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Diary of Nakajima from You’re Under Arrest

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I am the White Hawk of Bokutou Station! I am the fastest, the strongest and the most handsome man in Bokutou Station! Today is the start of a new work week and I rode my trusty white steed, the Super Eagle MK II Zeta, down the streets and the commoners were all in awe of me. As usual, because they know I am the White Hawk of Bokutou Station! I am the protector of Justice, the vanguard of safety and the greatest policeman ever. Besides Miyuki-tan of course, she’s almost as good as me!

Today Miyuki-tan looked at me for 0.23 seconds. That’s amazing, a new record! She loves me so much, no doubt it’s because I’m the bestest best policeman and the White Hawk of Bokutou Station! I am so lucky, other guys like the sissy Aoi and the Sir Chief all wish they had my muscles and my speed and Miyuki-tan’s love. Me and Miyuki-tan are so in love that she gave me a bit of her saliva today, but because we are sooo busy policepeople out to save Justice, she didn’t have time to walk over and just projected the love fluid through the air at me. I know this is love because I saw the drama series at primetime and couples always exchange saliva as a sign of love.

The White Hawk of Bokutou Station strikes again on his prey! Today, I caught 2 people parking illegally. It is up to the greatest policeman on Earth (besides Miyuki-tan) to stop these deadly enemies of justice. I don’t know why my pay is so little, everyone knows the greatest job in the world is to be a traffic policeman riding the great motorcycle Super Eagle MK II Zeta. Sir Chief tells me so. I know he is right, my job is the greatest.

Today Miyuki-tan did not look at me. She must be shy. I went up to her but her pet gorilla started making a lot of noise and tried to attack me. I fed it beer and it went away. I wanted to ask Miyuki-tan if she wanted to watch videos of me riding my Super Eagle MK II Zeta, in which I was very cool and drove at the super fast speed of 70 km/h (almost illegal!! I’m so brave). Too bad, she missed the chance, I’ll enjoy the videos myself for the 1244th time then.

There was a snake in the station today. For a short time, the other (notsogood) policepeople tried to trick me that the snake was Miyuki-tan’s boyfriend, but I didn’t believe them because no way would she stop loving me, the White Hawk of Bokutou Station! I am a tough man and no snake shall defeat me. Hawks eat snakes!!

I realised why Miyuki-tan was flirting with the snake… she thought it was my snake!! I told her, no, that python is too thin and short to be my snake, let me you show mine!! But she started shouting and scratching me, I do not like SM. I am from the MAN-on-top clan. I hope Miyuki can play with my snake soon.


When I am free, I like to stand on the rooftop of my White Hawk Nest, Bokutou Station, and look down at the surroundings. Particularly Miyuki-tan when she’s playing with her car. I bet she’s just too shy to ask to play with me, so she pretends the car is me. But it’s good for me too because I get to stare at her nice buttpeachcakes wriggling around . It is really nice and cute. Gorilla attacks me once in a while but it is worth the pain. No, no pain, because I am the White Hawk and nothing is painful to me.

Miyuki-tan talked to me again! She is so cute, today she taught me English she learnt from America. I am so proud of her, I learnt a new sentence "Why the fuck are you staring at my ass?" It means, "You are the fastest White Hawk of Bokutou Station."

Popularity: 5% [?]

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  1. 1 Zyl 24 comments

    Sunday. Saw Miyuki-tan and Gorilla making out in the park. I’m sure Miyuki-tan needs a strong partner to practise in order to prepare for making out with me because I am the White Hawk and I am the strongest. Later Miyuki-tan and Gorilla went to a love hotel. That must be some serious practice; both looked glowing and happy when they finally came out after many many hours. Am looking forward to enjoying the results of all that practice.

  2. 2 V 22 comments

    LOL @ Gorilla.

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