[LianYL] Defensive Otaku Travelling Akiba (DOTA)

It wasn’t mentioned in the “Expansion” post but I was sort of recruited on campus as I fit the specifications of being a RIUVA writer:

    1. Undergraduate of NUS

    2. LOL

I am presently planning a Comiket 73 trip and still getting frustrated over the itinerary because the members of the otaku group(me included) just cancelled the Kyoto Shrine trip and decided that everyone should stay in Tokyo for 9 days. So basically it’s just the default places mentioned by Danny Choo, Nakano Broadway, Ikebukuro and Akiba. Probably Shinjuku too. Comiket 73 will span over 3 days and before that we’d have 4 days or so to walk Tokyo but I suddenly got reminded about Otaku Hunters. Oh no! I am just a scrawny little Chinese boy! Would I be targeted?

As you can see, the above paragraph has totally nothing to do with this post and is just for showing off the fact that I am going Japan, on a tight budget. I was planning on writing something related to my module on Stereotype Studies but this should be a lot more fun to write and read. To all those Asian scrawny gaijin who might just be doing the same thing end of this year, you could follow the following steps when your dakimakura funds are in danger of being mugged. If you’re a Westerner, you probably won’t have to worry I think

1.       Always bring a defensive item along. I once got the chance to take a look in DarkMirage’s(OMG I am so lucky!!!11one^0) bag and spotted a pen-knife. Dear boys and girls, that is not the way to go. Pen-knives are dangerous objects meant for Kotonoha. Settle with simple stuff like pepper sprays or tasers, it sounds girly and unmanly but it sure will save you a lot of trouble from the police when you accidentally slash open some arteries of your attacker.

2.       Check your attacker for any lethal weaponry. You don’t want to go Bankai on one of them just to end up being sliced to pieces by a parang or shot in the head by a deagle(Anime Expo in LA lol). If they do wield such weaponry, hand over your money obediently. Better be a wuss than a dead idiot.

3.       If your attacker is acting alone and is bare-handed, these are what you could try:

    a.       Anticipate and defend his attack when you refuse to hand over your money and here’s how you do it. Stretch out your five fingers and tilt them upwards, and you’ll realize that your muscles on the underside of your arm sort of toughens. Use this area to deflect punches and kicks as it cushions the impact. You could train these muscles to be stronger by constantly doing palm-stretching exercises, like say 50 in the morning, afternoon and night lol. Never use the bone of your arm to deflect punches and kicks, it will hurt like hell, result in bruises or in the worst case scenario, break your arm.

    b.      When you actually manage to deflect a single attack, the attacker will have a stun effect of around 0.2 seconds before he inflicts the next attack. That amounts to… well… no time for you, so make good use of that 0.2 seconds. As you deflect his attack, shift your body forward and land the attacker with a straight, hard punch under his nose and above his upperlip. That is where the Chinese pugilists call the Ren Zhong( Pronounced as rern jong) point. Attacking the point will result in dizziness, blackouts or death so use this at your own risk. Do not be deceived by fight scenes in anime which shows slow-motion effects and plenty of mind-bullshitting before the next attack is lashed out. If you’ve ever been in a real fight before, you’d understand that everything happens in less than half a second.

    c.       The technique of punching is very straightforward: A straight punch. Never swing your arms to do a punch; it is slow, ineffective and gives your attacker plenty of time to kick you in the balls. The way to punch is to clench your fists tightly with your thumb pointing perpendicular to the four other fingers. Use the three lower knuckles to land a hit as Pressure = Force/Area. Why ignore the usage of the two upper knuckles? If you do try to punch with the two upper knuckles, your fist will end up in an awkward position and break your wrist. And contrary to popular belief that sticking your middle finger outward will cause more damage, that is only feasible if you actually trained your middle finger for strength. Otherwise, you’d just end up with a broken middle finger and a ‘moron’ as label.

    d.      This next defensive move is highly effective and SHOULD ALWAYS be carried out whenever given the opportunity by an attacker. Kick his balls/her ovaries. I can’t stress enough how manly, code-of-honour fights do not occur in real life lest you’re in a sparring session. If your safety is being threatened, there’s no code-of-honour bullshitting time. This move is highly effective in crippling opponents and will help reduce the number count if two otaku hunters work together. When the ball-kicked fool is down, you have plenty of time to punch him in the balls again. Make sure he doesn’t stand up any time soon. Go easy on him and you’ll be the next ball-kicked. This advice was given to me by my Sergeant in the army who was previously involved in quite a bit of gang fights. I found it amusing.

