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Ads and Anime Blogging

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Disregard all that was said here. Advertlets is a cheating scam company which doesn’t pay out anything. Use Textlink Ads instead.

In #animeblogger, the topic came to the issue of making money via blogging. Or in Maestro’s (King of AB.net) case, how does he keep the entire AB.net afloat and still free? Auctionads, which I saw on AB, turned out to be useless and a big conjob. It didn’t give any money at all, despite the high page impressions. Adsense is a given of course, but it has this rather heavy-handed banning system that many of us have fallen foul of.

I myself had adsense for a while, only for one of my then-colleagues, out of a fit of jealousy, to click a few hundred times repeatedly on one of the banners with the secure military Internet connection, resulting in Google dumping me out of the service. Despite my most sycophantic pleas, they wouldn’t budge. Back then, I was getting like 2 USD a day, which is not too bad.

For about a whole year after that, I didn’t have any ads. DarkMirage on the other hand, kept his adsense going, as well as added the likes of Jlist and Advertlets. Apparently, he’s getting enough money to buy a diamond ring for his new girlfriend.

While adsense no doubt nets the most money, those who are damned by it (like me) can use alternatives and a month ago, I added Advertlets, which is a Malaysian advertising service. It allows Singaporeans like myself in as well, so if you’re either, I’ll recommend it. The rates are counted in Ringgit, which is the Malaysian (weakshit) currency, and I get about 2-4 Singapore dollars worth of it a day. It’s not going to make me a millionaire, but a free lunch daily isn’t bad.

There are pros and cons to this service of course. The good is the money. But what it lacks is related content ads, which means I flash banners which advertise on Jobs, housing, Malaysia’s national day, and other rather content-irrelevant stuff. At least it’s geographically relevant. But what makes Advertlets great is that it factors in mainly page impressions only, rather than a stupid affliate system. Even if people don’t click, you still get paid.

Compare that to Jlist.com. After since I had that banner up, which creatively allows me to write intriging subtext like "Click here for artificial vaginas", I’ve actually sent more than 1000 clickthroughs to Jlist. Yet, because they pay only a few percent of what a customer BUYS, so far I’ve gotten only 4 dollars. It’s terrible.

Now the ultimate ad service would be a NOT-SAFE-FOR-WORK content-filled banner with customisable text such as Jlist’s, coupled with Advertlet’s paying scheme. Too bad I haven’t found such a thing. Oh and absolutely nobody has donated money to me via the Tripeman banner, but that’s ok. The t-shirts are also a huge hassle to produce and I have yet to find a good supplier capable of making small quantities of high-grade shirts, so that project is scrapped for now.

Popularity: 7% [?]

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9 Responses to “Ads and Anime Blogging”  

  1. 1 Kurisu 3 comments

    Well, there are still some ways to use Adsense…

  2. 2 Crest 99 comments

    That’s pretty good money for something that consumes mainly only precious time.

    Money incentives would be a good thing for us to write more… heh.

  3. 3 Owen S 143 comments

    I’ve AdBlocked your tripeman banner, dunno why I put up with it for so long. The day I realised that it was subliminal programming I removed it.

  4. 4 David 4 comments

    I read about your adsense story on super rats site. That’s so fucked up.

    One alternative to adsense might be Chitika. You can try that. Selling text link ads is also a choice. I don’t know about the aesthetic aspect of it. I find text link ads to be rather ugly and a blog with a huge amount of text link ads is just a pain to read.

    Dependant on your monthly pageviews (I suppose it’s pretty high?) you might want to take into account to sell space on your page to sponsors. This way you can also benefit from a monthly income just through ads.

    Making money from affiliate programs is so hard if your blog is not product related. I’m still leaving auctionads on my site for the time being. However, I’m going to ditch it if doesn’t perform well after a few months.

  5. 5 Kabitzin 94 comments

    You could always try Text Link Ads. If no one buys ads, you display nothing, and if they do, you only display a few lines of text. Since your site has been around for a while, you would probably get paid at least $8 a month, and it is just a flat fee. There is no dealing with clicking or impressions or anything, but you don’t know when advertisers will pick up your site or for how long.

  6. 6 bj0rN 153 comments

    well for people like you with a domain, i guess its ok. as for fellow animebloggers.. i guess the $ goes to our dear king. without him, there won’t be an existant of our site afterall.

  7. 7 Kurisu 3 comments

    Hung has been using Text Link Ads for ages. But don’t overdo it with them and don’t link to bad neighborhoods.

    You might also want to consider that Google may devalue your site. They really hate paid links.

  8. 8 Maestro 1 comment

    What’s really sad about AuctionAds is that it WAS great back when it first started, it performed quite well for the relatively small number of impressions I gave it (compared to AdSense) and it brought in some additional income. Then they sold out to someone and the service went into the crapper. I know I’m not the only person to observe this, but right now I see the stats saying I’ve had about the same number of impressions, the same number of clicks and… absolutely no income for the last 3 weeks now. Frankly I’m not buying it, especially since the cookie is supposed to last for 30 days. I think they’ve got the tracking completely broken now and it really feels like a total ripoff. I’m keeping them around for now, I’d like to get to another payout (which they rudely set from no minimum to $50 minimum last month, another “benefit” from their new owners) but then I’m going to stop running them entirely. Since they’ve seemed to stop tracking any sales at all for us though I may just give up.

  9. 9 super rats 105 comments

    Affiliate links are rough. I used to include affiliate links to Right Stuf at the end of my figure reviews, but I only ever got $25 from it in like four months, so I just stopped bothering. Really though, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need double the traffic I get to make advertising and affiliate links worth the bother, but I could easily change my mind on that if something good comes along.

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