore already knows from reading his self-shooting remarks in the papers he is an idiot. That point’s already proven, why dig up more when he’s already making a fool of himself willingly? move on the the next one, the COMPANY.

  56. 56 LianYL 452 comments

    The bandwagon effect theory stands.

    Don’t fall for Kokanaden’s tricks; he is attempting to turn the wagon around and Silverwolf has just been run over. Too bad I’m a steam tank.

  57. 57 kokanaden 174 comments

    I’m a trickster woooo.

    Anyway in way what are fansubs considered piracy? Apart from 1Piece of course.

  58. 58 wth 2 comments

    omg blauereiter!

    A singaporean based in a japanese anime industry. cool stuff. I”m so jealous.

    First thingss first, are you guys over there SERIOUSLY asking odex to do the job? Cuz i gotta let you know odex is trying to push the blame on you guys and make themselves look good..

  59. 59 Xiangyao 1 comment

    Trampling over ur countries culture and status doesn’t help solve any issues at all. Just simply doing that make u look like a whiner. Do something abt it.

  60. 60 Halcyondf 50 comments

    Lian, if you are a steam tank, does that mean you are running on steam?


  61. 61 omo 57 comments

    wait, so a troll lives under a bridge doesn’t live off bridges?

    TJ: “It’s just that because there are so few of us”

  62. 62 omo 57 comments

    Doubepost. stupid less than sign.

    TJ: “It’s just that because there are so few of us” — this is the truth of the matter right here. Not just because loudmouths are loud, but also how piracy hurts Odex’s (and anyone who tries to sell anime) bottom line. Solution? Either move out of singapore, or breed like crazy.

  63. 63 DrmChsr0 156 comments

    Needs moar lulz.

  64. 64 Beowulf 8 comments

    “Is this the same HK that is so flooded with pirated goods? ”

    I don’t understand the basis for your question but the point I want to bring across is that while piracy may be rampant in HK, it may not lead to the total collapse of the anime market like what Odex(or whoever is writing those articles in the state media, New Paper) would like us to believe, with their Korean and American market comparisons. IMO, the comparisons between Singapore and other anime markets are weak. I did not deny that piracy is rampant in HK. I didn’t say that piracy is not a problm in HK, so I don’t understand what you are questioning about my statement, unless you are relating the maturity of the market to piracy.

    Piracy may be a factor but there are other factors that are important in determing the state of the anime market. Maturity of the market? Development and knowledge of Japanese subculture? Demographics of consumers? Disposable Income available? Blaming piracy is the easy way out for a company who knew little about the basic concepts of marketing and screwed up. And do you think there is a market for anime DVD/VCD in Singapore? I don’t believe that the market in Singapore is significant enough to warrant Odex’s decision to enter it. It will help tremendously if anyone or Odex can provide some solid sales figures and empirical evidence.

    And I call BS on Andy Ho’s article. This is the entire copyright act of Japan.
    Read it and make your own conclusions but for me, fansubbing or the downloading of raws is illegal. No grey area about that.

  65. 65 Jayson619 1 comment

    Where’s the second season of ‘Girl’s Bravo1′?
    Where’s Hellsing Ultimate?
    Where’s Gundam Seed extra series and Final Plus?!
    Where’s Devil May Cry and DEath Note?



  66. 66 kokanaden 174 comments

    @Beowulf And how would that prove that Andy Ho’s article is bullshit? I looked through the weblink, and the Article 38 mentioned by Andy Ho is under Subsection 5: Limitation on copyright, and I quote:

    (Performance, etc. not for profit-making)

    Article 38. (1) It shall be permissible to publicly perform, present and recite a work already made public, for non-profit-making purposes and without charging any fees (”fees” includes any kind of charge to be imposed on the offering and the making available of a work to the public; the same shall apply hereinafter in this Article) to audience or spectators*2 ; provided, however, that the performers or reciters concerned are not paid any remuneration for such performance, presentation or recitation.

    (2) It shall be permissible to diffuse by wire a work already broadcast, for non-profit-making purposes and without charging any fees to audience or spectators.

    (3) It shall be permissible to communicate publicly, by means of a receiving apparatus, a work already broadcast or diffused by wire, for non-profit-making purposes and without charging any fees to audience or spectators. The same shall apply to such public communication made by means of a receiving apparatus of a kind commonly used in private homes.