The above are several advices not to be heeded but for your own leisure reading. Usually, people will forget everything up there in real defensive combat due to fear anyway. If that’s the case, just hand over your money. Even if you do try the moves, you’d most probably fail due to amateurish movements as everything should be done in a flash.  Running away seems to be the best way anyway, since Akiba is rather crowded.

Disclaimer:  RIUVA, tjhan and I are not and will not be responsible for ANYTHING or WHATEVER that occurs if you practise the above advice given. Whatever actions you carry out due to reading of this site is solely your own responsibility.


P.S. I need someone to help me plan a 4-day itinerary for Tokyo. Any suggestions?

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  • LOL! Kung Lessons by LianYL?

  • Learn martial arts like Kenichi, you wouldn’t kill anyone. XD

  • Needs a YouTube video of TJ practising the moves.

  • Carry a ‘walking’ stick.

  • To be on the safe side, just run away if you have the opportunity. Don’t ever try to be hero and fight a man with a knife, even if you have some rudimentary unarmed combat training. If you have a girl with you make sure you bring her along and run as fast and far away from the threat.

    Defend yourself with force only if you are cornered. And fight hard as if your life depends on it.

    Knife fights are pretty painful and nothing stylish like you see in the movies.

    Akiba isn’t that dangerous, but it gets very very deserted at night after 8pm or so, almost like a ghost town.

  • I’m more than a foot taller than most japanese (I’m 6’2″) so I really doubt any of these akiba lurkers will try to target me, unless they want to get bashed up themselves.

    Not to mention, I’m piss broke and can hardly speak Japanese, so it would be quite an awkward mugging especially with me saying “wakanai yo” a lot *P

  • The ‘stun effect’ line had me thinking about fighting games xP
    Although I acknowledge that getting attacked is a serious matter…

  • Maybe I should concentrate on this niche on battles albeit never done any.

  • Wow, a nice post and something I have somewhat expertise in…. =P

    Causing death in self defence can be explainable but not if you used offensive weaponry such as a knife. If you feel unsafe, having a readily available and normal item on you is better. The walking stick sounds like a good idea.

    No. 2 is entirely correct and I’ve met very good martial artists who strongly teach this.

    On No. 3. The best block is in use of the bone, but then again without proper training this will be worse than the muscle method. Lots of milk and regular beating of my forearms and it still hurts to block but much more effective and less painful than the other method. Remember also to block past their attack, there is no point connecting a block if they then just go a bit slower at the point they were aiming. Blocking past will ensure they miss.

    The straight punch done right is the most effective but not everyone can generate the right amount of accelerating speed to make good use of it. A good method for anybody is a whipping motion of the fist since no tension is needed, the relaxing motion is what powers this. Even from your hands up in the air, it can be easily delivered onto the face of an attacker. A well done one of these can completely break the nose, literally exploding it under the skin, and the lovely thing is you have a second hand to deliver the same thing. After getting their nose broken, going through the same treatment will usually put them completely out. This is all technique so unless you are entirely sure you can do it effectively, then don’t try it at all because then all it will do is annoy the attacker. An advanced usage of this culminates into the ultimate bitch slap actually and aimed at the right spots on the face will take them out completely. In court this comes in handy, no mugger or such will admit to getting downed by a slap and any witnesses would have only seen a slap.

    In a punch using the lower three knuckles in my experience creates an awkward position for me and i can form a stable punch with my top two knuckles. The majority thought is that the middle knuckle is the most important, anything after that will just come natural to you. It should be noted that you should aim to punch past where you are actually aiming. You brain takes your target as you stopping point, and so slows down your punch regardless as you are about to land a hit. Aiming past your target will allow your punch your maximum acceleration and maximum force.

