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[LianYL] The Ramblings of MuckVisage

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I think I’ve been stressing out myself too much these days.

I see some dude holding a swaying skipping rope, I think of pendulum harmonic motion. I see a car drive by me and my thoughts are filled with conservation of energy and inelastic collisions or maybe Newton’s Laws and Calculus. Worst thing came was when I was turning on the lights in my room and thought how I could calculate the AC voltage with the notion of black box theory and Thevenin’s Law. In short, I am being haunted by my academics wherever I go, simply because my present modules explain how the world works. I hope I won’t learn Quantum Physics any time soon or I’ll go random.

So how do I destress? I drew these:



RIUVA’s boss is supposed to be manly like Kamina, points to the sky like a blind dick and carries a floating tri-peniled mango with him wherever he goes.


Kokanaden is supposedly very emo and is now working as a counter-troll on RIUVA under some other faux name, so he’s like a ninja. However, since he’s so sinuisodally emotional, I gave him long hair and a huge mouth. Aha, you must have been thinking that he had a mask on.


Truth to be told, I’ve never seen this RIUVian colleague before, but rumours say that she looks like a hot Claymore. That didn’t affect my random character design though.


Crest is called crest because he has a crescent mask on. Basically he can’t talk because of his mask and because of this, he is able to spew out his ideas all at once into one post, making him the winner of the longest RIUVian blog post ever.


Yeah this would be Ascaloth. I didn’t really know what kind of character to design as an avatar for him, but I knew that my character designs must always have stickmen in it. It turned out rather cool.


I gave myself special privileges by SHADING MY CHARACTER, how cool is that!?

In other news, I managed to usurp the throne for manliness within RIUVA’s headquarters by purchasing something really awesome at a mere SGD$16 which probably could have fed a thousand starving men. Behold the magnificent entity!


A holy freakin’ GURREN-DAN mug from COSPA! Remember tjhan showing off his flashy new Gurren-Dan gear? Apparently the shirt was a holy-shit-motherfucking SGD$40 and the cap was SGD$28. That’s a whole tonne of money spent on WEARING MANLINESS and GAR. No Kokanden, no tjhan, that is absolutely not the way to gain manliness. You can wear sheep’s clothing all you want but you’ll always be merely WEARING it, never to become part of you.

Witness how I turn a normal hot beverage into that of utter supreme manhood by just POURING it into the Gurren mug. Holy Moe, the freakin’ liquid composition just gained infinite times of manliness and GAR, in the proportion of 1/0. You can already see the steam going Super-Robot-Wars roaring in your face literally.

Guess what?

By drinking that whole mug of manhood, you not only CONSUME MANLINESS, but you also SHIT MANLINESS.

That’s like some manly shit you’ll have.

Okay, back to mugging. Anyone interested in me turning the above avatars into a RIUVA web comic could request so. As for those awaiting my theory on Moetronics, you’ll have to wait till next time since I don’t have time for that huge load of crap yet.

Popularity: 5% [?]

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14 Responses to “[LianYL] The Ramblings of MuckVisage”  

  1. 1 klazyguy 37 comments

    Nice lol.

  2. 2 tj_han 1055 comments

    My tripeman has no penis??

  3. 3 LianYL 581 comments

    Hynavian chopped them off.

  4. 4 DrmChsr0 163 comments

    lol tj_han dies

  5. 5 Ascaloth 117 comments

    I guess I don’t stand out very much, huh? >_

  6. 6 LianYL 581 comments

    No worries, I don’t even have a face.

  7. 7 exalt dragon 156 comments

    It’s getting pretty noisy and crowded at this blog….(more than it was)

    Why “hetare”?

  8. 8 Hynavian 34 comments

    Crest is missing!

    Did I chop him into bits too?

    Oh nice idea, maybe you can go ahead and make a web comic with those characters :)

  9. 9 LianYL 581 comments

    You’re right. Oh noes.

    I’ll add him next time then, as some cresty guy.

  10. 10 Crest 99 comments

    sob sob.

    I am missing in action.

  11. 11 Kouji 41 comments

    Why is that hot beverage purple in colour?

  12. 12 wongtcsg 25 comments

    Looks like milo, a manly milo?
    Of all the ppl, your posting seem to be the most craziest…^.^”
    Take a break, you study too hard..lolz

  13. 13 Musa 36 comments

    IMO, Kamina is overrated. Never liked him. May he RIP and stay that way. And so I agree with the “points like a blind dick” part. Kamina not tjhan. And that is if you meant that.

  14. 14 halcyondf 53 comments

    i want that cup. that cup is awesome.

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