I love that katana!

I posted this news in February on another website but there weren’t good pictures then yet. Now behold the 28 cm tall Saya action figure in its full glory!!

Produced by Medicom, which specialises in big and expensive PVC action figures with real clothes and super detailed accessories, this goliath of a action figure is quite impressive. It is really poseable, comes with an awesomely detailed replica of Saya’s wicked bent katana and accompanying sheath. Saya’s school uniform is made of cloth and it looks like it fits well unlike majority of clothed figures.

This set comes with two interchangeable heads - the first is the uber cool red-eyed awakened Saya, the other is her usual smiley face. There are also 2 sets of hands, one for gripping the blade and the other open. There is also a base.

But there are huge flaws. First is the shocking price. 2nd is the large size. The large size puts stress on the joints, which aren’t even made of reliable material, like PVC. I have heard accounts of Medicom figures cracking. 3rd is the really lifeless and expressionless faces. 4th is the really obvious pivot joints which aren’t covered by clothing at all. 7th is the obvious seam lines that are even visible in these promo pictures. Lastly, I want to see what’s under that school uniform and I cannot.

The sword is just soooo cool though.

Vital Stats

  • Maker: Medicom
  • Release Date: July 2006
  • Material: Soft Vinyl (body) and cloth (costume)
  • Price: 13,440 yen
  • Height: 28 cm
  • Figure Designer: 澤田 啓介
  • Costume Designer: 秋元 みえこ

Saya in menacing pose. She’s quite cool when in the awakened mode brandishing her katana.

The two heads are shown here. Note the fabric costume too.

She ain’t cool normally though.

4 Responses to “Figure News: Blood+’s Saya BIG & Expensive Action Figure Coming in July!”  

  1. 1 T_T|||

    Looks buyable! No wait I should stop spending unnecessarily. Shit where’s my Nagisa PVC?

  2. 2 bakaboobie

    Eh.. Pass for now. She’s too freaky to display and may soon act on her own if left unattended. :) :D

  3. 3 tj_han

    I won’t get this… If I had 13,440 yen I’ll rather get the Rocketeer from the same series. Now that one is good.

  4. 4 Mariana Luz

    Man… That one is way too expensive to me… I’ll pass.

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