    (4) It shall be permissible to offer to the public a work (except a cinematographic work) already made public, by lending copies of the work (excluding copies of a cinematographic work in the case of a work reproduced in the cinematographic work) for non-profit-making purposes and without charging any fees to borrowers of such copies.

    (5) For audiovisual education establishments and other establishments not for profit-making, designated by Cabinet Order, having the purposes, among others, to offer cinematographic films and other audiovisual materials for the use by the public, it shall be permissible to distribute a cinematographic work already made public, by lending copies of the work, without charging any fees to borrowers of such copies.In this case, a person who makes such distribution shall pay a reasonable amount of compensation to the owner of the right mentioned in Article 26 (including the owner of the same right as that mentioned in Article 26 in accordance with the provision of Article 28) with respect to such a cinematographic work or a work reproduced in that cinematographic work.

    *2 In Article 38, paragraph (1), “without charging any fees (”fees” includes any kind of charge to be imposed on the offering and the making available of a work to the public; the same shall apply hereinafter in this Article) to audience or spectators” includes the case where, without charging any fees to audience or spectators, a work is exploited for teaching or research activities in such a school as established by a school establishing company mentioned in Article 12, paragraph (2) of the Law for Special Districts for Structural Reform (Law No.189, of 2002).

    I’ll refer readers to take note of point (2) and (3). The key phrase is “non-profit purposes”. Perhaps Beowulf could point me to an article that specifically overwrites this.

  67. 67 feizhai 1 comment

    hmmm one side of the argument i would dearly love to hear is :
    why does it seem so wrong that a business (aim:profit) has taken onto itself the role of enforcing copyright laws (ie. illegal downloading of anime) and no one seems to bat an eyelash about it (no one being the gahment la).

    a rather lousy analogy:

    its like McDs going after you for importing Ramly Burgers from M’sia-
    we know its illegal to bring in food products across the Causeway, but why is McDs (with vested interest cos they’d rather you eat their burgers) doing all the threatening and moral posturing? Shouldn’t customs/AVA be doing it instead?

    it doesn’t help that Stephen Sing has been exposed to be a liar and goondoo (imo, it doesn’t help either that he does look like a fucktard) and of course TNP hasn’t helped either by trying to stir the shit instead of focusing on what i feel is more important.

    WHY IS A DAMN COMPANY, INSTEAD OF THE LAW, ACTING LIKE THE LAW? unthinkable! how dare they! this is sg come on! i pay my taxes so someone sort this out already!

    ok my nng kaak worth of rant done. NEXT!

  68. 68 LianYL 452 comments

    @Kokanaden I’d like to see how the court ruling would be with that “permissible” rule in place. Maybe you could start speculating how Odex got their court order. If the law treats fansubs as “commercial audiovisual material” rather than “broadcasted work”, then you can suck thumb.

  69. 69 feng 8 comments

    (Reproduction for private use)
    Article 30.

    (1) It shall be permissible for a user to reproduce by himself a work forming the subject matter of copyright (hereinafter in this Subsection referred to as a “work”) for the purpose of his personal use, family use or other similar uses within a limited circle (hereinafter referred to as “private use”), except in the case:

    (i)where such reproduction is made by means of automatic reproducing machines (”automatic reproducing machine” means a machine having reproducing functions and in which all or main parts of reproducing devices are automatic) placed for the use by the public;

    (ii) where such reproduction is made by a person who knows that such reproduction becomes possible by the circumvention of technological protection measures or it ceases to cause obstruction, by such circumvention, to the results of acts deterred by such measures (”circumvention” means to enable to do acts prevented by technological protection measures or to stop causing obstruction to the results of acts deterred by such measures, by removal or alteration of signals used for such measures; the same shall apply in Article 120bis, items (i) and (ii)) (”removal” or “alteration” does not include such removal or alteration as is conditional upon technology involved in the conversion of recording or transmission systems).

    (2) Any person who, for the purpose of private use, makes sound or visual recording on such a digital recording medium as specified by Cabinet Order by means of such a digital recording machine as specified by Cabinet Order (excluding a machines having special efficiency generally not for private use but for business use, such as that for broadcasting, and b machines having sound or visual recording functions incidental to the primary functions, such as telephones with sound recording function) shall pay a reasonable amount of compensation to the copyright owners concerned.

    It’s pretty hard to figure out what you can’t do in a document detailing what you can (as the author), but the above caught my eye.
    Clause (1) allows you to reproduce a copyrighted work for personal use if you recreated it yourself. (What, re-draw every damned cel?)
    Clause (2) refers also to the issue at hand, I believe, but I have no information about what constitutes a digital recording machine. DVR?

