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[Hynavian] Award Ceremony for Maria-sama ga Miteru OVAs (I)

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Instead of the usual 13 episodes per season, season 3 of Maria-sama ga Miteru (MSGM) consists of only 5 OVAs that are approximately an hour long each. After the wrapping up of season 2, I have convinced myself that the OVAs would serve as final touch-ups to the MariaMite series. However, I was wrong as I realised that there will be a season 4 when I have completed the 5th OVA. After gaining permission to post articles on MSGM (we Riuvasians have a good boss), I found out that Karura  from Azure Flame Reloaded did a review on season 3. Another post that I would recommend will be ThirteenSugars episode summary on OVA 1 if anyone is interested as it’s detailed and is filled with great pictures. In my first section, I’ll explain the confusing soeur system and other MSGM’s terminologies and then move on to my award presentation ceremony for the various OVAs. My first section has no direct link with my award presentation ceremony as it only serves as a guide for those who have no clue but is interested in knowing how the soeur system works and such. Hence, those short on time or those who are well equipped with the soeur system knowledge can move on to the award ceremony instead.


Not for the sensitive or the weak at heart!!! You’re warned!!!


Background knowledge for the clueless (I)

Lilian Girls’ School is a Catholic school that provided education for maidens. It’s equivalent to a Junior College standard and students have to study 3 years before taking the university entrance exams. As it’s set in a Catholic based environment, there are a couple of rules that all students try their best to follow. Students are to walk slowly and graciously when in the school grounds, perform prayers every morning, ensure that their unifrom is always neat and tidy at all times and they are to formally greet each other along the way. In Lilian School, there’s a soeur system where a senior student will select a new student as her little sister and will act as her anchor of supporter in any areas. Such a bond is created through the simple presentation of a rosary from a senior to a junior. The plot revolves around Yuki Fuzukawa, a first year student, who is quite simple in the head and has her emotions written all over her face. By a stroke of luck, she became the petite soeur (little sister) of Sachiko Ogasawara (2nd year student) and hence made her way into the student council (aka Yamayurika) of Lilian School. The story then revolves around Yuki and the few council members in the Yamayurika.

When you first start watching, one will be confused with all the French terms that appear in the anime. I have prepared a guide to help everyone better understand the complicated French terms that are used in the student council ranking systems.

  • petite soeur - lower classman, grande soeur - upper classman
  • The Yamayurika is made up of 3 groups (aka families) and each family is represented by a different rose colour. (Red, White, Yellow)
  • The leader of each family has a title and their respective petite soeur will inherit their positions once they graduate.
  • The 3 different families are the Chinesis Family, the Gigantea Family and the Foetida Family.
  • The leaders take on the titles; Rosa-Chinesis, Rosa-Gigantea and Rosa-Foetida respectively.
  • Taking the Chinesis Family as an example, the power structure would be something like the below.

Head of Chinesis Family (3rd year)

Petite soeur of Rosa-Chinesis (2nd year)

Petite soeur of Rosa-Chinesis en bouten (1st year)


Rosa-Chinesis en bouten

Rosa-Chinesis en bouten petite soeur

Take for example if you’re a 1st year and your aim in life is to become the Rosa-Chinesis when you’re in year 3, you have to become Rosa-Chinesis en bouten’s petite soeur by hook or by crook. However, there are exceptions to the rule and it will be explained in Part (II) of my next post.

 Maria-sama ga Miteru Award Presentation Ceremony (I)

From the most absurd OVA to the most artistic OVA, Hynavian brings you Part I of II of the Maria-sama ga Miteru Award Ceremony.
Characters from Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA

