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Site Update: New Banner and Logo

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Thanks to my skilful and cool friend Gabriel for the logo and banner design.

I intend to do a major overhaul on this site this weekend. When I first started this, I was a noob who didn’t even know basic html. Now after a month, with some semblance of net knowledge, I hope to make a decent looking site. I have yet to upgrade to WP 2.02, and I also intend to use that new widget plugin.

Refresh to see the new banner. It doesn’t match the colour scheme now but I’m switching to a white layout.

My new logo will be plonked onto all my self-taken pictures!

Any suggestions? How can I improve this site?

Popularity: 2% [?]

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3 Responses to “Site Update: New Banner and Logo”  

  1. 1 ayyo 2 comments

    For starters, don’t use your banner as a background image.

  2. 2 Chairman Zhang 10 comments

    I really like the new banner! Just a quick suggestion, rather than having the banner repeat and consequently get cut off, you could just elongate the first one and balance it with another image or something.

  3. 3 tj_han 1167 comments

    Yeah of course! The repeating part is only because of the nature of the original header pic which stretched across the entire screen. I’m looking to get one that I can plonk in the middle, preventing the problem of people with different resolutions viewing different versions of the header.

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