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[LianYL] I See Depth In Cheese. What Say You?

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I see depth in anime, contrary to what RIUVA’s tjhan has stated before.

Tjhan proclaims that being an otaku or even remotely an anime fan is something to be ashamed about, to which I think is a truckload of manure.

Otakus are the most sophisticated social class formed through the assimilation( I love this word ) of the Western notion of the Geek culture and by-products of the Japanese local self-manufactured 2D industry. From a widely loathed species, Otakus have managed to seep into every crook and cranny of the Japanese society, formed the world’s largest online portal of nightmares, and even established their very own unspoken caste system.  The evolution of the Western Geek culture and that of the Japanese Otaku are gradually merging into a unique species of its own independent of Darwin’s law, aided by the boom of online globalisation. The speed at which present global pop culture establishes itself and quickly fades away with exponential rates is no doubt yet another result of this increasing advancements of broadband connection. It is also interesting to note that the present Western Geek culture is slowly adopting a "cool" factor to their social class, which I dare say is due to the invisible caste system set within the phenomenal social class itself. As the social class expands, the class itself becomes society, thus allowing the caste system to be firmly lodged in the present globalising society.

I foresee this wave of geek coolness will no doubt spread easily to the Japanese side which acts as a hierarchal  source branching out to the various portions of Asia, which are complexly intertwined with the present massive online entity made up by the global data consolidation which I shall label as ‘CyberGaia’. A hybrid of the traditional Geek and orthodox Japanese Otaku will rule the new world.

For the Otaku class to have grown to such a phenomenal size, a certain depth of intelligence and worldly philosophy is highly involved. Where does this depth come from? Anime of course! Anime is the greatest form of literature ever created, speaks of ideas and inspirations none has seen in past centuries and is so deep, philosophers will take forever to analyse a single episode of High School Girls.

Let’s do a slight glance through certain recent anime to justify my stand:
1. Potemayo
No seriously, this anime ranks right at the top for its twisted references and thought-provoking style of plot. On the surface, it disguises itself as a typical children’s show. Look closer now, do a close-up! You will realise that this show explores the possibilities of the emergence of an entire new social entity and the complications that it might lead to. It makes references to the recent controversies regarding  genetic research advancements and technological ethics. The philosophical analysis works on the foundation of a possible acceptance of a new hybrid of oraganisms being assimilated( man I love this word ) into society and the possible  responses the masses will have regarding  the  occurence of such unorthodox  social implications. In the case of this anime, the example of  the  cross-pollinating of  sheep and  homosapiens  are being discussed.

2. High School Girls
Man I can’t emphasize how WRONG I was to have dissed this anime production.  I have come to realise that  it is  actually a facade for attempted dissection of the possibilities that can result from social inequality and micro-discrimination. The anime also shows how the effects of media effectively desensitises one’s perception of sexuality and discusses possible complications, implications, complexities and butt complexion.

Other than the outstanding works mentioned above, there’s also:
a. Nanoha (research on tactical warfare concerning brute force and panty flashes)
b. Shana (possible exploration of the possibilityes and consequences of an eternal life and what problems that might surface)

Lastly, for your sake, please stop watching stupid shows like Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Last Exile or even Ghost in The Shell. These works are the worst the anime industry can ever churn out. What fuels the Otaku Data Capitalism Effect is anime with depth, not brainless violence and battles.

My next post will touch on the complexity of the Tsundere-ism, how it affects the circuits in Moetronics and how it can be calculated using complex numbers and phasors.

Stay tuned.

Popularity: 8% [?]

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16 Responses to “[LianYL] I See Depth In Cheese. What Say You?”  

  1. 1 Tsubaki 516 comments

    Boo for losing steam half way. I was pretty entertained by the amazing convincing crap you were churning though.

  2. 2 LianYL 769 comments

    Well sorry about that, Thevenin’s Theorem awaits me.

  3. 3 dKiWi 73 comments

    Potemayo still owns. Ha.

  4. 4 §oL 26 comments

    Evangelion has ‘brainless violences and battles?’

  5. 5 wongtcsg 31 comments

    What are you talking about?
    Is it a joke or something?
    Don combine uni subject with anime….you have study too much subject.
    Take a break.

  6. 6 blauereiter 6 comments

    Quote “Lastly, for your sake, please stop watching stupid shows like Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Last Exile or even Ghost in The Shell. These works are the worst the anime industry can ever churn out.”

    Nope, you’re not getting me that easily. Not least till you mention Akira.

  7. 7 Musa 36 comments

    Well it is an interesting article. I’m constantly impressed by your inane ability to articulate nonsense.

    Your bit about otakus seem very convincing and it almost had me… until I remember my Japanese friend telling me (normal) Japanese chicks still consider otakus as scum of the earth. You can try winning them over with your linguistic skills.

    I still don’t understand your choice of animes as stupid shows though. Maybe you really are too smart to watch such? At least I seem to enjoy watching all the above mentioned (yes including every show u mentioned), and it’s a little too late for me to “stop watching” the stupid ones since I already watched them. Perhaps you could have given a heads up like maybe… 5-10 years ago?

  8. 8 LianYL 769 comments

    So my sarcasm wasn’t distinct enough?

  9. 9 Musa 36 comments

    Sarcasm begets sarcasm. I’m sure some people would have already seen through your intentions. Me, I’m just plain lost. *wink

  10. 10 Kouji 56 comments

    I see a typo, Lian.

  11. 11 Charles 15 comments

    Yo, yo, yo, Cowboy Bebop is NOT stupid. I may agree about Eva, but never, ever Evangelion. Shana may have had some nice ideas, but I think they were better presented elsewhere. No, I liekd Cowboy Bebop as it painted a terraformed Solar SYstem within the 21st century, and interesting science fiction possibility.

  12. 12 PS 20 comments

    If it’s any more distinct, you might as well put a label on it

    “I may agree about Eva, but never, ever Evangelion”

    Yeah, Eva is a stupid show, and Evangelion is the smartiest-smarty-pants show ever produced, lulz

  13. 13 Charles 15 comments

    Oh man… I meant Cowboy Bebop, not Evangelion (I seem to have a big problem with mistyping; I can type without thinking! This is bad)

    But I still prefer Cowboy Bebop over Evangelion any day.

  14. 14 Zebra 5 comments

    ? eh LianLY moe is not the only thing about anime, its like calculus in math… its big n important, but their other stuff…

  15. 15 exalt dragon 162 comments

    Anime is the simulacrum of reality. Any deductions from the inside of anime is merely a subset of the sign.

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