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The Most Expensive Figure Purchase in the History of Riuva

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I was going to say most expensive purchase EVAR, but the body pillow and 2 School Rumble cases combined cost more than this one.

Behold, my spanking new SV-51 Gamma!!! I was in a rush and didn’t really have time to transform it to the three modes, but this Macross Zero villain machine has always been my favourite Valkyrie, thanks to its really evil look. Not pictured are two boosters and four rocket pods, which I did not attach. Gerwalk mode is way cooler than Battroid so I probably will display it as such. The plane form is great too. I’ll do a more detailed review soon. Sv-51 is retailing for 21,500 yen, which is about 287 Singapore Dollars. Insanity, but I shall let myself succumb to the madness just once.

The size is rather large as you can see.

I got mine from Toyntoys aka Treasureland, they are selling it for about that price.

And while we’re at it, a Masterpiece MP-06 Skywarp!! This is basically a recolouring of the previously released Starscream. But Starscream is so gay and whiny and had a shitty colour scheme, so I didn’t get him. I have yet to transform Skywarp into robot form, but it looks awesome now as it is. It was about 90 dollars I think. More detailed review to follow.

Skywarp is about the same size as the SV-51.

I realised I always put off reviewing stuff with poseability as it’s a bit more effort. Those with mechanical and scifi elements also tend to get left out as it is quite difficult to get a good backdrop for them.

I currently need to take pictures of and review the following scifi toys, some of which I’ve procrastinated on for a loooong time.

  1. Transformable Eureka Seven LFOs
  2. SV-51
  3. Skywarp
  4. Vanship
  5. Tachikoma

Any ideas for location or backdrop?

Also, what was your most expensive figure or merchandise so far?

Popularity: 5% [?]

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22 Responses to “The Most Expensive Figure Purchase in the History of Riuva”  

  1. 1 MistaYoH 21 comments

    Very nice =)

  2. 2 sentinel011 33 comments

    Changi Airport MRT is a good location : just make sure you don’t have very big bags.

  3. 3 rOninZz 14 comments

    Omg Macross Zero pwns everything.

  4. 4 rOninZz 14 comments

    O I meant Macross Plus, but well this is still Macross

  5. 5 Adun 42 comments

    I was hoping to get Roy Focker’s one last year from a local dealer, but it got bought by someone else, oh wells. But the SV-51 Gamma is just as awesome.

  6. 6 ChronosAI 22 comments

    Very nice though that jpy retail price is like “oh bummer” @maximum.
    Also got laugh of the day at the advert from j-list. “Buy some artifical vaginas now!”
    Just great, reminds me so much why I block everything from them, too bad there’s no easy way to block text-only adverts.

  7. 7 Samejima 12 comments

    The most expensive among my figures was Konami’s Haruhi Suzumiya school uniform ver. @ Php2k excluding shipping fee… Also play-asia mis-sent a Medicom RAH Asuka Langley Casual dress action doll @ Php6k excluding shipping fee, instead of WAVE 1/8 Asuka Sugo figure.. but it was okay cuz I get to pay the price of Asuka Sugo @ Php2k … Poor them…

  8. 8 Primeparadigm 9 comments

    Nice Haul! Another great thing is that Skywarp is in scale with all the 1/60 Macross Zero/Plus figures, so you can actually swap the pilot figures around and they fit just nicely. You should photograph in some wide open area, maybe some stadium?

    As for my most expensive figures, I’d say my Transformers Masterpiece MP-04 Perfect Edition Convoy, whch I like to keep MISB. The next most expensive is probably my Soul of Chogokin Gunbuster.

  9. 9 Loba 13 comments

    Well, since I like gundams and want them all, I went for gashas and bought chess pieces which cost a bomb of over $200 ….

    Solo figure, ironhide transformer from the movie, $45.

  10. 10 Zer0 76 comments

    Any ideas for location or backdrop?

    (1) Sungei Gedong Camp

    (2) Paya Lebar Airbase (trespassers shot on sight)

    (3) Changi Airbase (trespassers shot on sight)

    (4) SAFTI MI (just tell them you are going to the Library, or Singapore Discovery Centre)

    (5) Tuas/Changi Naval Base

  11. 11 Yyi 8 comments

    Or…you could visit Pasir Laba camp where the Army Open House is being held (till Monday tomorrow). It’ll be crowded, but rest assured that you won’t be shot on sight and there are bound to be locations that are suitable for this photo shoot.

  12. 12 V2 6 comments

    how’s the execution of the gamma? does it have any issues?

  13. 13 EG-san 4 comments

    My most expensive merchandise should be 1/60 Strike Freedom Lightning Edition, which is about 173 SGD. For backdrop, I think clear blue sky is better for the flying mechs

  14. 14 double 43 comments

    It’s great to purchase expensive stuff once in a while,especially if you really feel that its worth it ^^

  15. 15 Tsubaki 421 comments

    Shoot at the youth park.

  16. 16 leefe 11 comments

    Mine most expensive was the Fate Testarossa Alter ver. I guess. 100 something i forgot XD
    @Tsubaki: Shoot at the Youth Park and give the mechas some anti-XEDO pickets and flags ^^;

  17. 17 K 7 comments

    for me its was the ex-goukin tachikoma. got it at 140 though. i think the shop made a loss…lol

  18. 18 Crest 87 comments

    SAFTI-MI is a good place, that I am willing to testify. Just dont go to the wrong places.

  19. 19 Zeroblade 87 comments

    Most expensive purchase… I’d say it’s Alter’s Fate Testarossa, though that will change when Exelica comes in next year.

  20. 20 Lynx 23 comments

    You forgot to mention both the Gamma and the MP were designed by the same person — Kawamori.

    As for location, just find a good open-air parking lot, go in good weather to the top, and scout a good place to take the shots from. Be prepared to shoot from VERY LOW. And Photoshop is always a friend…

    Most expensive purchase is probably the pair of 1/48 VF-1As complete with FAST packs and GBP armour. That’s gotta sting. After that’s probably the Koto-EB Saber, and after that probably the Jin-Roh series from Takara.

    Hmm. MP Prime should be in there somewhere.

  21. 21 omo 59 comments

    it’s many days later since you posted but i am officially jealous! congrats.

    looking forward to its photo shoot!

  22. 22 V 7 comments

    Sadly… the most expensive just the [Alter]Saber figurine.

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