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[NSFW] You Know Something is Wrong with Japan When…

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They take a legendary man of unsurpassable intellect from Chinese history, make him out to be a little girl maybe the age of 12, and then produce plastic figures where you get to strip her and see her underdeveloped chest.

This figure is by Griffon Enterprises, 1/7 scaled and will cost about 8000 yen. Coming in November!

As they say, demand drives supply. The recent Ikkitousen OVA had lots of nipples, even of the child Koumei. And if otaku want figures of naked little girls, their money makes such a wish come true.

Many people have asked if I’m a lolicon. I suspect they think so because I print t-shirts with the word "lolicon" on them. So here’s my official stand, I’m not a lolicon, but I’m not against it either. I can watch stuff like Kodomo no Jikan as long as it’s funny (but it wasn’t!). Some good loli shows are Ichigo Mashimaro and Kyou no Go no Ni and in a totally different sense, Gunslinger Girls.

Oh but I do have a fascination with nipples. Go watch some Shigurui, awesome Japanese samurai battles with nipples. Ok that sentence sounded quite ambiguous, but I meant that the samurai get to eat tasty nipples and eyeballs after a battle. It’s sort of like a cross between Kenshin, Cooking Master Boy and Claymore I guess.

So the question is, are you a lolicon? What do you think of lolis?

Popularity: 13% [?]

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11 Responses to “[NSFW] You Know Something is Wrong with Japan When…”  

  1. 1 CherylHew 18 comments

    .. a certain someone requested for a loli when I volunteered to design a mascot for him. Would he qualify as a lolicon for that, I wonder LOL

  2. 2 Tsubaki 518 comments

    That’s the most ugliest face ever. Sader looks better. And what’s with that excess pvc residue on her chest?

  3. 3 LianYL 19 comments

    That’s one loli in my cabinet.

  4. 4 Zzz... 28 comments

    Poor Zhuge Liang…that’s all I got to say.

  5. 5 Karura 20 comments

    When I read the first sentence of this post, I initially thought it was going to be about Koutetsu Sangokushi…anyway, Zhuge Liang is meant to be huge in the wang department, not a little girl.

  6. 6 Atashi 12 comments

    At least they kept Zhuge Liang’s characteristic fan. Man, I think I had a minor crush on the guy when I first watched the live action drama when I was six.

  7. 7 homeless_homo 39 comments

    That really is a horrible face…

  8. 8 0rion 52 comments

    lol Japan

  9. 9 aoil 1 comment

    …so there goes the continuous brutal ridicule to the Chinese by the Japanese and the Chinese growling to defend its history again.

    – why is his - I mean - her hair and eyes blue again?

    The Chinese should make a parody about the Jap prime ministers as comeback or something…

  10. 10 guest 17 comments

    Terribly offtopic but does anyone know if there’s a ‘quality’ anime adaptation of Romance of Three Kingdoms?

  11. 11 coeli 1 comment

    I don’t think cast-offs are good with lolis.

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