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[Hynavian] Claymore Chapter 74 Review

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After that many extra scenes, Claymore is back with Chapter 74 - One Woman’s Prayer.

Claymore Chapter 74 - One Woman's Prayer


Clarice and Miata arrive in Rabona, the holy city, where Claymores are prohibited. Their identity almost got busted by some normal guard but Syd lent them a helping hand. Remember Syd and Gak? They’re that 2 heroic souls who tried to help Clare againt a Yoma that was hiding in the citadel. Clarice and team befriend the 2 manly figures and dug some information out from them. With that piece of information, they found Galatea (surprise surprise) just outside the church. Galatea actually assimilated into the human population during the 7 years and got along well with the normal folks. The shock came to me when I found out that Galatea was blind! She actually lost her eyes (be it intentional or accidental) so as to be able to assimilate into the human population. With her silver eyes out of her way, she’s able to have a normal life as a human among humans (sob such touching moments).

Miata destroying alot of stuff with her attacks

Moving on to the battle aspect, Miata was attacking wildly like some savage animal and as expected, all her hits missed. She did destroy lots of things with her hits that miss though. Clarice, on the other hand, is still as useless as ever as she got her Claymore stuck in a building for this time. (The previous was when she got her Claymore stuff in a tree) Galatea is doing pretty well against Miata until Miata releases her Yoki. Clarice figured out that Miata is stronger in raw power and might have some tricks up her sleeve but the chapter ended off in a cliff hanger. The town suddenly hears something sinister that I’m not able to make up what that sound is. Probably, some high level awakened beings visiting the town or the tremendous battle cries of Galatea vs Miata.

Before ending off, I will like to share what I have learnt from this chapter.

Lessons Learnt

  • Galatea is the sexiest nun in anime history.

Sexy Moves

Galatea's Sexy Fight 1

Sexy Pose

Galatea's Sexy Fight 2

With a uselss Clarice in the background

Sexy Hair

Sexy Galatea Fight 3

  • There is, at least, a guy who is worth looking at in Claymore. (Isley looks too girly, Dulf looks too dumb, Gak too bulky, Raki is quite useless etc)

Finally! A Sexy Guy!

 Ending off with a pose from my favourite Hynavian mascott……



Popularity: 9% [?]

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5 Responses to “[Hynavian] Claymore Chapter 74 Review”  

  1. 1 kokanaden 79 comments

    I’m betting on Clare and co magically appearing from nowhere.

    Not before Miata and Galatea patch up their differences by barely overcoming an Awakened Being hiding amongst the populace.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Galatea. The coolest Claymore, in my opinion, actually.

  2. 2 bettynoire 2 comments

    Hell yeah Galatea sexiest nun EVER. Even the hardcore “I’m blind now” facial scar is sexy.

    Lol useless Clarice. She’s sweet, but ahahah fail.

  3. 3 Usagi 29 comments

    Haha, didn’t expect such an outcome… :P

  4. 4 mrlapo 2 comments

    Hm I was sreally waiting for this chapter :D

  5. 5 Hei 9 comments

    @bettynoire, kokanaden
    i agree xD i have a soft spot for Galatea too
    and she’s my favorite character of all times

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