    It is advisable never to have any fingers or thumbs open out from your fist if you plan to punch. This can be easily taken advantage of and broken by the attacker. Without any training at all, never stray away from the punch. This is a fight, no time to show off. Those with training only use these for more effect. the middle finger does create a concise force usually used for breaking ribs but without the right conditioning it won’t be effective (repeatedly hitting wooden block, and I haven’t gotten to that stage yet).

    3D is an excellent point and I have heard similar from many people, all of which have actually been in these situations. In the end, any self defence is last resort. First choice is to run. If this cannot be done, try talking it out and unless they attack you first, just give in. Self defence is very hard to explain if they didn’t do anything to you…

    Man, I’ve said a lot D:

  • @Deranged If punching with the upper two knuckles suits you, it means you’re tall. The lower three-knuckle fist is for shorties like me. The bone is unsuitable for defending attacks unless conditioned like you’ve said. I doubt many otakus constantly wham their arms on their desktop while watching anime. We should all just learn ball-kicking.

    By the way, all the above stuff have never been tested by me for I am a peace-loving saint. Pfft.

  • i would believe using the first joint would have a better effect. smaller contact area than the knucles and if you hit soft tissue its is bound to hurt.

  • Actually, if you are not going to just hand over your money, I think the first resort should be to yell loudly. Then run. The ideal situation will have you attract a crowd of people to corner the attacker and all kick the attacker’s balls/ovaries.

    Keep in mind that if the attacker has a weapon, you will get injured (probably badly) 99% of the time, even if you sorta know what to do. If you carry a weapon and don’t know how to use it, you will probably have that weapon used against you, or it will be ineffectual.

    I’d agree with Deranged in keeping it simple. Other than a punch, probably the only thing you should throw is a quick low kick. All moves should be thrown quickly then that limb should be brought back equally quickly, or you will get grabbed. The punch to the bottom of the nose is indeed effective, but most newcomers will misjudge their range, and most people will instinctively be able to avoid a strike at their face. Probably a kick to the gonads should immediately follow the punch attempt, as this move is harder to see, and harder to block. Gonad, throat, and eye strikes will probably buy you the most time to run, and gonads are the easiest target to hit.

    The longer you fight, the greater the chance that the fight will go to the ground, and since it is likely your attacker will be bigger and badder, it’s advisable to get in enough of a blow to stun the attacker and then flee.

    No matter what, this will be a bad situation. The best idea is to make sure you travel with friends and with some kind of defensive weapon if you think you will be in a dangerous area, or walking about at night.

  • Oh, btw, I wouldn’t bother to learn blocking. Blocking hurts if you are unconditioned, and don’t know what to do. Also, no one is going to run up to you with their fist cocked and throw a punch. You will get taken from behind or cornered by someone with a weapon in an isolated area. I have never robbed anyone, but if I was going to, I would pick an easy and unprepared target.

    Then I would shout the name of my ultimate attack, and charge up my ki for about 10-15 seconds.

  • since you’ll be travelling in a group, you shouldn’t be getting much of the problem of “Otaku Hunters”, Strength in Unity!! even if there’s a need to be separated from the main group, always have a friend with you, double team is effective (one grab other punch). always try to avoid a fight, run scream do anything to get other people attention, it’s not worth getting injured especially on a holiday, and a budget one to top it.

    It’s nice to know other fellow “otaku” singaporeans are planning a trip to C73. i’ll be going up with my cousin and a friend too ^^ (currently waiting for air tickets confirmation). i’m sure it’ll be easy to identify us singaporeans if we do bump into each other in Tokyo/C73 lol. Sad that the Kyoto part is omitted, would be a nice experience to visit those places.

  • My Zanpakutou can deflect all attacks k. Worse case scenario I will just unleash my Noble Phantasm on the dude.

  • Always bring along a camera tripod (if possible). Those can hurt bad.

    Else, run away.

  • What? Fight?

    I will hire ninjas to aid myself. Money goes a long way.

