[Ascaloth] CLANNAD (TV), Episode 03

October 25 is the date when the BS~i wide-screen version will finally be aired; one more week to go before I find the warmth that I seek, too. Until then, the 4:3 version of CLANNAD (TV), Episode 03.

Three episodes in, which means it’s about time that I start thinking about the deeper thematic aspects of CLANNAD, too. To start off, this "other world"; how is it linked to the main story at hand? Thie "other world" scenes seem to be in the same vein Ayu’s mysterious little speeches at the start of half of the Kanon (2006) episodes, and certainly it seems to be serving a similar function. Therefore, one might infer that everything in the "other world" has a certain significance to the main storyline. Who is the girl, what is she doing in the "other world", and why does she resemble Nagisa so? Who is the "narrator" who got reincarnated as a piece of junk toy, and what is it that he can’t remember? There isn’t enough information to make a reasonable guess at this point though, so I’ll just have to wait and see how it goes. Until then, time to go back to the lighter aspects of CLANNAD.


Akio gets little screentime in this episode, but I swear, this guy milks every second of it for all he’s worth. In most doramas where the boy carries the unconscious girl home, the father typically loses his head and slugs the boy, probably from some male primal instinct of protecting the females under his guardianship from the upstart outsider. Not this guy though; his ego reaches such proportions that not only does he not see Tomoya as the kind of threat most other dorama fathers would, he even throws out a joke that affirms his confidence in himself as the man of the household. This guy is great; he deserves a lot more screentime that what he’s gotten so far.

Three new characters are introduced in this episode, and this is the first one of them. Whenever a character gets a fair bit of focus in his/her introductory sequence, it typically means that he/she will have a certain amount of significance in the story later on. For now, there’s nothing else on her I can go on, except for Tomoya’s comment on her being a beautiful lady. I think we’ll see a bit more of her later on.

The second of the new characters to be introduced this episode, and his name is Yoshino Yuusuke. It’s not often in a KEY adaptation, or even in VN adaptations in general, that a male character gets this much focus in an introductory sequence; focus is usually given to the girls. Still, all I have to go on him at the moment is that he apparently used to be a famous singer, he’s currently working as a utility worker for some unknown reason, and that he spews out terminally corny lines.

Nice try, Sunohara, but your logic seems a little faulty to me. Just because Tomoyo is a girl doesn’t mean she can’t have a razor; I mean heck, you of all people should have a close-up view of her legs. Don’t you think a razor is part of what makes the girl’s legs look so…..ahem, well-maintained?

You know, the people at KyoAni are an excessively cruel bunch; they keep baiting the FMP! fans by inserting their trademark Lambda Driver effects wherever an opportunity arises for them to do so, yet that 4th FMP! series is still nowhere in sight. At least announce a new series already, damn it!

Yup, Fuuko must indeed be brain-damaged. I mean c’mon, this girl makes Ayu look relatively grown-up in comparison. And I’m not talking about size either; there’s a fair number of loli-sized girls in the シンガポルーコクリツダイガク, but I’ll be damned if I can find one this foolishly gullible there, or even in my alma mater junior college, for that matter. Heck, even Umehiko was a mature young lady compared to this.

Piro the (relatively-normal) kitty for Kanon, Potato the "piko-piko" puppy for AIR, and now Botan the "buhi-buhi" wild boar for CLANNAD. Whatever will those folks at KEY think up of next?

Ah, now that reminds me of good ol’ Chidori, with her incredible martial skills and her harisen. Despite all the acclaim they’ve received for their later works, the KyoAni FMP!s remains the only members of my "top-tier" list, not least because of Sousuke and Kaname. There has never been a KyoAni couple with as much chemistry between each other as those two had; granted the basis for their relationship was laid down by GONZO, but The Second Raid is still my prime example for character growth.

And here we have Miyazawa Yukine, the last of the three new characters to be introduced this episode, and who apparently claims a section of the library for her own as a makeshift meido cafe. Hmmm, kind of like what we had for a little bazaar that a little club in NUS had recently…..

Anybody have any idea as to why she speaks in a nocturnal pace, and more importantly, why does she look like she has her eyes half-closed like Garfield?

What I am liking the most so far in CLANNAD though, is not the jokes or even the animation quality; it’s the fact that the interaction between Tomoya and Nagisa has a very naturalistic feel to it, almost as if it is what you’d expect to hear in real life. More importantly, it sets the tone for the relationship between them being the main focus of the story right from the get-go; while Yukito did his Good Samaritan thing in AIR (TV), and Yuuichi was somewhat of a pimp in Kanon (2006), it’s almost clear from the frequency of his conversations with Nagisa in comparison with the other girls, as well as the substance of the conversations, that THEIR story is the one that really matters. These two share a strong chemistry that neither of the two previous KEY lead couples can match, and I’m liking very much what I see thus far.

Well then, here’s waiting for Episode 4. Ascaloth, out.

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