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[LianYL] BRStick - 08

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6 Responses to “[LianYL] BRStick - 08”  

  1. 1 double 90 comments

    LOL you need 2 pairs of ears to do that effectively.

  2. 2 Owen S 96 comments

    I dub thee the xkcd of Anime Blogging.

  3. 3 tj_han 1049 comments


    Btw, the two songs played here are the awesome Giniro no Sora and the retarded Bouken Deshou Deshou.

  4. 4 Zeroblade 129 comments

    Somehow, I waver between agreeing, and being reminded of when I tried to listen to rock and techno on earphones and getting a headache soon after.

  5. 5 LianYL 580 comments

    @Owen Actually I’m a fan of xkcd, so I wouldn’t deny that I am highly inspired by it.

  6. 6 Owen S 96 comments

    That explains a lot. Keep up the good work. While I can see the influence, it’s got enough character and personality to stand on its on (an otaku spinoff?).

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