What can collectors do with their precious figurines and action figures? Other than look at it and admire their beauty, nothing much else . This new Figure Fighters game will change all that by injecting an element of fun, tactics and battle into the hobby of figure collection!

Read more to find out how to play and why it is fun!

  1. Game Modes
  2. Battleground
  3. Teamsheet and other Equipment
  4. Choosing your Team
  5. Characters
  6. Special Skills
  7. Game Flow
  8. Battle Flow
  9. Victory
  10. Inspirations
  11. In Action!

Game Modes
2 or more players can form teams of figurines and battle it out in a variety of game modes such as Deathmatch, Kill the Commander.

  • Deathmatch involves 2 or more players and is basically a team battle till the eradication of all sides but one.
  • Kill the Commander’s victory condition is to destroy the designated team commander, that is, one figure on each team chosen by the each player.

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The battleground can be anywhere. The absolute distance is used to calculate attack, move and skill ranges, so keep a measuring tape handy. Obstacles can be added for more variety. A big area of a few square metres will be good.

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Teamsheet and other Equipment
Each player must have a copy of the teamsheet (to be designed soon). This will have the roster and character attributes. Changes to HP and MP, deaths and other conditions are recorded here.

Other equipment required: Measuring tape, protractor, pencil and eraser.

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Choosing your Team
Each player starts with a set pool of credits with which to choose his team. He can choose which figurines he wants to start with provided he owns it and he can afford to pay the credit cost. Multiple copies of the same figurine are not allowed.

Only figures from 15-24 cm will be allowed to take part. This includes all 1/8 figurines, all 1/100 Gundams, all Playarts action figures and others including Binaltech Transformers.

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Every character will have a fixed set of attributes, decided upon by an official website (coming soon).

The attributes are:

Class – Each character is placed into a class from F to S, depending on how strong she is. Higher classes cost more credits to purchase.
Elemental – This shows what type of unit the character is. E.g. Servant, Mecha etc.
Health Points (HP) – The amount of life a character has.
Mana Points (MP) – The amount of mana a character has.
Move Range (MR) – The amount of distance a character can move.
Attack Range (AR) – The maximum distance at which a character can attack a target.
Attack (AT) – The attacking power of a character.
Defence (DF) – The defensive power of a character.
Special – Each character will have her unique special skill. This will be elaborated later.

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Special Skills
Each character has a unique skill. These can be divided into three categories.

Activated Skills – These can only be used during the player’s turn. It costs mana and takes up the character’s current turn’s action. Examples are Saber’s Excalibur line attack and Freedom’s beam spammage which hits 3 units.

Counter Skills – These can be used instantly at any moment when its conditions are fulfilled. For example, when Amy is on the field, her computer hacking skill can be activated once per turn, when one enemy unit performs an action of any sort. The enemy will have to flip a coin to see if he can perform said action.

Passive Skills – These are always in effect and do not require activation or mana. Normally attribute changers or liaison effects. Examples include Meg’s Attack Miss, which forces her attacks to miss half the time and Jo’s Rescue Meg ability that automatically increases her attack power when Meg is on the field.

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After deciding which player goes first, the first player gets to pick the first member of his team. The 2nd player than gets to choose and so on, till both players finish up their credits or wish to start.

The battleground is chosen and the perimeter set. Obstacles can be added if desired. Designated spawn points must first be set.

Each player places his units on the map, in the set spawn points. He has the freedom of choosing which goes to which point.

The first player starts. It is now the status phase, where effects and status ailments are taken into account and calculated. For easy remembering, use tokens to represent different ailments.

Next is the action phrase. Player 1 can move each of his units once and perform one action for each. Actions are attack, special skill and defend. Everything is irreversible. Once something has been proclaimed, the player cannot change his mind.

Once all actions have been performed or the player chooses to end his turn, End Phase commences. In this phase, the direction each unit is facing can be chosen.

It is now Player 2’s turn. And so on.

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Battle Phase
The battle phase is entered when a character initiates an action. Three actions can be taken, namely Attack, Skill and Defend.

Attack – This can only be done if the target is within the AR of the unit and if the target is within the forward 45 degrees cone of the unit. The unit will do HP damage on the target. The formula is for damage dealt to HP is (AT of unit minus DF of target) minus the number shown on a six-sided die. If value is less than zero, the attack does no damage. Any counter skill or status effects are considered before the commencement of the attack.

Defend – The unit will defend and this doubles their DF stat. The defensive posture is denoted by a D marker token.

Skill – Using a skill is considered an action. The unit, if skill pre-requisites are fulfilled such as MP, range etc, can cast its skill. Any counter skill or status effects are considered before the commencement of the skill.

When an action has been performed, the battle phase for that particular unit ends and it will now enter End Phase. This is when the effects of the action are collated and carried out. HP is deducted, statuses are added etc, units are killed off etc. Each unit will have its own Battle Phase if it chooses to perform an action.

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The winner is decided when the conditions for victory set at the start of the battle are met by a player.

The above rules should explain how to play the game sufficiently. I must finish up with the character database before anyone can play though. I hope through this game, fellow figurine collectors can get some gaming fun from their otherwise static display items. This will also stimulate them to purchase figurines that are cooler and more war-like. Finally, a non-collector who learns the thrill of this game will be tempted to join the dark side and fall into the trap of figure collection.

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Thanks to Kwok of Lolicontrol for joking about such a game, which inspired the creation of it. This game quite obviously is just a mish mash of elements from the popular RPG or tactics games out there, simplified for ease of play yet still keeping many anime references to cater to our tastes. I took the phase system, counter and special skill system from Duel Monsters (Yuugioh), the move and action system from Final Fantasy Tactics and Mageknight, the status system from Pokemon and many others.

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In Action!
Here are some pictures of the Figure Fight!! in action. Tokiko from Busou Renkin,whose Special Ability is the Valkyrie Skirt, a passive ability that enables her to attack 4 directions at once. Here she is assaulting the Burst Angel Tag team. Sephiroth is attacking Inuyasha with a normal attack. This is during Team 1’s (Tokiko and Seph) battle phase. Tokiko has moved up to melee range which is disadvantageous for Meg.

Top view of the Battle

Inuyasha locking Swords with Sephiroth. Inuyasha has the counter skill Bakuryuuha , which allows him to counter any damage dealing spell within his attack range by reversing the damage dealt.

Tokiko cleverly moves between the two angels so she can use her passive and get both of them with one attack.

Reverse view.

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