    LianYL: the basis for ‘commercial’ is profit?

  70. 70 LianYL 452 comments


  71. 71 J 1 comment

    i believe the company Odex hired maybe MediaSentry.

  72. 72 loltechnos 11 comments

    tj_han: Yay thanks. I relak one corner and wait for you to update, ok? Take your time (as long as time does not equate 1 month or more between related posts.)

    Strange how they don’t want to share the dream. Probably scared that people will flame them (again) if they fail…

  73. 73 Silverwolf X

    Well, look on the bright side, if things enter hopeless here, you could always take this approach:


    I think its because of nuts like those that our MDA/BOFC is passively joining in the fun to screw our hobby up. Ah well.

  74. 74 bitchplz 1 comment

    If there’s an internet, there’s a way. this sums up the fact that Odex is screwed one way or another. i will not dispute this entry nor inject this comment with random chim terms because hello, whoever is reading/writing it just needs a life la. and please, whoever distributes anime and plans to make it as a living clearly thinks using his knee. i don’t sympathise with the stupid.

    but if anime fans are not people who watch anime and actually like them. then pray tell who are anime fans? people who locked themselves up at home watching authentic Bleach DVDs 24/7 and cry everytime Kon gets punched/kicked/slapped? No please. Get a brain.

    Or dictionary.

  75. 75 sesshomaru_haku 8 comments


    Odex Burning Ceremony on August 25th @ Youth Park



  76. 76 Clarisa 1 comment

    Im assuming most people forgotten that distributing materials online is “clear-cut” illegal. If someone were to file a lawsuit against Odex using that taping and borrowing neighbour statement you will be slapping your own face. As the whole world knows, BT is P2P, meaning you are distributing while you are downloading. In fact, purchasing video materials also have disclaimer stating that it is only for personal viewing, no sharing (aka borrow neighbours) or public display is allowed. For those who recieved the letter, my deepest condolences. For those who haven’t, quickly destroy your HDD, set your wireless network (if you have) to unprotected mode (claiming people tapping your network) and hopefully Odex unable to sue you with an empty brand new harddrive.

    PS: im not someone who is rubbing on the wound of the victims, it is more like a reality check. In fact im supporting the Odex_Rebellion Activity (the recycling, not the burning), at least someone is doing something rather than internet ranting.

    Personally i admit im a downloader too, holding 1.2 tetrabytes worth of animes. Together with IP masks and other IP cloakers on. However if i still recieves the letter, i will admit my doings and pay up with my lawyer as witness.

  77. 77 Daniel 10 comments

    Sorry, I dont live in Singapore so I aint informed about this series of events.

    What is Odex? Is it an anime distributor in Singapore?

    Greetings from Mexico.

  78. 78 Elydis 30 comments

    Odex is a singaporean based anime distributer who is currently hunting downloaders on the grounds of copyright infringement.

    @Wth & exalt dragon
    Rude? of course i am, manners are a facade which even i have to put on sometimes. But things like this? Manners? Who needs them when the people i talked to just dun listen to nice poliet explainations on both side of the case especially in forums like HWZ and sgcafe. Those who feel offended think about why you feel offended is it because i hit a sore spot? Or you feel unjustly accused? Most likely you feel the latter. But have you ever looked at both sides? If you have i apologise and salute you if not then you should go fuck yourself. Btw im a singaporean and i am not well-off. Go ahead hate me, hatred will make you stronger.

    And in the end we have all fallen into this endless cycle of argument and re-argument(dun know if this even exist). So this shall be my last post in this thread. If anyone wishes to swear, curse and throw abuse please feel free to.

  79. 79 Mitsuki_Hayase 174 comments

    @Elydis Amen.

  80. 80 AsouKai 62 comments

    @tjhan: unfortunately, i don’t agree with that mr dkiwi or the other guy but as i said i don’t give a shit. because the more people argue about this, the more lava we’re pouring on our own heads i say.

  81. 81 Vidan 4 comments

    The message is clear! For people of sg, stop downloading animes, the earlier it dies, the faster will Odex goes out of business, The better it is for all of us to move on.

    I’m also guilty of buying those clearance vcds of Odex. I believe normal price is overpriced.

    Odex also admits they have a hard time including those dvd bonuses, which US company can include, just shows R1 is superior for the same price minus the shipping.

