[Hynavian] Gotta collect them all but… How?

Being a Claymore die-hard, I have decided to brag about my "exciting experiences" around Singapore and the various interesting customer services that I have encountered when I was trying to collect the various volumes for the Claymore manga. As the Claymore anime is still airing in Japan, I will like to point out that Claymore products are indeed low on stock (or has it always been so) in Singapore, for who knows what reason. This guide would reflect the life of a typical fan of Claymore in Singapore or will be reflecting those who haven’t set off on their manga collecting mission yet.

My Journey (Gotta get the manga!)

Readers who are busy shouldn’t waste their time reading this section as it is just some boring narrations on my inability to locate a full set of Claymore manga in any shops. (There, I just summarised this setion for the busy people out there.)

Armed with my trustworthy EZ-Link card and my back pack, I set off to the nearest manga outlet. I’m in luck as the helpers in the store informed me that they’re actually selling two different versions of the Claymore manga – one being the traditional Chinese version (published by some Hong Kong publisher) and the other published by some Taiwan publisher. My hopes were high and I searched around the shop desperately for the mentioned volumes and had even requested for the shop assistance aide. To my dismay there’s only 2 pathetic copies left standing on the shelf.

With the “I will not give up attitude” and my trust worthy EZ-Link card, I travelled to 2 of the major bookstalls located in the Orchard area – Borders and Kinokuniya. Knowing that it’s impossible to get my hands on the Claymore Mandarin translated version at Borders, I searched the Graphic Comic section for the English translated version and found 3 copies standing on the shelf. Well, its at least 1 more than the 2 that I have found earlier.

Now lets move on to Kinokuniya (Kino). After browsing through the various shelves and requesting for help (again), its official that Kino do not even have a single volume left. The latest that they will be receiving (volume 9) will arrive in a week’s time. I was like…”ah crap, I’ll turn to the raws instead and the raw version should be the most up to date (volume 12) anyway.” However, it appeared that they’re only left with 1 copy of volume 12 of the raw version. Restocks for the raw version will arrive approximately in at least 2 weeks time.

Though I did not find enough copies to even make up a set, this particular outing of mine had not gone to waste as I have made a few interesting discoveries as noted in the next.

My "Amazing" Discoveries

Below are what I have found out:

  • There are at least 4 versions of Claymore mangas in Singapore. They are the English graphic comics version (published by Vitz); the raw version (Jump Comics); the traditional Chinese version (HK publisher); and the simplified Chinese version (Taiwan publisher). I didn’t even bother to note them the publishers’ names for the last two.
  • Comics Connection does sell the HK & TW versions. Borders and Kinokuniya have the English versioned Claymore Graphic Comic ($14.80 each) while you can get the raw version from Kinokuniya ($9.90).
  • The most up to date is the raw version (volume 12) and the slowest should be the English Graphic Comic (volume 9).

However, what’s more amazing are the replies that I have received from the various store helpers when I asked for the dates of the arrival of the new stocks. Point 1 will give you a general idea as to when the new stocks will arrive while the next few points will go into the details.

  • Point 1 – There is no Point 1.
  • At the Borders service counter. *Click*Click*Click* Borders will not be importing the past few volumes. The next volume will arrive soon. Full stop. Next customer please.
  • Kino said that they had placed orders for the Vitz version but the computer does not show them the details – deatails being the exact date of arrival and quantities ordered.
  • The various store assistants at Comics connection are busier with their cash registers and couldn’t spare me the minutes to entertain a small fry like me.

My conclusion: Kino wins hands down in the customer service aspect as they, at least, have sincere staffs that bothered to entertain me. My name was noted and they do give me a ring when they do discover a copy of the Claymore volume in their store.

Oh no! But I really want to collect the volumes badly…tell me what to do please?

  • Leave your name and hp number with the friendly Kino staffs, they’ll give you a ring when it arrives.
  • Wait for them to call you.
  • Or you can call them instead. (Bug them till they recognise your voice)
  • Or you can continue to stay optimistic and wait.
  • When you’re fed up with waiting, you can go to any online sites like yesasia.com, amazon.com or ejapan.com and import all the volumes instead.
  • An alternative would be the yahoo auctions where you can get 2nd hand copies.

