Best Heroines of the Autumn’07 Season (as of episode 4s)

1/4 into the season, I think it can be safely said that most of us would have picked several favourite female characters in the various series we are watching. Whether it is for physical appearance (Kimikiss), age (shocking lolicons and Chiaki) or busts (Dragonautit), we all probably have a fixed idea of who we are going to root for. Here’s my list and share yours too! Note that missing series from here either have no females, no decent females or are crap.

Minami Kana (Inoue Marina, aka Yoko from Gurren Lagann)
It would be a lie to say Chiaki, the youngest sister and the tsukkomi (voice: Chihara Minori aka Nagato Yuki), isn’t cute. But this show’s similarity to Ichigo Mashimaro also means that the middle sister Kana is the soul of the show just like how Miu was for Ichimaro. No Kana, no Minami-ke. Despite her total idiocy, hyperactivity and penchant for the weirdest actions, Kana is a funny and energetic girl. But Fukuoka-kun truly is blind. I particularly like her chestnut shaped mouth. For some odd reason, I’m rooting for her to get together with Fukuoka-kun even though this show is totally not going to make it happen.

Her chestnut mouth~

Fujibayashi Kyou (Hirohashi Ryou, aka Alice Carroll from Aria)
Based on the 4 episodes so far, I think she’s the best and prettiest of the Clannad girls. And possibly one of the few normal females who don’t shout "HAMBURGER" when they are in a bad mood, or use rusty blades to cut themselves. She also whizzes around in a cute scooter and is tsundere and constituent of a twin. That’s 3 moe-mongering traits already. I wonder if anything tragic will happen to this? She seems to have a crush on whathisname.

Now I can understand why Kwok proclaims Kyou his wife. But he is wrong. She is ours.

Miyamiya (Kuwashima Houko aka Clare from Claymore)
Bamboo Blade
With Miyamiya using Kuwashima’s cutesy voice normally and the manly Claymore voice for her evil mode, she’s pure bipolar, not just tsundere. It’s more like awesome evil psychopath coated in a sugary layer of goodness (which dissolves easily). Miyamiya appears to be totally in love with the potatoboy Dankun for some unknown reason but this scores points for us here because she shows a lack of superficiality. The main reason we find her hot is because of one apt phrase used in the show – "Viva Violence!" (as long as others are on the receiving end).

Viva Violence!

Tama-chan! Kawazoe Tamaki (Hirohashi Ryou, aka Kyou from Clannad)
Bamboo Blade
This is a late addition because I just saw episode 5 of Bamboo Blade and Tama-chan is deliciously cute! Her little fleet footwork, the sprited shouts of victory, her stoic Nagato Yuki-esque demeanor, and the love for justice! God-like.

She’s Yuki doing Kendo.

Mizusawa Mao (Ikezawa Haruna aka Nishizawa Momoka from Keroro)
This one is a tough call, because some of the main females have yet to be introduced in depth, like Futami. Asuka might not be bad but can’t say that a football-loving girl who’s actually good at it will not have bulky muscles and no tits in real life. So in the series, Mao is by far the most attractive, due to her pretty twin plaits which are quite rare in anime and her open, friendly personality. And she’s a gamer girl too! And likes sax!

Kiss kiss koishiteruyo.

Yako (Ueda Kana, aka Hayate from Nanoha)
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
I don’t know why I’m still watching this show. OK I do know why, it’s because I can stand average shows as long as they don’t have stupid romance shit or faux-tragic nonsense. Yako, the girl without a family name, is the Sleeping Kogoro equivalent of this show but she’s cute. I don’t have her picture.

Himuro Akari (Kogure Ema aka Female Naruto after Sexy no Jutsu)
Night Wizard The Animation
Girls with large cumbersome and totally unrealistic heavy portable handheld artillery get a 1000 point bonus. Girls who do not talk unless they are spoken to, because we are sooo chauvanistic otaku, score 500 points extra. Girls who can cast magic through technological artifacts get 200 points extra. I don’t have her picture.

Other honourable mentions include

Adilicia Ren Mathers of Rental Magica (her looks are droolsome), Hecate in Disguise from Shakugan no Shana II (disgustingly loli), Cool and Spicy Hinamori Amu (Kanae Itou, seems to be debut?) from Shugo Chara, Kobayakawa Miyuki from Taiho Shichauzo Full Throttle (old flame).

Cool and Spicy! But tender inside! Comes in three flavours!

So who are your favourite heroines this fall?

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