Above: The current cast for Maria-sama ga Miteru OVAs
"The Most Absurd Summer Vacation Award"
Awarded to: OVA 1 - Les vacances des agnelles (The Lamb’s Vacation)
The start of the summer holidays!Chinesis's Family
Each family of the Yamayurika has their own summer plans.
Gigantea's FamilyFoetida's Family
Summer vacation is the time where one can chill and relax with friends and family. In The Lamb’s Vacation, Yumi actually planned to have fun with Sachiko at the amusement park but Sachiko turned down her offer. I thought that the plot will “evolve” to take on a merrier atmosphere when Yumi decided to stay over at Sachiko family’s summer house but the summer vacation became more and more unbearable to watch.
Lonely Yumi wandering around Sachiko's summer houseMeet Mr Squirrel, Yumi's bestest best friend!
Firstly, Sachiko often goes MIA (missing in action) at the start as she has a habit of staying in her room and makes an appearance only in the evening. A lonely Yumi will then sit around and waste her life away. The housekeepers and the squirrel become Yumi’s bestest best friends during her stay in the summer house instead. Secondly, how can summer be fun when afternoons are spent doing schoolwork instead? Sachiko convinces Yumi that homework are of utmost importance and they end up spending their afternoons working on their schoolwork.
Studies? During the summer break?Their faces pretty much tell you that they are the antagonists
After being brain-washed by Sachiko and believing that homework is extremely important (cough), the many antagonists from Sachiko family appear and created hell-like situations for both of them. The summer holidays become more absurd in the later part as Yumi has to accompany Sachiko to celebrate Saionji-sama’s 88th birthday. Not heeding the advice of the members from Yamayurika, the duo attends the party and the antagonists nominate her to do a special performance. Luckily, all ends well at the end of the day as the duo did a duet and impresses Saionji-sama.
Yamayurika members visiting YumiYumi forced to attend the party
Phew, definitely the most absurd one week summer holiday ever.
"The Battle of the Sexes Award"
Awarded to: OVA 2 – L’operation <<code OK>> (Operation “Ok”)
The gang meets up to plot secretly without Sachiko's knowledgeEveryone acts per normal when in school
It’s the battle of the sexes as Sachiko battles androphobia while a member of the opposite sex from Hanadera School (all males school) is stuck in some identity crisis. Meet Arisugawa Kintarou (aka Alice), a female-like character trapped in a male’s body. The representatives of both schools have to meet up for their yearly combined school activities stuff and we see Yumi and gang plotting secretly to get Sachiko “accustomed” to guys.
Meet Arisugawa Kintarou (aka Alice)Meeting between the representatives of Handera and Lilian
It’s actually a battle where both characters try to overcome their fears, be it Sachiko or Alice. Sachiko feared guys and tries her best to interact with the representatives from Handera School while Alice tries his best to act manly infront of all the maidens of Lilian Girls’ School. 
 Contestant Alice
Contestant Sachiko
Winner: Sachiko
If crying can be seen as a walk-over, Sachiko emerges as the winner for this round as she held her tears in when the representatives’ of Hanadera are present. Sensitive Alice, on the other hand, cried in the arms of Sachiko and right in front of everybody. What a "manly" encounter Sachiko has gone through.
"The Most Childish Setting Award"
 Awarded to: OVA 3 – Un soufflé d’air frais (A Breath of Fresh Air)
A stalker in the background of all the photographs!Takeshima Tsutako pointing out the stalker to Yumi
Yumi is lucky to have Tsutako (who’s a photographer in the newspaper club) as a classmate
What’s this? There’s a stalker who’s a die-hard fan of Yumi and she’s quite close to Yumi all along as she has been visiting the Rose Mansion (Student Council) quite often. The prowess of the stalker is so great that even the ferocious Touko has avoided Yumi so as to avoid a conflict with the stalker. The situation is so serious to the extent where ex Rosa-Gigantea (Sei-sama) took time off from her university life so as to rescue Yumi. To me, the stalking and hide and seek game all appear to be so childish and immature for a teenage girl of that age to take up. My advice to stalker Kanako will be …Grow Up Girl, only kids stalk others.
Childish BackdropLooks cute but way too childish for high school students
There’s bears, aliens, tarzans etc walking everywhere!
The childishness of the OVA is amplified by kiddo like settings in the later half of the story. The Hanadera Academy’s festival is just like a wild zoo with Tarzan, panda bears, gorillas and many other stuffed-toy animals running around. There games held in the later part of the festivals are ridiculously portrayed as all the male members of the school vie to get to the top of the ladder so as to win the prize. It just reminds me of kids pushing and beating each other up so as to emerge as the winner.
Primary school battle royal?Handera students battle it out to reach the top
Something believable happened when students of the Hanadera Academy actually dare to kidnap Yumi as their original intention was to kidnap her brother, Yuki, instead. I can’t convince myself that high school students actually resort to kidnap when there are other more appropriate ways available. The 2nd unbelievable factor will be that high school students are so dump to the extent that they can mistaken a girl to be a guy when they’re able to carry out a successful kidnapping operation.
I pity Yumi!
I hope that you all have enjoyed part I of my article. Hopefully I can get part II up soon!

Popularity: 6% [?]

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4 Responses to “[Hynavian] Award Ceremony for Maria-sama ga Miteru OVAs (I)”  

  1. 1 Karura 20 comments

    Hahaha, great post…looking forward to part two.

  2. 2 Skh 20 comments

    You must understand those Hanadera guys. They never see any girl in their school, so they’re trying to lure them by all possible means: first panda bears and plushies, and then they resort to kidnapping and ferocious assaults to get them, looking like idiots in the process.

  3. 3 Smankh 3 comments

    “Un souffle d’air frais” and not “un soufflé d’air frais”. A soufflé is a cake but a souffle is a breath.

  4. 4 Hynavian 34 comments

    Ah thanks for the information Smankh.

    Damn! I shall not trust Microsoft words when it comes to French terms. (It changed my e to the one with an extra stroke)


    At least I know that they’re different words now.

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