Well, I have come to the end of my article on my gotta collect them all journey throughout Singapore. I do hope that Claymore manga collectors out there will have better luck than me though.

PS: 10 days have passed but I’m still waiting for Kino to ship in the RAW volumes of the Claymore manga that I have ordered. I gave the staff a break and did not bug them at all. I’m definitely a nice and patient person don’t you all think so?

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  • If u want the raw, I can get it for you from Japan. Flying tomorrow be back with the loot on 3 Sep Monday. :3 Your call.

  • Lol Hynavian, you stil haven’t gotten it? Ryukawa is the husband of KKnM, so you can ask him for it.

  • i know of one place to get the madarin version of it. volume 1-9 at least :3 and its in singapore dun worry ^^;

  • Someone get her her claymore fix before she starts transforming.

  • I was in Toa Payoh the other day and happened to pass by Xin Tian Di. So I walked in, swiped all 10 volumes off the shelf, paid and went home a happy man. LOLZ!

  • well if transformation gets as moe as priscilla i’m all for the transformation XD

  • Hi ryukawa, Thanks for offering to help me to get the Japanese raw versions but I’ll wait for news from Kino instead as I have placed an order with them. Won’t be able to cancel my orders ya :( Oh and have a fun trip :) Let me know if you do find any new Claymore merchandises when you’re back ya. Thanks.

    @Yakumo Grrr you’re lucky to find 10 volumes from one stall! >.<

  • Tell me how do I get my Shana merchandise and I’ll tell you how to go about with Claymore.

  • LianYL : Yahoo Japan Auctions LOL. That’s if you have the cash.

  • This is a longshot but do you happen to take JS1101E? There was a guy in my tutorial who’s a Claymore fan…

  • Ah. I realized that you’re a girl. :D ()

  • lol tenchi aka xin tian di has them. cause… i was the one who ordered the whole available set =X

  • @ Hynavian Xin Tian Di Toa Payoh branch address is Blk 117 Toa Payoh Central #01-134 Singapore 310177. Give them a call @ 6250 2708 to enquire if they have stock.

  • @Yakumo actually the toa payoh branch gets their stocks from the amk headquarters.. and from wad i see when they’re packing for distro its usually old ones for rent.. i’d know cuz i patronise there quite often in the past.. but recently i dont know wads wrong with them.. their management changed, and i hardly see new titles and books.. but im avoiding there as much as i can. cuz theres once they scammed me of a book’s worth of money. lol so u’d be careful.
    bah i talked too much

  • Huh? Very difficult meh? I bought 1-12 together, then sold my extra copies of 1-6 to Crest.

  • And I still owe you 10 bucks apparently for the manga and more for other stuff. >_


  • TJ : Err… I married Sharon and not my shop ^^U
    Hynavian : Ok. If you change your mind, you have until Saturday.
    LianYL : What Shana things do u want? :P

  • @kokanaden
    Yeah I know, you told me (at least 3 times) that you have gotten your whole set successfully. You’re making me depressed :(

    @leefe and Yakumo
    Thanks for sharing. The information will help the other Claymore fans out there if they’re looking for them.

  • @ryukawa It’s okay. What I meant was how do I cough up the money to pay for MaxFac Shana that I preordered at your store. A few days of starving should do fine.

  • :O i missed out the preorders for the MaxFac Shana! ~_~

  • You don’t even need to fly to Japan to get the Japanese manga, it seems that Kino @ Orchard has most of them in stock. However I’m going to ask my friend who’s going to Japan to get me the latest Rozen Maiden manga.

  • @kitsura

    I just received a call from kino today. They have gotten the raws in stock now (just arrived).

    @Claymore fans

    Claymore fans, go get them now :)
    Kino has the raw version in stock (Volume 1-12). Thanks to me and some others who left our names there and bugged them till death.

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