Unveiling the New Team of Riuva Mascots!

The time has come to unleash the Riuva Mascot Team! Led by the virtuous Tri-Penile Mango Man (Tripeman), this elite team of ripened floral ovaries shall take the animeblogging world by storm.

Each of these new mascots represent one new Riuvasian. I came up with the fruits via a very fair and democractic method – a simple question to each of them, "What’s your favourite fruit?" Check out the wonderful results and admire the heavenly aesthetics of these characters!!

BOomerang BAnana with FAt Penis (Boba Fap)
This banana is the avatar of Ascaloth. It has a singular thick appendage which doubles up as a long-range howitzer, and for medium range combat, it can throw itself at the enemy as a boomerang. When aerially launched, the penis detaches to improve aerodynamic flow.

MAle Genital-Isomorphological  Cherry twinS (Magics)
Representative of Crest, who is famed for very long and detailed posts, Magics is basically a duo of cherries with a stalk. It represents how Crest has a strong backbone and so much intelligence that he requires two heads.

Ovary-packed Double-bladEd muScular StArfruit (Odessa)
Anyone who has seen Hynavian in real life would immediately associate her with Undine, no. 11 of Claymore. The eyes, muscles and two large blades she carries to Arts lectures bears such an uncanny resemblance to the now-deceased Claymore heroine. I wonder if you guys have seen a starfruit in real life?

Weeping Emo Apple BOy (Weabo)
Weabo is Kokanaden’s avatar. Do not let the name deceive you, Weabo is not Weaboo at all. He is just weepy and emo. I think he said "orange" as his favourite fruit but somehow I misheard it as apple. But who cares!!

Trolling Strongly Durian Of Spikes (Tos-Dos)
Durians are whiteboys’ worst enemy, when they come to Asian countries. LianYL is whiteboys’ worst enemy online.

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