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Merchandise Review: Asakura Yoh’s Orange Headphones!!

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I stumbled upon this pair of headphones. I browsed the store out of courtesy, and this orange thing caught my eye. WOW ITS THE ASAKURA YOH HEADPHONES I’VE ALWAYS WANTED SINCE I WAS STILL IN MY EARLY TEENS!

You know how the stuff you read at an impressionable age tends to form part of your important and irreplaceable childhood? Shaman King (the manga) was really great at its peak. The anime sucks though. Asakura Yoh is the COOLEST Shounen Jump protagonist ever and he single-handedly changed my life forever with his laid-back cool attitude and funky dress sense.

Integral to his coolness were his big orange headphones. Yoh received them from his dad, so it’s really old. Yet surprisingly, they are wireless. Must be the Oversoul.

Cool headphones!

Yeah yeah headphones!

Anna is super hot. She’s actually Tsundere Extreme but back then I did not know this term yet.

Laid back with cool headphones.

So I found the headphones. They could possibly be bootleg but I’m guess that they aren’t. Even if they are, it’s still cool!

Side view

The metal parts are the adjustors. The earpieces can pivot almost 360 degrees and are very very padded for extra comfort. Faux leather too!

Now I can look like Yoh!

Under the headband is the Shaman King logo! Sweet!

My pair is pretty old looking, and the metal parts have oxidised slightly and lost its shine. But through a little polishing, it’s back to the shiny state.

The phones are very comfortable, and when I put them on, it feels like I’m wearing a pillow. Thanks to the faux leather, they actually feel more comfortable than my Sennheiser HD 415 which is supposed to place comfort as a priority.

Before anyone here gets the wrong idea, these are wireless. There are no cables to mess around with, so it’s pretty convenient. The offside is that it also has no sound. LOL. They are basically orange mufflers.

Upon comparision, these are not actually accurate replicas of Yoh’s headphones, since the metal adjustors are shaped differently. And his can pivot front and back like DJ ones, but this one can only move sideways. I am slightly disappointed.

These are extremely useful for cosplay I guess, but I do not do that and will never do it so I’ll just hang it on my computer and wear it for kicks once in a while.


85/100. It’s cool, rare and all but is not an accurate replica.

Popularity: 10% [?]

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8 Responses to “Merchandise Review: Asakura Yoh’s Orange Headphones!!”  

  1. 1 Os 60 comments

    Well… forget music. At least they look and feel really comfortable!… just get that necklace, a dress shirt, some green pants, a spirit, and you’re set

  2. 2 jpmeyer 98 comments

    She’s actually Tsundere Extreme but back then I did not know this term yet.


  3. 3 T_T||| 769 comments

    According to him, the cans are more like mufflers. They don’t produce sound. Tsundere Extreme is Anna? Then Tsundere Gore would be Lucy(Elfen Lied).

  4. 4 suraj 1 comment

    where did you buy them from

  5. 5 seba 1 comment

    where did you buy them from

  6. 6 Yoh (lol) 1 comment

    Please, tell me where did you buy them, i want them……………….

  7. 7 Rich 1 comment

    Omg, i really need these for a cosplay, omg ^^ they look awsome, could you tell me where u found them?

  8. 8 Tonia 1 comment

    I wanted to know where u bought them. I saw a pair that looked like them in a magazine and ive been searching for a pair like those for hours. Pleasee tell me where u bought them! Thankk you soo much.

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