  82. 82 Vidan 4 comments

    somebody made a comparison on odex vs fansub subtitling.


    no wonder odex needs to download also for reference, pot calling the kettle black.

  83. 83 the J-man 2 comments

    I don’t know if this point has been raised before. If Odex will sue you based on old records, then there is no incentive for any anime fan to stop downloading. You turn over a new leaf, burn your hard disc and start knitting, and Odex still slaps your ass 6 months later?
    It’ll scare the people who recently discovered anime but have had no previous records not to try downloading, but for the peeps who’ve downloaded over the years, its just waiting for the letter of doom, in the meantime, might as well get your 3k’s worth of anime and continue downloading.

  84. 84 Burke 2 comments

    TJ> Please note that unless there is something vastly wrong going on here, what Odex filed with the courts is simply a “John Doe” case, where they wish to file suit against an individual who is unknown save for a certain piece of information. In this case, an ip addressed being used at a certain time. What the courts granted them is probably permission for them to proceed to the “discovery” phase of the suit, which here compels the relevant custodian of said identifying information to release to the plaintiff the identity of said “John Doe”. The releasing of said information is what the various ISPs were fighting.

    Furthermore, there is a conspicuous lack of a written judgement for this release of information which leads me to infer that Starhub may have capitulated (i.e. gave in without awaiting a ruling) and therefore this does not show that the courts recognise that this is an illegal act.

  85. 85 Shikaru 1 comment

    Well I read the article and skimmed through the comments and I’m glad I did.
    I had only heard a bit about the whole Odex thing and didn’t really know what to think of it. What I’d known was a neutral veiwpoint, however it still poked fun at Odex and mostly just said that their tactics were out of hand.

    I myself am a HUGE anime fan and have NEVER downloaded any fansubs or other illegal anime, I’ve never even considered it. I’m acually by the majority of anime fans, not just those of one country or another, but ones from all over. Just about any anime fan who has the ability to, will go to youtube or bittorent. Then when something happens that they can’t do that or they get in trouble, they whine and bitch about it. Now…I won’t lie. Though I haven’t ever gone to bittorrent, I have watched ONE anime series on youtube, though it was short and I went out and bought the dvds shortly after.

    I don’t live in Singapore, so I can’t ever really know the situation fully, but from what I know I do know that it’s getting out of hand in many ways. A few of things Odex has done were not really needed, but their intentions are the right ones. They are only trying to stop something that is illegal. And the anime community is just…argh. Seriously, what in the world makes people need to threaten to kill because they can’t watch anime, grow up!

    I think what Odex is doing is right. Downloading anime is illegal and there’s nothing else to it. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. People need to quit whining and just buy their anime like they should have in the first place, support those that created it.

    If what I said offends anyone, then you’re obviously easily offended. I am simply stating my own opinion on the matter, not trying to start any fights or anything like that.

  86. 86 vampure 1 comment

    i do not really agree to all the factors listed in this post as yes we cannot control all the cyber terrorist that is right but have u every really thought about the future? And i am very sure american users are not laughing at this matter as singapore’s copyrights law is based on the us’s but the difference is that the people and judges in america are more liberal and that the laws there does more to PROTECT the american consumer.

    now my point of view is, if odex can do this in the anime industy, what about the other industries?
    and that as most of you know, singapore firms are mostly MMCs.

    this is not a laughing matter, as singaporean rights are seen as fragile in this tragic moment when even big isp companies who are filthy rich and have deep roots here are being run down by ODEX.

    think about this, i assume that most of you are teenages reading this forum so.. i’d give a example
    what about pornography?
    in singapore u only need to be 16 to have sex but 18 to watch your porno vid =p

    you may laugh about it but its no joke, if you can afford the movies shows dramas are you going to wait for late serial releases on the television? or will singapore be walking into a media block as teenagers are not able to watch the latests series and stuff.

    regarding our privacy issues, 1 day the tracking companies get permission from court to track our tele lines due to a court order ( i must emphasis that those not involved might be affect to )
    as we fringe some god knows what copyright statement
    and that company similar as odex, withholds information and years later we are prosecuted for what they backlogged and that it is only at that time that we realise that our phone lines had and are being tapped for the past few years.

    and as far as my information goes, i have heard that online media streamin will hit the roads soon,
    so… coincidentally and i trust u when you say that.. you accidentally clicked on a link and on realising it you off it and awhile later you receive a letter due for a 5kSGD fine
    OR, someone put like example oturan your wondering what it is, you open it and u realise it’s naruto spelled backwards, similarly you are receive a letter worth 5k of copyright infringement.

