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Best Anime of the Summer Season

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We all know the summer season traditionally is a big stinkfest. All the good anime come in the spring and the fall, and the summer of 2007 was no exception being low in number of series released. There’s been precious little to watch and I find myself having no backlog even though I barely even see one episode a day now.

Nevertheless, there are some bloody good shows out there which aren’t even on the radar of the blogosphere, I wonder why. I shall now present my own list of good summer anime and declare one series the Summer Riuva Champion.

The following five anime are already the best of the bunch, and are ranked according to my liking, from liked to most liked. Moonlight Mile has yet to show its 2nd season but is considered part of it.

Insect pokemon! Hanazawa Kana stars in this and since her voice is cuter than two boxes of ferrets and hamsters, we have to watch this. I also have a strange fascination for cute girls controlling large arthropods tearing flesh apart. The action is great as well, with plenty of super powers and big explosions. We all know super powers and explosions are the bread and butter of anime right?

Zero no Tsukaima 2
It started off with a bang, but as of the latest episode, 9, it’s been sinking back into mediocrity. The fight choreography is even worse than Disney’s Three Ninjas on Terror Mountain or whatever. Fans of the first season should still love this, and all the smut it brings us. I personally quite enjoy Zero, because I like elemental powers, magic and World War 2 weaponry.

This is the ONLY funny series in the WHOLE season. Maybe the weather’s too hot in Japan and laughing is an exothermic activity which would endanger the lives of the area 11 civilians. This would explain the dearth of good comedy at this time. Potemayo is more slapstick than witty, but it does so with shockingly effective simplicity. One scene which stands out is the one where butterflies swarmed Potemayo, I laughed at that. Guchuko is my favourite character and all her scenes are so sweet, like the one where she beat bloody the heads of all the male classmates. It is high praise from me when I say that Potemayo is 12.65% as funny as Gintama.

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou 2
I really liked the first season. Odex is bringing it to Video on Demand, so that’s a good thing. Do not use your credits on the helluva waste of time and space that is Seto no Hanayome, get Tokyo Majin instead! It is a series which combines lots of elements of Gatekeepers with Gatekeepers 21, and is hence quite awesome. The pace of the second season is blistering, and people die like chickens at KFC. It’s an exciting watch truly.

And now, for the ultimate best show of the Summer Season…..

In ANY season, this show would be near the top. I don’t know why so few people are talking about it or even watching it, because the second I saw the first episode, I was hooked. Shigurui is about some cool Tokugawa dude who organises a tournament between samurai using real swords. The first battle is between a one-armed Fujiki and a blind, crippled and freaky Irako Seigen. The subsequent 6 episodes delves into the two’s dark and hateful past, with lots of gore, slashing, organs and EATING OF NIPPLES. Oh there are at least two sex scenes with bared breastal glory in every episode. As for the eating of nipples, you’ll have to watch it to find out. Bloody good nipple meal! Shigurui is probably your thing if you like Battle Royale, Ichi the Killer or even Lone Wolf and Cub. I love it. The animation is perfect, the music is haunting and churns out tension, and your organs will be flipping around inside when you see the hot action. I showed an episode to some of my wimpy anime club mates and they were frightened!! If you’re a true fan of anime, you must see this.

Besides all these, there are also a couple of great shows ongoing from the previous seasons. Here’s a brief list and one liner comment, with those in bold in a higher class:

  1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Nobody can not like this show.
  2. Lucky Star - Kyoani are masters of marketing, this show is pure marketing.
  3. Nanoha StrikerS - Things are finally exciting.
  4. Kekkaishi - Long-running shounen delight!
  5. Gintama - EPIC EPIC EPIC.
  6. Kissdum Engage Planet - The plot is like a small intestine, so convoluted it’s funny but doesn’t really make sense yet is still entertaining.
  7. Claymore - There’s a reason why everyone likes Claymore.
  8. Oh! Edo Rocket - It’s cute and classy.
  9. Gigantic Formula - As mentioned in a previous post.
  10. Kaze no Stigma - Elemental powers are too cool for school.
  11. Ookiku Furikabutte - The best sports series since Major, which is the best sports series since Capeta, which is the best sports series since Slam Dunk.
  12. Darker than Black - Combine Hollywood with anime and you get Darker than black.
  13. Seirei no Moribito - Hoarding this one up for a long marathon.
  14. Terra E - It’s so Muuuuuurvalous.
  15. Dennou Coil - Ghost in the Shell chibified.
  16. Naruto - If only it didn’t have fillers, it could even be 67 percent as good as Kekkaishi.

Popularity: 8% [?]

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16 Responses to “Best Anime of the Summer Season”  

  1. 1 kacpy 31 comments

    no love for BACCANO! ? ;)

  2. 2 Kokanaden 332 comments


  3. 3 Kouji 56 comments

    Where the hell’s School Days, Sky Girls and Idolmaster?!

  4. 4 Ray 2 comments

    Shigurui? I haven’t heard about this one at all.
    Mushi-Uta is kind of bland for me, except the animation on the closed for business stores and empty part of the town was excellent. I’m (or was) a cyberpunk fan and I couldn’t help but chuckle and call this a “bugpunk”.
    Potemayo is funny but not mainstream enough for western audience. I think it’s fairly popular in Japan.

  5. 5 Hinano 112 comments

    naruto has been getting better recently though

  6. 6 psgels 21 comments

    Actually, this season’s a great one for me. The upcoming fall-season is the one that’s looking glum. I’m actually watching Shigurui as well, though my main problem is that the gore often delves into the absurd. Apart from that, it’s a great show though. Other great series of this season:
    - Mononoke
    - Code-E
    - Zombie Loan
    - Baccano
    - Higurashi
    - Umisho (when it doesn’t dabble into fanservice, at least)
    - Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei
    - Tetsuko no Tabi

  7. 7 dKiWi 73 comments


  8. 8 Kabitzin 92 comments

    I showed an episode to some of my wimpy anime club mates and they were frightened!!

    LOL what happened to being a stealth otaku? Shigurui is one of those shows you absolute do not just whip out on people because you will become a complete outcast for raving about it. However, it is every bit as unintentionally funny as you make it sound. Recommended for pre-med students.

  9. 9 Totali 19 comments

    Good choices. Mushi Uta and HONI HONI deserve more love than they get.

  10. 10 holybell84 32 comments

    Naruto always sucks; Lucky Star FTW

  11. 11 faye 51 comments

    Baccano and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei have got no love….T_T

  12. 12 Loba 82 comments

    I love darker than black =) Wish there’s more of this kind of anime!!

  13. 13 Qad 2 comments

    Thank you for at laest putting in Naruto instead of Bleach.

    Bleach is crappy as hell. The ONLY reason there’s even a storyline is so that there can be more dumb and mindless fights.

    Naruto’s plot and character development is far more superior.

    Haha Lucky Star FTW~

  14. 14 dKiWi 73 comments

    HONI HONI kimi to ohayou!!! (A warm feeling and a good morning too!!!)

    That line from the opening song is stuck in my head forever. Heck I love Katamichi Catch Ball. Listen to it almost everyday..

  15. 15 kirs 1 comment

    Glad to see that someone rates Kekkaishi ahead of Naruto. Things have sped up a bit in Shippuuden, but I’d say nowhere as good as Kekkaishi yet.

  16. 16 exalt dragon 162 comments

    No Hayate no Gotoku! ? :(

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