Vote for Mr Mustache in NUS Science Pageant

Ok fellow Riuvasians, I have a small favour to ask of all ten million of you guys and girls. My faculty, the Science fac of the National University of Singapore, is currently going through the voting process of a pageant to select the Mr and Ms Science. The silly organisers of the contest placed an online voting system with just a bit of registration needed, and that’s where we will come in.

The pictures of the pageant candidates are terrible and the makeup is overly-done. In real life, some of them are really hot. Of course, the truly hot ones did not take part, but we’ll have to make do. Forget the Saimoe or whatevershit, vote for real girls and guys you don’t know at all instead!

Aid me in my quest to make the guy with the really manly mustache and gay pink shirt the winner!! Like Maj Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist, he has a mustache and hence must be strong and manly. Also, he has orange hair like Son GOKU’s SUPER SAIYAN MODE. It looks like he can destroy an planet!! Don’t vote for the other weak guys who don’t have facial hair and are not Super Saiyan. Riuvasians, we can make a difference and counter the effects of the fangirls who prefer sissy guys!!! MUSTACHE MUSTACHE!!

As for the girls, I voted F3 because she’s my friend but none of them really are my type anyway. They are not manly enough. I’m searching for higher res pictures of everyone, so stay tuned.

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