When I left home on my way to the busy shopping district with lots of hot girls (from 13 to 30 is fine), it was pouring heavily. So I brought an umbrella along. This is a story of how cold and apathetic City people are. When I reached the city, it was raining there too and there was this cute girl about my age who was on the same bus as me. We were getting off at the same stop, and there was a short 4 metre walk to the sheltered area under the bus stop. So when we both alighted, I opened up my umbrella and held it such that she wouldn’t get wet too. And guess what? Every single person turned and stared! Even the girl herself was shocked… since the common consensus is that to each his own here in the busy and cold city. Or maybe I look like a rapist? I doubt so though…

I decided to try it again. This time, I spotted easy prey. There were four young and pretty girls (the phrase ‘young girl’ is suggestive in the anime community, isn’t it?) huddled very tight under ONE foldable umbrella. The type that’s half the size of a normal one. So the 5 of us were waiting to cross a busy road to get to this mall where beautiful young people decked out in the latest pseudo-Japanese fashion hang out and I offered to share my umbrella with them. Cue 5 minutes of discussion among themselves. And then a very hesitant, “ok.” It was like as if they had to choose two out of the four to sacrifice. Quite funny actually, but this shows how a single act of courtesy here in an urban environment is treated with suspicion. But they were quite cute so I forgive them.

Anyway, I spent quite the fortune today on manga, merchandise and hardware. First is an Epson Stylus CX3700, a budget scanner/printer/copier. Now I do not have to rely on others for scans! I went to the usual anime hub, where I saw a few things of interest. The FF trading figure set was one of them and as expected, trading figure sets are expensive and hideous. The secret was a Vincent in Turk Uniform. The Fate trading figure set is ugly too.

I really wanted the Palm Characters Kino, as mentioned last week. So I asked the store guys if they could somehow use X-ray vision to see through the packaging and get me one of those. And they did, magically conjuring one up. So I do have the Kino now. I wish there was a 1/8 version though, since Kino is probably the most apathetic, cool and kick-ass gun-using female main character around. Cost of one Palm Character = 10 dollars. Cost of using X-ray vision = 2 dollars. So I paid 12. At least I didn’t buy a random pack, getting a Shana or something.

The girl at the comic store called me about the arrival of my manga. Yeah all 14 volumes of the famed F-Compo, by legend Hojo Tsukasa. 14 volumes of sex-changing, gender bending and cross-dressing comedic social commentary.

Finally, I went on another pencil board spree. Pencil boards are essentially useless outside Japan, except for collection. I stick them on the walls of my office work area. I bought 6 pencil boards, namely of Blood+, Canvas 2, FMA, School Days, Nanoha and GunxSword. I also got the B2 sized poster of Jigoku Shoujo, for my own room.

What a harvest! But at what cost… I feel slim. Must be the wallet.

Here are the goods! Unfortunately, the F.Compo is by the local publisher and hence censored.

The Blood+ pencil board is really nice. I shall scan these sometime when I have my new scanner set up.

8 Responses to “Weekly Rounds: Pencilboards (x6), Jigoku Shoujo Poster and other news…”  

  1. 1 Chairman Zhang

    My brain is probably muddled with anime stereotypes…but doesn’t sharing ones umbrella with another person have a romantic connotation? I understand you were simply being courteous but maybe that accounts for the awkwardness? haha oh well, no one shares umbrellas in the US anyway, everyone pretty much drives everywhere. Oh, and what exactly is a pencil board’s original purpose?

  2. 2 T_T|||

    FARK! 12 bucks for a Dengeki Bunko Palm!? I’m getting a Shana and Iriya tomorrow then.

  3. 3 tj_han

    Hey I told you its the X ray vision that allowed me to get a specific figure right? They sell only in sets. And the only loose pieces were of Kino and another unpopular girl. Basically everyone likes the 2 u mentioned.

    And Chairman Zhuang, a pencil board is something placed under the sheet of paper a person writes on. It protects the bottom sheets from being marked by the writing on top. It is very commonly used in Japan but not elsewhere because it is retarded.

    As a free gift for the magazine I work at, I suggested having a pencil board. And we had to source for a company that could make these, and in the end they screwed up and made it really smooth and small with bad print. Barely anyone outside Japan has heard of these.

  4. 4 kwok

    OMG. Please tell me where the Enma Ai poster came from.

  5. 5 Eleutheria

    How many more posters would you have been able to get if you didn’t buy the poster?

  6. 6 tj_han

    Huh? I don’t get your question.

  7. 7 kokanaden™

    I think she meant how many more PENCIL BOARDS you could have gotten if you hadn’t bought the B2 Jigoku Shoujo poster

  8. 8 tj_han

    The limiting factor is not money here. It is the number of nice pencil boards there are. The poster costs 2x the price of a pencil board, FYI.

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