[Sticky] NUS Anime Bazaar 2007!

Do come down to support this event! Admission is free and you get to ogle the beautiful NUS babes as well. LT27 can be reached by bus 95 from Buena Vista MRT, or the various internal shuttle buses here.

A huge portion of the local anime merchandise retailers are setting up booths, and there will be various other activities to do, like ogling beautiful NUS babes.

Speaking of which, I have joined the NUS anime club, but I shall save that for another post.

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  • NUS! Here I come. Nothing will stand in my way and will stop me. Well almost anything.

  • haha that’s an interesting decision change… anyway I’ll be going on the 6th. Can always make it for at least one day for these events since I do shift work.

  • you mentioned -ogle the beautiful NUS babes- twice (^ε^)♪

  • o.0?! WTF? TJ PROMOTING SEX TOYS NOW? ” Buy Some Artificial Vaginas now! “

  • Got a list of stuff on sale? Like a brochure or something?

  • I’m working at Bouna Vista and should have free access to NUS particularly the Sci Faculty, will try to dropby…

  • I working on those days!!!
    Can’t they hold the event on sat or sun?

  • Cool.

    Any event highlights? I might just apply leave to attend the event, but I’ll need to know which is the best day to pontang work.

  • You take leave for this, you are fired!!!

  • The really shitty drawings make me almost not want to go, but obviously I should anyway and see what other crazy people there are. Although one should obviously be studying first. But next time ask them to draw better for posters leh. It looks like something from a yashigani episode.

  • i can’t go, darn it….. why??????????????? can anyone pull some strings and let me take leave?

  • I got wind of the news days earlier than this post. Was loitering around Sunshine Plaza when this pair (of NUS undergraduates) were going to different shops to ask them to set up booths for the upcoming Bazaar. Heh.

    Speaking of which, I have already taken my leave for this three days. YIPPEE!

  • Wait a minute, one day is more than enough!! You won’t want to come for 3 days I assure you.

  • tj_han,
    are you going to organize a trip to NUS?
    Maybe like gather in 1 place then took all of us to tour NUS anime fair?
    suggestion only…..

  • I could, if enough people show up. I shall do another post on this then.

  • good job, wed to friday….
    so happens to be the working hour.
    got “Use Odex VCD as frisbee” campaign?

  • I will be going to cover this on Friday for my next RIUVA article. TJ, when are you planning the tour?

  • Should I go? hhaha great pre-birthday present for me (8th is the day I came out naked) after all these ODEX crap hahahaa

  • hi would there be Gundam Seed VCD or DVD there?
    I like the Gs/GsD series alot been a fan of it for yrs

  • Uhh, I think there should be some Gundam VCD and DVDs here, but whether it is the full set, I doubt so.

    Anyway tomorrow, aka 6 Sep 07, will be our last day. Do come down to show your support if possible. For those who took the time and effort to come down, thank you very much for your support!

  • The maid cafe was interesting though…..too bad there was only one :( Where are my loli / dojikko / tsundere / deredere / etc meido????
    Well, ODEX certainly made its presence felt…but I don’t see any buyers when I went there. Must be the negative publicity over the weeks.(ODEX anime VCD frisbees anyone?)

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