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[Kokanaden] REVEALED: The real reason why Kamina died!

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The end of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann left me feeling inspired, yet very disillusioned. The series, essentially one of hope (the nearest equivalent English meaning to the concept of spiral power), was named after the final evolution of the Lagann, could so easily be renamed as "THE SPIRIT OF KAMINA" and wouldn’t look out of place.

Looking back, I realised that alot of the disillusionment I felt was due to the death of what I consider to be the physical embodiment of the essence of the series, Kamina. Dying at the end of episode 8 wasn’t justified at all. His cameo in episode 25 only cemented the belief that without him, they would never have made it through. Still, the need for the manifestation of his spirit wasn’t enough justification for his death so early in the series. Admittedly, he was the first person to successfully unlock the power of the Giga-Drill, but compare the use of his Giga-Drill to that of Kittan, and it pales in comparisons. As stated above though, without him setting a precedent for unlocking the limitless spiral power, perhaps Kittan might never have had the chance to die so gloriously. Still, the sense of loss, till now, is the one issue I have been unable to come to terms with.

As such, I started on a journey to uncover the truth, not unlike that taken by Takemoto in Honey and Clover. There’s always a secret reason behind the death of great heroes, that when unlocked, provides further testament to their greatness. After months of searching, I stumbled upon the truth: There was another reason why Kamina died, and it’s something so secret, even the scriptwriters and producers never noticed. They saw fit to retell the great legend of Kamina from the perspective of their own history, but by ending the series with the imminent journey by Viral into deep space, they inadvertently overlooked the REAL reason why Kamina had died. Kamina had died not just because his death would inspire the Spirals to victory, but also because another universe, anchored in deep space, needed his presence. This universe, which suffers from the grand delusion of self-comfort, of visual novel adaptations, of inhumane killings on nice boats, and of Burmese monks protesting on the streets, needed a leader.

That’s right, I’m talking about Earth, our globe, spinning in a solar system anchored in a galaxy in deep space. Look at how great leaders inspire the evolution of man to new heights: Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Napoleon, Saladin, Richard the Lionheart, Alexander, and many others. Our world is now populated by pussy leaders: Bush, Putin, Kim Jong Il, Osama Bin Laden, which accounts for the mess and chaos in the world today. The spirit of spiral power is lost, and we are desperately in need of a true, manly, leader.

Do you see it now? Are you in tears now? Kamina died, not because of his weaknesses, not because his death would inspire the ultimate victory of Simon and his Dai Gurren Brigade, but because he saw a world devolving into chaos, a world bereft of spiral power. He died so that he could be reborn into this wretched world, and save us all from damnation. He died to save us. And before you think I’m referring to the second coming of some religion icons, no, I’m not.

I’m in tears as I type this. He willing gave up his life, a life of where he was effectively God on another world, and came here instead, walking amongst us as equals, as a normal human being, enduring life on this cursed, forgotten planet. Who is he? I finally managed to track him down, and while he politely refused any interviews on my discovery of his true identity, just by being close to him, you could feel his manliness. I managed to steal a snapshot of him though, and there’s no better end to my article than showing a picture of him, the very embodiment of manliness. A huge thank you goes out to LianYL for his superb skills.


Popularity: 22% [?]

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19 Responses to “[Kokanaden] REVEALED: The real reason why Kamina died!”  

  1. 1 Musa 36 comments

    Pft. Who cares about Kamina? He died ages ago. The question is WHY THE FUCK DID GAINAX KILL OFF ANOTHER FEMALE LEAD CHARACTER AGAIN??!!!

  2. 2 Kurogane 117 comments

    Lame. I expected a serious article, but in the end, it’s just self-pleasuring crap.

  3. 3 LianYL 29 comments

    I sense the amount of crap inversely proportionate to traffic.

  4. 4 Kokanaden 79 comments

    @Musa When was Nia ever the female lead character anyway? It was Yoko all the way.

    @Kurogane It’s a serious article. It’s a seriously funny article. Look out for the real deal though, it’s still in the works. This is a good filler episode.

    @LianYL I forgot that most people don’t know who that person is. After all, alot of the readers have never seen tjhan in real life before.

  5. 5 Crest 99 comments

    Brilliant article. It reminds me of erotic asphyxiation, upon approaching the threshold of death… one’s senses would be magnified, the walls of limits torn down. So it’s upon his death, his consciousness expanded and it came to this world.

    It’s brilliance, borne out of a stroke of madness or by too much stimulants.

  6. 6 tj_han 1234 comments

    Don’t you have midterms to study for?

  7. 7 CherylHew 18 comments

    Ah, so I guessed it right, it WAS tj LOL Yeah I bet Singapore’ll be the first to prosper under his MANLY skills XD

  8. 8 Musa 36 comments

    @Kokanaden Hah, who cares about Yoko? She’s overrated, go blame Gainax for shoving her to the sidelines. In the end everyone is all about the melonpan. Pft. Oh well, what do I know? I’m not a Yoko fan. Everyone else can have her, I’ll stick to worshipping Nia.

  9. 9 Kokanaden 328 comments

    @Musa Too bad Nia’s not real, not even in the 2D world. At least Yoko was a real person in the 2D world, and she’s exclusively mine. You can go back and worship your virtual anti-spiral plaything all you want.

    @CherylHew Congratulations! Well, Singapore IS sort of prospering, under the rule of Lord Genome reincarnated. LOL.

    @tj_han Yes. Economics mid-term. Starting to study tomorrow.

    @Crest I was on a high after executing one of my greatest ever “smoke” in tutorial class today. I got this post up soon after.

  10. 10 Musa 36 comments

    @Kokanaden Hah, that’s why you’ll always be at the level of Kamina. No wonder you cannot comprehend that Simon has surpassed him. It’s pretty obvious you’re a Kamina x Yoko, and I’m a Simon x Nia. We can fight all day, really and we’ll still be pissed. So I shall take a bow and exit to my “virtual” worshipping, and you can go back to playing Russian Roulette with the Black Widow.

  11. 11 AsouKai 85 comments

    awesome pic, but if that’s the guy u’re talking about, i’m not gonna accept it, aha.

  12. 12 yumanjadi 1 comment

    @Kokanaden. Kamina is a great man but not a god from other planet or what it is. Yoko become heroine just until Kamina died or before Nia appeared. after that Nia all the way. the point is Nia get almost important role in the important scene other than female character.

  13. 13 nejiLUVER202 1 comment

    wow i have never been to this website and it is okay,sort of even if they don`t have the pics that i wantrd i mean i just found a girl from naruto and i don`t even know what she looks like i thoutht that they would show shikamaru and her fighting or something and i don`t` mean temari or any other original fighters that he fought in NARUTO,i mean the girl that he fougt in NARUTO SHIPPUDEN!

  14. 14 Traveler 1 comment

    How you dare to make fun of Kamina like this????? You miserable SCUM!!!!

  15. 15 the great 1 comment

    yo, get a life and stop riding gurren lagann’s ass it’s more epic than you can ever hope to be.

  16. 16 Saidin 1 comment

    @Musa: “Pft. Who cares about Kamina? He died ages ago.”
    That is simply unacceptable. How can you even say that?!

  17. 17 Kira 1 comment

    If not for Kamina, Simon would still be digging in the dirt…He should have lived…every time i watch i find myself thinking the same thing, “shit , i miss Kamina”.

  18. 18 terrance 1 comment

    Kamina should have lived! Dai Gurren a bunch o punks without him!

  19. 19 Yagah 1 comment

    kamina was a great hero, he shouldnt die. anyways i like this anime’s that show something to ppl out there, that we can make anything possible just trusting in us…


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