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I know nothing about Ignis other than that she’s the heroine of 塵骸魔京, a game produced by Nitro+. The Kanji is too difficult to read. These are the same guys who did Demonbane. But after seeing these pictures, who can resist not purchasing this? I mean.. wow.


Look at all the details! The face is great too.

Ignis has a katana. We love girls with swords. Her hair has the same flowing effect as Max’s recent Al Azif figure, which is really nice. Her elaborate yet skimpy costume exudes a dangerously sexy aura. The pose isn’t too special, but the hair and costume are too beautiful to let that stop me from buying.

Being 1/7 scale, Ignis is larger than most of my 1/8s at 24 cm and this is worrying as I do not like big figurines. I’m hoping the 24 cm includes that really long ahoge. The base is another amazing thing. It not only sports the butterfly emblem which is also on her clothes, but the entire thing is a mirror!!

She comes with a spectacle accessory too.

Vital Stats

  • Maker: Max Factory
  • Release Date: July 2006
  • Material: PVC
  • Price: 6,800 yen
  • Height: 24 cm
  • Sculptor: 北出正人

Popularity: 2% [?]

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5 Responses to “Figure News: Ignis 1/7 PVC for July Release (OMG HOT)”  

  1. 1 Mariana Luz 44 comments

    Wow… That one looks great too… I’ll see If I can pre-order it on June >_>”

  2. 2 bakaboobie 16 comments

    still waiting for HLJ to list it. HS did a premature pre-order of the fig and they were forced to take it down.

  3. 3 moyism 18 comments

    bakaboobie, speak of the devil: http://www.hlj.com/product/MAX04043
    You know I ordered mine :D

  4. 4 kwok 51 comments

    Jingai Makyou.

  5. 5 tj_han 1052 comments

    HLJ has listed all the July GSC releases already. And yes it is Jingai Makyou!

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