    Companies are now using singapore laws (or possibly loopholes in our laws ) against the singapore consumers, do we live in continue to live in fear or always succumb to their every fine?
    how long can we handle this as average adult income for singaporeans is 24k per annum.

    how long can we continue to pay “fines”.

    i think these are worth our thoughts as these “laws” not only makes us vulnerable to fines but also as singapore citizens, this seriously makes us think about what are we to the country, and to what expenses will laws go to make singapore a “financial hub” and that what are our rights worth.

    my 3 cents worth.

  87. 87 The Facts 1 comment

    Riuva, perhaps you can consider adding some of the information below for the benefit of those still unaware of the situation on the macro scale:

    1) ODEX is executing this plan because they deem the proliferation of Internet downloading as the greatest potential enemy to their sales. [Stating the obvious, but this is what they believe.]

    2) ODEX believes that it is because of the drastically decreasing local sales [NOTE: Sales, not Market] that is ENTIRELY, if not PRIMARILY responsible for the relatively low quality of their products. A simple example: Pressing a DVD9 or DVD18 is significantly more costly, in terms of production requirements and machine designs, than pressing a DVD5, [Google “DVD WIKI” for more technical information.] and sufficient funds would have to be acquired from local sales in order to warrant such sharp changes in quality.

    3) ODEX is not doing this simply to just snuff out the current downloading problem, but rather more to prevent future generations who are inclined towards TV animation from treating P2P as a means of obtaining current series. This is the first half of their dream. To increase the sales [NOTE: Sales is the emphasis, not Market].

    4) The other half is to, by increasing sales and ultimately funds, increase production values [E.g. Greater DVD capacity, which is necessary for higher data rate and ultimately, quality]. The limitation on the DVD capacity is one of the chief reasons why DVD extras from original Japanese Masters are not included in ODEX releases, which are, in turn, one of the primary reasons why many hardcore anime fans are not inclined towards buying their products. [NOTE: Hardcore, not mainstream, ie. those not familiar with internet downloading.]

    5) In the eyes of ODEX, this act in itself is A WARNING. They want to create enough publicity and reaction so that future generations would abide by their law.

    6) Essentially, ODEX is targeting 2 groups of people, the hardcore anime fans who do not view animes as copyrighted intellectual property and thus, are not willing to pay no matter the quality, and pirates who are just purely reaping off from all the fansubs and in turn, promoting piracy in Singapore, and perhaps the region as well.

    7) ODEX is sacrificing the minority for the majority [of their sales]. To make an example of anime fans [both the PREVIEW type and the pure LEECHING type, since they assume that there is no way to tell one type from the other].
    8) They believe that PAIN and FEAR is the BEST education.

    9) Basically, it’s a long term approach, contrary to what most might think.

    10) ODEX has incompetent leaders. [This seems to clarify my stand, though there wasn’t really any to begin with.]

    11) ODEX believes that the hardcore market would not be permanently lost as various obvious factors would prevent them from obtaining current series through other means. In short, they believe that this would ultimately force many hardcore anime fans from buying their products, since in the end, it would be the only means left, regardless of how much hostility there is towards their brand and products now. [Of course, this is obviously incorrect, for a number of reasons, which should not be discussed here due to legal concerns.]

    12) ODEX are not concerned with PREVIEWS or PACING issues, etc. To them, Anime Central and Animax would suffice, for now.

    In general, most of the issues that the anime fans are concerned about are not on their priority list, because they assume that once the tide is over and the reactions from the fans have calmed down, they would turn to their products, which is their ultimate goal.

  88. 88 Ragna 1 comment

    @Vampure Actually, I believe pornography is illegal in singapore, completely

    Now, on a separate note, I have to agree that a primary warning wave of letters should have been sent. At least they could have show that they tried to persuade us to stop. However, I remember seeing a pricing on mediasentry’s work, about $100, far from that of the $5000 they sue for.

    Now, here’s a question for you all, do you support the boycott on odex goods. I personally do, and am waiting for the end of year holidays to go buy my DVDs from Japan.

  1. 1 Choice quotes by Odex (Stephen Sing and Peter Go) | TedFox Anime Reviews
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  4. 4 Nigorimasen! » Odex Wins Second Suit To Snag Illegal Downloaders’ Identities

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