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Weekly Rounds: Shaman King Headphones, Binaltech Policecar and other News…

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Due to my Sunday Japanese class being a special one, that is, dinner at a Japanese restaurant, I was free to visit the usual places in the afternoon. This time, I even explored a new place, China Square Central, which probably has the most amazing range of toys in the country, be it US, Mecha, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, anime etc. On Sundays, there would be a mini-flea market, most of which specialised in toys, mainly gashapon ones. I saw this Ichigo Mashimaro handphone strap set which was going for 32 dollars. Some random woman was missing two and she wanted only the two, so I offered to share the cost with her and we took 5 each. The power of anime friendship brings complete strangers together in a symbiotic relationship.

I also picked up the Binaltech series’ Integra Prowl which I had been coveting for sometime now. The place was so packed with wonderful toys, the Soul of Chogokin series of Mecha were really beautiful but too expensive. If I get rich, I will buy all the Yamato transformable Macross Valkyries and all the nice Soul of Chogokin mecha.

After that I headed to the usual anime hub, and I was talking to the guys at Latendo and complaining about the rubbish quality of Yujin when they informed me that the Kamichu SR DX which I so despise is going for more than 100 bucks in Japan, due to its very limited supply and huge demand. WTF!! Ok I have it, please buy mine.

I was about to piss them off by not buying anything again when as I was browsing the store out of courtesy I came across the most amazing item which I never knew existed - Asakura Yoh’s orange headphones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I bought it immediately. Now I must source for Anna’s 1080 beads, Yoh’s stone blade and Harusame. The headphones are non-fuctional and about 2300 yen but I paid 35 dollars for it which is very reasonable considering its rarity here. Basically it isn’t very nice-looking but that makes it true to the manga since the headphones Yoh wears belong to his father who we all know is very unfashionable.

I also picked up Inuyasha volume 44 at What! Comics. Does it ever end? Ranma was too short and Inuyasha’s just too long. Oh and the FF7 Playarts Cloud figure without Fenrir is out. But who would want that? Fenrir forever.

OMGWTFBBQ! Amazing Yoh headphones which I have wanted since I was a kid! Now I can Oversoul!

I’m talking in Singapore dollars.

The Japanese Dinner was great (and free), and I had Sake for the first time…. Ugh.

Sashimi Set! Itadakimasu!

Popularity: 7% [?]

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12 Responses to “Weekly Rounds: Shaman King Headphones, Binaltech Policecar and other News…”  

  1. 1 kwok 51 comments

    … you went to buy a pair of headphones that do not play music. Hey, how about buying a manga with empty pages inside? Or a blank anime DVD?

  2. 2 kwok 51 comments

    oh, I forgot to add that sake is very nice.

  3. 3 tj_han 1440 comments

    I bought a entire box of Mild Seven cigarettes once. I don’t smoke but Nobue does and it’s this brand. This is why advertising in manga and anime is useful. What are the chances a fanboy drinks Pokari and eats Pokey because his favourite character does? How many have started building Gunpla after Keroro Gunsou professed his love for it?

    Hey I think this pair of headphones are really old. The date says 2002 and the metal parts are all oxidised. It’s rare to find old stuff around and SK merchandise is almost extinct. I put it on, and it’s really ugly so I took it off straightaway. But it’s still cool.

  4. 4 jpmeyer 100 comments

    Hey, I ate melon pan for the first time because Shana did!

  5. 5 HalcyonDF 54 comments

    I killed 10 people I hated because i watched Basilisk.

  6. 6 Maestro4k 2 comments

    As a friend of mine told me about Sake you either get good Sake or bad Sake.  When it’s good, it tastes really good, when it’s bad…. man it’s awful.  I"ve had both so don’t rule out Sake totally, you probably got hold of some lousy Sake this time. :)

  7. 7 kwok 51 comments

    I put it on, and it’s really ugly so I took it off straightaway. But it’s still cool.

  8. 8 T_T||| 780 comments

    <i><b>Testing HTML</i></b>BTW Why’s the Jap dinner free? And I hate sake. Tried it once and it was horror. It tastes like lukewarm water mixed with a bit of alcohol and tons of wasabi.

  9. 9 Joana 1 comment

    Hello my name is Joana and I am portuguese.
    I leve this mensage to aks you if you now a site were I cold buy Shaman King acessories please if you want to contact me you have my email. joana_canunes@hotmail.com

  10. 10 leonardo 1 comment

    do you know where can i get another headphones like this ones, i would like to have them, because Yoh is my hero!!! if you know tell meeee!

  11. 11 Fucker 1 comment

    Fuck off!!!

  12. 12 go_gil_dong 1 comment

    where do u find that headphone ?
    i want it very much please tell me ? please i’m begging :)

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