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When You Curse @ Somebody, Add a Picture for Greater Effect.

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In a petty little squabble between two of my faithful commenters on my previous anime club post, Exalt Dwagon and Mitsuki Hayase, the most recent comment was from the former, calling the latter, an asshole.

To which I laughed because of the sheer coincidence. No, Exalt, this is an asshole.

Oh and for those who didn’t catch the little joke in the first line, I’m now officially a fan of the Erfworld webcomic. On top of Order of the Stick.

Popularity: 10% [?]

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13 Responses to “When You Curse @ Somebody, Add a Picture for Greater Effect.”  

  1. 1 kwok 19 comments

    weak lah.

  2. 2 Mitsuki_Hayase 332 comments

    You Have Been Told, I’m a Troll!

  3. 3 bj0rN 151 comments


  4. 4 DrmChsr0 180 comments

    goatse would have worked better.

  5. 5 exalt dragon 162 comments

    It’s time for me to reveal the truth: that was all a social experiment. Good for those of you who caught it.

    There were several signs I gave along the way that I used to signal that this was an experiment. I outright stated that it was such in one of the comments.

    >>>>”part of a social experiment”…..

    On top of that, I gave the coded signal of You Have Been Trolled.

    The experiment aimed to prove that you could distract someone from a the right track of an argument by insulting them. This phenomenon is commonly known as the Red Herring. Knowing how easily mitsuki reacted to the smallest of things, I took the opportunity to start by baiting him with a confusing question. To make sure that mitsuki reacted to the stimulus, I continued from the lead-in by feeding him a long confusing discourse. To finish off the stimulus, I insulted him outright.

    The results were, on first glance, expectedly reinforcing, the subject took up the bait and eventually abandoned any semblance of the original discourse. However, since the subject realised that the experiment was being carried out, I regretfully have to void the anomalous result. The reaction was based on mitsuki’s own understanding of the situation; i.e. he was playing along with it. The primary goal of investigating the subject M alone had to be shifted to reading the response of other readers and hooking them in as subjects. The signal of You Have Been Trolled was too obvious, -a mistake on the scientist’s(me) part.

    Surprisingly, not only did the subject react, another readers actually paid attention and took offense. In the end, one possible effect was the a slight detraction of the the comments system (at least for that portion). What was slightly more surprising was that the blogger himself, actually took the opportunity to comment on the situation. I was quite grateful for him for drawing more attention the stimulus, perhaps to give me the opportunity to further expand the subject range of the experiment.

    To conclude the results, in order for a red herring to be successful, one must not let it be known that the distraction has already begun. Some people, no matter how obvious and reinforced the signs were, would not get it.(I suppose you could call them the tennen group)

    Oh, and LOL@picture.

  6. 6 kwok 19 comments

    that’s even weaker.

  7. 7 tj_han 1317 comments

    Exalt, I would like to point out that you have lost because you spent time writing all that crap which would’ve otherwise served to further your A level grades. Mitsuki Hayase probably went like, “Ok I R TROLL” or whatever in 2 seconds. The criteria which decides Internet battles is the amount of satisfaction over time spent.

    And you’re not a scientist, I am.

  8. 8 Mitsuki_Hayase 332 comments

    I R amused. Seriously, I never knew I was such a irritant that someone had to throw a social experiment on me just to defeat me. My epenis is growing.

  9. 9 kokanaden 79 comments

    @Mitsuki_Hayase Correction: Not defeat you, attempt to. And exaltdragon’s reply only proved your comment right that he has gone nuts trying to one-up you by trying to influence your next comment.

    Even LianYL, the retired troll, is Laughing Out Loud.

  10. 10 exalt dragon 162 comments

    ~~~ people are still talking about winning and losing. ~~~

  11. 11 exalt dragon 162 comments

    Oh yeah…come to think about it, Tj han, I submitted the IS today so there’s no need to worry about My Grades for me.

  12. 12 kokanaden 79 comments

    And people were talking about social experiments?

  13. 13 HalcyonDF 54 comments

Do not use any < and > for your own sake. It will end the comment there and then. Also, there is an automatic IQ filter which weeds out comments made by those who accidentally got transported from the stone age.

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