Calling for Bulk Orders of Exam Hoodie (Singapore Only)

Funny, my brother stole my Otaku REA and wore it for his A level examinations today. I also wore it for my Food Science presentation. Both times, the magic worked wonderfully, and it seems that the As are just flooding in.

Due to many of his classmates expressing a desire to buy one (albeit without the cool logo at the back), I decided to make a bulk order for Singapore, and the price is now 36 Singapore Dollars inclusive of shipping. So it’s a net rate of 33! Rather cheap for a thick sweater don’t you think?

So if you’re interested, do send me an email at with your size. I need 15 of each size before I can make it at the cheaper price, so don’t hesitate!

The sizes are as follows:
The text reads:
M = 38-40 inches Dear Buddha/Allah/Jesus *
L = 42-44 inches Please give me an
XL = 46-48 inches

* Delete as appropriate

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