  • Shit LianYL, your showing off made me jealous! Akiba… Shibuya crossing……. /cry I wanna go :(

  • @LianYL

    Well, ball kicking in itself is a subtle art…. actually, around the groin is a lovely attacking point… the balls are hard to miss and if you over extend the bladder just above is a great target. Most people go for a swing in their kick which usually has some force but is slow as well. A good inwards and outwards kick instead delivers a strong hit in a specific direction, making sure they go down. A person who is usually in street fights should be able to take an average kick to the groin. Remember, even so they will be a little incapacitated from this and you should then carry on until you have a viable means of escape or he is down enough you don’t have to worry about them. Never just stop and review the situation though, they usually attack more than one at a time and their partner may not appreciate you kicking his buddy in the balls.

    To add on to what i said before: =_=
    A note, but the best attacking areas are sadly all along the centre line of a person and so is hard to get at; face, neck (particularly the throat, hit ‘em in the apple), just below the breast bone above the diaphragm, the gap between stomach and hip, and the groin. try to attack these point and escape.

    The worse case scenario is them getting a hold of you. The most useful thing you will have is your hand, either in a slap or if possible a fisted position using using the bottom, is to quickly strike at the front ribs around the pectorals which will wind them if done right or the kidneys.

    However if they grab you from behind this would be nearly impossible. The best thing is to concentrate your elbow and quickly strike backwards. The elbow is really tough and will really hurt impacting into the ribs, maybe even breaking them. If you are not let go, repeat is short bursts and they should go down with a substantial injury for their troubles.

    The best thing is to be good enough at least to survive one hit. It is the first hit that you will not be expecting and so will be very vulnerable to. Keep standing after this and you have a chance. However end it as quick as possible, even if you have to run to do so. The longer the fight, the larger the chance you will not come out of it… If you can end it violently, end it swiftly. No show offs, do so. Their friends will probably be ‘waiting’ for the same treatment and well, charging at you.

    Also, all of the above above has been tested, otherwise I wouldn’t use it. If you don’t know if it will work, don’t try it. Go for what you know, and that usually means a punch or a low kick. Running, everyone should that too right? XD

  • Just a random note since I’ve been lurking around this site since I don’t know when and you’re a fellow NUS undergrad – if you guys need a relatively cheap but comfortable place to stay in, Sakura Hostel (the Asakusa) one is rather good. I had an enjoyable stay there so yeah… Just giving a really random recommendation.

  • I just realised after someone mentioned the tripod. I think a camera monopod would make an even better weapon. It can double as a ‘walking stick’ and a heavy ended one would yield ‘excellent and satisfying’ results.

  • Kicking the nuts is the best option if you just care for your life.
    If he`s alone, kick him in the nuts. If properly executed, he should drop like lightning. No amount of conditioning can save him from that, although if he`s used to it, he wouldn`t drop immediately. After that, if he doesn`t look incapacitated enough, 5 penalty kicks and get the hell out of there. If you can`t kick properly, a punch down to his nuts might cut it.

    If you`re big sized, tackle him[pin him down, sit on him] and stay on top of him. Then you can have your fun with him.

    And punches should be blocked with the forearm bone, the outer side of your arm or the knife edge of your hand. Never block a punch directly if you can avoid it. That`s as good as eating a punch itself, except with your arm. Always block to the side[redirect his punch etc] And lastly, don`t block unless your arms are seasoned.

  • Though it’s only for leisure reading, this post is actually rather useful. Yes, kicking them in the nuts is the best way to end it quickly. If they get a hold on you, do what Bruce Lee would do: bite him. As long as he’s holding you with his arms near your mouth, even the most unskilled of people can do that. If he’s holding you at the abs from behind, only your elbow can reach him. Last but not least, run right after landing a direct him on him.

    If any otaku has the time and will to learn self-defense, they could search “self-defense” on this site: http://www.expertvillage.com/
    It’s rather useful, really.

  • After that, if he doesn`t look incapacitated enough, 5 penalty kicks and get the hell out of there. If you can`t kick properly, a punch down to his nuts might cut it.

    If you`re big sized, tackle him[pin him down, sit on him] and stay on top of him. Then you can have your fun with him.

    NO! 1) no one is going to attack you if you are bigger, and 2) do not linger, or his buddy will come or he will pull out a hidden knife and stab your leg. Just get the hell out of there.

    If they get a hold on you, do what Bruce Lee would do: bite him.

    Yes. Be dirty, bite, headbutt, gouge eyes, flail like a crazed beast.

  • Don’t look at me, I always aim to kill the fucker before he kills me :V

  • Some of my own advice(yes I have used/experienced them in real life). These should hold provided your opponent is unarmed.

    1. Yes, if you want to punch/use you hands, ALWAYS tuck you thumb in. If you hit something with just your thumb, it will likely sprain and that really hurts. Whether blocking or punching, keep your thumb in. The only time you should not have your thumb there is when you are grabbing. When this happened to me during sparring, I couldn’t bend my thumb for a few days.

    2. Kicking the nuts may work, but not always. I’ve fought idiots who don’t even flinch after taking one there unless you put a lot of force into it. If the opponents are too close to kick effectively, I find knee-bash or elbow-bash much more effective.

    3.To open the opponent’s clenched hand(e.g. if he’s holding a knife or weapon or your money), prise just the little finger only. The rest of the fingers will follow suit by default. If you can’t reach for the pinky, the thumb will suffice.

    4. If you want to kick someone, only use maximum force flexing your knee only if you are calculatingly sure it will hit. If not, the kick may actually sprain your own knee. If the kick misses, then try to stop the kick before it extends you knee joint fully.

    5. When you want to hit him, don’t pull your punches…use all the power the limb can offer. Don’t, however, let your body/torso get pulled into the attack. If you can’t rectrack fast enough from an unsuccessful attempt to hit him, you probably wwill leave yourself open, coz your whole body is thrown into the attack. This may be a little hard to understand. Imagine yourself punching. The strength muscles you use when you punch should not come mainly from your torso, legs, or back…they should come from your shoulder, forearm and wrist, i.e. the limb itself. Though this makes your punch technically weaker, your body is less open and you recover to land another blow faster. You can, however, use these torso-utilizing blows once he’s down(evil, but nobody asked you to be a moral agent)

    6. If you are grabbed from behind
    a) around the chest(with your arms encircled):
    A BJJ technique prescribes that you grab the opponents arms and use them to escape the grip by pulling yourself downwards. However, I personally think this is actually also an opportunity to throw the opponent.
    Generally this can only be done if you are at least somewhat close to the opponent in physique. If you are half the size of the opponent, this obviously will not work. Bend down and forward, and roughly get your torso under his. The key is to make sure you have the center of gravity.Then quickly straighten your knees. At the same time, use your arms to grab his arms and push him outward as strongly as possible. You can also put both arms on one of his arms and use a level-like throw.

    b) around the neck:
    This is a very bad situation for you, especially if he’s using a lion’s grip around your neck. You can’t move down either unlike the grip around the chest. One way is to quickly back into the wall, and hopefully if this fast enough to disorientate him. elbow him, stomp on his toes(not his foot, concentrate the force on the toes), and try to trip him by slipping your foot around his. This should break you out of the dangerous situation. If there’s no wall nearby then the best bet is to trip him with your foot around his and simultaneously push backwards. This should allow to slip out of the grip and hopefully reorientate yourself before he does.

    Other advice I can offer:

    Travel in groups. If you think you gave someone a reason to come after you, all the more reason to stick together. Learn from WC3 DOTA(LOL): players who farm by themselves always get ganked. Only cross the river(i.e. go out there) with your team. One other thing you can learn from Dota: If you can’t fight or run away from him, stun him first then flee. This can be done by flinging anything nearby at him(doesn’t have to be anything valuable). Hopefully this will stun or disorientate him enough so that you can run to the relative safety of nearby people.

    Only fight if you are on roughly equal grounds. e.g. weapon versus weapon, unarmed versus unarmed. It’s pretty much pushing your luck if you go against a knife wielding enemy with just bare hands. Sometimes potential weapons could be just lying around. E.g. sticks, bars, chains, pole, belt….many improvised weapons can be made from everyday objects. If you can’t run, then you can use these to fight or throw at your opponent. This isn’t from experience, but if your opponent has a gun then it’s pretty much gg unless you distract him and run.

    Other weak points:
    toes(not much use if your opponent has hard shoes/boots)
    lower back
    fingers(if you have a weapon you can whack him here to disarm him)


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